Media Outraged Over Tea Party Protests but Silent About Far-Left Hatred

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: Continuing now with our lead story tonight: political hatred in America. There's no doubt it's growing. But the mainstream media, as we said, largely ignores crazy stuff generated by the far left because many media types sympathize with liberal politics. Nevertheless, it is on the left that many disturbing things are occurring. Here are some recent examples.

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CROWD: Ann go home! Ann go home! Ann go home!

CROWD: Get Ann Coulter off our campus.

CROWD: No more hate speech on our campus.


O'REILLY: As we reported last week, conservative pundit Ann Coulter's speech in Ottawa was cancelled by these rowdy left-wing students who didn't want her to speak. The situation was basically ignored except for coverage here on Fox.

Here's another example:


KARL ROVE, FORMER SENIOR BUSH ADVISER: No, no, no. I didn't say go ahead. I would say — you get away.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look what you did. You outed a CIA officer. You lied to take us to war. You ruined the country, totally ruined the country.

ROVE: Here is the deal.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No need to compromise because you are going to rot in hell.

ROVE: With all due respect, this goes to show the totalitarianism of the left. They don't believe in dialogue. They don't believe in courtesy. They don't believe in First Amendment rights for anybody but themselves.


O'REILLY: Well, last night in Beverly Hills, a group of Code Pink nuts disrupted Karl Rove's book signing. Police had to be called, the usual stuff. Again, did you see that on many news programs? I did not.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, NATION OF ISLAM: The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated. There are Christians…


FARRAKHAN: …praying for God to kill Barack Obama. Now they got him with a mustache like Hitler.


FARRAKHAN: I thought I was the new black Hitler.


O'REILLY: A couple of weeks ago, Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan once again incited racial hatred in front of about 20,000 adoring fans in Chicago. And, once again, FNC was pretty much the only national news organization to cover that story.


SARAH PALIN, FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: Today, those issues are at the heart of a conservative movement that is sweeping this country.


And it's a beautiful grassroots movement that's putting government back on the side of the people.


Back on the side of the people. Young man, stick around and listen to what we're going to say, sir, maybe you will learn something.



O'REILLY: Sarah Palin campaigned for John McCain last week. Another far-left guy tried to interrupt and was ejected from the premises. Media coverage of this scant. Scant. That was a lone nut. It's no big deal. But it does point out that hatred on the left is bubbling, no question about it.


CROWD: Save our bill. Save our bill. Save our bill. Save our bill.


O'REILLY: In California, students rioting because they don't like higher fees imposed by the state. While we cannot brand those students left-wing loons because we don't know who they are, the odds are they are liberal people who are now getting hammered because California is in bankruptcy. Why? Because of liberal spending policies. Can you say irony? Can those college students spell irony? I don't know.

The truth is far-left violence and bad behavior is all over the place. Yet, do we hear about that on the network news? No. We hear about the Tea Party people, how bad they're behaving. Yet, where is the tape of that bad behavior? It doesn't exist.

As I said in the "Talking Points Memo," there is plenty of hate on both sides, but this is a media scandal. One side gets scrutinized. The other side gets a pass. Awful.

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