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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity."

At this hour, the president, as you just saw, speaking to yet another massive crowd at a rally. This time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will take you there live throughout the hour. We'll bring you all the highlights coming up tonight.

First, we do start with big breaking news in the swamp. Finally, Nancy Pelosi, speaker in name only and the House Democrats have finally agreed to send over their B.S. articles of impeachment to the Senate tomorrow.

Because Democrats know these articles are so laughably weak, they have now decided to include brand new, a trove of documents that were not presented during their Schiff sham impeachment proceeding. This 25th hour of desperation reeks of more pathetic Trump rage, psychosis and derangement. And get this -- all the new documents, they center around quid, pro, and quo and Joe and his son, zero experience Hunter, and the international pay- for-play scheme.

Now, remember, I've always said that the president, any president, does have a sworn duty to faithfully execute the laws of the land. Please remember that little part. Put that in a compartment in your brain.

But if you read these new findings, you will quickly see how politically skewed their new information, their trove of documents is.

Now, look at this new material we're learning tonight. Biden, to them, is completely innocent. You're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter. They mentioned that numerous times. He's innocent.

OK. I don't even think they believe that, to be honest. They call the accusations against him false, over and over and over again. They've exonerated Joe and Hunter.

They definitively say the Ukrainian prosecutor named Shokin that Biden forced out, he was the corrupt one, all while totally omitting Joe Biden's bragging and public comments about shaking them down.

Fire the guy, you get the billion. If you don't fire the guy, you don't get the billion. You got six hours. Son of a B.

Take a look.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: We're not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you got no authority. You're not the president. The president said -- I said, call him. I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting the billion dollars.

I said, you're not getting the billion. I'm going to be leaving here, and I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said, I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.

Well, son of the (EXPLETIVE DELETED), he got fired.


HANNITY: That's why it's like a scam-peachment. Very same prosecutor.

Now, the prosecutor investigating Hunter, Biden's son, zero experience Hunter, remember, Hunter was getting paid millions and millions to serve on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian oil, gas energy company. He had no relevant experience in Ukraine, oil, gas, whatsoever, none.

So, did the Democrats, did they bother to look into why zero experience Hunter was getting rich, compliments of the shady Ukrainian company, all while his father was in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration?

Now, for the simplest explanation, let's just go to Hunter Biden, himself, 49-year-old kid, the worse interview any 49-year-old has ever given, except maybe Alec Baldwin.

Take a look.


INTERVIEWER: You didn't have any extensive knowledge about natural gas or Ukraine itself, though?

HUNTER BIDEN, SON OF JOE BIDEN: No, but I think that I had as much knowledge as anybody else that was on the board -- if not more.

INTERVIEWER: In the list you gave me of the reasons why you're on that board, you did not list the fact that you were the son --

BIDEN: Of course. Yes --

INTERVIEWER: What role do you think that played?

BIDEN: I think that it is impossible for me to be on any of the boards just mentioned without saying I'm the son of the vice president of United States.

INTERVIEWER: If your last name wasn't Biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of Burisma?

BIDEN: I don't know. I don't know. Probably not. I don't think that there's a lot of things that would have happened in my life that if my last name wasn't Biden.


HANNITY: If your last name wasn't Biden, would you have gotten millions and millions? Probably not. Oh.

So what company -- think of any company that would pay millions and millions of dollars to someone with zero experience. Answer, the only company that would pay millions and millions to somebody with zero experience is a company trying to corruptly buy influence -- and in this case, that would be his father, the second-highest ranking at the time, elected official in America.

Quid, pro, quo and Joe bragging on tape, leveraging the billion, fire the prosecutor, you don't get the billion dollars -- our dollars, by the way -- and, of course, we know the zero experience was (ph) all there.

Now, tonight, this new bogus evidence, last minute, brought to you by, who? The compromised, in this particular Ukrainian case, oh, and caught on tape, conspiring with real Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump to influence election -- the congenital liar himself, Adam Schiff. It came from him.

The abusively biased, corrupt Schiff himself in an 11th hour Hail Mary pass.

Now, you, Senate Republicans, don't buy into this charade. This is an assault on your body, an assault on our Constitution. Remember, you have the sole power -- it's right there in the Constitution -- you try all impeachments.

It is not your role -- Constitution clear again -- to sort through and investigate and fix, and reinvestigate troves of documents the sloppy House Democrats neglected to include in their bogus articles of impeachment. Because the Constitution clearly states, the House has the sole power to impeach. Not you guys in the Senate. It's not the role of the Senate to interview witnesses that Nadler and Schiff failed to subpoena.

They impeached him. Now, House managers will present their case to you. This is their case, this is their constitutional role. Remember, it was so urgent that they urgently did this just before Christmas, and urgently went on vacation.

Senate tries the House articles before them and renders a verdict of the House articles of impeachment. That's it. That's your job.

After stalling the so-called urgent process for nearly a month, as part of a bizarre strategy, trying to tell Mitch McConnell how to do his job and fulfill his constitutional role, finally, the process is moving forward, without any concessions from the Senate majority leader. Good for him. Pelosi, yes, looks stupid and delusional, as usual.

And according to reports, the very angry Nancy is now telling her colleagues, Mitch McConnell might be a Russian op, because he wouldn't play nice with her insane demands.

Today, she even tweeted, quote: American election should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian government. Retweet if you agree.

Wow, she finally discovered the dirty Russian dossier that was likely Russian disinformation that Hillary paid for. Is she talking about that? I tend to doubt it.

This coming from a person who wants to undo an election that happened three years ago.

In 294 days, we have another election, and based on these two articles of impeachment, ran through without any bipartisan support that she said any impeachment articles would need. She didn't get that. Remember, just last year, claiming there needs to be a bipartisan initiative.

Instead, what we saw over the past 100 days was purely a partisan scheme to negate the vote of over 62 million, bloodied up the president politically as he now moves towards reelection in 294 days. A political hatchet job.

It stems from two very simple, basic facts. One, the left has not, cannot, will not ever accept the results of the 2016 election. Guess what? Two hundred ninety-four days, you get to shock the world again -- Democrats and the mob and the media.

And two, they are scared President Trump will destroy them in 2020. Imagine for a second, when -- if the news says on election night, or early the next day, we cannot project Donald J. Trump has been reelected the 45th president of the United States, it's just worth the price of admission.

Now, tonight, they have every reason to be worried. Far away from the D.C. swamp and the coastal elites, in New York, San Francisco -- San Francisco, L.A., and D.C., wow, we had a packed stadium last night, national championship game in New Orleans.

President Trump, the first lady, they walked out -- wow, crowds cheering, loudly, chanting "four more years," chanting "USA".

Let's watch the powerful moment. Take it all in, because if I was a Democrat, I don't think I'd like this.



CROWD: Four more years!



HANNITY: Wow, four more years, USA.

Americans, when you, we, the people, you show up to the polls, ask yourself, are you better off that you were four years ago?

Because the answer to that question is crystal clear, president oversaw the single biggest tax cut in American history, as promised.

Ending burdensome regulations, more than has happened in 60 years combined -- promise made, kept.

He appointed the original justices he promised he would all over the country, including two to the Supreme Court of the United States.

He renegotiated all of those trade deals. He said he wanted free and fair trade.

He secured funding for the border wall -- expect 400 miles by November of next year. And he just got another $7.2 billion for that border wall today.

And he empowered American energy. We are now a net exporter of energy, the world's largest producer of oil. The Straits of Hormuz not that important to us anymore. That hasn't happened in 75 years. And don't forget, the world is a safer place now that Baghdadi and the terrorist who killed Americans, Soleimani, are dead.

The United States now has the single lowest unemployment rate since 1969. Some of you weren't even born yet. Eight millions Americans now have been lifted off of food stamps, and we have nearly 8 million new jobs created, incomes rising all across the board.

Now what has the Democratic Party done the last four years, to contribute to your prosperity, your safety, and your security, for you and your families?

Well, I can report to you tonight, absolutely nothing. They have whined, they have complained, they have lied, they have schemed, they have pushed conspiracy theories and hoax, they smeared, besmirched, slandered, they obsessed over one conspiracy theory, then when it's wrong, they moved onto another one.

Even made excuses for an evil Iranian regime. They want to go back driving those mullahs again with $150 billion, and call everyone who makes them mad a Russian asset.

And, by the way, pretty pathetic for your track record of the Democratic Party. And come next week, they will reap what they sow. Hunter Biden now, by the way, could be called to testify in that Senate trial. We'll have more on that in a moment.

Joining us first is House Judiciary Ranking member, Doug Collins.

Congressman Collins, I think this about sums it up. And I read it, I'm like, oh, they have totally exonerated Joe and zero experience Hunter. Then they went after the prosecutor, who is investigating the company that was paying millions and millions to somebody with no experience. They condemned him. They said he is corrupt, not Joe who said, you're not getting the billion unless you fire the guy.

REP. DOUG COLLINS, R-GA.: It is. I mean, look, it's another last-minute desperation move by the House Democrats, because they know they have a weak case. We show (ph) that they had a weak case. We still know what we have seen is the president did nothing wrong. We proved that.

What we're now (ph) is they did a document dump. We're still going through those things.

But remember, Lev Parnas is a convict -- is an indicted -- someone on campaign finance issues. Bill Barr and the Justice Department will handle this, but we don't let -- do not let them -- the Democrats -- try to deflect anything from the weak case that they are not going to send to the Senate tomorrow because this president did nothing wrong. This president stood strong for America, and all they're trying to do is take potshots at the end to shore up a case that should never have went forward to start with.

HANNITY: Now, the Senate has a very defined constitutional role, as does the House. Now, the Democrats in the House, they impeached the president. That power is solely in the hands of the House of Representatives.

OK, now, managers will go over to the Senate, present their case.

So, all this talk about, well, if the case is weak, why don't we bring in other witnesses? I would argue the Constitution, that would be the role of the House. They impeached him, make your case, and the Senate could vote up or down.

If they need clarification from the one fact witness, Ambassador Sondland, bring him in. Hearsay is not admissible in federal rules of evidence. So, I would think it could go fairly quickly.

COLLINS: I think it could, and I think it should. I think the -- when it gets over there, there is a process that needs to be followed.

And they'll make their very weak case. They'll show the American people again that they have no basis for the process that they went through, and also, that there is nothing actually to impeach him on.

And then the president's team will able to give his defense, and they will show forcefully and they'll be able to take that and say, this is why this process was wrong, this is why the facts are wrong, and this is why this has been nothing but a hatchet job for over three years, and going back to November of 2016.

What is so pathetic right now, Sean, is that we have done absolutely nothing in the House of Representatives for the last two weeks, and now, they have held these documents, trying to make a case, and now, they're trying to send them over at the last minute, tried to make these arguments that the Senate should be doing these different things.

No, the House did not do their job because all they had in mind was getting at this president. If they tried to do their job, if they went to the process, but they didn't. Do you know why? Because he did nothing wrong.

HANNITY: By the way, I saw a recent poll out of the great state of Georgia. I spent wonderful years of my life there, looks like I was right and the governor was wrong, because you are winning by about four or five, six to one.

Congressman, good to see you, soon to be senator. Just a guess.

Now that the Democrats' impeachment charade is moving over to the Senate, Republicans will finally have a chance to call witnesses.

On Twitter, Senator Rand Paul warning Democrats, oh, if we're giving a platform to witnesses, and the Democrats -- what they demand, I look forward to forcing votes to call Hunter Biden and many more.

And I'd also add the hearsay non-whistle-blower whistle-blower and the compromised, congenital liar himself, Adam Schiff.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell is -- yes, he is leaving the door wide open for this massive showdown, should it occur. Take a look.


REPORTER: Would you support calling the Bidens?

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, R-KY.: Well, I think we'd be dealing with witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial. And I think it's certainly appropriate to point out that both sides would want to call witnesses that they want to hear from. So, when you get to that issue, I can't imagine that only the witnesses that our Democratic colleagues would want to call would be called.


HANNITY: So, Joe and Hunter are now at the very center of any discussion on Ukraine. Fair game.

And now, because the Democrats impeachment witch hunt, their current 2020 front-runner, he will now face nonstop scrutiny for his actions in Ukraine. Democrats reap what they shall sow, right?

Joining us now with reaction, Florida senator, former governor of the great state of Florida, very important state come, well, 294 days from now. We'll be paying attention to Broward, Palm Beach County, the Panhandle, Southwest Florida -- Rick Scott is with us.

Senator, good to see you.


HANNITY: Am I right in my interpretation? The role of the House, their sole -- they have sole power to impeach, the Senate, sole power to try. It's not the Senate's job, from my perspective, to do the House's job, constitutional job.

SCOTT: Yes. (INAUDIBLE), Sean, this is -- this is just a joke. I mean, think about it. I've been up here a year. This place is completely dysfunctional.

Nobody is interested in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi's impeachment. When I go back home, they said, oh, boy, we're excited about Nancy Pelosi's impeachment. They know we're not getting things done.

They're frustrated that people have got -- have been sent up here, and they are not doing anything for the American public. We're not reducing drug prices, securing the border, balancing the budget.

What's frustrating is, we're going to waste all this time. We know the result. The Democrats have proven Trump did nothing wrong. He's not going to be convicted. And they will waste another, what, two, three, four more weeks.

Let's get back to work and doing something good for this country.

HANNITY: Senator, you want to get back to it, it seems like the president, Republicans, they've done their job.

Can you name a single thing that the Democrats have done to make us more -- create more jobs and opportunities for Americans, or made us more safe and secure?

You know when I got to know you well? I got to know you well when you come as governor was always coming up to New York because you were stealing New York businesses, very effectively and efficiently, because New York is -- watch the mass exodus, bigger than any other state, because they were enticed by people like --


SCOTT: Sean, I kept trying to get you to move. That you know last year --

HANNITY: I want out. I'm with you.

SCOTT: You have to get out.

You know, last year, over 500,000 people moved to Florida because we've done the opposite of what Democrats have done. We've cut taxes. We've cut regulation. We made a place where businesses can compete globally in Florida.

New York and places like California, you know, they are losing jobs. They're losing their successful people. They are coming to Florida and Texas, places like that, and we're building -- we're building great economies.

But these Democrats are doing nothing to help the average family. They're not helping people get jobs. They're not helping people get lower health care. I mean, they're -- this is just about -- they hate Trump and they weren't -- they hate 2016 election, and they're trying to change the 2020 election.

That's all this is. This is a circus.

HANNITY: It was a very interesting competition, because you'd always come to New York, I get to see you. I get to see Bobby Jindal. I get to see Rick Perry. You guys were fighting it out, enticing, hey, come to our state, you pay nothing in taxes. No state income tax.

And you did so effectively when you were fighting for the people of Florida. I applaud you for that. That was smart. Sorry, Andrew Cuomo.

But anyway. Senator, thank you.

All right. First, we're going to dip into the president now, hitting Dems real hard. Let's join this rally in Wisconsin.




HANNITY: The president with what has now -- keep the music up, if you want. We like the Rolling Stones.

His now quintessential close -- we are one nation. We are one people. We are one glorious nation under God.

Together, we will make America wealthy again, strong again, proud again, safe again, and make America great again.

All right. Joining us now, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer with us.

That close -- we've heard it a lot. It's a pretty powerful close too a speech.

You see the crowd, Steve Scalise, and you see what's going on where you work over there in that bleep hole, the swamp, the Schiff show. And you look at the reaction of people, you look at what happened at the national championship game last night -- if I'm a Democrat and I'm watching this all unfold, I'm not that confident tonight.

REP. STEVE SCALISE, R-LA.: Well, they shouldn't be, Sean. And I have the honor to be with President Trump last night at the national championship game, was really happy to see LSU complete a magical season.


HANNITY: By the way, what am I doing wrong? I never get these invitations.

Do you -- Sean, do you get those invitation? I didn't get an invitation. I would have loved to have gone to the national championship game and hung out with Vince Vaughn, the president, first lady.

SCALISE: And a lot of other people that wanted to come see the president.

But, Sean -- and I'd invite you and Spicer over there any time. But, you know, when you talk about --


HANNITY: After the fact! But who's counting?

All right. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

SCALISE: That's right. Well, hopefully, there'll be more to come. But when the president walked out on the Superdome floor, and, you know, he and Melania were there looking -- looking wonderful, the crowd went wild, just like you heard there in Wisconsin.

In fact, when he came to the seats after he was on the field leading the national anthem, when he came to the seats, the people around us stood up and started applauding and chanting "USA," Sean.

That's what this president means to the forgotten men and women of this country. That's what the media, the far left, the radicals up here in Washington that are running with Pelosi trying to run this country into the ground, but they don't get that. They don't understand that there are millions of people who were left behind by Washington, and President Trump is fighting for them. He is delivering for those very people.

And they're responding, and they're going to respond later this year. You know, they can keep going on with all of these witch hunts and everything else they're trying to do to stop this president, but they're not going to be successful because he is delivering for those men and women that he said, I'm going to do these things for you, and he's done them. He's followed through on the promises.

Hottest economy in the world, securing our border, defending our country, killing terrorists. And they want to actually criticize him for killing terrorist who killed hundreds of American men and women, service members.

But they don't get -- they're so out of touch with the rest of America, Sean. And they don't understand how President Trump is delivering. And they don't see those people responding, like I get to see, like you get to see.

When they -- when they get excited about the fact that President Trump has done this for them. They're going to be there to do it and make sure he can do it for them for another four years this November.

HANNITY: And, Sean Spicer, you know, you put it all in context and perspective here, because we are going to see the Schiff sham show, you know, unfold in the next coming days.

Now, they got new evidence. What they definitively declare, the congenital liar, three years, we have all the proof, Trump-Russia collusion. They (ph) don't (ph).

He is compromised in this case. He needs to be a witness in this case.

And it's not the Senate's role, we established all of that, to redo with the House does, the House has the power to impeach, and tell the Senate why you impeached him. And if you don't have a case, get out of here. You should acquit the president, Republican Senators.

And let's just watch this, though, and you watch -- you compare and contrast, you see the president how he is received by we, the people.

And then you see this, this -- I don't know, demarcation, if you will? I don't know the right word. It's a disconnect between the swamp, and let's see, LSU, Clemson, and here in Wisconsin. It couldn't be more clear.

SEAN SPICER, AMERICA FIRST ACTION SENIOR ADVISOR: Well, I think Congressman Scalise touched on this a moment ago. The American people are seeing the result of the president's policies.

Bloomberg just came out with a study that shows, since 1992, we haven't had a year like we did last year, where no metropolitan area declined. Every city, major metropolitan area either stay the same or got better. And as crazy as that sounds, it hasn't happened since 1992.

The unemployment rate is at 3.5 percent. We had 155,000 jobs created last December, month over month. You have 3.9 percent economic -- I mean, unemployment rate over the course of his presidency. No president has gone below 4 percent in the first three years other than Trump.

So the American people are feeling what a Trump presidency does for their lives, for their families, for their businesses, for their communities.

And what's really interesting, Sean, is that when you look at the network coverage, right? And I know that you've been keeping up this and harping on it night after night. But when you look from September to January, there was less than 1 percent, to be -- it was 0.8 percent -- 9 minutes of airtime paid to the economy and trade.

So, whether you're talking about the China trade deal, all these other deals that we've been talking about, the economy, all of the good news that's coming out, 9 minutes of network news between September 24th and January 20th.

Mark that in contrast to the 900 minutes that had been spent on this impeachment.

The American people are seeing the results, and the news media and the left just don't want to cover it because they realize that's good for his reelection.

HANNITY: All right, guys. Thank you both.

Congressman Scalise and Sean Spicer, always good to see you both.

We do have breaking news right now. We have been telling you for months about irregularities in the Michael Flynn case. Tonight, Flynn has now formally filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea, alleging bad faith by prosecutors.

Here not to break some news on this, explain what it all means, Michael Flynn's attorney, Sidney Powell, Fox News contributor, Sara Carter, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

I know, at one point, Sidney, before you became General Flynn's lawyer, you suggested this might come to this. I'm a little surprised that the judge's ruling in this case, for my understanding, I have a very good mutual friend of ours. I have a long list of Brady material that hasn't been handed over in my view, in my opinion.

But here's the thing. We know that the special counsel, we know -- the inspector general found that James Comey lacked candor. That would be lying. We know the same thing was said about Andrew McCabe.

We know the FBI that interviewed General Flynn didn't think he was lying, they said that, I would like to see the original 302, and I'm sure you would.


HANNITY: Will you be able to withdraw this plea? I applaud you for doing it, what they have done for this 33-year veteran is obnoxious, repulsive, unbelievable abuse of power.

POWELL: It is, and they've been abusing their power the last year in spades, Sean. The reason this all came to this is because they tried to get him to lie in the prosecution of United States versus Rafiekian, his former business partner. And with new counsel standing by his side, of course, there was no way I was going to let him do that, and he didn't want to do that.

So we pushed back on that, with evidence that we presented to them for hours, showing them all kinds of different things that supported the fact that he was telling the truth. And instead, they've doubled down, came against him, trying to designate him a coconspirator even though they had told a judge in the Eastern District that he was not, they never thought he was. I mean, it's been one atrocity after the other, and their recent sentencing memo is just full of lies and distortions.

So they breached the plea agreement when they try to withdraw their motion to recommend that he would be given probation, and want him --


HANNITY: Now, they changed it.


HANNITY: Yes. Am I wrong in my perception -- I'm not in the courtroom so I have to ask you and rely on your interpretation. I almost got the impression the judge, in this case, was basically saying to you, without saying it, Sidney, withdraw the plea. Does he have to approve this? Did you get the same impression from the judge?

POWELL: Oh, it could go either way. Oh, it could go either way. He certainly has discretion as to whether to allow the withdrawal of the plea, but we are more than convinced we meet all of the tests, no matter which way you look at it, and this is just the first part of the motion on that. This portion of the motion is based on the breach of the plea agreement. There are other reasons that we'll brief as soon as we possibly can.

HANNITY: All right. Let me -- one of the more despicable things in all of this, Sara carter, you have General Flynn calls over to the deputy FBI director, McCabe says these guys are coming to see me from your department, do I need my lawyer? Oh, no, you don't. Then the infamous tape of James Comey bragging how he did something he would never do in the Bush or Obama administrations, and he took advantage of the chaos, something he likely wouldn't get away with.

How insulting to a 33-year vet who went bankrupt, and they threaten his own kid. Well, if you don't find this, even though we didn't think you were lying, we are going to go after your family. What father -- what general wouldn't fall on the sword for their own son? I would. I'd dive on it.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: And General Flynn would do, too. I mean, this is the kind of man that General Flynn --

HANNITY: He did.

CARTER: -- Lieutenant general Flynn -- Sean, I knew this, from being on the ground in Afghanistan, working in Iraq, covering the stories. Here was a man that everyone that I spoke to, every soldier that knew him, every senior official in Iraq that worked with him, in Afghanistan that was close to him, knew who this man was.

He was a true patriot. He loved the soldiers. He did everything he could to fight for the truth. He went up against President Obama because he believed that the narrative that Obama was telling the American people was false. And it was false.

But because of that, he drew in a slew of enemies. We heard Comey laughing at him, and that's exactly what I was thinking as you were saying that, Sean. I was like, all you have to do is listen to how former director, fired FBI Director James Comey laughed about how they took advantage of this administration.

And one more point here, Sean. Look at what the FBI did. We know based on the Horowitz report, all of these egregious violations, how they change the FISA, and now we suspect, and we know that there were alterations in his 302.

HANNITY: Yes. By the way, where is Christopher Wray? And excuse me, the story you broke last night, really? Can we pick a worse person to oversee this?


CARTER: Right.

HANNITY: Let me go to Gregg Jarrett, because we're running out of time, Gregg, and I want to get your thoughts.

I applaud Sidney for withdrawing the plea. What they did to this 33-year vet, combat veteran of the United States of America is so repulsive and disgusting. The guys themselves that did this and set them up, yes, they lied, too. Nothing happens to them. Really sad.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Robert Mueller's team of partisans prosecuted Michael Flynn for telling the truth. There is an FBI summary report dated July of 2017, summarizing that two FBI agents who interviewed Michael Flynn, and in it, they say he showed no signs of deception and they believe he was telling the truth, and he believed he was telling the truth. It is outrageous.

HANNITY: And he fell on his sword and admitted to something he knew he didn't do.


HANNITY: Why? To save his family, and to stop a bankruptcy.

JARRETT: And because he was broke. That's right. It's outrageous he was ever prosecuted.

In good conscience, and in the name of justice and the law, Emmet Sullivan, the judge, should allow Flynn to withdraw his plea. I guarantee you, if prosecutors pursue the case against him, there is no way they can win, because the two guys who interviewed Flynn said he told the truth, end of case.

HANNITY: I hope the judge does the right thing.

Sidney, you're the right lawyer. I know it has been tough. Godspeed.

POWELL: Oh, thanks. We're going to fight to the end.

HANNITY: We -- he deserves that. He fought for us for 33 years.

When we come back, you got -- this video, Project Veritas. Wow, exposing Bernie Sanders and his campaign. That's coming up, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Democratic primary is heating up. Iowa caucus is now less than three weeks away.

Joining us now to break down the 2020 field, our weekly whiteboard with Karl Rove segment, master of the whiteboard. I'm getting a new whiteboard for 2020.

How are you, sir?

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Really, you're going to get me new whiteboards?

HANNITY: Yes, of course, whatever you want. Anything you want. FOX will pay for it. They make plenty.

ROVE: There we go.

Well, interesting numbers out of Iowa here, the last -- the last two weeks, there have been two polls, one registered poll and then rattled the field today, or out to the public today, the Monmouth poll. Now, pretty much similar, a four-way race. Everybody getting to these four candidates all got more than 15 percent, which means they get delegates.

But the only interesting difference here. In the Monmouth poll, Biden is at 24, in "The Des Moines Register" poll, he's at 15. Sanders 18 and 20, in two polls. Buttigieg, 17 and 16. Warren, 15 and 17.

So, the real question is, where, really, is Joe Biden? Is where Monmouth says he is? Atop the field with 24? Or is in fourth place with 15 percent?

HANNITY: Karl, do you have a gut feeling? Which poll you trust more?

ROVE: Well, I do trust "The Des Moines Register" poll, but realize this, testing -- you know, polling a primary is tough. And the Iowa caucuses get even weirder because the real question is, the 26 percent who are not for a candidate above 15 percent, where do they break out? Because there are 1,681 precinct caucuses.

If you walk into the caucus and you're Klobuchar, who's at 8, or Yang at 3, or Steyer at 4, or Gabbard at 2, and your candidate is not getting 15 percent in that caucus, they say, OK, your candidate is out. Who are you for now?

So, this 26 percent could end up determining, based on where this happens, obviously, not every precinct, every precinct caucus is somebody, Amy Klobuchar got to be in 8, she may be above 15 percent among the -- in precincts along the border with Minnesota. But where that 26 percent breaks out is going to determine it.

Right now, 19 percent of the people who are -- who are for somebody else say they are for Biden. Eighteen percent for Buttigieg, 15 percent for Warren, and surprisingly, only 11 for Sanders. So, with these other candidates begin to fall by the wayside, it may give a modest boost to Biden.

But, you know, this is why it's so unpredictable, because it depends on, is it -- you know, West Des Moines or is it in Waterloo? Is it in the Western Prairies, or is it along the Mississippi River? It really depends on where it happens.

HANNITY: All right. Karl Rove, our weekly whiteboard with Karl Rove, 2020 segment. Karl, thank you.

Tonight, Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, wow, releasing a new undercover video featuring a Bernie campaign field organizer. We reached out to the Sanders camping for comment. Shockingly, we have not heard back.

Now, this is the video. You can watch for yourself.


JOURNALIST: So, if Donald Trump gets reelected, what?


JOURNALIST: Do you even thin, that some of these, like, MAGA people could even be reeducated?

JUREK: Bernie's like whole (EXPLETIVE DELETED) like hey, free education. For everybody, because we're going to have to teach you not to be a (EXPLETIVE DLEETED) Nazi.

Greatest way to break a (EXPLETIVE DLETED) billionaire of their like, privilege and their idea that they're superior, go out and break rocks for 12 hours a day. You're now a working class person, and you're going to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) learn what that means, right?

If Bernie doesn't get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC convention, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Milwaukee will burn.


HANNITY: Wow, pretty unbelievable. 2020 Democratic field in a state of chaos.

Here with reaction, Dan Bongino, Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo, we'll start with you, Geraldo, because Dan likes to counterpunch. That's why we're doing it.

You know, and he does. You guys, if you go at it again, that's fine with me, I don't care.

But the real --


HANNITY: Imagine if that was Donald Trump's campaign field organizer. What would the reaction be?

RIVERA: I detest -- I detest any invocation of Nazi or Nazism. I think it's so -- it's despicable and totally lowbrow.

But to tell you the truth, Sean, the undercover video from Project Veritas and the public statements by pundits like Alec Baldwin are pretty similar. There is a contempt for Trump supporters. It's not just that they don't like the president, detest the president, they think of his followers, the people who backed the president, as being people without souls, people without conscience, without compassion.

They dismissed them all as racists. The stereotyping is so razor-sharp. This -- I can't believe -- like when Vince Vaughn got all this heat from Hollywood for just shaking the president's hand, there is this hatred that is so dismaying to me.

I just -- I can't get my arms around it, it is so disappointing. You come out of the Trump supporter, you have to put on your bullet proof vest and your helmet and hunker down. The Bernie Sanders fellow just reveals, you know, what is the secret agenda, not-so-secret agenda of so many.

HANNITY: Dan, we're just smelly Walmart people. We believe in God above, our Bibles, our Constitution, you know? We are irredeemable deplorables. Smelly Walmart people.

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You know, Sean, I've said on your show, and this axiom keeps proving itself to be totally logical and true. I say all the time, conservatives generally think liberals are people with really bad ideas. Liberals -- I'm not talking about Democrats -- radical leftist like the Sanders people, they think you're bad people with ideas. That's a totally different thing.

The evidence, by the way, is everywhere. I will never forget reading an article by a woman who was a Democrat, an Obama supporter who went to CPAC, the Conservative Action Conference. And she wrote this article, she was so stunned how she was welcomed by everyone, and nobody attacked her. They invited her into some symposiums and stuff.

Try that at an Antifa rally. You will need a Secret Service detail with you. It's the exact opposite. None of this -- none of the stuff in the video surprises me.

HANNITY: I'm glad to see you both getting along tonight. I thought you were going to kill each other the last time.

BONGINO: (INAUDIBLE) peace time.

HANNITY: Good to see you both.

All right, when we come back, tomorrow is a huge day on the Hill. We'll explain what's in store, that's straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left. But you don't want to miss tomorrow night's show.

Democrats' failed impeachment stunt finally goes to the Senate. Lindsey Graham, Senator Ted Cruz will bell here with reaction. We hope you set your DVR, and never miss an episode. We will never be the media, raged, psychotic hate Trump mob.

And let not -- we seek the truth. And let not your heart be troubled.

Laura Ingraham standing by to take it away. Laura?

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