Media Glossing Over What's Really Happening at 'Occupy Wall Street'?

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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: So let's say you had to rent a room to somebody. Would you pick the renter from a Tea Party or 'Occupy Wall Street'? If you listen to the media, you'd go with the latter. That's because the media glosses over their grossness. That's a word.

Have you seen this? Hmm. Or this -- oh, more trash actually. How about this protester relieving himself against a police car? I bet you haven't. This hero was snapped by British papers, not by our own. Guess our media prefers its protesters to be potty-trained. And I can't blame them.

Now, I've tried to curb my sarcasm against these people because stereotypes are way too easy. But, damn, they make it so damn easy because they are the stereotypes. The creepiest group, these people denying through these odd gestures a visit by Congressman John Lewis. Look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do we feel --

CROWD: How do we feel --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- about Congressmen --

CROWD: -- about Congressmen --


CROWD: -- John Lewis --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- addressing the assembly?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The point of this general assembly --

CROWD: The point of the general assembly --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- is to kick-start --

CROWD: -- is to kick-start --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- the Democratic process --

CROWD: -- the Democratic process --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- because no singular human being --

CROWD: -- because no singular human being --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- is inherently more valuable --

CROWD: -- is inherently more valuable --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- than any other human being.

CROWD: -- than any other human being.


GUTFELD: So basically they said no. I can't blame them for being confused.

Meanwhile The New York Times, a corporation, endorses all of this, which is like Louis the XVI endorsing the guillotine, or birds endorsing wind power.

But good news for The Times, the Iran military also endorses it. General Masoud Jazayeri hopes the protests topple capitalism, which illustrates what these protests really are about. Sensing weakness, the overarching theme is upheaval. Various groups emboldened to cheer the end of the greatest system known to man and replace it -- with what? Who cares? Let's nap. Yes. You went from the couch to the pavement.

So how would you respond to this movement? Let it ride. The more we learn about the left, the better we understand its motivation, which is envy. And that's not a movement. Well, maybe it is, but not the kind they mean.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Yes, like not one against a police car.

GUTFELD: Yes. Thank you for pointing that out, Dana. I was trying to keep it clean.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: That was interesting you would bring up one picture from a British tabloid.

PERINO: The picture was taken at the protest, it only ran in the British paper.

BECKEL: I don't trust those pictures.


Let me just make a point, you no longer as you apologize for these capitalist rip-off artists on Wall Street and millionaires and billionaires that you keep supporting --this protest has spread -- he says 100 cities, I say 500 cities across the country.

GUTFELD: Three people in every city, Bob.

BECKEL: A lot more than the Tea Party people, I can tell you that.

GUTFELD: I would put money on that. You want to make a bet?

BECKEL: You can put all the money you want. You've got to stop calling these people names and recognize --

GUTFELD: This is from you!

BECKEL: Wait a minute. I stopped calling them names. These people have legitimate grievances against a system that screwed them. And they have a right to protest and you shouldn't be calling them names.

GUTFELD: When did I call them names?

BECKEL: In the monologue, you called them names!

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: How did they get screwed?

BECKEL: By the bankers ripped them off by selling them mortgages that they bundled --

PERINO: The people that are protesting?


BECKEL: The people that are joining the protests around the country are people who've lost their houses because of the great capitalist system you talked about that ripped people off.

GUILFOYLE: I love the helplessness, and you don't want to talk about the fact that the number one president to benefit the most from Wall Street contribution is Barack Obama.

BECKEL: Every president benefits.

GUILFOYLE: No. He comes in first place.

BECKEL: They buy their way to the winners every time.

GUILFOYLE: It's not that simple, Bob.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Bob, you're saying this whole thing stemmed from the banks loaning people that couldn't afford homes. We need to point out there was a Democratic Congress, Senate, pushing everyone to have --

When these banks started to fail, when the mortgages failed, what did they do? They threw that bad garbage into Fannie and Freddie and then bailed out Fannie and Freddie. Obama bailed out Fannie and Freddie.

BECKEL: The American taxpayers bailed them out.

BOLLING: Two hundred and thirty billion dollars to Fannie and Freddie.


BECKEL: Wait a minute. The idea that we bailed out Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch is just disgraceful, disgusting, despicable, destructive of everything I believe in.


BECKEL: No, no George Bush started it.

GUILFOYLE: And who finished it?

BECKEL: We did --


PERINO: What do you think these people would be dealing with if there had not been a bailout? That was a tough decision, but supported by both President Bush and President Obama? What do you think their lives would be like right now?

BECKEL: If the rest of the banks had gone under -- I'd let them all go under, every single one of them. Maybe we'd get decent bankers back in America who would loan money -- and I agree with you. Democratic presidents were bad with this, they pushed this thing, Bill Clinton and others, goes back to my administration, Jimmy Carter. We never should have had the notion everybody should own a house. But we didn't come up with the notion of bundling up these mortgages and selling them fraudulently.


PERINO: But that's not what they're complaining about.

BOLLING: Something very important happened today. The Democratic Congressional Committee -- DCC put on their website, we want to raise money to lock arms with the Wall Street protesters.

GUTFELD: In the support of Venezuelan Chavez and Iran --


BECKEL: Do you want me to say the Tea Party is --


BECKEL: You want to go back and start calling the Tea Party names? I stopped doing it. You stop calling these people communists and anarchists.


BECKEL: They're legitimate Americans that have been screwed by a system that you guys sit around here and support, and you should ought to be ashamed yourselves.

PERINO: His point was a fact. The Iranian president and Venezuelan president have come out in support of it, and that's a fact. They did that today.

BOLLING: Along with the unions, along with Pelosi and along with the DCC --


BECKEL: And you want to support these bums, you go ahead. They ought to be in jail instead of down there --

PERINO: The protesters need you to go down there and help, because that's not their message.

GUILFOYLE: But if you went down there, you'd get attacked.

GUTFELD: There's probably some people you're absolutely right about, but the same old suspects are there from Code Pink to anarchists there as well.

BECKEL: What's wrong with Code Pink?

GUTFELD: You want to do another segment on Code Pink?

BECKEL: Why do you insist on defending these people?

GUILFOYLE: We're defending our system.

BECKEL: You insist on defending these people.

GUTFELD: I'm not defending them. I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of the media, the way they're covering the protests versus the Tea Party.

BECKEL: Do you believe there's something wrong with the fact we went through this enormous housing and banking crisis and not one banker to jail?

GUTFELD: And no one in the government. And no one in the government --

BECKEL: Answer my question.

GUTFELD: I'm answering the question. Yes. Yes. Why didn't any politicians go either?

BECKEL: They should have.

GUTFELD: So we agree on something.

BECKEL: Stop defending these bums, will you?

GUTFELD: I'll buy you a sandwich.

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