Michael, This Will Kill You

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: New disturbing information about Michael Jackson's last months and days. Now, Jackson's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, is speaking out, saying he and magician Uri Geller tried to confiscate drugs and needles they found.


MATT FIDDES, FORMER JACKSON BODYGUARD: I never witnessed him actually taking it, but I knew they were there and I confiscated packages, and Uri did, too. I mean, Uri confiscated, you know, injection equipment from -- from his room and whisked it away. And Uri would scream at Michael, you know, intensely to stop doing this. But we just were getting pushed out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let's be clear. What kind of drugs are we talking about?

FIDDES: Michael Jackson was not a druggie. There was no cocaine or anything crazy like that. It was prescription medication and painkillers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How much responsibility do you think that the doctors he surrounded himself with have for his death?

FIDDES: As far as I'm concerned, they have Michael's blood on their hands. And they know what they've done.


VAN SUSTEREN: Is that true? Magician Uri Geller joins us by phone from London. He has been close friends with Michael Jackson for many years. Welcome, Uri. And the bodyguard was just heard on tape saying that the doctors have blood on their hands. Do you agree with that?

URI GELLER, FRIEND OF MICHAEL JACKSON (Via telephone): Greta, I do not want to comment at this stage on Michael Jackson's doctors. But what Matt Fiddes has said, and I heard this morning here in England, is true.

Before I tell you what I've seen, please allow me to say something positive. We will remember Michael. We will remember him, how he could draw love from millions of fans and turn that into pure music energy. We will remember him as an icon, as an idol, and a unique phenomenon. Of course, Greta, most of all, we will remember him as the greatest prince of pop the planet has ever been.

Having said that, I have been with him in hotel rooms. He has been my best man when I renewed my wedding vows. I worked with him in the (INAUDIBLE) in New York on his album, "Invincible." And I've seen things that shocked me, that scared me. I was extremely concerned for his health. I think I am the only person who shouted at Michael Jackson. My words were, Michael, if you continue this, you will die. Michael, this will kill you.

I found Michael on a few occasions hard to wake up. We have arranged, for instance, an outing to go to London Zoo. He wanted to see gorillas. I couldn't wake him up. I shook Michael. I put my hands on his shoulders and I asked him, Michael, are you OK? What did you take? Michael, wake up. And he looked at me and he said, Oh, I'm jet lagged. In my opinion, it was not jet lag.

VAN SUSTEREN: We only have a minute left, Uri. Did he have insomnia and trouble sleeping? Is that -- I mean, we hear that he -- you know, that's almost an insomniac in some ways.

GELLER: Greta, listen, I slept next to his bed. I slept in rooms outside his bedroom, in his sitting rooms in hotel rooms to make sure that nothing bad will happen to him during the night. I am sorry to say this, but this is the truth. And most of the time, Michael was like a tiger. He was a great person. He was a gentle man. But unfortunately, some of the people he surrounded himself with were all individuals who could not say no to Michael Jackson.

VAN SUSTEREN: That's the sad tale. And now we're going to look at his funeral next week. Uri, thank you.

GELLER: Thank you.

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