More Insanity From the Courts

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More insanity from the courts, that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.  Lesean Banks (search) was dealing cocaine in Las Vegas and was considered dangerous by the cops.  The FBI and local police got a warrant to search his apartment.  They knocked.  When he didn't answer, they broke down the door.

Inside the place was cocaine, three guns, and a bullet-proof vest.  Banks confessed and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.  But the most liberal court in American history, the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, threw out the dope dealer's conviction, saying the cops did not wait long enough before barging in.

Of course, waiting could have given Banks time to get his guns or flush the drugs down the toilet.  Turned out Banks was in the shower, but the cops didn't know that.  So these anti-police judges in San Francisco wanted to free a   dangerous drug dealer.  But yesterday, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to overturn the Ninth, something that happens 75 percent of the time, wasting our money and time.

Talking Points hates repetition, but wants you to know that certain courts in this country are trying to change our legal and social systems.  And the Ninth is leading the way.  It's apparent that this San Francisco court wants to legalize drugs.

Item: in 1999, the Ninth okayed medical marijuana clubs.  The Supreme Court said no.  In 2001, that court overturned Bill Clinton's policy of evicting drug evolved people from public housing.  The Supreme Court again reversed the  Ninth.  Item, in 2002, the Ninth ruled that people in Idaho could drive under the influence of marijuana.  Unbelievable.  Also in 2002, the court ruled that Rastafarians could smoke pot on federal property, no less.

Come on! -- This court is high as a proverbial kite.  Those judges know the vast majority of Americans don't support drug legalization.  So they're legislating from the bench.

Now if a liberal is elected president, you can bet the Supreme Court will eventually move further to the left.  If that happens, then America changes drastically, as far left judges will see these insane rulings stand instead of being overturned.

This is dangerously off the chart, ladies and gentlemen.  And The Factor is pretty much alone on television in reporting it.  Those judges see themselves as shapers of a new progressive society, not as upholders of dually passed law.

Thank God the Supreme Court overturned this insane drug decision that would have led to the deaths of more American cops.  Once again, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (search) has shamed the nation.  And once again, most of the nation knows nothing about  it.

And that's The Memo... 

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" and another sign the world is nearing an end.

Pay-per-view is setting up a Super Bowl event that, well, gives new meaning to the word "skin game."

A group of models and B actresses will pay tackle football during halftime of the big game but far away from the actual venue.  The strategy is to have the ladies dress in see-through uniforms so all the guys will watch this halftime display instead of the one the NFL puts on.

Now we're all for women's sports, and, if this trend continues, we may actually buy season tickets -- but probably not because that would be ridiculous."

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