More Terror War Violence

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for watching us tonight. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans for winning the Super Bowl. Very hard-working team that should be admired.

The "Talking Points Memo" is more terror war violence. Angry Muslims rioted in Beirut, burning the Danish embassy over some political cartoons in the Danish press that mock suicide bombers using images of Muhammad.

Once again, the hair trigger rage of some Muslims is on display for the world. And if you don't think this is a danger to the planet, then you're not living on the planet.

For a variety of reasons, many Muslims are willing to die in a jihad for just about any reason. You may remember the erroneous Newsweek report about the Koran abuse in Guantanamo Bay that led to 16 deaths and dozens of injuries. Paris burned a few months ago, as Muslims rioted over perceived bad treatment by the French. And all over the world, Islamic matches are out, ready to be lighted at almost any provocation.

In Europe, millions of Muslims have set up their own quasi- states. Their allegiance primarily to Islam. And again, these people will fight and die for their religion.

But many Europeans are not willing to fight because they have nothing to fight for! Organized eligion has collapsed throughout much of Europe. And personal safety is put above any cause. Thus, Europe is generally weak in the face of growing Islamic ferocity with the exception of Great Britain.

Here in this country, there's a substantial minority that wants nothing to do with fighting the terror war. Everything the Bush administration has done to fight Al Qaeda is opposed by the far left. And it shocked troops at theACLU.

On the right, many big U.S. corporations refuse to sacrifice a dime to help in the terror war. We see this in the record oil company profits. — Exxon Mobil and the others are getting as much as they can in a turbulent market. Just today, oil rose again because of Iran.

Now it seems to me that corporations should be helping out here, giving somewhat back to their country, which is fighting a vicious war. By the way, for that point of view, some on the right have labeled me a demagogue.

The truth is the world is going to have to confront Islama-fascism or millions will perish. Iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. Any waffling about that would be a catastrophe.

"Talking Points" believes the war on terror and extremism in the Muslim world could be the most grave danger the USA and Europe has ever faced. We should all face that fact. God help us if we don't.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The annualHarris Interactive Poll asking Americans who their favorite TV personality is was released over the weekend.

No. 1, Oprah. Two, Jon Stewart. Three, Dave Letterman. Fourth, a tie between me and your humble correspondent — I am your humble correspondent, and then Jay Leno. Ellen DeGeneres, O'Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez, Tim Allen round out the top 10.

Ridiculous? You make the call. But I always appreciate folks who vote for me.

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