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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: As part of the investigation into the brutal murders of a federal judge's husband and mother, FBI agents have questioned white supremacist Matt Hale. Hale is currently in jail, awaiting sentencing for trying to have Judge Lefkow murdered. Hale's parents say they are being kept away from him.

Matt Hale's mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, joins us on the phone. And in Chicago is Kathy Robertazzo. Kathy has been a friend with Matt Hale for five years.

Evelyn, first to you. When you were on this show on Sunday night, you anticipated being able to see your son this week. What happened?

EVELYN HUTCHESON, MATT HALE'S MOTHER: Well, we just had a thought that perhaps we better start to call Chicago and see if we were going to be allowed to have our visit. So yesterday, all day, we made an attempt to contact people at MCC, and we didn't get any return phone calls. And we didn't know until 8:15 last evening that we were not going to be allowed to have any more visits or phone calls with Matt.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kathy, you have known Matt for a number of years. How did you meet him?

KATHY ROBERTAZZO, FRIEND OF MATT HALE: I was following his law license denial, and then the Benjamin Smith incident happened. And once the FBI exonerated Matt for any wrongdoing in that, I sent him an e-mail wishing him luck and telling him about my displeasure that he couldn't get a law license. So we just became friends over the years.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. You raised the issue of Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was a follower of Matt's, and he went out and killed at least two people in a rampage, and Matt Hale never had any involvement with that. That was just a loyal follower. Is that right?

ROBERTAZZO: Well, he was an ex-member. And as a matter of fact, he told Matt he was going to quit his organization because Matt wasn't radical or violent enough. He was being targeted by the Jewish Defense League. They were beating him up, vandalizing his car, breaking the windows in his apartment and he wanted Matt too retaliate. Matt kept saying, No, just make police reports. I want to get a law license, and you know, we'll handle it through legal channels later. And Ben couldn't wait. He wanted to start retaliating. So he quit.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kathy, can you think of any reason why someone would commit this double homicide?

ROBERTAZZO: Well, I think the Jewish Defense League has a motive, if this is a month before his sentencing, you know, to prejudice the judge.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have any proof of that?

ROBERTAZZO: I mean, they have the motive.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any proof of that, Kathy?

ROBERTAZZO: Well, they've tried this in the past. During the civil suits that were filed after the Benjamin Smith crime spree, they first bribed and then threatened an ex-member to perjure themselves in a civil suit.

VAN SUSTEREN: But wait a second. Let me just back up for one second. You concede that they haven't committed murder before.

ROBERTAZZO: Well, anybody can do a Google search and see the history of the Jewish Defense League -- murders, bombings, arson. This is an violent, extremist organization. And I mean, they're a lot more extreme than actually the white civil rights movement, although, to listen to the media, it's the other way around.

I was thinking about something on the way over here. I find it very, you know, suspicious. Where's the Jewish Defense League? Anything to do with Matt Hale, they're never for a loss for one word. The Chicago media is constantly is giving them airtime. Where are they now? Don Siegel (ph) from the Jewish Defense League was all over Matt's trial. He had something to say every day of the trial. Now all of a sudden, he's silent? He should be on the TV, ranting and raving, I know this is Matt Hale and his people. So I find that very suspicious, and the FBI should take me up on my suggestion that they might be involved.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Kathy...

ROBERTAZZO: Not to mention, I think that the suspect pictures that are out there, they look very Jewish.

VAN SUSTEREN: Evelyn, thank you very much. And Kathy, thank you, as well. And Kathy, you know that you and I don't see eye to eye on this, but I certainly appreciate you coming.

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