Media ignoring attacks on Trump supporters?


Media Ignoring Attacks on Trump Supporters?

Scott Martin: Well, like you said, Charles, you are seeing or not seeing this type of thing happen all over the country. It's not just Minneapolis or California, we had it months ago in Chicago. All these attacks and protests sponsored by leftist democratic groups like moveon.Org creating panic, hurting trump supporters intimidating them with violence. The mainstream media doesn't want you to see it because they don't want you to know the truth.

Gary Kaltbaum: Look, let's not call them media. Let's not call them journalists. They are the public relations department for the Hillary Clinton campaign. But it's not just on trump. It's everybody else. Anybody who they don't like they go after. And just remember, there was one guy at a trump campaign that knocked out somebody. They covered it for three days. Now when you see this, it is crickets and don't see anything. They don't even pretend anymore about whom they are and what they're doing. And it's unfortunate because you know who does the job for them now, people like judicial watch, people actually doing investigating on things going on the other side and I wish it was the other way but it's not.

Julie Roginsky: First of all it's unacceptable on either side. We learned about this from The Washington Post which is the most mainstream media of outlets. The difference here is this, you don't have Hillary Clinton from the stage yelling at her supporters get them out of here, and I will pay for your legal fees, if the police arrest you. That's why it's getting attention.

Charlie Gasparino: I would say that do Donald stepped over the line we know that more than once. Hillary Clinton steps over the line by not condemning this. Let's be clear here. This is 30 times worse than what the trump supporters do. The crazy stuff at his rallies. I'm saying as someone not necessarily a big, you know, pound the table for Donald Trump guy. I mean, this is really bad. It is a violation of the first amendment. It is horrible that "The New York Times" doesn't cover this every day.

Morgan Ortagus: I agree. It's a sad thing political affair, when a pastor isn't protected. Both sides can give examples you did this at a Clinton rally, this at a Trump rally. What we need is one of the two of them to stand up and be a leader, condemn your side as Charlie said. If your side gets out of line condemn your side. This is really bad for the country that we can't have political discourse and that people can't attend fund-raisers or rallies. Both of them, somebody stands up and lead and take control of the nastiness of this campaign.

New Look at Clinton's Fundraising Blitz With Celebrities as Her Policies Target the Rich

Charlie Gasparino: Great book for you to read, I wish Ben was here, by Thomas Wolfe back in the '70s when the term radical chic came out where the stars like Leonard Bernstein would embrace the black panthers and the left and it's still going on. It's the most absurd thing in the world that these super rich people who fly around in jet planes and send their kids to private schools with the like forced bussing and forced integration, cuddle up with the left. It's been going on for years. I think it's a form of I believe white person's guilt on a lot of these folks they are so guilty for making money that they have to embrace idiot -- idiotic economic policy which hurt minorities in the end.

Morgan Ortagus: What's interesting, it's so out of tune with her base and where her own party is. If you looked at what happened in the primary with Bernie Sanders, people were railing against money and influence in politics and railing against the concept that the rich and the elite and powerful in Washington and Hollywood get together and so it's kind of confounding to me whether it's Hollywood or Wall Street, she continues to raise money in a fashion that runs counter to her base.

Scott Martin: It's big money and Wall Street too. The hypocrisy goes so deep. The wall street that she hates on public TV paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to their employees years ago before let's say after she walked out of the white house dead broke. That's the thing that kills me here. What goes around keeps coming back around in light of Justin Timberlake here. Hollywood seems to love her, they love her only because it's the imagery, they think they should have to when with the reality is they should be on the other side.

Gary Kaltbaum: Look, she has to raise a billion dollars. She's going to go wherever the money is. She's going to rip on wall street and then she's going to meet with them and kiss and then they're going to give it to her as long as she knows they will give it to her she will come for it. Realize if somebody has a big amount of money and don't like her you're a racist. It's just -- this has been going on forever. It's going to continue going forward. The hypocrisy is at its highest level it can be and it's never going to end.

Julie Roginsky: Here's the problem. Donald Trump is the same thing. He will talk about he hates Wall Street not going to hang with Wall Street people and then hangs out with them. Wilber Ross defending him the other day. The bottom line is both these people know the imperative in politics is to raise money and unlike Bernie Sanders who can raise them for $27 a pop from real people.

New Obamacare Worries Amid Reports of Major Health Insurance Premium Spikes for 2017

Gary Kaltbaum: Private plans will end up matching the price hikes that the government forced up. When you have young people that don't need insurance not buying it to subsidize the chronically ill, that's where trouble begins. Government forcing the issue. That's where prices get out of whack. Remember, we've been Gruberized here. One of the architects said that the transparency that we don't know what the heck we're going and we're stupid idiots. Yes, we are because we're paying for this.

Scott Martin: Charles, it's worse in Illinois. One of the local exchanges just went bankrupt. We were on that plan, my family. We got kicked off a month ago. We've lost our plan every year since part of the ACA. Premiums have gone up. Lost access to doctors. As Gary put out, it's going to be worse because some of the big carriers are losing money on the exchanges. They don't want any part of it.

Morgan Ortagus: You can't. Listen, if Donald Trump was smart and had message discipline in October, this could be a good month for him politically. Unfortunately, it's bad for everyone experiencing this. Here is an opportunity to point out the failures of big government. Why are major insurers walking away? It's private business. If you're losing money, you're going to walk away from the deal, which is what they're doing. It's hurting all of us.

Charlie Gasparino: Listen, I don't think anybody really understands what is here right now. It was always a Rube Goldberg contraption. It wasn't socialized medicine. More like socialized health insurance, something that's already really socialized and made even more -- even worse when it came down to it. The bottom line is when you force everybody to get insurance, you know, there's going to be cost overruns. Particularly in this really inefficient market, where doctors are sued all the time, when there is cost overruns. You know, so the bottom line is, premiums are going to keep going up and average people will get screwed on this.

Julie Roginsky: It needs a fix. Charlie's head is going to explode but this wasn't health care reform, it was health insurance reform. When you cut out the middleman, get rid of health insurance companies, make a public option the way all of us wanted in the first place.

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