Media deliberately ignoring GOP Senate hopeful John James? What happens if Democrats don't flip the House?

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to "Tucker Carlson Tonight." We are just hours from the 2018 midterm elections as you well know, and the noise levels are becoming almost unbearable.

Certainly, everybody is shouting and posturing and trying to scare and bully you into voting for this or that candidate. It's all very loud. But pause for a second and consider what you are not hearing. What is missing from this cacophony? For starters, there is hardly word about Russia.

Remember that dastardly Vladimir Putin and the collusion plot that hacked our democracy? Whatever happened to that? And while we are at it, what about Brett Kavanaugh? Does that name ring a bell? What about his High School Yearbook and his purported teenage drinking problem and those gang rapes he's supposedly committed?

What about those? Those were the biggest stories in the world not so long ago. 24/7 on the other cable channels. Those stories were going to define this election and they were going to define this entire historical era. Everybody on television told us that.

And now they are just fading memories. It turns out they were sideshows. The midterm elections were never going to be fought over Vladimir Putin or Brett Kavanaugh or just about anything else we spent most of our time talking about.

This election like all elections was always going to turn on issues that actually affect the life of the country. This year there are three big issues. Immigration, the economy and nationalism. The first is the most obvious. Immigration determines who lives next door to you.

It determines who works in your office, who chooses your leaders. There is nothing more fundamental in any country than the question of citizenship. Whatever Donald Trump doesn't know, he definitely knows this. He's been talking about immigration for three years now. For all of that time, official Washington has been trying to make him stop.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The way Donald Trump has been conducting this campaign, attacking brown people, making up stories about possibly George Soros funding caravans that are still 800 miles away to try to scare white voters.


CARLSON: In other words, shut up, racist. But Trump will not shut up so they have changed tactics. The newline is, immigration doesn't really matter. The threat is hyped, only dumb people and bigots care about borders. By the way, parties of both sides seem to believe this. Paul Ryan's office, let it be known to Politico this morning that the Speaker of the House begged the President last night to stop yammering about this caravan from central America and talk about something important like Paul Ryan's Tax bill.

That's pre-emptive blame shifting obviously. If Republicans lose tomorrow, Paul Ryan can point the finger at Trump rather than accept responsibility for not funding the wall that voters said they wanted. But it's also a ludicrous position to take because it's untrue. Immigration does matter.

If, for example, Arizona and Texas go to the Democrats tomorrow, immigration will be the reason. Those are Republican states until the population changed. So, no matter how much you lie about it, immigration is inherently important and voters understand that.

If you want people to stop worrying about the border, maybe you should secure the border, then it won't be an issue. People are also worried about other things that Washington doesn't notice or think is important. Here in Washington, the economy is synonymous with the stock market.

Markets have boomed for ten years, their entire cable channels are devoted to chronicling that boom. Here in Washington the assumption is that the economy must also be booming but the truth is that after a decade of stocks going higher, the effects, the positive ones are still not very obvious outside select zip codes on the coast.

In middle America, many young people understand that they will almost certainly make less than their parents make that is a reversal of the American dream. They know they won't be able to buy cars or buy houses, they are not getting married, they're not having kids.

Our current economic system makes it more difficult than ever for families to form. Our middle class is becoming unable to reproduce itself. Washington should be absolutely panicked about this. It is the most basic sign of failure, their failure, but nobody in either party seems to care.

Their answer is just to import new families from other countries. So maybe it's not so surprising that young people say they like socialism? Because what we have now is not working for them, and unless we fix, we may get actual socialism which will be a disaster.

And that leads to the third issue of this election which is nationalism. Now despite what you are hearing day in and day out, nationalism is not a racial category. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

Nationalism is the belief that leaders ought to put the interest of their own countries above those of other countries. It's very straightforward. The President himself declared himself a nationalist, the other night. Watch.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES: They have a word, it sort of became old-fashioned. It's called a nationalist. And I said really, we are not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I'm a nationalist. Okay? I'm a nationalist.


CARLSON: Trump's a nationalist so in normal times the President of the United States announcing that his main goal is protecting the United States would not qualify as news because until about ten minutes ago, every leader of every nation state throughout history has been a nationalist almost by definition.

Franklin Roosevelt was a nationalist, so was Abraham Lincoln, so was Mahatma Gandhi, so was Nelson Mandela. Nationalism has always been the rule and why wouldn't it be? And yet suddenly, it's an abomination.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Nationalist. Use that word. We are going to talk about that word tonight. It is a favorite of the out Right and it's loaded with nativist and racial undertones.

And globalist, well, globalist have been used as a slur of sorts, sometimes even against those in the administration often with anti-Semitic overtones, which just happened to make the President come right out and embrace nationalism, openly. And claim that mantle. What has happened here?

JOE SCARBOROUGH, FORMER UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE: What you're trying to say as the President of the United States is that you are a nationalist. Americans know what that means. It's not even a dog whistle anymore, it's a bullhorn.


CARLSON: Dumb people repeating the same talking points. So, the message is nationalism is now profanity. The word itself. Twitter and Facebook will surely be banning the term if they haven't already. But why? What exactly is going on here? Why are they so intent on stamping out not just a concept but the very word?

It's simple. What you are watching is people protecting their own prerogatives. Globalization which is the opposite of nationalism has caused an enormous transfer of wealth from the American middle class to what we used to call the third world, to other countries. Americans factories closed but the jobs didn't go away, they just went to other countries.

Now some Americans got very rich from this, many other got poorer, that's what happened. Rather than admit what actually happened though, the people who got richer are trying to make the people who got poorer, shut up and stop complaining about it.

A borderless world has been hugely profitable for them that's why they support it. Nationalism is their kryptonite so they must stop it. So, they scream racism and hope that nationalism will go away. Will it go away? Probably not. Because the core idea is appealing to people, all people in all countries over all time.

People want leaders who are above all on their side. They always have wanted that, they always will want that. That's what we know. What we don't know is what's going to happen in the elections tomorrow. We won't even guess, nothing would surprise us. But we know what the real issues are because it's obvious and we're going to spend the next hour talking about those issues.

We're going to begin this night on immigration with Ann Coulter, she is the author of "Resistance is Futile." Had the Trump hitting Left, lost its collective mind. Ann Coulter joins us tonight and thanks a lot for coming on.


CARLSON: So, you saw this piece in "Politico" today, no the accruzing (ph) Politico, I'm sure and it kind of stuck out and in it, a background source informed Politico that Paul Ryan has been trying to stop Trump from talking about immigration because it's irrelevant, it's a peripheral issue.

What you really ought to be talking about is Paul Ryan's great success with the Tax Bill that became law. If this isn't pre-emptive covering, I'm not sure, what is.

COULTER: Beyond that, it's just so completely wrong, I'm so happy Trump has taken over my party. No, that's the old loser Democratic or rather Republican party running on tax cuts. Half the country doesn't even pay taxes. You know that running on the economy is a loser because for one thing, all of the Left-Wing commentators are saying, Trump should be talking about the economy. Please talk about the economy, don't talk about immigration.

Number two, the only argument from their side that you just played, I guess from Joe Scarborough was to accuse people who are opposed to dumping millions of poor people on the country, driving down the wages of the working place and Joe Scarborough's maid, is to claim racism.

The Left is so lucky that the poor countries to the South of us are Latin American countries and we're not taking in like Poland's poor or Eastern Europe's poor, maybe gypsies. I don't know if they're - if he would consider gypsies darker or browner than us. It has nothing to do with race until they make it so. And I would like to see--

CARLSON: So, you are saying that if we are talking in- Just to be clear about what you're so you're saying, if we were taking eastern Europeans, then the left wouldn't get to claim racism, they would have to think of some other reason.

COULTER: Yes. No, our objection is dumping lots of poor people on the country is hurting the poor people already here and the working class already here. The low skilled workers already here. I'd like to know how many of these of Joe Scarborough's beloved brown people live in the houses near him as opposed to come to clean his toilet and pool. The racism argument is -- okay, I don't have an argument but--

CARLSON: Are you struck by how much - so there's a real economic argument I think to be had which I would have welcome having any time with anybody, anywhere. Over the effects of immigration, globalization in the country and I think we should have that debate. But, they short-circuit that debate by attacking the motives and character of the people on the other side but does it strike you that they are doing it to protect their own pretty good deal that they're getting, their prerogatives?

COULTER: Oh absolutely. Mass low wage immigration is terrific for rich people. Like I said you get your house cleaned, so cheap. You get to strut around like you are Martin Luther the King. If you work on Wall Street, you get to put together all these global deals. Globalism is great for the rich people who live on the coast, people who need a lot -- who have a lot of servants.

Pool boy, nanny, somebody to pick up the kids. It's terrific for them but again, for the poor people already here, and not just poor people, it goes up the scale. So, the working class gets pushed aside as well and it shows Trump's magnificent political instincts, I think, other than actually fulfilling his promises on building a wall and deporting illegal aliens, he's doing the best he can on these midterms.

I love that his instincts are, no, I have to keep talking about immigration. A little tip for the President, it would be so much better when you're running for re-election if you actually did the stuff that you've been promising to do for three years.

CARLSON: That's true and let your own party agree with you. Ann Coulter, thank you for that analysis. Great to see you.

COULTER: Thank you.

CARLSON: Lisa Boothe is at the Independence Women's voice, she's a senior fellow there and she's been on the show many times in the past few weeks trying to help us come up to date on these elections.


CARLSONL: She joins us one last time for last-minute developments. What is happening in the final hours?

BOOTHE: And thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. I really enjoyed it. Well, Tucker, as you know, we've been following the Florida gubernatorial race and Andrew Gillum is surrounded by an FBI corruption investigation into the city of Tallahassee where he is Mayor, also facing a state probe regarding failure to disclose travel and gifts. Well, it turns out his intern is also having trouble with the law. Shelby Shoup, of course made herself famous last week for this. Take a look.


SHELBY SHOUP, ANDREW GILLUM'S INTERN: You are supporting Nazi, do you understand that?


SHOUP: Yes, I am.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't pour your coffee on me.

SHOUP: - you, I will.


SHOUP: Do you understand that fascism is here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is wrong with you?

SHOUP: Do you understand that Nazis are - here? I hope you all realize that you are normalizing and enabling Nazis. And you can film me, I don't care. Do you really care?


SHOUP: Do you?



CARLSON: So, you're saying that she was an intern for Gillum. Has he said anything about that?

BOOTHE: I'm not sure about that but she has now been arrested and charged for battery with this incident with the college Republican. She was also wearing a communism pin and she is a member of the FSU's Students for justice in Palestine, just some fun facts about Shelby. So, she seems like a real peach.

And Tucker, we've also been following the Arizona Senate race. Now Kyrsten Sinema has come under fire for previous statements that she's made, her anti-war statements and activities and also that 2003 comment she made where she said, she doesn't care if Americans join the Taliban. Well, she was asked point-blank yesterday by MSNBC, if she regrets those comments. Listen to what she had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you regret that statement though at all?

KYRSTEN SINEMA, CANDIDATE FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR (D), ARIZONA: It was an offhand comment during an interview about a war that I believe was misguided and still believe is misguided. What Martha has chosen to do is run a very negative campaign based on false attacks and smears and lies, and that's her choice but I think Arizonans are choosing the person that they believe shares their values and they believe will stand up for them.


BOOTHE: She was asked not once but twice and refused to condemn or say that she regretted those comments that she made so Arizona voters should certainly keep that in mind.

And also looking at the Georgia gubernatorial race, so there's been kind of this interesting video and photos being sent around and making their way around the internet of these black panthers in support of Stacey Abrams, marching around the city of Atlanta.

But look at what they are holding, they are holding "assault weapons" and also Stacey Abrams for Governor signs.

BOOTHE: But only one of those things Stacey Abrams want to confiscate from them and also ban. And that is of course the "assault weapons."

She has a member of the state House actually cosponsored legislation to both ban assault weapons and also to confiscate them, yet she has been on TV making the national rounds sort of refusing to admit the fact that she did such a thing.

CARLSON: Unbelievable.

BOOTHE: Great.

CARLSON: Lisa Boothe, thank you for that -

BOOTHE: Thank you Tucker.

CARLSON: - and for all of your updates over the past few weeks, appreciate it.

BOOTHE: I appreciate it. Thank you Tucker.

CARLSON: Underdog Democrats like Beto O'Rourke are very popular in the Press, are getting tons of coverage. There are some impressive Republican challengers though, and they're not getting much attention. Now we're going to change that for one night only, Michigan Senate candidate John James is on the ballot tomorrow and he joins us next.


CARLSON: John James is a Republican in Michigan. He is challenging Democratic Senator, Debbie Stabenow in the state. He's 37 years old, he flew helicopters during the Iraq war. He's been the underdog for the entire race but polls now show him within striking distance of the incumbent Senator.

You think all of that might make a compelling news story but the Press have largely ignored James while turning Beto O'Rourke into a national celebrity. He's our Robbie Kennedy. Why is that? That's the question. We don't have candidates on board. Doing so tonight, John James joins us.

Mr. James, thanks a lot for coming on.

JOHN JAMES, SENATE CANDIDATE (R), MICHIGAN: Hey, thanks a lot for having me.

CARLSON: The reason that we wanted to talk to you is this is one of the few questions, we think we can answer. I want to play for our viewers a recording that you made. This is a reporter who called you, you didn't answer, hung up or though she hung up but didn't and here's what she said and you captured on tape.


BRENDA BATTLES, REPORTER: My number is 989 [bleep] extension 109. Thank you. And if he beats her, Jesus, that would suck. I don't think it's going to happen. It's possessed. He's hard to get a hold of. I hope he doesn't win for that reason.

So, so do you have anything resembling a page one article, do you hear me, do you have anything, I mean, cups story? Did you?


CARLSON: So that's Brenda Battles, she's a reporter from a local newspaper and guess she doesn't like you. Is that your read on that?

JAMES: I would say so. I think this is just kind of the indication that you're getting, the uphill battle that many of us are facing because a lot of the bias that we're seeing out there is just not fair for those who share different opinions than someone in the progressive liberal media.

CARLSON: Yes, it's kind of on display there. What do you think your shot is tomorrow?

JAMES: Well, we'll close the gap by the grace of God and our grassroots army, the excitement here is amazing. We're actually in the next room, we have a rally going on with a couple of hundred people back there who are fired up about getting out to vote here in Michigan. But I'll tell you, we have the energy because people are sick and tired of being condescended to and the ineffectiveness and hyper partisanship of Debbie Stabenow.

People want a combat veteran who understand what it takes to take care of our veterans and keep this country safe. People want a business leader who understands how to create jobs in the real world, somebody who understands how to grow our economy in the state of Michigan.

And the liberal bias that you're seeing against this race, that you just heard for yourself right here in the state of Michigan, our intent on maintaining the status quo. Because I don't fit in anybody's little black box or a little white box. I don't fit in the little red box or the little blue box. I'm red, white, and blue.

And I'll tell you what, when I get to Washington, I'm going to make sure that we make sure we move this state forward and we move this country forward and we're not going to let anybody stop us. It's about keeping America safe and it's about putting Michigan, number one.

CARLSON: So, I was wondering why -- we've been hearing so much about Beto O'Rourke or whatever his fake name is and nothing about you and now we know why. So, if you come to Washington and we hope you do, we hope you will make a stop on this show so that we can hear more. Mr. James, thank you very much.

JAMES: Thanks a lot. Go to John James at God bless.

CARLSON: God bless.

Well, what are Republicans going to do if the Blue Wave fails to materialize and they win? What will Democrats do if they do as well as they hope, and get both Houses of Congress? What's going to happen if they don't? What's going to happen? Period. Dana Perino is the person we go to for questions like this, she of course hosts "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino." Is the most beloved person in the building as you all know. So, Dana, first what would happen in the posters are saying unlikely but still possible-

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS: There's always a chance.

CARLSON: There is, always, nothing should surprise us but the scenario where Democrats don't retake the house, what happens there?

PERINO: Well, I think that they're going to have a lot of soul-searching to do, right? They will say why, how can it be? We ran on health care. Everybody said health care was the reason. You're going to have a mad scramble of probably and I'm not kidding, Tucker, 35 maybe 40 Democrats who think they can run for President.

They're all going to be pointing their fingers at each other. We're looking at about $5 billion spent in this midterm race. The Democrats start in a deficit in the Senate. John James is an interesting candidate, I would watch that race in Michigan tomorrow night.

He's only two points behind, he's really close hard in that race. One thing that happens though that in those rust belt states, lots of the Republican governors are up, like Scott Walker. He's in a very tight re-election effort there. So, lot of stuff happening in the rust belt.

The Democrats however, they are favorite to win back the House by some but there is still a chance. Let's just say this. If Democrats do take back the majority in the House, and they only take it back by ten, what happens then to the speaker's race? Right?

CARLSON: Exactly.

PERINO: Nancy Pelosi is unlikely to be speaker in that scenario. There is already about 24, maybe 30 Democrats who have publicly said they would not vote for her. So, there's going be scrambling all across the map. If the Republicans are able to hold on, legislating is going to be very difficult. They have to figure out, what are we for?

They talked about tax cuts 2.0, is that going to cut it? Can they really go into 2020 not addressing health care? And can they figure out a way to work with the Democrats as they will have to do, to work with President Trump to do something on immigration? That would be the big test of 2020.

CARLSON: Interesting. Who do you think, if Pelosi is not the speaker? Because I agree with you, there's some latent hostility. People are afraid of her but they also resent her.

PERINO: Look, I mean, she is very good at politics and she is really in to let people take slings and she will take all the slings and arrows. She said the other day, this is politics, not a tea party. So, she's--

CARLSON: That's right and whatever you think of her, she's tough, she's legitimately tough.

PERINO: That's right. But she doesn't have a nice cushion of 45 seats or something like that.


PERINO: It's likely, it will be hard for her to hold on. So, then I think maybe you go to her caretaker position of perhaps James Clyburn that holds on to it for a while and till they can figure out generationally and directionally which way they want to go. There will be some very interesting, new Democrats that do win. Right?

You will have some veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, that will be interesting. You'll have some younger people, that will be very interesting. You will have some that are very into identity politics and you will have some from midwestern states that say, no, look, we've got to a better job of talking to blue-collar voters on the economy and on immigration and all of those things.

So, the struggle is going to be really tough for the Democrats. What President Trump has been able to do is unite the Republicans behind him in a way that 18 months ago you might not have foreseen.

CARLSON: That's exactly - thank you for saying that, I don't think anyone would have guessed that he would have made it his party as fast as he did.

PERINO: Well, the Democrats help. Right?

CARLSON: No, they did, you're absolutely right.

PERINO: What they did to Brett Kavanaugh that certainly was a unifying effect for Republicans across the board.

CARLSON: Yes, by being unreasonable. Dana Perino of The Daily Briefing, The Five, and of course, a key part of tomorrow night's election coverage.

PERINO: Thank you, I'll see you then.

CARLSON: We definitely will, thank you Dana.

PERINO: OK, bye-bye.

CARLSON: It used to be a given that American leaders would put America first. Now even suggesting that they would do that is being denounced as evil. Why is that? Mark Steyn joins us after the break.


CARLSON: Every great President in the history was a staunch nationalist. Probably the worst, Woodrow Wilson was an avid globalist and it's not surprising that he got us into the single most pointless war in history. Over a 100,000 Americans died in the First World War. Despite that, American elites tell us that nationalism is bad and only globalism is morally acceptable. They say this because nationalism is racist, they claim. But in fact, nationalism has nothing at all to do with race. And if you want proof, look no further than the Democratic party is obsessed with race, literally.

People are celebrated or attacked purely on the basis of their skin color. Democrats want jobs, college slots, opportunity itself divided, divide up based on DNA. This is tribalism and it's destroying the country. Nationalism doesn't cause tribalism, it is the antidote to tribalism.

Rally around the nation and not your tribe. Author and columnist Mark Steyn believes this is obvious, having spent his life traveling around the world, and writing about it. But he joins us tonight to reiterate it. So, this is so Orwellian because leaving Trump out of it, nationalism is the antidote to tribalism. We're all in different tribes. Ignore our tribes, come together, 'e pluribus unum' around the country, right?

MARK STEYN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Yes, and that's actually how functioning states get by. Your principal identity is that you're an American in America or you are a Swede in Sweden or you're Tuvalu and in Tuvalu.

And if you weaken nationalism, people look for other identities and it doesn't matter whether they're racial identities or they're religious identical like Islam, or they're sexual identities, you then as you say tribalize the population and people's sub-national identity becomes more important to them than their national identity. And that's actually an extremely dangerous experiment. Because actually, nationalism is the first duty of a government and self-governing societies.

CARLSON: Flush that out a little bit. Nationalism is the first duty of a government? Why?

STEYN: Yes, because without it, there is actually no point to being able to elect your leaders. They have a duty to take care of the people they represent. So, when you have a situation, which is you said putting Trump aside but let's move him back, just a moment.

A couple of years ago, people switched on the television and they found that the mainstream candidates of one party were talking about boots on the ground in Afghanistan or Libya or Yemen or wherever is next.

And the other party's plan is they want Afghanistan and Yemen and Libya and everyone in those countries to come and move to America, to solve as you were saying earlier, the problem that they have caused of later family formation because Americans can no longer afford to form families and have children as young as they used to.

The Democrats and half the Republican party want to bring in foreigners to be a kind of permanent peasant class, reproducing at the rates that they think are necessary for the economy. These are all insane. I mean, sometimes that's made absolutely explicit.

Angela Merkel in Germany brought into million young Muslim men to be the children that Germans didn't have for themselves. And this is an economically defective way to organize any kind of society.

CARLSON: Exactly and it's also an abandonment of your core responsibility which is to your own people which is the core of nationalism. Mark Steyn, I don't think anyone could have said it better than you just did, thank you.

STEYN: Thanks a lot, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, Democrats spent more than a month trying everything they could to destroy Brett Kavanaugh's life. It wasn't personal though. They were just pushing obvious lies for political effect and now we know that for sure. That's after the break.


CARLSON: Well, last month, Democrats claimed that they were absolutely certain that Brett Kavanaugh was a rapist, likely a gang rapist. But now these on the court, they have revealed what we knew all along that they didn't know that but they didn't care if that was true or not, they only cared about saying anything they could to keep him off the court, no matter how libellous and absurd.

Last week one of the accusers of Brett Kavanaugh admitted to the senate judiciary committee that she in fact fabricated, made up the rape allegation against him. Senator Chuck Grassley has asked the Department of Justice to investigate that person. Tammy Bruce is radio host and president of Independent Women's voice, she joins us tonight.

Tammy, you think that there would be people who make a living protecting women who would say, wait a second. This is a big deal, you should always admit when you're wrong but I haven't heard anybody talk about the story and certainly no one on the Left. Why?

TAMMY BRUCE, PRESIDENT, INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S VOICE: Yes, look, it's not only are they not admitting that they were wrong but the argument could be made that they knew from the start. Right? So, this was a political stunt.

The problem is though is that they should also be angry. If they were serious, they would be angry that these certain people lied. That it reverses the impact of what we're trying to do for women for the last 20 years to get them to be taken seriously, on the issue of sexual assault and domestic violence et cetera.

But you hear crickets, its silence and even the media. This was so important. Of course, it consumed media 24/7 for weeks, if not upwards of a month. And now you think if this is still such a dynamic issue, I mean, my goodness. Is it not a rapist that we've got on the supreme court, wouldn't that even require more outrage and more investigation and yet, not only is there no more investigation into Kavanaugh, but there is no defense of the women.

Right? Now, Julie Swetnick and Avenatti and others, but certainly they're going to need lawyers. Right? They're going to need money moving to the future, they're going to need to be able to defend themselves at a federal level. And there is like silence for them, too. Everybody has run for the hills and what this does confirm is this was simply a stunt.

That they knew what they were doing. They didn't care about the impact on women overall and they still don't and that is the largest fraud facing the American people. The American Left not only not being champions for women and others on the fringe and for these issues, they've been enablers of having those issues get worse.

And they are the enemy of women across this country and I believe tomorrow we're going to see some of the results of that. We saw some change when it comes to Democrats' enthusiasm and the gap between the enthusiasm after the Kavanaugh hearing because I think that fraud finally was exposed. And now it has been confirmed with Senator Grassley's report.

CARLSON: It's remarkable when you put it that way. That's right, they're not even trying to protect the women whose lives they said they so deeply care about. What about all the candidates who said that last month who are now running for office?

BRUCE: Right.

CARLSON: And have not aid word one and they never asked about it.

BRUCE: Yes, and that's the strange thing because I know the news moves quickly but just everyone, think about it. These women, they've thrown into the volcano and they don't care. They don't care what's happened to them.

No one's going to save those women, no one's going to save the people that - I mean, this is the DOJ. This is not like your local prosecutor, and I love the local prosecutors as well but this is serious federal crime. And, Grassley is not done yet.

Grassley says, they are looking at witness tampering on the Leland Kaiser case, and all of that.

CARLSON: It's amazing.

BRUCE: None of these women have support and that's the Democratic party that's looking to have more power tomorrow.

CARLSON: It's totally transactional, and no, we are not calling you in the morning apparently. Tammy, thank you so much.

BRUCE: Thank you Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, if tomorrow night goes well, Republicans could pick up a senate seat in New Jersey, don't think that's happened, I think, since 1972. Certainly, a long time. That will be kind of amazing. We'll investigate that and other major competitive races, after the break.


CARLSON: It's been an awfully long time since a Republican has been elected to the Senate from the state of New Jersey but thanks to the obvious personal corruption of Senator Bob Menendez, it could actually happen tomorrow. Seth Barron has been following this from the beginning, he's an editor at City Journal and if he you get to the show, he joins us tonight. Seth, do you think this really could happen?

SETH BARRON, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, CITY JOURNAL: Well, if there's a shot. There's a shot. I mean, it's a disgrace that Bob Menendez is in the Senate to begin with and it has been for years. When he was appointed in 2006, "The New York Times" said it was a real disappointment and the Newark Star Ledger just urged everyone to choke on it and vote for him.

People know that they should not be in there, this is a guy who came up through the Hudson County, Democratic machine.


BARRON: He's - I mean, this is where the Meadowlands are, sea caucus. This is a guy who knows where the bodies are buried, metaphorically. He has a great deal of corruption in his whole story. He just was found - well, there was a hung jury in his federal corruption trial for accepting dozens of trips to the Dominican Republic and Paris from a well-connected ophthalmologist for whom he did all kinds of favors.

CARLSON: Yes, it's pretty sleazy. So, if you had to rate this in 30 seconds, the likelihood, where would you put it? I'm sorry to put you in the spot but I'm interested.

BARRON: No, no, that's fine. In the last day or so, apparently the polls have opened up for him a little bit. So, it seemed like it was close now, the experts are saying that his lead has widened. But there is a lot of problems with this guy and his opponent Bob Hugin has been putting a lot of money into ads focusing on Menendez's corruption and dirty dealings. So, we'll see, I would say there's maybe 60/40.

CARLSON: Oh, that's pretty amazing in the state of New Jersey. We will save the tape. Seth, thank you for that.

BARRON: Thanks Tucker.

CARLSON: Republicans also hoping to unseat incumbents in Missouri and Indiana. For the latest on those races, Trace Gallagher joins us. Hi Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Hi Tucker, the fact that President Trump made his second visit to Indiana in less than a week, is a good indicator that GOP believes Republican challenger Mike Braun has a genuine shot at knocking off Indiana's incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly.

The Real Clear Politics average has it at dead heat with Donnelly at 44.3% and Braun at 43%. Though the latest Fox news poll has a Braun down by seven points. But the Indianapolis star newspaper says people waited in line for hours in Fort Wayne to get into see President Trump's rally. Lou Holtz, a man who also beloved in Indiana for his 11 seasons coaching Notre Dame spoke as well tonight. But listen to what the President said.


TRUMP: Tomorrow the people of Indiana are going to send Mike Braun to the U.S. Senate to keep America's economic booms urging full speed ahead.


GALLAGHER: Meantime, in the Missouri Senate race, it doesn't matter what polls you look at, it's a toss-up. The RCP average has Republican challenger Josh Hawley with a little more than a half point lead over Missouri Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill.

The Fox news poll has them deadlocked at 43% each, and the NBC Marist poll has McCaskill up by three points but that is still within the margin of error. It's is notable that 54% of like Missouri voters approve of President Trump's job performance and, in an effort to push Josh Hawley across the finish line, the President is also holding a rally in Missouri about an hour and 5 minutes from right now. Tucker.

CARLSON: Trace Gallagher, thanks for that. Fundamentally most elections are about the economy, that has always been true but what's a striking and appalling in this one is how many voters say they want profound change to the U.S. economy?

Young people famously say they identify with socialism, pretty strongly. The question is, why is that? It's not just that they're being misinformed is the current economy not working for them? Mark Blyth is a Professor of Political Science and International Public Affairs at Brown University in Providence and he joins us tonight.

Professor, thanks for coming on so my theory, and I think it's right, is that a lot of young people say they want real economic change because the current economy is not working for them. And the boom that we're seeing in markets isn't reflected in the economy they experienced, do you think that's true?

MARK BLYTH, PROFESSOR OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC AFFAIRS, BROWN UNIVERSITY: I think there's definitely a lot of truth and what a lot of viewers will obviously feel themselves is that they're working harder constantly but at the same time, well, there is lots of employment and lots of jobs and no one is saying the economy isn't good, it's not really showing up in wages and that's been a story that's been going on for a very long time that all the way back to the late 70s in fact.

CARLSON: Interesting. So, is it also true that young people entering the labor markets here for the first ten years of employment, 22 to 32, that they are finding themselves behind where their parent's generation was at those ages?

BLYTH: That's true. And they've also got something that their parents didn't have in many cases, a very large debt burden coming from student loans. So if you think about what that does by the time that their parents were getting into their 30s, they're marrying, they're having kids, they're building houses and homes, they're forming assets as you would say, you are paying off your debt and you haven't had a chance to do that yet so that's acting as a drag on their future consumption and ultimately, on their lives.

CARLSON: What I don't understand is why this isn't causing alarm bells to go off. If your young people can't form families by definition, your society will become less stable, but nobody seems to care. Why is that?

BLYTH: I think because the incentives for both parties are skewed in a really interesting way which is the following. Old people own 80% of all the assets in the world and the old people vote twice as much as young people. So, if young people are too busy worrying about paying off their loans and not going out to vote then politicians are going to go where the money and the votes are and that's for the old people and that's what they care about.

CARLSON: But I mean, don't long term you risk having upheavals in your society, things become really volatile and that's bad for everybody, if you don't have an economy that allows people to get vested in the society?

BLYTH: What is particularly dangerous less than the social upheaval is in the financial sector. So, we all borrow against our futures and we try to use that cash wisely to invest in ourselves but if your wages haven't been rising, people are borrowing for consumption. And if at the end of the day, their wages aren't going to rise, they're not going to be able to pay that off over the long term. And that puts big stress in the financial sector.

CARLSON: That is really pressure. Nobody is talking about. You're one of the very few who is. I'm always grateful when you come on the show, thank you, Professor.

BLYTH: Pleasure.

CARLSON: Well, "Saturday Night Live" came out with an editorial right before the midterms and went after a Republican candidate for the crime of being wounded overseas. The recap of that is next.


CARLSON: Well, in the past two years, the Democratic party has outsourced much of its political philosophy to late night TV shows, they haven't closed the think tanks here in D.C. but they don't pay any attention, they pay attention to "Saturday Night Live." It's not as funny as it used to be but it does tell you a lot about what the Left now believes. Here for example is their final pitch for the 2018 midterms. Republicans are disgusting, some of them are even wounded in wars.


PETE DAVIDSON, ACTOR, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: You may be surprised to hear he's a congressional--

CARLSON: Oh, I thought it was a sound bite, but it's not. You are saying on the screen, though part of "Saturday Night Live", Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw lost an eye to an IED in Afghanistan on Saturday after Pete Davidson mocked him as one of the "really gross people running for office, this year."

He added, I'm sorry, I know he lost his eye in World War whatever. Yes, so that's their position, they're not hiding it anymore.


CARLSON: Useful for you to know. That's it for us tonight, we are out of time sadly. That hour went quick but we will be back every week night at 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.

Midterms tomorrow, we will see you then. Election coverage kicks off 6 p.m. Eastern and we will be here at the usual time at 8 p.m. ET. Sean Hannity, meanwhile, right now from New York.

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