Make No Mistake: Iran Won

Iran won — that's it.

I'm glad those soldiers are going home. I'm not glad they were ever held to begin with.

Never mind the lunacy of saying soldiers packed in a raft that looked like it came out of Great Adventure, ever posed a great threat. Iran made them a threat and made the West look impotent.

Iran got everything it wanted.

The crisis triggered higher oil prices, so they got richer.

And it stopped talk of U.N. sanctions because of its nuclear program, so they kept enriching.

Its leader is emboldened and suddenly his opposition is not.

Things are good if you're running things in Tehran.

Just like things are good for those soldiers who now can leave Iran — but first to thank the leader who shouldn't have taken them in the first place.

He's suddenly the benevolent despot: Almost likable, applauded by the world for ending a crisis he created and sealing it with a handshake he had the gall to offer.

No wonder this guy's smiling. He's got his wish and he's got our number.

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