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DANA PERINO, HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Dan Bongino, Donna Brazile, Lawrence Jones, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

President Trump hitting back hard against Democrat Joaquin Castro for outing campaign donors, Trump going after the congressman on twitter saying, I don't know who Joaquin Castro is other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate, one percent, who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. Joaquin is not the man that his brother is, but his brother, according to most, is not much. Keep fighting, Joaquin. Despite the backlash, Castro is still not backing down after defending his actions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't want anybody harassed or targeted --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They will be because you put their names on -- in public.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look, that was not my intention. These things are public. No, what I would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country.


PERINO: This controversy now raising a big question, is there a double standard when it comes to claims of social media bias? Well, Congressman Castro was tweeting to shame Trump supporters, Mitch McConnell's campaign got temporarily locked out of twitter and it happened after posting a video showing protesters making threats outside of his home.

Before the account was restored, McConnell's campaign manager saying twitter will allow the words of massacre Mitch to trend nationally on their platform, but locks our account out for posting actual threats against us. And that does seem like a double standard, Greg.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: It certainly does, Dana.

PERINO: What would you like to say about it?

GUTFELD: That's all I have to say.


GUTFELD: The interesting thing that I pick up from Castro was when he said I had no intention, but maybe people will think twice. What he's saying is think twice because this could happen to you. He's saying, hey, my hands aren't on this. I have nothing to do with this, but maybe you want to think twice.

I mean, that's really sinister stuff. I call it tertiary thuggery where he directs the people to commit to do the dirty work while he's far -- he's like the logistics guy who tells the goons where to go. He hands -- he writes the addresses down on a piece of paper and he slips it over to the guy.


GUTFELD: This guy meets an accident. It has nothing to do with me at all. But anyway, this is to the -- we've talked about the expanding target of demonization. It's not enough to go after Trump. You have to go after his team, then the supporters, then the voters, and anybody who's not part of the resistance. Anybody who breathes the same air as Trump is vulnerable and that includes, obviously, Democrats because we all share the same oxygen.

I posed a question to liberals who believe in the first amendment and political activism, do you want to be part of a movement that seeks to dox or punish people because they disagree politically? Because that and -- that goes nowhere good. I mean, what are you going to have left? Are you going to just have like far-left activists running your businesses? You'd only have like one ice cream factory in Vermont.


DONNA BRAZILE, HOST: A lot of liberals who own a lot of real estate, as well --

GUTFELD: That's true.

BRAZILE: You know, I'll take the bait because I guess I'm the designated liberal. But let me just say --

GUTFELD: I was talking to Dan. You know he's a lefty.


BRAZILE: Well, Dan, turn it over to his old assistant. Look, as you know, I don't believe in pointing out people who are out there supporting any candidate, but this information is publicly available. It's publicly available on the websites. FTC report is publicly available. I found out this week when I was home in New Orleans, you know, who gave to the governor, who didn't gave to the governor -- I'm not --

PERINO: I like how you bring props, Donna. You always like have --

GUTFELD: A lot of things are publicly available, but when a congressman puts it out to his followers on twitter he wants something done to us.


BRAZILE: First of all, let me just say something, Donald Trump is the biggest twitter you know what in the whole wide world.

GUTFELD: Success story? Is that what you know -- you know what?

BRAZILE: He pushes buttons like no one else.


BRAZILE: But this is not doxing.

BONGINO: Yes, it is.

BRAZILE: He did not give out the address --

BONGINO: Well, he gives out the name of the business --


BRAZILE: -- the address and the phone numbers. I think his intention was to expose these individuals who had given to the president under the circumstances. Some of these individuals also gave to the congressman.

PERINO: Can we hear from one of those people that was on the list.


PERINO: He came on television to talk about what it's like to be the person that was on that list, watch.

BRAZILE: Absolutely.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Being out of this as a contributor was tying me to that horrific tragedy in El Paso was galling. And I just think we all have a right -- in America right to free speech. And I and a lot of people that support President Trump, we're not going to be called -- we're not going to be -- we're not going to be -- we're not going to be called racist and the other slurs without fighting back.


PERINO: Dan, what do you think about that?

BONGINO: You know, Donna, I disagree. It's time to take the L on this one. You just got to take the loss and admit that this was just dumb. at and made it was dumb. And the dumb test is would you do this to your opponent? I actually ran for office, didn't win, but took a shot three times, and the answer is never. In a million years when -- because if something happened to that person or their kids because some maniac found some kind of inspiration in it and decided to target that person. I would feel --


PERINO: One more point of this. And this public nonsense, oh, it's public. OK. So is my website. But I spent a lot of money to advertise on my website, why? To make it easier to find for people. Putting it on your twitter account with people's names and their businesses and say, oh, well, it's public anyway, it's the lamest excuse ever. You're making these people easier to find by advertising --


PERINO: I think -- and unfortunately, so I think there will be more of this. Julian Castro tweet today was Joaquin and I will keep fighting. The America people will fight every day for our nation against your hate, your corruption, and your ego, and we'll win, hashtag, adios Trump. I think that Castro doing that will actually encourage others to do it because you could go and find it.

LAWRENCE JONES, HOST: A hundred percent. And I think -- here's the bottomline. Hate has been associated with conservatives right now. If you're Republican, if you're conservative, and you think about the business, but what about on the local level, average day Americans that have to goat this. The University of Texas is going through this right now. The incoming freshman class are experiencing doxing. They're going to join a conservative group, their information is now being public.

The attorney general for the state of Texas has now been asked to get involved by the University of Texas because this is happening. To kids, these were high schoolers, right? Incoming freshmen class. They're kids. And just because they want to join a conservative group they're being targeted? It's nonsense. And I think Democrats cozy up to these types of people.

That's why when it comes to Antifa, they won't do it. The politicians will do it. Many of these politicians won't go and get in the face of people. But they say, well, they're hateful people. But when hate becomes synonymous now in their eyes of conservatives and Republicans, that becomes a big problem.

BRAZILE: What about-ism is what we practice today when we dislike what the other side is doing. There's a bigger issue here. The bigger issue is should we use social media platform to promote and to highlight and amplify hate? I said the other day when we -- when this first came out, that I would not have done it because I've been a victim, including from somebody at the very top of our food chain of using social media platforms, calling me out on false pretenses, and I know what it's like when people come after you.

So, I'm not for this. But what I'm saying is that this information is publicly available. What the congressman did I believe has started a nonsense conversation over the -- you know, over media platforms and how they're being weaponized today.

I don't believe in it and I don't believe this is just, you know, another case of a congressman trying to get attention. This was a stupid idea in a week when we're trying to focus on the healing of our country.

GUTFELD: I think -- I mean, the point you make is true. Like, you don't want to make this week any worse than it is. People should wake up in the morning and go, OK, is what I'm about to do going to make it better or worse? And, I mean, unfortunately, a lot of people don't do that. I do think that -- you know, I'll just stop. I should take my own advice.

BONGINO: But remember, a lot of those people were his donors too.


BONGINO: What a dopey, stupid move to do. Remember that test, if you wouldn't do it to your opponent it's probably not the right thing to do.

PERINO: Let's just not do it, people, let's not. All right, up next, Hollywood celebrities boycotting a gym over President Trump, and a new movie under fire for a plot line about targeting deplorables.


BONGINO: Hollywood hypocrites back at it again with some outrageous stories. First up, celebrities are boycotting Equinox and soul cycle over a Trump fund-raiser being held by the parent company's CEO.

Trump-hater Chrissy Teigen tweeting, everyone who cancels their Equinox and sole cycle memberships, meet me at the library. Bring weights. The company is caving to their liberal clients, said they've nothing to do with the event and don't support it. But their billionaire boss is refusing to back down.

Good. Good for him. Celebrities are the whiniest, grimiest, moaniest group of people out there. It is exhausting. Donna, will these people just -- they're not helping. Look what they did for Hillary Clinton? Remember those concerts before she got elected president?

BRAZILE: We have celebrities come from both sides of the political aisle. I found that out when -- who was the guy behind the cheer?

BONGINO: Clint Eastwood.

BRAZILE: So celebrities come --

BONGINO: That was funny. I love that.


BONGINO: That's pretty good.


GUTFELD: For a celebrity to come out as a conservative takes bravery. A conservative coming out a liberal of Hollywood -- I mean, celebrities coming out as a liberal in Hollywood is basically -- they're just trying to play along because they know that helps their career, especially somebody like Teigen.

I mean, she should not be the moral arbiter here, because if you ever seen her twitter feed, I mean, she's slut shaming, she makes fun of babies names, she makes fun of kids, she rips pregnant celebrities.

And here -- I mean, it's easy also when you're a rich celebrity to shame employees about where they work. But they may not have the luxury of saying, you know, I'm not going to work in Equinox because the owner gives money to X. No, they don't have the luxury of making those decisions like Chrissy Teigen does, who doesn't have to worry about where her money comes from.

PERINO: And has a personal trainer, I'm sure.


BRAZILE: But political brand boycotts are the new normal. This is what everyone is doing. I don't know if you go back to 2009, you're probably too young. You were very young.

GUTFELD: I was young too, Donna.

BRAZILE: Greg, you and I came out the same crib. We just got separated. But there's no question that these celebrities -- what happens now in Hollywood is that after the 2009 -- there were people boycotting folks on one side of same-sex marriage and the other side the same-sex marriage. So every political cause today have celebrities who take positions and stand on one side or another. But this is about branding.

JONES: But let me tell you why it's not smart with Equinox is liberals. I work out of Equinox every single day.

GUTFELD: Where and what time?

JONES: I'm not telling you. Every single one in there --


JONES: You would be lucky because the political views --


GUTFELD: Fox is not on.

JONES: CNN, MSNBC. And one day when I tried to change they threw a fit about it.

BONGINO: You'll see it in my gym. Shout out Power House. Don't change it. You're watching right now, Power House.

BRAZILE: I don't watch the news when I workout

JONES: And any liberal event they post it on the doors and try to get you to sign up for it, and I never --


GUTFELD: What happens if -- Like, I belong to Equinox, too. What if half the people stopped showing up, how great is that?


BRAZILE: You are making the case for people to go to Equinox --


GUTFELD: You know what happened to me this morning. I'm going in to Equinox and I get stopped by this young, pleasant woman, and I go out here -- you know, she's like -- she goes, hey, do you work out here? And I thought she was going to try to get me to take up a personal training class because that's what they do, and I go, oh, no.

Well, I'm so-and-so from the New Yorker and I would want -- see if I could talk to you about this and I said no, I can't. I don't think she recognized me. That is outrageous that she didn't know world-class celebrity right there.

BRAZILE: But I don't see conservatives booing when Colin Kaepernick signed on with Nike. I mean, no, everybody -- only conservative side were burning their tennis shoes and --


JONES: This is -- they can do whatever they want.


GUTFELD: But we don't call for boycott. I don't know anybody that calls for boycotts.

PERINO: Also, another secret that happens at Equinox -- I go there too, for Pilates.


PERINO: Do you know how many people come up to you and they say, like, by the way, you're my favorite.

JONES: I know.

PERINO: I watch Fox. I'm the only one who watches Fox. Like the secret conservatives.


BRAZILE: Are you all trying to tell me that only liberals go to gym?

BONGINO: No, no, but I'll boycott --


BONGINO: -- but liberal boycott typically blowup in their face. Listen, if Chick-fil-A sold stocks when liberals boycott, buy stocks at Chick-fil-A it's ridiculous. Liberal boycotts are horrendous. They never work.

BRAZILE: Conservatives do boycotts. Liberals go out there and take out -- they get more --


BRAZILE: -- New York Times --

BONGINO: All right, let's move on.

GUTFELD: I'll eat anything and I will wear anything.

BONGINO: Equally disturbing. Hollywood liberals are now hunting down and killing deplorables for sport in a disturbing new movie, claims to be satire but it's being slammed as demented and evil. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your idea is incredible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can argue with that. We pay for everything, so this country belongs to us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's just business.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hunting human beings for sport.




BONGINO: Despite the backlash, Universal Pictures says it has no plans to stop the movie from being released --

GUTFELD: Can I defend this because this is an old idea, the most dangerous game. There's a lot of movies about hunting humans and we have no idea who becomes victorious in this. This is a satire. I think -- oh, my God, they're hunting conservatives. I guarantee you the conservative will probably win and that's the twist in this. So I think this is much ado about nothing.

PERINO: This is publicity for them.



PERINO: They're not going to shelve it because --


JONES: I just hate the hypocrisy when it comes to the tone. Let's bring the tone down. It's on them. We get to make a movie about it, right?

GUTFELD: That's a good point.

JONES: I just hate that.

BONGINO: Go to twitter and just put in your name if you're on this network --


BRAZILE: I always look at and see how many women and minorities because they often get kicked off first?

BONGINO: Like twitter?

GUTFELD: No, no, she means in horror movies.


GUTFELD: Donna, that's changed. I watch a lot of horror movies, it's changed. The white people get it first.

BRAZILE: The white people get it first?


BRAZILE: Things have changed.


BRAZILE: Hey, Greg.



BRAZILE: I want to make sure. Let's keep the black people in just for another hour, please.

BONGINO: Crazy Bernie's UFO clad, and vegan Cory Booker could be in trouble at the meat field Iowa state fair. That more in our 2020 roundup, stay tune.


JONES: Time now for our 2020 roundup. First up, if you thought Bernie was a little off his rocker before, wait until you hear this. Sanders is promising to reveal information about aliens if he wins the White House. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, if you found out about something about UFO's, would you let us know?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT: I'll tell you. My wife would demand that I let you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is your wife a UFO nut?

SANDERS: No, she's not a UFO -- just, Bernie, what is going on? You have any access --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't have any access?

SANDERS: I honestly don't know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. You'll let us know, though?

SANDERS: All right, I'll be on this show -- I'll announce it on this show.



JONES: So, Dana, he's apparently smoking, right? You see him --

PERINO: I don't know because I've never smoked it and I don't know what it's like. But --

GUTFELD: You only do the edibles, right?

PERINO: I would say --


PERINO: -- he's trying to bribe for votes, right? Because people want this UFO information so badly, it's like I'll do it and then he'll probably won't because the CIA will stop him.

GUTFELD: There are UFO's, they're living in Bernie's hair. They're really, really microscopic. By the way, every president -- every candidate does do this, they say this, but then once they see the file their brains were erased. They erase it so they don't have any memory of it.


BRAZILE: I think it was a $22 million program that track -- it was cut out during the sequester. But I would be interested in knowing if there's some other people here.

JONES: I don't believe it, Dan.

BONGINO: Listen, do you remember the Waco ranch, the bushes? If the moon was not -- it was pretty black. There was no moonlight coming out. That sky can get pretty black and you see some crazy stuff. You're like, what is that thing out there? But, yeah, Greg's right. Everyone says they're going to give us the big UFO file. There's no UFO file --


BONGINO: Listen, the government -- Father Bob -- had the greatest line of all. He says it's not the government. It's too big. It's too stupid. They can't keep a secret. You think there's -- I'm not suggesting that maybe UFO -- I'm just telling you do you think the government is keeping the secret?

JONES: How do you two not know? How many presidents you work for --


BONGINO: People swore to me, you saw the real Zapruder film, you know who killed -- that's the film, man. I'm not lying to you --


BRAZILE: The air force -- the navy reported seeing something right alongside --

PERINO: No, it was a fly.

GUTFELD: That's what they want you to think, Dana.

BRAZILE: And also another unit saw something over Arizona. So there's something out there, we just don't know --

BONGINO: I think Bernie is out there enough that if there was a UFO file, and God-forbid --

GUTFELD: He could be a space alien.

BONGINO: I will show you the file.


JONES: Up next, talk about a bold strategy to win over voters, 2020 Democrat Michael Bennet taking to twitter promising he'll be boring and it's not a mistake. Bennet is actually defending the idea.


SEN. MICHAEL BENNET, D-COLO.: I think the American people would feel liberated if they could get up in the morning not wondering who the President of the United States was attacking by his tweets.


JONES: And it looks like it's working because Bennet is polling at about zero percent.

PERINO: So this is like silent Cal, Cal Coolidge. Basically was like I am not going to screw anything up. I'm just going to be the caretaker of the government and everybody else go live your life. So I think he's trying for that role.

JONES: But, Donna, nobody likes a boring president.

BRAZILE: I would take a boring president. In fact, I would take a boring vice president, too. Just along he or she is --


BONGINO: That approach may have worked -- I don't know, 30, 40 years ago, but in the era of social media everybody wants -- plus, Trump is set with the presidency. It's never going to happen. We're done with the boring --

GUTFELD: I think what -- I think this might be the best campaign promise for the moment now because we have to admit that for -- you know, Trump is like four presidencies wrapped in one. There's 17 stories a day. He's -- I would say he's the 3-hour drive to an hour at the beach. You get there the beach is great, but it's a rough ride, you know, because he attacks. He attacks. He attacks.

So the idea of a boring president it's like putting on a nice comfy warm sweater. The problem is what is boring mean? Does that mean he won't -- he'll do exactly what the media wants him to do so there won't be any conflict, or that he'll do everything the establishment or the corporations want? I'm beginning to sound like Tucker. But what I'm saying is, it could be that he -- it could be great or else he could that he's ineffective and incompetent.

BRAZILE: Maybe we'll just return to norm. The old fashion --

GUTFELD: This is the new normal. The greatest president ever, Donald Trump.


JONES: And finally, Cory Booker may be a little nervous after he and other Democratic candidates flocked to the Iowa state fair. It's known for the beef Sunday and legendary pork chop on a stick, but Booker is a vegan who has said eating meat will destroy the planet. What is he going to eat, Donna?

BRAZILE: I did my research. Let's see, apple slices with fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter. What about a dill pickle?

BONGINO: You really do have a list there.


BONGINO: She's not kidding.

BRAZILE: I want to help my Democrats.

JONES: No milk. No milk.

BRAZILE: No milk. Dill pickle popcorn, and then I found corn stalker cocktail. They say it will sneak up on you.

GUTFELD: Oh, I hate those.

JONES: I love fairs because you get the good food. But, Dana, I want to ask you, how much does Iowa play in the politics of, you know, the next Democratic nominee?

PERINO: Well, the thing is, is that -- often, whoever wins Iowa doesn't necessarily go on to become the nominee, eventually, but it does give you a lot of momentum and bragging rights and then you can go and do some other things. Right now, as I understand it, the best organization is down in tie between Warren and Booker, if I'm correct.

BRAZILE: That is correct.

PERINO: So the vegan is doing well in Iowa, apparently.

BRAZILE: I've been to these things a lot. I would advise the candidates to go and see the butter cow, a butter cow, I'll bet you'll love it.

GUTFELD: I feel bad for Cory. Being a vegan at a state fair is like being a priest at a strip club.

BONGINO: Can I just say that I don't want to live in a planet without rabbis.

JONES: Right.

BONGINO: I mean I'm sorry I don't want to do that. But you can really screw that up you know. Remember - you ever see the National Geographic episode Air Force One, where Obama gets on the plane and he asked the guy about the Grey Poupon, like you can really screw that up, the food, you just have to ask for mustard.

Like the cameras obviously, you don't get--

GUTFELD: Did that really happened.

BONGINO: Yes, I swear. He asked you've got the Grey Poupon stuff and the guy, yes, we got the Grey Poupon.

GUTFELD: I'm a Grey Poupon guy.

BRAZILE: What about fried Oreos?

BONGINO: It's great.

GUTFELD: I'll take them. I'll eat anything that's not fish as you know.

JONES: Donna, one thing we've been hearing a little bit about is Kamala's first TV ad today. What do you think about that?

BRAZILE: I think they are really good. I think it will help her to reignite and refocus her campaign.

JONES: She was low energy last time.

BRAZILE: I think it looked like she didn't get enough sleep, or maybe she was over--

JONES: Yes, because Tulsi brought it to her like Joe did.

BRAZILE: But you know what, I wouldn't mess with a prosecutor.

JONES: Oh! You heard it from Donna. Up next, the UN has a new plan to save the planet in 2020, Dems will love it. But will you though. More on “The Five.”


BRAZILE: The United Nations is out with a new report about fighting climate change. It says people should start eating less meat, Greg, and more vegetables in order to save the planet. Greg--

GUTFELD: I'm against this obviously.

BRAZILE: Cows produce a lot of methane gas.

GUTFELD: So, do I. You want to kill me too. You know, there is evidence that vegetables feel pain. You know broccoli exudes that odor because it's trying to fend off people. Yes. So. So, I'm more concerned about the pain of the vegetables and what happens if we stop eating meat. Suddenly billions of animals will just be hanging around. And this happened to mules and horses right after we got cars. Where are the mules and horses go? They went away. They went away.


GUTFELD: I have no science to back this up.

BRAZILE: This report, 100 experts from 52 countries. It really - it's a wakeup call because it's essentially saying with rising temperatures extreme weather events you know floods, storms et cetera is impacting the Earth and it could impact our food supply.

JONES: Is it bad if I don't care.

BRAZILE: Yes. You should.

JONES: Literally, I don't care because I want my meat and I believe that it was placed on here for us to eat. And I think it's a minimal effect on the world compared to all of the other gases--

BRAZILE: There is other way to get protein.

JONES: I don't what it though. I don't like that protein. I like beef. I like chicken and I love; they cook very well. And I just think it's a selfish argument. Plus, I don't care what the UN says anyway. BRAZILE: You don't care about climate change. This is experts--

JONES: Climate changes all the time. We're changing the climate.

BRAZILE: Yes, we're in a wake-up period. If we - if the Earth continues at this pace--

GUTFELD: In 10 years, it's gone.

BONGINO: We'll all be dead.


BONGINO: Earth just been flat for 18 years.

BRAZILE: We're going to face a shortage of food.

BONGINO: No, we won't.

BRAZILE: We're going to see--

BONGINO: Thomas said that.

BRAZILE: We're going to face a migration. Look, I can tell I'm sitting around--

BONGINO: No, but it's not true. Malthusian (ph) have said they're already tried this, there are two Malthusians have said for years we're going to run out of food and we're dying of obesity.

GUTFELD: It never happens.

BONGINO: So, I have a big - check this out folks. I will eat my meat. I'm with Lawrence. I really don't care. These climate change alarmists have been wrong about just about everything. All of their charts have been debunked.

Listen, I want to say this--

BRAZILE: It's not wrong.

BONGINO: To be fair, we should care about the environment, it's the right thing to do because if you're really a God loving person, God gave us to where we shouldn't abuse it. But God gave us the world not the other way around and acting like the world is going to blow up in 12 years because we're emitting natural cows or farting somewhere is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

The climate has been relatively stable. There is not any evidence that storms are out of control. All this stuff is made up and the Left is the one destroying their own credibility because ironically there are a lot of Republicans, me included who are absolutely open to a conversation about a cleaner better environment to future, just not what a bunch of lunatics tell them in 12 years the world is going to blow up.

BRAZILE: As somebody who has grown up on the Gulf Coast and seeing the destruction that I witnessed after Hurricane Katrina.

BONGINO: No doubt.

BRAZILE: The coastline. I've seen the destruction in terms of the temperature, any one of us who are gardeners. I could tell you right now the density of the soil that we have, the nutrients, the supply of all of these decadent types of cleanness that we put out there, it's destroying our environment. BONGINO: Well, you know what will save us, capital. The worst--

GUTFELD: I don't know if that's a scientific observation, Donna.

BONGINO: Donna, the worst environmental disaster--

BRAZILE: It's a great observation.

BONGINO: In U.S. history, we're in socialist countries.

BRAZILE: I used to grow the biggest tomatoes and pepper and everything.

GUTFELD: You can get huge tomatoes, just go to Whole Foods. They're massive.

PERINO: I have a good point.

GUTFELD: Yay. The good point journals.

PERINO: I brought Dana's great point journal.

BRAZILE: OK. Here we go.

PERINO: Here's the thing about the environmentalist, it's driving me crazy. OK, so they made that argument about the cows, but they won't make the argument for supporting genetically modified crops that would actually help save a lot of people and give them a lot more nutrition in Africa or in other third world nations.

Well, obviously that's continent, but there are environmental groups absolutely block all of that innovation. The other thing that happens is we've talked about before is nuclear power. That actually would help solve a huge amount of the emissions, but they won't talk about it.

BONGINO: Natural gas.

PERINO: So, then they're like OK, I'll tell you what, we won't talk about any of those things that will actually work, and we know that could work. But please stop eating meat and protein.

GUTFELD: You know the thing is that--

BRAZILE: Renewable energy is a great idea.

GUTFELD: OK. But the renewables we're looking at windmills and--

BRAZILE: Solar panel.

GUTFELD: Expensive.

BRAZILE: They're working.

GUTFELD: But no, they rely. I mean to charge those--

BONGINO: Subsidies.

GUTFELD: Yes. And a lot of them rely on the other fossil fuels that everybody hates. I will say this. You know beyond meat, people - the meat grown in labs that could make this no longer a debate. We may be making our making our meat in labs instead of killing animals.

JONES: I don't want that either.

GUTFELD: Really?

JONES: I want it the natural way.

GUTFELD: You want them to suffer, don't you?

PERINO: You grew up in Texas.

JONES: The way they got into--

BRAZILE: Lawrence at this rate you will not say--

JONES: I'm not going to listen to the hypocrite--


JONES: Flying their private jet all the time. They eat the same meat.


BONGINO: The biggest environmental disasters in human history, the Pemex disaster, the Arrow Sea, the Yangtze River, Chernobyl where they all happened in socialist countries, capitalism will save us. Capitalism.

BRAZILE: Meat and dairy--

BONGINO: Get me those cows. I am going on eat a steak in Donna's name tonight as I am be feeding myself that steak. I will be thinking about my good friend Donna Brazile, rib eye, medium.

BRAZILE: I want to save the planets.

GUTFELD: You are not going to save it, Donna. The planet is doing fine. We're living in one of the greatest periods in the history of the world. More people. All right. Healthy--

BONGINO: Yes. Amen, brother.

GUTFELD: People are living longer and the animals--

BRAZILE: I'm going to make you all a great gumbo.


BONGINO: I'm down for that.

BRAZILE: It's going to be meatless and I guarantee--

GUTFELD: Are you going to go vegetarian?

BRAZILE: Maybe I don't need to go vegetarian. OK. I got something to replace it all right.

GUTFELD: I'm afraid of what you mean.

BRAZILE: Hey sugar, when I stir your bowl, it'll give you some soul. OK. All right. Don't go anywhere. The Fastest 7 minutes is coming up next.


GUTFELD: Welcome back. Time for the fastest 7. All right. First up, check out this multitasking dad catching a foul ball while holding his baby.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With a baby at hand he was able to make the grab.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I've seen a lot of them recently.




GUTFELD: The Phillies fan attributes his cat like reflexes to years of playing baseball. You know I have an idea, Dana. I think this should be a sport where a man is just standing in some kind of field holding a baby and you just shoot objects at him and he's got to catch them, it could be like small things like balls but then it moves up to like pianos.

PERINO: Maybe you should call up that producer that's doing the people hunting movie and make that as a sequel.

GUTFELD: Yes, and it's called Man with Baby. That's the sport, Lawrence.

JONES: No, I think he was trying to protect the baby. That's what it is. I think you get a burst of breath when you're trying to protect kids.


JONES: It's like you grab it, you become like the Matrix.

PERINO: And he was left-handed.

BRAZILE: Yes, that was a great catch.

BONGINO: The only thing that would make that more impressive is if this cat caught it with a beer cup and then chug the beer. With the baby in there like chugs the beer. That would be awesome.

GUTFELD: The thing is Donna; it you drop the baby. This would be a different story.

JONES: Exactly.

GUTFELD: We probably wouldn't be doing it on Fastest 7. We probably leading with it.



BRAZILE: But hey, kudos to the dad who won the game.

GUTFELD: No idea. It was the Phillies. So, they probably lost. I say that because Jesse's not here and he's a Phillies fan.

BRAZILE: He's a Phillies fan.

GUTFELD: Did they lose, I was told they did lose. All right. Next up, the movie Home Alone. Never heard of it. Brought joy to many kids in the 90s.


GUTFELD: Now Disney is being mocked over plans to reboot the classic flick for their new streaming site. Do they own us.


GUTFELD: No, they don't. Do they? The star of the original Macaulay Culkin posting this photo to his social media which he says shows what his character would be like nowadays. Lawrence, I kind of like the new Macaulay Culkin, the dirt bag Culkin.

JONES: That was cool. But this whole thing of remaking things, I don't like it at all. I went and saw the latest Lion King. They messed that up. So, they're probably going to mess this up too.

BRAZILE: Oh! I hope they remake E.T. and a number of other movies. I think it's good for a new generation of kids to see their own little--

JONES: It's not real.

PERINO: Why can't they come up with their own.

JONES: Right, be creative.

GUTFELD: Stop ravaging our past for your ideas.

BONGINO: I mean seriously has there ever been a reboot that was even close to you.


BONGINO: I'm trying to think of--

GUTFELD: Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a remake with Dennis Hopper is almost as good as the original.

JONES: This is true because of the graphic.

GUTFELD: Yes, it was really, really well done.

BONGINO: I don't know, I liked the original.

PERINO: How that horror movie goes, Donna?


GUTFELD: Evil Dead 2 which was a remake of Evil Dead and the original Evil Dead was great, but then Evil Dead 2 is so amazing. They did a great job. But here's my question to all of you and maybe Dana because you're like a child actor. Why is it so many child actors don't age the way you think, because you saw them at their cutest and then when they become adults, the age increases dissonance between the image in your head of them being adorable and how homely they look now.

PERINO: But don't you think that's true of all of us, of all people.

GUTFELD: I've gone better looking.

PERINO: Like did you see the 90210.

GUTFELD: I was a hideous child.

PERINO: I mean I heard all about the 90210-remake last night. People were like whoa, what happened.


PERINO: I think it's just natural.

GUTFELD: Aging does not--

PERINO: I mean really you are aging in reverse and you look amazing.

GUTFELD: I do I have that weird--

JONES: Most of those kids don't last either, so a lot of them get depressed too.


JONES: It's not funny.

GUTFELD: Thank you, Lawrence. Lawrence claims that this is not funny. All right. Finally, great story. Probably the best story of the day. Actor Danny Trejo earning big praise after saving a baby from an overturned car. Check out what he told Shep early.


DANNY TREJO, ACTOR: Thank God, I was like in the right place at the right time. I got into the car, but I couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. I think of the baby wasn't in that car seat. Probably would have died. And so, then there is this little girl Monica Jackson. She reached her little hand and she had a small enough hand to be able to push that button and then that's when I got the kid out.


GUTFELD: The amazing thing is that he was able to get the child while holding a baseball.

PERINO: That's my line.

BONGINO: I hate that. I don't do a lot of ensemble shows better than this one. And when someone on the set steals your lights, then you've got to think--


PERINO: I was like I was going to deliver that line.

BONGINO: Lawrence, come on, we're like guests, right.


PERINO: Chug a beer.


BONGINO: And you only have a couple of seconds to think quick of another line. It ruins the whole thing.

GUTFELD: That's why this is the best show on television.

BONGINO: That by the way that interview with Shep was awesome.

GUTFELD: Yes. It was great.

BONGINO: He was really great. Danny Trejo, he gave kudos to everyone else. But he's funny, he's a great business guy too.


BONGINO: By the way, Trejo's Tacos, he's got the shirt, come on down and Shep like free tacos.


JONES: That was good interview.

GUTFELD: So, you know what he said, this is a great quote that he said after this. He said everything - Danny Trejo said this, everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else everything. That's a hell of a quote.

BONGINO: He was great.

PERINO: That is the exact opposite of what Bill de Blasio said on Hannity last night.

GUTFELD: Oh really.

PERINO: Bill de Blasio basically said to Sean, there is nothing you've done in your life that all these other people didn't help get you to do. It's like the opposite. I would rather go with Danny than de Blasio.

GUTFELD: You're saying Danny should be our Mayor.


JONES: Oh, that's a good idea.

BONGINO: Wasn't he the scary vampire from Dusk till Dawn.

GUTFELD: Yes, I believe so.

BONGINO: One of the greatest films.

GUTFELD: Yes, and he was in the movie Machete which I believe I saw which I can't - I think I saw that.

BRAZILE: Thank you, Danny. One day that little child will pay his or her respects to you. Was it a little girl or a boy?

PERINO: Yes, girl.

JONES: And pay it for to somebody else.

BRAZILE: She will pay it for.

GUTFELD: What if she grows up to be a real jerk.


GUTFELD: I'm telling you it's a great story. We need more stories like that and it's coming from somebody who hate stories like that.

PERINO: You walk home every day I'd like to see this - you do this in the next couple of weeks.

GUTFELD: Yes, well, I wonder what I would do.

PERINO: At least you could fit underneath.

GUTFELD: I said I wonder what I do, and the producer just said, not that.

JONES: It's true.

GUTFELD: One More Thing is up next. I hate everybody.


PERINO: Time now for One More Thing. I'll go first. The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame announced its class of 2019 inductees and this is exciting for us. Among them is superstar country and gospel singer songwriter, Larry Gatlin. Gatlin joins the Hall of Fame and the veteran songwriter artist category and has the distinction of having written on his own every chart single scored in both his solo career and as a member of the Gatlin Brothers.

Some of those include all the Golden California.

GUTFELD: Never heard of it.

PERINO: Broken Lady in Houston. We want to give a very special thank you as well to our college associate Delaney and Maria. They are wonderful. Today is their last day. They've been invaluable to us. We've got a cookie cake.

JONES: Look at that.

PERINO: They are lovely.

JONES: Going back to school.

PERINO: They're going back to college. We wish them the best.

BRAZILE: Thank you.

GUTFELD: Larry Gatlin, when he e-mails you nothing but emojis. Isn't that strange, the guy who writes this country music only communicates in emojis.

PERINO: That's like cave writing.

GUTFELD: Yes, it is cave writing.

JONES: My mom does that too.

PERINO: Greg you're next.

GUTFELD: All right. Let's do one of these. Animals Are Great. This is kind of a sequel to yesterday. Dana had a really pathetic One More Thing with a dog trying to bounce around, it looks stupid, but I'd like to find more bouncing. Let's check this dog. This is - look at this, this is a bouncing video Dana.

PERINO: I can't even see the dog.


PERINO: You can't even see the dog. So, my video is not any worse than--

GUTFELD: How do you know it's a dog. It might not be a dog.

PERINO: All you can see is the ball.

GUTFELD: Is that a dog or a pig.

BRAZILE: That's a dog.

GUTFELD: I can't tell.

JONES: That's a dog I would like to have.

PERINO: Yes. That's an amazing dog. And that is why, Animals Are Great.

BRAZILE: And it's National Cat Day.

GUTFELD: National Cat Day. Are they animals?

PERINO: Lawrence.

JONES: Don't put a live octopus on your face. I mean seriously don't do it. They'll take my word for it. Just see Jamie Bisceglia from Washington State. She caught an octopus doing a fishing tournament last week and thought it would be funny to pose for a photo with it on her face. The problem is the octopus bitter and wouldn't let her go. Jamie would eventually manage to pull it off before the creature injected her with the venom - needed emergency trip to the hospital the next day. But thankfully, she's OK.

PERINO: Well, that's good advice. Do not put an octopus--

JONES: OK. Also, everybody go to Fox Nation right now and download it. You can check one of my shows, Deep Dive, which I go into politics--

PERINO: One of your shows?

JONES: One of them, then there is Keeping Up with Jones, right, where I debate Democrats every single once a week on Monday. And then there is Man on the Street where you see out on the streets all across the--

GUTFELD: You don't have enough shows, Lawrence.

PERINO: Wow, that's a lot of shows.


PERINO: That's a lot.

JONES: Right now.

PERINO: Dan, how many shows do you have?

BONGINO: This one., I'll be back tomorrow. And I'm filling in for Sean on Friday.


BONGINO: So, you'll be seeing a lot of me. Hey big hat tip to the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns are trying out to be quarterback, Baker Mayfield. Look at this. They had some military folks at the field at their training camp. They were told to get off the field, the quarterback stayed around after hours, Baker Mayfield accolades to you buddy signed a ton of autographs and you know what the NFL needs more of this. We had Carson Wentz from the Eagles with that really touching moment with that young fan. Really great stuff. More of this in--

GUTFELD: I was hanging out after the show and signed things and I'm really - I like to think of myself as one of the heroes. One of the heroes.

BONGINO: One night, but the signing I was not--

GUTFELD: I think the underground tunnel outside to my waiting car.

BONGINO: Sure. Yes, OK.

PERINO: Donna.

BRAZILE: Well, a 11-year-old boy wanted to do something to help his community heal. So, he went to his mom and said, I have a wonderful idea. This little guy came up with the El Paso challenge, a social media campaign to encourage people to give back and spread kindness.

Rose and her son Ruben have gone out to find 21 ways to do things to help people in their community. Like mow the lawn. Visit a nursing home. Pay for someone's lunch or dinner, taking flowers to the hospital, simply telling someone how great they are. So, I just want to say, you guys are great. This guy is trying to pay it forward with acts of kindness and I just want to say to you Greg, I'll do some time for you soon.

GUTFELD: Oh! Fantastic.

PERINO: You're going to make vegetarian--

GUTFELD: Make me some gumbo.

BRAZILE: And I want Jasper any day for you Dana.

PERINO: OK. That's very kind.

BRAZILE: And Lawrence, I'll be on--

GUTFELD: Just for being in the gumbo.


PERINO: You can have her on one of your many shows.

BRAZILE: One of your many shows. And Dan, I just want you to protect me when I feel scared.

BONGINO: There are just show muscles.

PERINO: What a show. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next. Hey, John.

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