Meadows and Jordan say they have confidence in Barr finding the truth behind investigation into Trump

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Welcome to "Hannity." Buckle up. Get ready.

This is the week that we the American people will really get to see for the first time just how extreme, crazy, insane these Democratic socialists really are. This is a sneak preview. We've got a lot more coming up tonight. Take a look.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We can cancel student loan debt for 95 percent of the folks who got it.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, D-VT., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We will demand that wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes.

JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We have to do something that reduce the student debt, which I don't have time to go into now, but we will.


HANNITY: This is going to be extremely ugly. You're going to be shocked by a lot of what you'll hear, and it's going to help Donald Trump. And you'll have a front row seat to all of it.

And we're going to have a preview, real preview coming up. We'll have a rundown of the madness. It's all coming up in a "Hannity" special mini monologue.

But, first, we do begin tonight with a Fox News alert. The weaponization of intelligence, deep state abuse of power is undeniable as ever. Tonight, we have brand new documents we will show you.

According to these just-released documents obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice through the Freedom of Information Act, and a request, we now have what is some of the clearest evidence to date of what is nothing short of an attempted coup, a soft coup against this president.  These documents shed even more light on this timeline of corruption and an effort to try and undermine -- well, first stop and prevent a president from winning they didn't like and rig an election, but then afterwards, to undermine the duly elected president.

Remember, a long while back, we talked about this a lot. We reported how the Obama administration in their final days vastly expanded the intelligence sharing capabilities of America's most powerful agencies.

Remember, we talked about this executive order 12333. And it was the basis of all of this. And I was warning about this as far back as 2017.

Now, we are learning tonight that literally days before President Trump's inauguration, well, we find out the Office of the Director of National Intelligence under James Comey was eagerly pushed to totally overhaul the sharing of raw intelligence which expanded the sharing of this raw intelligence from just three agencies to 17. Wow. Why would they as an ongoing administration want to impose standards on the incoming administration, standards they never imposed on themselves for eight years?  That's teh big question.

According to new documents, well, the director of national intelligence office was eager to get the new procedures signed by the attorney general before the conclusion of this administration. Not only that, around the same time the DNI general counsel, his name was Robert Litt, wrote, quote: I really want to get this done and so does the boss, likely reference to Clapper. I don't know, is there any chance at all that the boss is Obama?

I keep asking the question: what did Obama and Biden know? When they did it all? Hopefully, we'll get answers one day.

Remember, all of this Russian interference happened on the Biden and Obama watch. Even though people like Devin Nunes, former chairman, House Intel Committee, he was warning the Biden-Obama administration that Russia was going to do all of this. He warned them in early 2014. They didn't listen. They let it happen. They did nothing. It happened on their watch; not Trump's watch.

And here's the kicker. The NSA discussed in early January 2017, it could, quote, have a signature from A.G. as early at this week, certainly prior to the 20th of January. That would be the date of President Trump's inauguration.

OK. Let's break this down. What does it all mean? For eight years, the Obama administration, well, did they did allow the sharing of raw information with 17 separate agencies, they only allowed three.

And then literally in the final days, just before Donald Trump is about to become president, there was a complete overhaul of our intelligence gathering to give a lot more access of the most sensitive, raw, and in many cases not even confirmed material to deep state bureaucrats without getting any input from the new incoming administration.

Now, it was championed by Clapper's DNI. It was signed by Loretta Lynch, as you see there. Remember, there are some of the same people involved in the phony Russia collusion probe, and in the case of the attorney general, what really happened on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona, when she said he was talking to Bill Clinton for 45 minutes about grandkid just days before she is supposed to make a decision whether to indict his wife or not.

Now, Crossfire Hurricane, Hillary Clinton's exoneration without an investigation, don't forget, vastly expanding access to this intelligence material meant it was harder to trace the information, harder to weed out the leakers, harder to hold anyone in the deep state accountable. They know exactly what they were doing. They were trying to put the intelligence on the radar of as many people as possible so they would not be able to find the people who knew what they did was an abuse of power.  It was corruption at the worst level, but it's still being exposed anyway.

Look at how urgent these messages are. They know they had two weeks to get this done. Really? Is this what they cared about two weeks ago? Deep state in a mad scramble. It looks like Clapper was leading the way.

Let's take a look, you combined this with what we already know about, oh, Hillary Clinton literally funneling money through a law firm Perkins Coie, and then hiring an op research for them, hiring a guy by the name of Christopher Steele. Christopher Steele puts together a bunch of documents that becomes the dirty, the dirty Russian dossier that was used to rig the 2016 election and like they rigged the primary and stole it from Bernie Sanders. He had no shot from the beginning. The same people involved in unmasking, the secret informants.

It's all coming into focus. It's now getting clearer every day. They are not getting away with this.

We told you the curtain was being lifted. It is. We told you -- you heard the Attorney General Lindsey Graham. Act one of the Mueller report, whether they want -- sorry, I dropped my pen -- whether they want to believe, it's gone. Act two now, the deep state, the conspiracy theory Democrats and the media mob, they know the day of reckoning is absolutely near.

Look at, you know, the cowardly shift who is panicking because he's, quote, running out of time to interview Mueller and continue with his endless conspiracy theories, his hoax. The great irony every time I look at this idiot who won't come on our show, we've offered him four straight hours, three hours radio, one hour in TV, is that he is the only one that we have on tape conspiring with a Russian, or someone he thinks is a Russian about getting dirt to influence our elections. Yes, that would be the cowardly Schiff.

Take a look.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.: We have been in private discussions with the special counsel office. It's not clear that we will refuse to come in voluntarily. We are negotiating what the conditions of that appearance might be.

But, yes, we are running out of time. It's my hope that we'll reach a final conclusion. Either he's going to come in voluntarily or we're going to have to subpoena him, I hope that we'll reach that decision this week because we want him to come in during July, and I think that's going to be the case, Jake, whether it's voluntarily or involuntary by subpoena.


HANNITY: We actually have a dossier on the cowardly Schiff. Just his just words, his own lies, his own conspiracy theories that he digs a deeper hole every day with. Mark my words, we are inching closer and closer to holding those who abuse power and those that lied like him and the media mob accountable.

Joining us to explain even more on the phone, the American Center for Law and Justice, their chief counsel, he's the attorney, the counsel for the president, Jay Sekulow is with us. Full disclosure, Jay has sadly got stuck with me as a client and done legal work with me in the past, which to his great embarrassment.

Jay, this is huge what you have found here. I want you to give your take on it because what I'm seeing -- why would you, all of a sudden, be in a deep state of panic, urgency - panic, two weeks to go imposing, literally opening up raw intelligence to 17 agencies if there was not a real cause and underlying reason?

JAY SEKULOW, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE (via telephone): Well, here's what we know. We know that the Operation Crossfire Hurricane started in 2016. We know it started before the president was even the nominee. We also now know because of the documents that we obtained through litigation that we had the appropriate agency here, maximum security agency, this is what we know, the documents that we've obtained have established that Director Clapper was eager in pushing aggressively to get these new raw intelligence sharing information in place, quote, procedures signed by the attorney general before the conclusion of this administration.

Now, this is happening at the end of December and in early January days before President Trump was inaugurated. Then we have the general counsel for the office of the Director for National Intelligence, Robert Litt, he is the general counsel for DNI, he on an email what he says really want to get this done and so does the boss. Then we have a document from the NSA that discusses it could have a signature from the Attorney General Loretta Lynch as early as this week, certainly prior to January 20th. This is, of course, Inauguration Day.

So, you have this situation going from three agencies, or three agencies has getting information to over 17 agency.

HANNITY: Explain the nature of the intelligence, Jay.

SEKULOW: Eight years, Sean, there was no problem for the Obama administration until hours, days before President Trump is sworn into office. That's when they wanted to change all of this, literally days before the swearing in of the 45th president of the United States.

HANNITY: All right. Explain the nature of this intelligence. Now, I want to dig down a little deeper into so does the boss. And, OK, I can understand people saying the boss could be Clapper, strong possibility. I don't know the answer.

But also -- but we do have to remember that this is not Clapper's executive order, 12333. This is Obama's executive order. What did know? When did he know it? Because wasn't this his signature?

SEKULOW: Well, it's very hard to believe that the president of the United States would not have known about this drastic expansion of the sharing of what is called raw signal intelligence. As you said, the executive order is executive order 12333. So, it's a presidential executive order. What we have learned is if you put it together, you had Crossfire Hurricane, which was the initial fake investigation that was going on here.

You had at the same time within weeks and months, the FISA warrant. And we're going to soon learn what was in those. I think I like to call that FISA abuse.

So, you had Crossfire Hurricane, FISA abuse, a fake dossier by Chris Steele, who is giving information to Bruce Ohr who's the number four man at the Justice Department whose wife is working on this in a private capacity with Fusion GPS which is coordinating all of this.

So, now, what we have is a document, or a series of documents I should say from the NSA through our litigation we went to court to get that established as I said, first, that they wanted -- that James Clapper, Director Clapper wanted this information signed, procedures signed by the attorney general, quote, before the conclusion of this administration and then you've got his lawyer saying we want to get this done and so does the boss. And then the third I think you have is the NSA itself has in its own document saying we could have a signature from the A.G. as early next week, certainly prior to January 20th.

So, they were on a very aggressive mission to accomplish this goal, literally within days of the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump being sworn into office. Now, I said it again, Sean, eight years the Obama administration limited the scope of where the raw intelligence could go. It was in the waning hours of the administration that they make this change.

So, you don't have to be -- you don't have to be a math wizard to figure out what was going on here. So, you have Crossfire Hurricane. You have the FISA abuse, you have the dossier, and then on top of this at the same time going on, you have this demand, this rush to get the documents -- this single intel change. So, this is very, very significant.

HANNITY: All right. Jay Sekulow, we're going to be following this now for days and really dissecting this. There's a lot more here. Jay, thank you for joining us.

Huge news tonight, not good news for the deep state.

Also tonight, the new extreme Democratic Party, they are ramping up their open borders agenda that's pushing outright lawlessness Look at Congresswoman, well, kind of speaker of the House but really, Ocasio- Cortez, over the weekend, giving legal advice to illegal immigrants on how to evade federal law enforcement.

Why does this sound like aiding and abetting crime to? They don't like me.  Sitting members of Congress trying to hinder immigration authorities, the law of the land, putting our nation's safety and security at risk. Yes, 90 percent of the heroin crosses that border and kills people in this country.

Unfortunately, as this become all to common in this new, extreme Democratic Party. Well, the president called off nationwide deportations at the request of Democrats for two weeks, to give them time that they to negotiate. It's become clear the Democrats, in my view, they have no interest in securing our southern border.

They were already offered DACA. They were already offered Dreamers. They didn't want it.

Now, which couldn't be more out of touch with the American people. Look at this new Gallup poll. More Americans than ever consider immigration a top problem in America. Much more of our monologue coming up later in the show.

Also developing tonight, President Trump is putting the squeeze on Iran.  Oh, counterintuitive to what the media said. Oh my gosh, he's going to start World War III. No, delivering even more crippling sanctions on this radical rogue regime and Khamenei himself also making clear that Tehran will be held accountable and if need be, he will obliterate them.

Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: These measures represent a strong and proportionate response to Iran's increasingly provocative actions. We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran until the regime abandons its dangerous activities and its aspirations, including the pursuit of nuclear weapons, increased enrichment of uranium, development of ballistic missiles, engagement and support for terrorism, fueling of foreign conflicts and belligerent act directed against the United States and its allies.


HANNITY: The president also showing strength that he promised. The exact thing he said, following prudence which he promised on the campaign trail.  He's not going to be goaded into endless boots on the ground conflict. He made that clear as he kept those other promises. He assured the American people his response will be measured and effective.

And I'm not going to tell you what I'm not going to do. It's dumb to tell you and telegraph what I am going to do. That's smart. It's imperative to we was a country, I've been saying this, develop the next generation of military weaponry.

Now, we have learned from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, sadly, that we start wars, they become politicized by these idiots in Washington and they do not end as they should, complete victory.

Good news, we are already seeing some of that advanced weaponry on display.  A new report details the U.S. military launched cyber attacks this weekend, not a lot of press, against Iranian military after they shot down that drone. Well, it sounds like we're hitting back, striking back with some of the most advanced weaponry that we need for future conflicts, better than having our kids, our national treasure, go door to door.

We can devastate enemies with this new generation of weaponry from Tampa.  We can devastate with a growing economy. By the way, the Straits of Hormuz used be to very strategic, because that's the free flow of oil at market prices. But we are energy independent for the first time in 75 years because of this president's policies.

That gives us enormous leverage. Why is the media missing this part? We are energy independent. And net exporter of energy. Actually, it makes the Straits of Hormuz less important than ever for us. We don't rely on other people for the lifeblood of our economy.

And the president understands this. He's actually being very transparent, following through on his promises.

All right. Here with reaction with all of this breaking news tonight, we're going to get to the crazy Democrats and the preview of what's going to happen this week, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows and Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.

By the way, these two guys especially, all of those closed doors -- sorry, it's true -- all those closed door testimony that was released by Congressman Doug Collins, showed they asked every single right question and worked so hard behind-the-scenes. We would not be here, knowing what we know about the deep state without these guys courageously doing that.

Good to see you both.

Let me start with the news, Mark Meadows, what Jay just broke.

And, oh, but we've got to get this done. We're going to change the way we did it for eight years. We have an urgency to now share intelligence with 17 agencies and not three. We've got to get it done in two weeks, something we would never do to ourselves.


REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: Well, listen, what we saw during the last month of 2016 -- in December of 2016 and January of 2017, was unbelievably unusual activity that was happening on part of the Obama administration.  So, this doesn't come as a surprise.

Here's the interesting point. I can tell you that John Durham and Attorney General Barr are going to get to the bottom of it. And they are including in part of their surveillance looking at the intelligence community to make sure that justice is brought. But I can tell you, I just came back from North Carolina, and here's what I heard, Sean, they're tired of the --


HANNITY: I heard you met the Hannity family.



HANNITY: I'm nobody, I'm a nothing. This guy was the best.

MEADOWS: I did meet him and many others. And what they are saying is it's time that somebody goes to jail for truly trying to overthrow this president who was duly. And I think accountability is around the corner.

HANNITY: And Jim Jordan, again -- you know, you are great at laying out this case very quickly.

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: Well, Sean, this was really easy what they were trying to do. This is one of the six ways from Sunday.

Remember, the same time they are trying to change all of this with intelligence information is shared among various agencies, Chuck Schumer, the top Democratic in the United States Congress is on one of the other networks, and he says this, if you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday getting back to you. So, this is one of those six ways.

Couple with all the other things we know that you talked about, the dossier, the person named Azra Turk, the plant they put pretending to be somebody else next to George Papadopoulos. And all that stuff took place.

This is exactly what Chuck Schumer said they were going to do, and it sure looks like they did. That's why what Mark just said is so important. The attorney general of the United States and U.S. attorney John Durham are doing an investigation, and they have told us, this is broader than just the FBI. They're going to look at all of this. So, they're going to get to the bottom of it and this is what has happened in our great country.

HANNITY: Well, then explain where we are headed with all of this. And I'll just you both the same question. Jim, you can keep your momentum.

JORDAN: Well, first, Horowitz is going to come out. I think his report a year ago was very good. He'll have his report at some point. Then we'll see where Mr. Durham and Mr. Barr where their investigation, what they come back with.

But remember what he said. I say this all the time. Twelve weeks ago, when the attorney general testified in front of the United States Senate, he said there was a failure of leadership at the upper echelon in the FBI.  That was certainly true. Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok and Page, they've all screwed up. They all did things wrong.

He said spying occurred. He said there's a basis for my concern about the spying that took place, then forced to use two terms that should scare us all -- unauthorized political and personal surveillance. He's going to find out if that happened and everything points to --

HANNITY: Do you have any doubt it happened?

JORDAN: I think it did. I think all the evidence suggest that it did.

HANNITY: And, Mark Meadows, the same question.

MEADOWS: I have no doubt that it happened. I think where all of this leads is ultimately to where we see the Director Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and all of those come to justice because they broke protocol at best and what I believe is they broke the law.

HANNITY: Will they get -- held accountability? That's the question I'm asking because as we can now see, this is all becoming crystal clear, transparent, obvious. And there is no stopping the train at this point, no matter what they do or say to unmask journalists and attack them and hack them and anything else they might do.

JORDAN: I think --

MEADOWS: I have great confidence in Attorney General Barr. I can tell you, he is real serious about getting to the truth, about transparency.  And this president will have his day of exoneration and it's right around the corner.


JORDAN: No, I think Mark is exactly right. I have the utmost confidence in the attorney general of the United States. He's asking the right question. He's starting from the right premise. He's going to find the truth.

HANNITY: I'm over the target?


HANNITY: But you don't share information with me, I'm just saying. All right. Thank you guys.

All right. More, we have a busy breaking news night. Ken Starr, Gregg, Jarrett, Sara Carter all join us, exclusive report, a mini-monologue on how insane the 2012 Democratic candidates are, coming up.


HANNITY: Over the weekend, Trey Gowdy told our friend Maria Bartiromo, who's doing a great job, that a mystery FBI transcript made him change his perspective on the Russian probe.

Also breaking tonight, Fox News contributor Sara Carter is an investigative reporter is reporting that Senator Lindsey Graham is now demanding Russia probe documents be disclosed to we, the American people. That's a novel idea.

Joining us now, Sara Carter, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, author of the number one bestseller, "The Russia Hoax", and former independent counsel Ken Starr -- and people like Jerry Nadler didn't want to release their report but by law they had to and he had no choice. And he had 11 specific felonies he identified as possible impeachable offenses of Bill Clinton but nobody remembers that part either.

Good to see you.

You know, at least Ken laughs at me. Ken gets me. Why doesn't Sarah and Gregg get me? They have been with this show for two-plus years.


HANNITY: All right. Ken, you got to start.


HANNITY: Thank you. I try to be a little bit.

Seriously, let's dig down into this, but this is really important.

STARR: Right.

HANNITY: And what they are saying here and your reaction.

STARR: Oh, I'm sorry.


STARR: What I'm hearing is, we are on the trail of truth and then with a great word -- transparency. You shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free.

I think we as a country are about to be set free. We'll see what the facts are. I'm not going to assume what the facts are, but the facts are pointing, as we know, in one direction, which is there was a serious problem at the top of the FBI.

Now, you and I talked about this, and you are very clear that it's not the FBI rank-and-file. It was the leadership.

And so, let's let John Durham complete his work. Everybody respects him.  Let's let Michael Horowitz. Those names have been mentioned tonight. I'm very optimistic that the American people are going to be set free with the truth and with the attitude of transparency and especially as also as been said with Bill Barr as our attorney general.

HANNITY: All right. Sara, your report about Lindsey Graham, it's all got to be these documents provided and disclosed to the American people. I think that's really important, but it's also profound because know there's, what we've identified as, what, now, six pockets of information, that the president has declassified but he's pulled himself out of it and handed it to the attorney general, probably politically a wise decision, although I would prefer, he would have released it myself. But I'm nosy.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I agree. I agree, I know the American people want to see these documents, Sean. I think it was a politically wise decision and I think because John Durham is actually conducting the investigation and William Barr is overseeing that, it's significant that they have these documents as part of their investigation. I believe these will be made public.

That's what I'm hearing that they will be made public, and I think Senator Graham has a very important point here. Let the American people be the judge. Don't just listen to me. Don't just listen to Sean Hannity or you know anyone else out in the cable news, network field. Let the American people see what they already know. These are facts. We've already seen a number of things pointing in the direction of malfeasance at the FBI, even within the DOJ.

And I'm going to tell you this, Sean, it's going to go far beyond that. It is going to take in the scope of the intelligence community because we know there were foreign actors involved and when foreign actors and foreign states are involved that means those intelligence services both in Italy and Great Britain. That means John Brennan was well aware of what was going on.

So, this isn't going to be narrow scope. This isn't just about what was happening at the FBI, it's what was going on at the DOJ, what was going on in the Obama Administration. As Jay Sekulow pointed out in those documents that he now has under (FOA) and what was happening within the CIA and the NSA as the scope widened and who were they actually looking at listening to and who were they working with as far as the investigation into President Trump in the campaign.

HANNITY: Let me go to what Trey Gowdy is referring to an exculpatory evidence that was hidden, Gregg Jarrett, as it relates to the - by the FBI. Now, I think we know some of this is would be in the Gang of Eight information in that bucket. But if that exculpatory evidence was in fact hidden which you tell me if you interpreted what Trey is saying as I did, then you've got two different briefings about Russia from the Obama administration to the Trump and Clinton campaigns, is that also a possibility.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Oh! it absolutely is. They gave two different briefings, an honest briefing to Hillary Clinton and a dishonest briefing to Donald Trump. But I think what Representative Gowdy is referring to is the exculpatory evidence relating to Papadopoulos and Carter Page who had conversations with at least one undercover operative for the FBI, maybe the CIA.

And I think you'll find that there is a transcript of those conversations between Stefan Halpert and in particular George Papadopoulos in which it's completely exculpatory. And Carter Page but that information which is by law required to be presented to the FISA court when you're seeking an application to spy was hidden and concealed. That's a lie and a fraud on the court.

So, I think those are - and by the way, Papadopoulos says that the Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer recorded his conversation. There is likely a transcript of that, which is exculpatory and has been concealed.

HANNITY: All right. How do you react to what Gregg is explaining and Trey Gowdy suggesting, Ken Starr?

STARR: It is absolutely unpardonable. It is unforgivable for a prosecutor or an investigator to hide exculpatory evidence. That is unethical. It may be criminal.

HANNITY: Well, wouldn't that be Andrew Weissman, the guy that was written about extensively in the book License to Lie. Look, I don't know if my memory is failing me or not. And it might be the same Sydney Powell that was praised by the judge that actually got it right in the Ted Stevens case, where I think they did the same thing. Gregg, am I right about that?

JARRETT: Oh! You're absolutely right. But in this particular case, it's people like Comey, McCabe and Sally Yates that lied allegedly to the FISA court.

HANNITY: All right. Powerful stuff.

CARTER: Sean, really quickly. The reason they did that, the reason they did that was to take out a President. Let's just remember that. The exculpatory evidence was withheld not for a case, but to remove a President.

HANNITY: Some folding before our eyes, we will get to the truth. Thanks to you three. When we come back, talk about well, an internal civil war Democratic party crumbling before your eyes, their obsession with rage, hate, psychosis against Trump is going to destroy them and their well, policies are even worse. Many Hannity monologue next, and later, police release footage of the night Jussie Smollett claims he was attacked. And one of the videos, Smollett has a makeshift noose around his neck. We've got that video. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: Tonight, we give you a preview of coming attractions of the new radical extreme unhinged, out of control, soon to be civil war Democratic Party killing each other. Now with their first debate set for this week in Miami. This is awesome. 2020 Democrats are ramping up their radicalism. They want to be the most radical. Let me be clear. What we're witnessing from this new extreme socialist Democratic Party, this is beyond socialism even. It is unhinged. It is beyond impractical. It is divisive. It is destructive to the country. Here's just a small sampling of what we're going to see this week. So, South Carolina this weekend. Take a look.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Let's take action and make sure that if Congress doesn't have the courage to pass smart gun safety laws, then we will get the job done.

WARREN: Also, for that same two cents, we can cancel student loan debt for 95 percent of the folks who got it.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We will demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes, so that we can make public colleges and universities tuition free.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, D-N.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We will pass a law this year in New York guaranteeing and mandating two weeks paid vacation for every working person. Are you ready for that in South Carolina?

BIDEN: We have to do something and reduce the student debt, which I don't have time to go into now, but we will.


HANNITY: No time now. No time like the President. Instead of sticking to any principles, real agenda, real policy that will help the forgotten men and women that got destroyed under the Biden, Obama economy, the extreme Left now has gone further out to the fringe pandering to every corner of the Democratic Party.

Listen to Bernie Sanders pushing his open borders agenda. Great ideas. Oh! 90 percent of our heroin crosses that southern border and we did have two years where we had 2000 homicides, 30,000 violent sexual assaults and 100,000 violent assaults against Americans by illegal immigrant criminals that are then protected in sanctuary cities, states and by people like Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. Watch.


MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS HOST: There are ICE raids set to start estimates of some 2000 people or so who will be targeted. Is this appropriate?

SANDERS: No, it's not. It is absolutely not appropriate.

BRENNAN: But specifically, on this point, the 2000 that are supposed to be targeted, haven't shown up for court dates, so essentially, they're not following the asylum process. The legal standards when they're here. So, should they be prosecuted, should they be deported?

SANDERS: I don't like this deportation thing at all, and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come.


HANNITY: And it doesn't stop there. Comrade Bernie is also offering a total student loan forgiveness. Well, I hope it's retroactive, because I paid off all my money back. Apparently, trying to outdo fellow Socialist Elizabeth Warren of pushing her own debt forgiveness plan open borders. Everything is free. What a combination. Here's where it gets really interesting Warren is taking all this step further proposing also because there weren't reparations in the Democratic parties.

We're going to add in LGBTQ persons for past discrimination. She didn't explain how it would work. Of course, specifics aren't a priority for the new radical Democrats and they're not going to tell us how to pay for anything. They'll say and do anything to try and get elected to take away every person's fear with false promises and lies that really are about their power.

Look at Senator Booker, who is writing off meeting with a radical, very anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. And you've got sleepy creepy Crazy Uncle Joe is hitting new low levels of delusion actually comparing the election of Donald Trump to the assassinations of RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. Watch.


BIDEN: I think what's happening now is I think that Donald Trump may have reawakened sensibilities in this country to say, whoa, maybe we can do this now just like our generation was awakened when Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy Jr. assassinated. A whole generation I'm back in, man. These millennials they get it right. And now they want to get engaged.


HANNITY: The interesting part is, this show is only going to get worse for them and intensify. For example, South Bend Mayor, you know Mayor Pete as we call him, Buttigieg having perhaps the worst week of his campaign after Black Lives Matters protesters confronted him in Indiana over the weekend, following what was an officer involved shooting in South Bend. Take a look.


MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG, D-IND., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do not have evidence that there has been discipline for racist behavior in the case--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mayor Pete, would you like to articulate to that question.

BUTTIGEIG: I don't think that I--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please, we're going to allow you. We're going to allow you to share.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Reorganize your departments. You can't do that by Friday.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do your jobs. If you want our votes, doubt you're going to get it, do your job just so you can have a moral compass when you leave this place.


HANNITY: Now, don't forget, Buttigieg has been a total absentee mayor and a failure. Look at this recent report. He's hardly ever in South Bend and according to a South Bend Community Survey last year, look at this, a whopping 65 percent of his constituents, they're dissatisfied with the maintenance of this city streets, sidewalks and infrastructure. He's the mayor. 51 percent of residents don't agree that they have "an overall feeling of safety in their neighborhood." He's the mayor. 64 percent of residents disagree that the city is a safe community for everyone. And the list goes on.

So, you see what's happening here. You got a radical new socialist extreme Democratic Party totally crumbling before our eyes, open borders, the economy killing Green New Deal, 70 percent top marginal tax rate for individuals, 90 percent top corporate tax rates, no business will stay in business and after all of that, you pay a wealth tax and then a death tax that they want to raise.

By the way, there will be no more oil and gas, we'll eliminate planes and even cows, because of flatulence and will have during and after birth infanticide which many are advocating for reparations, open borders, government guaranteed everything.

By the way, how to keep your doctor, keep your plan and save money workout. Then you're going to have Medicare for All, but no choice of your own insurance. These aren't principles, this is just non-stop pandering to try and buy votes. This is dangerous. This will destroy the prosperity of this country. Frankly, the reason the Straits of Hormuz are not that meaningful to us as they once were is because this President made us independent energy wise, energy independent for the first time in 75 years and we're now net exporter of energy.

This is also the greatest wealth creator that we have available. Our energy which we have an abundance of more than all these countries, we can bring Iran to its knees. We won't have to get involved in many foreign conflicts for the free flow of oil at market prices. We can bring Putin, the hostile actor that he is to his knees. All because the President is smart. We have it. It could raise everybody's standard of living.

Coming up, President Trump calling out Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe, questioning why Obama won't really endorsing him. Jesse Waters, Rachel Campos-Duffy straight ahead. You are going to love this. Coming up.



TRUMP: How he doesn't get President Obama to endorse him. There has to be some reason why he's not endorsing him. He was a Vice President. They seem to have gotten along. And how President Obama is not endorsing him is rather a big secret. If you want to know - if you know the answer, please let me know because I think it's very rare and then he goes and lies and said, I asked the President not to endorse me, give me a break.

He said, he asked the President because he's embarrassed by the fact that Obama is not endorsing. So, he goes and says, I asked President Obama not to endorse me. Well, he was trying to get the endorsement, so it could be that President Obama knows something. But there is something going on in that brain of his.


HANNITY: That's President talking to the Hill and here with reaction co- host of The Five. He's got 10 shows on the Fox News Channel. It's his world. Jesse Watters and Fox News Contributor, Rachel Campos-Duffy. All right, Mr. Watters, we begin with you. I think Trump kind of nailed it. I think--

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: I agree, brilliant tactical move by the President because Joe Biden's greatest asset is his relationship with Barack Obama. The President has now driven a wedge right into it by suggesting there is some mysterious mental reason that there was no endorsement. So, now we're moving from Creepy Sleepy Joe to Slow Joe perhaps age is an issue, creating some sort of soap opera mystery that the public loves to feast upon.

Now the President is dialed in to Joe's performance, the stammering, the stuttering, the inability to read a teleprompter, the flip flopping and the apologizing. And this comes right on the eve of the first debate where he has everything to lose. He's being attacked by the Left for handling race. The media now has started to scrutinize his son's Chinese business dealings. Joe could be in some big trouble on Thursday.  HANNITY: I've got to tell you, Rachel that's going to be tough to beat if you wanted to be your world tonight, because that was really insightful and dead on accurate. Good job, Mr. Watters.

WATTERS: Thank you, Sean.


WATTERS: Oh! Stop.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: So, here's the deal.

HANNITY: You're going to make his head bigger.

WATTERS: That's impossible.

HANNITY: You can't do that.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Well, here's the deal. Obama is not endorsing Biden, because he knows Biden can't win. And the media knows that too, they're actually treating him as Jesse said, they're treating him as a Republican. They're going after him hard. They're going after his family. That's something they do with Republicans.

You say sleepy creepy, those are all true about Biden, slow Jesse, you're right about that. But I think Joe China is the strongest hit. Joe Biden has enriched his son and his family on the backs of the working class, on the backs of America's manufacturing. And that is a devastating blow because the Democrats who promised four years to take on China and never did a damn thing. And Donald Trump came in two and a half years, he has not just revived the economy, but he has made this a blue-collar recovery. He has brought back American manufacturing. He has brought back confidence in America. And that is what he has to face.

HANNITY: When Jessica Tarlov would face off against Jesse, we would always say, he only lost once. Tonight, whose world is it? I'm going to say a tie. You are both phenomenal.

WATTERS: Thank you.

HANNITY: Good job.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Pretty good.

HANNITY: Thank you. Coming up, Chicago police released video relating to the Smollett hate crime hoax case. One video show when police first arrived at his residence, wait till you see this with a makeshift noose around his neck. Full report coming up.


HANNITY: Chicago Police Department have now released nearly 70 hours of footage tonight related to the Jussie Smollett investigation. Fox News Correspondent, Matt Finn, he joins us live from Chicago with the very latest. Matt has been very helpful to us. Matt, good to see you. What's going on?

MATT FINN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean, thanks for having us. Right now, we are combing through hundreds of files released to us by the Chicago Police Department, so far a few pieces of noteworthy video here, the first video is police saying shows the Osundairo brothers being driven to and coming from the area of the alleged hoax on the night police say, Smollett paid the brothers to pretend to beat him.

Another video, the moment Chicago police enter after Jussie Smollett's apartment for the first time after the alleged attack, Smollett is standing there with a large amount of white rope around his neck, the alleged noose. Police asked Smollett, if he wants to take the rope off, Smollett says, yes, I do. I just wanted police to see it. And then Smollett says they poured bleach on me.

We are still going through all these files, but interesting to note here just last Friday, a veteran judge assigned a special prosecutor to investigate this case all over again from the start and Smollett could face new charges, Sean.

HANNITY: All right, thanks Matt. We appreciate it. Wow. All right. We'll never be the media mob and let not your heart be troubled. Unlike Tucker, I'm on time. Laura Ingraham in 15 seconds.

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