Media still cast Tea Party as villains, not victims

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Today, Tea Partiers protested at IRS offices across the country. For the media, that has to be awkward. To them, the Tea Party is like an old dog you drove out to the woods that found its way back. And it wants blood.

The Tea Party was never as edgy as occupy Wall Street, but here they actually earned victim status for real, unlike so many rewarded in the media.

And how does the press respond? No apologies, no rethink, no. Maybe painting them as racist egged this on and said we get this from The A.P. -- quote -- "The Tea Party runs the risk of going too far in its criticism."

Yes. Even when they're victims, they're villains.

Dem hack Mo Elleithee clocks this crud -- "Just because there is universal agreement that the IRS went too far, that should not be misread as acceptance of the Tea Party's ideology of anger."

Thanks, Mo. Clearly, you are the smartest stooge.

But I still don't get it. What have the Tea Partiers done exactly with this anger? Did they break any laws? Did they hurt anyone? Did they smash windows on May Day?

All they did was exercise their rights, many for the first time ever, to speak truth to power. These were not your strident, lifelong activists who spend more time whining than working.

So, why are they still hated even after they were wronged because they're right? Boy, does the media hate that! The Tea Party reminds them of their own biases and secret anger.

It's an anger like the kind directed at parents. The Tea Party at your parents. You hate them for their opinions until you realize they were right all along.

Wouldn't it be great if the American media could grow up and do the same?

So, Bob, what did you think of the monologue?


GUTFELD: You were not listening but writing down numbers for something.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I was writing down numbers to see how long you were going to do that forward -- not, no. I --

GUTFELD: You did not listen to a single word.

BECKEL: That's true.


GUTFELD: It wasn't about the Tea Party.

All right. I'll give you an easy question. They're planning to sue the IRS. In fact, some groups already have. True the Vote is suing. What do you make of that?

BECKEL: I think it's the right thing to do on their part. It's going to tie the IRS for a long time.

And, by the way, there's two groups that are helping them sue, one of which is the most m maligned around this table. It's the ACLU.

GUTFELD: Really?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Well, finally stepping up.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Well, the ACLU is suing because they asked to find out if they were being targeted, and they're suing the DOJ, you mean.


BOLLING: Not necessarily the IRS. I think the ACLU is suing the DOJ, not the IRS.

Can I make a point? Remember the birth Tea Party?


BOLLING: Obamacare, right? Remember, the Tea Party got together and pushed back against Obamacare?

Look what we have now. We have the IRS about to take over administering Obamacare, a perfect circle, and the Tea Party was right from the very beginning to push back from this, because this is bad.

GUILFOYLE: Nobody is giving them credit.


GUILFOYLE: That's the problem.

BOLLING: Hopefully, this rebirth -- is that a real word?

GUTFELD: Yes, it could be.

BOLLING: It rebirths the Tea Party.

GUTFELD: It's like high plains drifter returning to the town after he'd been like almost killed.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: But it should be bigger and stronger now because they have more sympathy from the other side of the aisle now. Now, they're not the big bad bullies. Maybe now, they should make a case to just abolish the IRS, get rid of it all together.

But I did talk to a woman named Kelly Carender (ph) today from the Tea Party Patriots. You would not believe the questions they asked her at the IRS, under the threat of perjury. They said predict in the future the answers to these questions, how much money you'll make.

She said, Andrea, I felt like it was a trap, like I was almost being set up. She said she knows a bunch people who didn't even apply because they said we just give up. We're not applying.

So, did that have an effect on the election? Well, I think so.

GUTFELD: Well, first, wait a second. Bob, what do you think about what Andrea said?

BECKEL: I think what she talked --

GUTFELD: He wasn't listening again.



GUTFELD: You have been writing something over there.

Kimberly, last word?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, literally last word. Word.


GUILFOYLE: I'm going to save you here. I'm you're human parachute, baby.

All right. So, this is why I think everybody should take it seriously even though 47 percent of the people who care are paying the taxes. And, you know, we've got the dependent state on our back.

Nevertheless, they should care about your freedoms, about your First Amendments, about being able to make sure that an agency that is so powerful and crushing like the IRS is above corruption because what they've done here by targeting Americans is not only unconscionable, it's illegal. It's illegal. So, it shouldn't happen.

TANTAROS: Bob, I just want to know. Are we keeping you from something better to do?

BECKEL: If you really want to know, if you guys really want to know.


BECKEL: I'm trying to make out my taxes because I'm a little late for this year. So, first of all, you're talking about the Tea Party, something I really don't talk about that much. I'm doing it.

But listen, this has been a bad enough week for me as it is, all right. Give me a break.

TANTAROS: Is he playing Sudoku, Kimberly? What he's doing over there?

GUTFELD: That's amazing.

GUILFOYLE: A lot of numbers.

GUTFELD: You have 42 minutes on this show.


GUILFOYLE: That's not what he's doing. It's not IRS.

BOLLING: I guess I better not.

TANTAROS: We don't want to know.

GUTFELD: He's calculating our ratings which is good. He cares. OK.

GUILFOYLE: Greg, pull the rip cord.

GUTFELD: I'm trying.

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