Major Developments in Three Child Predator Cases

You may remember Maryland Judge Katherine Savage, dismissed charges against accused child molester Mahamu Kanneh because a suitable translator cannot be found. Kanneh is from West Africa.

But our reporting demonstrated the court and the judge were derelict. Kanneh was educated in the USA, spoke English and plenty of translators were in the area. Talking Points believes Judge Savage was frustrated with the case, but that is no reason to allow an accused child predator to walk.

Well now Kanneh is in a Philadelphia jail, awaiting extradition back to Maryland. Pennsylvania cops picked him up for failing to attend a hearing where charges against him might have been reinstated. This whole thing is a giant screw-up, but we applaud Maryland authorities who are trying to bring the man to justice.

Judge Savage must now recuse herself from the case. That's what Judge Matthew Dowd has done in Kansas. Dowd, sentenced to Orlando Cisneros to probation after Cisneros was found guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl. Dowd could have given Cisneros 13 years and did not explain his ridiculous sentence:


FOX NEWS PRODUCER: I want to talk to you about the Cisneros case and why you gave the guy who's convicted of raping a girl and sodomizing a girl 17 times probation when he could have been in jail for 12 years. Your honor?


Well now Cisneros has violated his probation. What a shock, right? Dowd is off the case. And the new judge, Charles Andrews, has sent Cisneros to prison for 13 years. Justice, finally, no thanks to Judge Doubt who needs to retire.

And our third story is a shocker.

Last Wednesday, the FBI came on "The Factor" to ask for your help in tracking down child predators who post their sick stuff on the Net. After that statement, Paul and Myrtis Gauthreaux were reported to the FBI by a relative who had watched "The Factor." That relative called the couple, actually called them, told them what he was going to do.

Now the pair apparently molested a 10-year-old girl and were on the run. But a short time later, authorities in Arizona found the couple dead in their car. The police say the man murdered the woman, then shot himself.

Now when I heard the news, I had to think about it. These two are dead because of our reporting. No question they were villains and what they did to that little girl should have brought them at least 25 years in prison.

But it's unsettling to see the couple's demise. We did our jobs and I'd do it again. There can be no quarter for child predators in the USA. All of us must report them to the authorities.

We must do that.

This couple made their decisions and died because of them. We're told the child they harmed is safe.

Most Ridiculous Item

Vicious giant jellyfish are attacking San Diego. Apparently, black sea nettles are floating around the Pacific and hundreds of swimmers have been stung. It's not fatal, but it is very annoying.

Some people are blaming the jelly attacks on global warming, since the nettles usually float in waters above 70 degrees and San Diego has reached that.

Now, I don't know about this theory, but I do know that San Diego is a very nice place to hang out. However, there is no truth to the rumor that the nettles have purchased Charger season tickets. That, of course would be ridiculous.