Mexican Day Laborer in Atlanta Is Jailed With Contagious TB

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MICHELLE MALKIN, GUEST HOST: In the "unresolved problem" segment tonight, a couple of hot immigration stories for you. Seventeen-year-old Francisco Santos has been diagnosed with contagioustuberculosis in Georgia. He refused medical treatment and tried to return to his native Mexico. So authorities arrested him and put him in an isolated jail cell.

Officials are frantically testing everyone who came in contact with the day laborer. And late today, the Gwinett County Sheriff told us that Santos admitted to being here illegally.

Also, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat, is opposed to mandating that state police cooperate with ICE in identifying, detaining, and deporting illegals.

Joining us now from San Diego, Enrique Monrones, a self described pro-immigration humanitarian.

Enrique, you are a humanitarian. So I imagine, I assume, I hope that you are somebody who's concerned with public health in this country. Do you oppose or object to what the public health officials did with Mr. Santos in Georgia?

ENRIQUE MONRONES, PRO IMMIGRATION ACTIVIST: You know, I'm glad that this person is being held in isolation. That's very important. When there's a case like this or when there was the case of the young man that went on his honeymoon overseas, those people should be isolated.

One other reason why we need humane and comprehensive immigration reform, we need to know who the people are that are coming into this country and allow them to come in in a humane manner. They have no alternative. Crossing the desert — and these types of things happen. It's unfortunate. And I'm glad he's in detention. He should go to a medical facility and be in isolation.

MALKIN: Now he was here illegally.


MALKIN: Now you slid right into your whole humane and comprehensive immigration reform thing again. I would hope that...

MONRONES: Like most of the country agrees, yes.

MALKIN: I would hope...

MONRONES: Most of the country agrees.

MALKIN: Well, I guess you missed the fact that the amnesty bill was rejected earlier this year.

MONRONES: Exactly. We're glad. We didn't want amnesty.

MALKIN: OK. Good, I'm glad to hear it.


MALKIN: Now each and every one of the people who are here illegally in this country, upwards of 20 million of them have not, as have people who have gotten in line illegally, gone through this kind of medical screening.

And there are many public health officials, especially along the border, who are concerned with the rise of tuberculosis that is caused specifically by illegal immigration. Don't you think that it behooves federal officials to know who's in their neighborhoods and to make sure that they do go undertake this medical screening?

MONRONES: Absolutely. There's 12 million undocumented people here. And they're not the cause of the tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is all over the world. You have 250 million undocumented people in the world. The U.S. only has 4 percent of them. Half of those people are not even Latinos, the 12 million that are here, a third of which came here legally...

MALKIN: Well, I've made no distinction between people who are bringing it over the border and people who are overstaying their visas. They all should be punished.

MONRONES: Yes, you said tuberculosis is caused by undocumented people. It has nothing to do with undocumented people.

MALKIN: Well, people...

MONRONES: That's a fear tactic.

MALKIN: People who overstay their visas do not have documents either. If you want to use that euphemism specifically to refer to...


MALKIN: ...south of the border, fine. Go ahead and do it. In fact, they have a lot of documents. They have fake IDs. They have fake photo IDs. They have fake drivers licenses.

Let's get to another issue here that I had mentioned in the introduction.


MALKIN: The governor of Virginia objects to the 287-G program. It is a matter of law. There are localities and states all across this country that are adopting this to make sure that specifically, that criminal illegal aliens are being targeted and taken off of the streets, and that local law enforcement officials are trained to do that. Do you object to that?

MONRONES: Most law enforcement across the country — first of all, they're not trained to do that. And most law enforcement is again...

MALKIN: No, that's what 287-G is for.

MONRONES: That's...

MALKIN: That is what it is for.

MONRONES: ...acting as federal immigration.

MALKIN: And there are a lot of police officers.

MONRONES: Well, let me finish. Most — yes, there was a lot. But the overwhelming majority is against acting as immigration.

MALKIN: Really? Did you take a poll lately?

MONRONES: You want to have trust in the communities?

MALKIN: Where did you take a poll?

MONRONES: This was a poll that had been taken many times. There's been lots of polls about that.

MALKIN: There are dozens of localities who are now clamoring to enter this kind of agreement. And most recently...

MONRONES: Doesn't compare to thousands. Doesn't compare to thousands that oppose, including San Diego, where I live, you know, one of the largest cities in the country.

MALKIN: Really, I talked to a lot of...

MONRONES: Law enforcement is opposed because we're right on the border.

MALKIN: ...San Diego police officers who object to having their hands tied behind their backs.

MONRONES: Well, I thought — but the majority is — is not with you. In fact, the majority of the country agrees with what I am saying.

MALKIN: Well, there are elite politicians certainly who are intimidated by people like you. No question about that.

MONRONES: Yes, there are but the thing is...

MALKIN: Right.

MONRONES: ...the overwhelming majority of the country agrees with what I'm saying. Remember, this is FOX News. This is your point of view. I'm talking about the overwhelming majority of the country. The overwhelming majority supports humane and...

MALKIN: Poll after poll shows that people want the current existing federal immigration laws enforced. Now you and I have batted this around many times. We come on here. And I have never heard a single immigration law that you actually support being enforced.

MONRONES: No, that's not true. Pick one.


MONRONES: What — I support the sovereignty of one's nation. I support the sovereignty of one's nation. I support the fact that children should be with their mothers. They should be united. We should have immigration policies that allow...

MALKIN: Family reunification...

MONRONES: ...we should have humane...

MALKIN: ...and immigration law.

MONRONES: If you want me to pick it and explain it, you got to let me talk. You got to...

MALKIN: You've got a minute.

MONRONES: You got to — what we want to do is we want to have humane and comprehensive immigration reform, a path with legalization for the 12 million undocumented people that are here, regardless of which country they're from. If they're sick, if they're criminals, they should be in jail or in hospitals.

MALKIN: OK, stop there.

MONRONES: The majority of the people are not (INAUDIBLE).

MALKIN: We agree. Let's put you on record. We agree that criminal illegal aliens should be deported. Enrique, thank you.

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