Moussaoui Gets Life in Prison

An American jury spared the life of terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday afternoon.

The Al Qaeda savage promptly thanked them by saying, "America, you lost. I won." But, like what most of this degenerate says, he is wrong. Moussaoui is condemned to rot in a cell until he does die and, if the federal penitentiary is run properly, Moussaoui will be denied any and all privileges. His incarceration should be harsh.

Now, many Americans will be angered upon hearing that some jury members felt sorry for the terrorist because he had a bad upbringing. I share that anger. The guy sanctioned murder. It doesn't matter if his mother was mean to him. But by not executing Moussaoui, the USA shows the world we are a nation of laws, a nation that puts power in the hands of regular folks. Jury could have sentenced the terrorist to death but some jury members decided not to and the death option had to be unanimous. We must respect that. Of course, the savages that cut off the heads of hostages will not respect it, but again we are better than they are and if the world doesn't get that by now, there's nothing we can do.

It is long past time for all Americans to stand together against terrorism in the likes of Moussaoui. These are people who do not deserve sympathy or consideration of any kind. Because this guy lived in Minnesota illegally, by the way, he was under our civilian justice system.

Bottom line on the case: A terrorist is out of action forever, but thousands of his brothers remain a threat to all of us. We should have no sympathy for any of them. While they are active, our government is obligated to kill or detain them indefinitely. After they are captured, our system takes over, either military or civilian. And the system, whether we agree with individual verdicts or not, works.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Our pal, Richard Dreyfuss, is at it again. Speaking to the press in Los Angeles, the actor said this:


RICHARD DREYFUSS, ACTOR: The next time that FOX News allows someone to finish a sentence without ridiculing or yelling or patronizing I want to stand up and applaud.


Come on, Richard. You bad-mouth this network every chance you get. It's ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is your refusal to explain what you're talking about. So be a man and come on in here, and we'll talk about it.

By the way, Richard should know that a new survey conducted by the Reuters news agency, among others, FOX News was chosen as the most trusted news outlet by 11 percent of Americans — more than ABC and NBC News combined. OK? We're doing well here.