Liberal students want Georgia professor fired for criticizing illegal immigration

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening, and welcome to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon announced he was resigning the presidency. That was almost 45 years ago. The Nixon administration ended that day. And so did the relevance of anything John Dean has to say.

Dean, you'll remember, if you are old, was Nixon's White House counsel during Watergate. He helped orchestrate the payoffs and the cover up that brought down his boss. Dean was incarcerated for that, he was convicted and then incarcerated. And that's pretty much all you need to know about John Dean. He is the living answer to a trivia question. That is until this week.

Yesterday, House Democrats brought Dean to Congress to testify up on Capitol Hill, not about Richard Nixon, but about the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation? Baffling. John Dean is 80 years old. He has nothing to do with Robert Mueller or his investigation. Dean hasn't worked in any of the last eight presidential administrations.

When John Dean last held a politically relevant job, Francisco Franco ran Spain. It was a long time ago. So why was dean on Capitol Hill? Well, simple. He works for Jeff Zucker now as a CNN contributor, and Democrats wanted to hear him talk like this.


JOHN DEAN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: If I had to channel a little Richard Nixon, I think he'd tell this President he is going too far. This is the sort of stuff in a banana republic. This is what an autocrat does.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Do you think, though, that this is proving that he is unhinged? Concerns about that or reports about that?

DEAN: He certainly acts unhinged. He is thinking like Putin would think.

What I think we're witnessing is a very public obstruction of justice. He, as I see it has already exceeded everything that Nixon did.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: You're saying, in your opinion, Donald Trump is -- has gone farther than Richard Nixon did to obstruct justice.

DEAN: That's exactly what I'm saying. I think Trump is Nixon on steroids and stilts.


CARLSON: "Nixon on steroids." To a certain kind of dim-witted baby boomer, this kind of thing is totally irresistible. Reese's Peanut Buttercup pizza.

At the hearing, Dean admitted that he didn't have any relevant knowledge of anything that's happened in this century. But he is still 100 percent positive that Donald Trump is more evil than Richard Nixon ever was.


DEAN: The last time I appeared before your Committee was July 11, 1974, during the impeachment enquiry of Richard Nixon. Clearly, I'm not here today as a fact witness.

In many ways, the Mueller report is to President Trump, what the so-called Watergate roadmap was to President Richard Nixon.


CARLSON: "I am not a fact witness," Dean conceded. What other kinds of witnesses are there? Editorial witnesses? People who have no idea what they're talking about, but feel very strongly about it? The entire hearing went like this. And Dean wasn't even the only cable news analyst there.

Democrats invited a lot of them. They tried out a fake expert, for example, called Barbara McQuade. McQuade is an MSNBC legal analyst who was once a U.S. Attorney before Donald Trump fired her.

Since then, she has been on call to reassure jittery MSNBC viewers that the 2016 election wasn't actually real. And in any case, big orange will be gone very soon.


BARBARA MCQUADE, MSNBC ANALYST: The conduct described in the report constitutes multiple crimes of obstruction of justice. It's supported by evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And I'm confident that if anyone other than a sitting President committed this conduct, that person would be charged with crimes.


CARLSON: Oh, it sounds so official. As expected, McQuade read from the approved script on Monday. She may have no relevant knowledge or expertise, none whatsoever. But she is nevertheless very certain that Donald Trump is a criminal.


MCQUADE: It could be that President Trump procured the presidency by fraud. When immigrants procure their citizenship by fraud, we strip them of their citizenship. When a President procures his presidency by fraud, should we consider doing the same?


CARLSON: It went on like this all day long, in case you missed it, there was no real discussion of Robert Mueller's findings; instead, for a few hours C-SPAN looked like a CNN panel as people in makeup thundered for impeachment.

But in fact, the whole show was an indication of how weak pro-impeachment forces really are. Despite all the investigations and all the ranting you see on cable news, House Democrats still don't have the votes to impeach Donald Trump.

The talking heads showed up yesterday to rally the base and to prod numbers of Democrats toward an impeachment trial. Did it work? Not clear? Probably not.

But there was another reason for the hearing, too, and we shouldn't overlook it.

While Democrats continue to burrow through the Mueller report trying to twist its ho-hum findings into high crimes and misdemeanors, the Attorney General, William Barr is digging deeper into the spying, the DOJ spying before and after the 2016 election, where you know, the FBI surveilled Donald Trump's campaign. Now we're finding out how extensive that spying was and how flimsy the justification for it.

Democrats know that Barr's findings could be horrifying, embarrassing, maybe even devastating. They could help President Trump get reelected.

So if you're on the left right now, it's a good idea to muddy the waters. If it takes calling John Dean out of retirement, well worth it.

Fox senior political analyst, Brit Hume covered John Dean the first time around, and he joins us tonight to assess Dean this time. Brit, great to see you.

BRIT HUME, SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Thank you, Tucker. You know if people John Dean yesterday, it might have been because his testimony and that of his fellow witnesses yesterday was knocked off the air by a helicopter crash in New York that killed one person.


HUME: Otherwise, not that big a story but big enough to knock Dean off the air, which gives you an idea of the news value of it. John Dean is, as you pointed out, a convicted felon who did time for obstruction of justice.

He was -- you know, he was he wasn't really a Watergate coconspirator, he was a mastermind. And before he was a Watergate cover-up mastermind, he was also the mastermind of a coverup of the ITT Dita Beard scandal which preceded Watergate, a story, which I did a lot of work on.

And in the course of doing that, the FBI found that this particular memo that set off the whole scandal was authentic, they had to get to the FBI to change the letter asserting its authenticity. That is the sort of chap John Dean was and best we can tell, that's the sort of chap he is, that would be the star witness in a House hearing about Donald Trump is quite remarkable.

Remember, we earlier had a House hearing in which Michael Cohen was the star witness. So I suppose we shouldn't be terribly surprised.

CARLSON: So do you think Bernie Madoff will be testifying before House Financial Services on investment reform? I mean, is it -- I guess, what you're saying is it is a little odd to see John Dean giving America lectures about ethics?

HUME: Well, yes, of course it is. And, you know, it is a little surprising to me that our colleagues over at CNN had made him a contributor and having him on the air all the time. I mean, I suspect that you know, I'm old enough to have been around during John Dean's heyday as President Nixon's White House counsel and cover-up planner.

But it seems to me that a lot of people over at CNN perhaps weren't. But this is not a guy even though you know, he was able to reduce his sentence, I suppose by testifying against his boss, who anybody at the time really would have considered a good guy and least of all, an expert on ethics.

CARLSON: So maybe the idea was having someone on CNN's air who could say Trump is worse than Nixon, maybe that was worth paying him a contributor contract?

HUME: Well, saying things that are worse than Watergate is something that John Dean has been doing for some time. He said that about George W. Bush. He did. It's what he does.

And you know, he's -- I guess, he has gotten himself on television doing that. But it doesn't really add up to much of a reason to take him very seriously. And then, thanks to the helicopter crash, Americans were spared the experience.

CARLSON: It's interesting. The impeachment conversation, clearly yesterday's -- the theatrics were designed in order to spur Democrats towards supporting impeachment, I don't know if it was effective in doing that or not.

But we've been, for two months, since the release of the Mueller report have been talking about whether or not there is going to be a move toward impeachment, and it's not clear that Democrats have the votes even now, why is that?

HUME: Well, I think they don't have the votes because the crime that everybody suspected that Donald Trump might be guilty of, the Mueller report pretty authoritatively knocked down, that is to say that he was, you know, complicit with the Russians in trying to throw the election in his own favor.

The Mueller report simply did not find that. And that, of course raises questions about what would have been the motivation for him to obstruct the investigation, since it was an investigation into something that he evidently did not do.

I think the reason to bring John Dean up there, was perhaps an effort to try to recapture the drama of his Watergate testimony and make no mistake about it, Tucker, it was quite dramatic, and he was a quite effective witness.


HUME: I mean, you could have heard a pin drop in that Senate caucus room, the famous room where so many hearings have been held there when he was testifying. He was a meticulous witness. He was a prepared witness. And, he was effective against Nixon.

So I suspect that they were seeking to recreate some of those atmospherics, but, you know, given his record and given all that's gone before, it clearly was not going to happen and it didn't.

CARLSON: Very quickly. What do you think the odds are that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has any idea who John Dean is?

HUME: I wouldn't venture -- I suspect perhaps today she does. I don't know how much she knew before the last several days. Of course, if you watches CNN a lot, she may be one of his fans. Who knows?

CARLSON: And doubtless, she does. Brit Hume, great to see you tonight, thank you very much.

HUME: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Congressman Mark Meadows is a Republican who represents North Carolina, and he joins us tonight. Congressman, thanks very much for coming on. So what was the -- what was the purpose of this, do you think?

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: Well, look, Brit laid it out very well. I mean, they had to go out and find a witness. And John Dean has made a career of comparing everybody to Richard Nixon, and everybody is worse than Richard Nixon, according to him. And yes, here, they come back with a CNN paid contributor, trying to lay out an argument that actually fell flat.

I think the biggest thing, Tucker is this, you know, there was that movie "Groundhog Day," where Bill Murray, this is a "Groundhog Day" kind of hearing. They can't get it right. So they keep coming back over and over and over again, trying to convince the American people that the President is guilty when indeed the evidence suggests otherwise.

CARLSON: What's interesting is that when House Democrats want to convince the country that the President should be impeached, they call not actual experts, but they call MSNBC and CNN employees. Is that odd to you?

MEADOWS: Well, it's very odd and interestingly, one of those witnesses yesterday, tweeted out in 2017, that the Steele dossier was a credible document that FISA Court obviously thought it was credible.

Now you and I both know that not only do we know that it's not credible, and not only do the American people know that the dossier and Christopher Steele was not credible, but the FBI knew that before the very first FISA warrant, and so yet, they're going to try to convince the American people with theatrics instead of the facts.

And the fact that he said he was not a fact witness, there is not a truer statement that's been uttered on Capitol Hill than that statement by John Dean yesterday.

CARLSON: So taking off your partisan hat, just put on your prognosticator hat, whatever that looks like. Are they going to impeach or not?

MEADOWS: You know, obviously I don't think they impeach mainly because if they've looked at the same polls that we've looked at, the vast majority of Americans believe that everybody was waiting for the Mueller report to say was there collusion? When there was none, unaffiliated voters, Republican voters all believed that impeachment would be divisive. And certainly, you can even make the case that if they impeach that it actually helps the President of the United States.

Now, I think it's sort of divisive, that we shouldn't do it. But in the end, I think that they're going to try to do death by a thousand cuts, and have hearing after hearing after hearing and try to inflict as much partisan damage as they possibly can.

CARLSON: Isn't that kind of a tough case to make to your own voters, though? For two years, they tell us the President is a criminal, a traitor, he literally has committed treason on behalf of a foreign hostile foreign power. But no, we're not impeaching him. How does that make sense?

MEADOWS: Well, it is very difficult when you try to lay out the case. But here's the other thing that they know is coming. You've been talking about it night in and night out here at the eight o'clock hour.

You've been talking about the fact that there's other information that's coming and I'm telling you, Attorney General Bill Barr, John Durham, they're there on this case, and what we will find is this whole conspiracy case, and actually the whole case against the President and obstruction will start to fall apart as we look at transparency and make sure that the American people can judge for themselves, and that's what they're afraid of.

So they are going to try to inflict as much damage as they can right now because there are better days ahead for the President of the United States as it relates to this particular investigation.

CARLSON: Someone should call Obama up. The Obama administration spied on a rival presidential campaign using Federal agencies. I mean, that that seems like a headline to me. No one else seems to think that. Congressman, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

MEADOWS: Great to be with you, Tucker. Thanks.

CARLSON: Americans keep getting into trouble, often fatal down in the Caribbean. We're trying to get to the bottom of it in the Dominican Republic. We sent someone down who spoke to the President of the DR and one of the main backers of tourism down there. Our exclusive investigation continues live from the Dominican Republic after this.


CARLSON: In the past few months, more than a half a dozen Americans have been killed or attacked while in the Dominican Republic. We've teamed up with "Fox and Friends" and sent Griff Jenkins down there to investigate what is happening exactly.

Griff spoke to key people on the island and joins us exclusively live from the Dominican Republic tonight -- Griff.

GRIFF JENKINS, REPORTER AND PRODUCER: Hey Tucker, good evening, when it comes to finding answers, we find that the officials here mostly stonewalling us. Hotels aren't going on camera to talk to us and the Tourism Minister is out of the country. So we took the hunt for these answers straight to the top.

Danilo Medina is the President of the Dominican Republic. He's been in office since 2012. He was at a groundbreaking event yesterday. So we went with our questions. Here's what happened. Watch.


JENKINS: Mr. President? Mr. President, I want to ask you about the recent deaths of four Americans here at resorts. Yes, Mr. President. Just a comment, sir.


JENKINS: Now, one of the gentlemen you see there, Tucker that the President Medina is talking to his Frank Ranieri. He is one of the wealthiest investors in tourism in the Dominican Republic. He was willing to speak to me afterwards. He says, he is worried about the impact that these deaths may have on tourism. Here's some of what he had to say. Listen.


FRANK RANIERI, BUSINESSMAN FROM THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: When people come to all-inclusive and not an all-inclusive hotel, people have a tendency to drink and eat more than often, and that's where the problem begins. Because when you get everything free, then you make a party of out of it.

So sometimes some people may not be capable of drinking and eating as much and that's why you have incidents with heart attacks and things like that. But it's not a problem of the minibar.

President Medina is a very responsible man, and I'm sure he is involved personally supervising and making sure that all this comes to an end and he gets a clear picture of why that happened.


JENKINS: Now, when it comes to the minibar, you heard Mr. Ranieri mention it there, the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Punta Cana that we showed you that video last night of the minibar where you have the full fifths of liquor in there.

They're issuing a statement tonight, sending their sincerest condolences to the families of Mr. Robert Bell Wallace, as well as David Harrison, and said that the ongoing investigation will continue saying this, quote, "We can assure you the safety and health of our guest is now and has always been our highest priority. We currently implement beverage protocols, including purchasing sealed and unopened products from licensed and reputable vendors, as well as daily inspections of all products served throughout the hotel bars and in-room liquor dispensers."

So at least the Hard Rock, they're responding to our investigation. But you know, it is going to be the final toxicology pathology reports of the last four individuals that have died here -- the Americans that have died here.

I can also add to this, the hotel resort behind me, Tucker here, the Bahia Principe, this is where that Maryland couple Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day were unresponsive, didn't check out on time. They were found dead in their room on May 30th. Their attorney telling me about 30 minutes ago, they just got the bodies back today to Maryland.

He will do his own independent autopsy and toxicology reports. We find out what those results tell us when they're available -- Tucker.

CARLSON: So those are the people, Mr. Ranieri suggested may have eaten themselves to death because the food was free.

JENKINS: Well, you know, he is clearly a billionaire on the island that has a big stake in all of this. And he pointed out, Tucker, that these incidents don't usually happen.

CARLSON: It didn't seem a plausible explanation, I am in no position -- but yes. It's pretty -- that's pretty unbelievable, Griff.

JENKINS: It tells us one thing, Tucker and that is that they are scrambling in the wake of these tragic deaths and certainly hope no more happen.

CARLSON: Yes, that's pretty amazing. Griff Jenkins. Thanks a lot. We'll see you tomorrow.

Our joint investigation with our friends at "Fox and Friends" continues with more live reports from the DR throughout the week.

When you think it's bad to unborn children, well, Kirsten Gillibrand says you're the bad one. You're no better than a Klan member. You're a racist. For real. We've got the tape after the break.


CARLSON: Well, we are a long way from seeing the race to choose the Democratic nominee, almost a year, but Joe Biden is acting like it's already over. Biden is preparing himself he says for an all-out war with President Trump.

Today CNN carried this chyron saying that Joe Biden was ready to quote, "eviscerate" the President. It turned out to be a fitting terminus.

In his speech today, Biden didn't speak of Trump like a politician or even a human being. He described the President as if he were the leader of an enemy country. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I believe that the President is literally an existential threat to America. And so I think he is genuinely a threat to our core values. And he is a threat to our standing in the world. I think there's a genuine threat to American democracy.

CARLSON: Dana Perino hosts "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino" and she joins us tonight. Dana, great to see you tonight.


CARLSON: So when you hear someone use the phrase, "literally an existential threat to America," what does that mean?

PERINO: Well, here's a -- look, I could go to the dictionary and look up existential. So many people have been using this word for so long. Do you remember when Greg Gutfeld used to banned phrases on "The Five," I've asked him to like ban this phrase "existential" because one, does Joe Biden really think that America is under threat? That the democracy is under threat?

I understand that he thinks Donald Trump is a bad President, and he can campaign on that. But actually, if we're worried about norms and the Constitution and the institutions, actually go issue by issue, and they have held up pretty well.

I would say this though, Joe Biden isn't the only one acting like this is a general election contest between Biden and Trump. President Trump is actually doing the same, elevating Joe Biden.

And this is coming at a time just when other contenders on the left are starting to take little bites at Joe Biden. And if I were President Trump, I would be so in that chaos, and let them feel comfortable going after Biden. There's plenty to try. Right? There's the Hyde Amendment, the flip-flop on abortion. There's China that happened today. There's the Iraq War, the crime bill, like, it's kind of a never ending thing.

I do wonder about going after Biden so aggressively, and then getting liberals to start to coalesce behind Biden, because he has been attacked by President Trump this early.

CARLSON: Maybe the White House thinks Biden is the best challenge that they could face?

PERINO: Well, I think -- well, actually out of this, I wouldn't think so. Out of the 20, I could pick some other ones that I would say that yes, would never become President of the United States.

And I listened to people who think that Biden would be a terrible candidate. It could be. Right? But if the election were held today, actually, like Joe Biden is in pretty good shape, a year from now, in June of 2020, who knows what we'll be talking about, but right now --

CARLSON: Yes, that's right.

PERINO: One thing that's interesting is at the end of Biden's speech in which he did not eviscerate President Trump and by the way, if you're going to give a speech, don't tell people you're going to eviscerate someone, like in one of your monologues. You don't say, you don't have them and like call out the President and say, make sure to watch Tucker because he is going to eviscerate someone tonight.

What happens is you do your monologue, and if people think that was an evisceration, then that's the kind of buzz that it gets. But you don't like pregame an evisceration. Don't ever do that. A little tip from the Press Secretary.

CARLSON: Well, but also I mean, these are verbal criticisms, I mean, this -- you know what I mean? You can devalue the language if you overuse hyperbolic terms like eviscerate, do you know what I mean? You've got elderly politician criticizing another elderly politician.

PERINO: Well, or existential --

CARLSON: Exactly. Exactly.

PERINO: It's too much. I would say this. Biden passing the nomination is no sure thing. And he even says that at the end, he said, "Look, I know. They show me the polls. I know the polls are really good. But I'm not taking anything for granted." We're going to know a lot more in two weeks. I'm so excited I get to be on your program, if you'll still have me on the night of the first Democratic debate.

CARLSON: Always.

PERINO: Because that is going to show you who can have a moment, who will be able to snipe at him. Elizabeth Warren had a pretty good week. And in Iowa, her favor ability is way up.


PERINO: She's one point behind Bernie Sanders. If I were President Trump, I would let Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fight it out to take on Joe Biden. He wouldn't have to do anything right now. But he kind of can't resist.

CARLSON: So if I can just take us with one thing the President said, he said that Biden is mentally the weakest in the field. It seems obvious to me that that prize would go every single time to Bill de Blasio of New York, wouldn't it?

PERINO: Bill de Blasio, okay, so there's this poll that came out. For those of you who don't know, he is the mayor of New York City. He has just thrown his hat in the ring for President. It turns out that he is actually less popular in New York State than Donald Trump, which is really saying something.

Because hatred for Donald Trump in New York State is kind of a given. So if Bill de Blasio is actually more disliked than Donald Trump that is really saying something because people can see it with their own eyes. They see what's happening to the city, they get it.

In fact, in some ways, they probably think, please go to Iowa and campaign for the next 18 months and leave us alone.

CARLSON: I think it's really been helpful for New York with him on the road. Dana Perino, it's great to see you, and we will see you in two weeks, if not sooner --

PERINO: Debate night.

CARLSON: To assess.

PERINO: Okay, thanks.

CARLSON: Well, there are more than 20 Democrats running for President right now, and on most major issues, they agree with each other completely. For example, all of them hate borders, at least America's borders and want them to go away. But what do Democrats actually agree on? What do they like most? And the answer it turns out is abortion.

Democrats previously said they wanted abortion to be safe, legal and rare. You remember that? They don't say that anymore. Modern Democrats want abortion to be late, common and subsidized by taxpayers.

It's not even that the left denies that abortion is killing. Honest liberals admit it is in fact killing. They just don't care. Feminist author Sophie Lewis put it in precisely those terms. Watch this.


SOPHIE LEWIS, FEMINIST AUTHOR: Abortion is in my opinion -- and I recognize how controversial this is -- a form of killing. It is a form of killing that we need to be able to defend. I am not interested in where human life starts to exist.


CARLSON: So abortion is killing, even Sophie Lewis who is 100 percent for it concedes that. What if that bothers you? What do you think if it's wrong to take innocent human life?

Well, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has very strong feelings about that. She has an answer. If you disagree that abortion should be legal up until the moment of birth, not restricted in any way and paid for by tax dollars, you're not simply wrong, you're evil, you're on par with racist maybe even the Nazis. Here is Senator Gillibrand.


SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND, D-N.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think there's some issues that have such moral clarity that we have as a society decided that the other side is not acceptable.

Imagine saying that it's okay to appoint a judge who is racist or anti- Semitic or homophobic. Telling -- asking someone to appoint someone who takes away basic human rights of any group of people in America. I think that we are -- I don't think those are political issues anymore.


CARLSON: Senator Gillibrand is very against taking away any basic human rights from anybody, of course, unless those people are unborn and can't vote and therefore can't help her attain power, in which case they're not useful. Killing them is fine.

Lila Rose is the founder of the pro-life group Live Action, and she joins us tonight. Lila, thanks very much for coming. Before I asked you about Senator Gillibrand, there was a report tonight that your organization was in effect censored by Pinterest, the tech company and put in the same category as porn. Confirm that if you would.

LILA ROSE, FOUNDER, LIVE ACTION: Sure. It's been a busy day, Tucker. There's been an insider from the popular website Pinterest, which a lot of women love to use, you pin pictures of babies, wedding decor, and pro-life pins, Bible verses, whatever you want. Live Action has been totally banned. And it's because they say we were originally a porn website, which we're not obviously, we're a pro-life organization.

And now it's -- now they're saying it's because we dwell in conspiracy theories, and we're harmful to public health. At the same time, abortion clinics are on Pinterest, the same website, and they're running ads to promote selling abortions online.

So it's absolutely insanity coming from this big company in San Francisco that's censoring the pro-life message.

CARLSON: Okay, so this comes from -- we couldn't verify this. It sounds right to me. I don't know the answer. But this comes from a whistleblower, what happened to that person?

ROSE: He was fired today. I've actually just been in contact with him. He was an employee at Pinterest. He bravely shared the news that Pinterest is not being fair like they claim they are. They say they allow anybody to share positive messages or even serious political messages on their platform.

And yet, this insider has now been fired after he broke the news this morning. And Live Action has been now totally banned from the website. So it's incredible to see the bias is so explicit and so blatant, from a website that claims to allow anybody to share messages, whether you're pro- life or pro-choice, whatever you are.

CARLSON: I don't know who this person is, but obviously this person is always welcome on the show.

ROSE: He is brave. He is a brave whistleblower.

CARLSON: Well, he is brave. Respond if you would to Kirsten Gillibrand who is running for President after all her claim that if you're uncomfortable with abortion, you're like a racist.

ROSE: Yes, well, look, Kirsten Gillibrand has zero percent, I think. She is polling at zero percent. But her comments, unfortunately, are held -- this idea that it's not even justified to have the pro-life position, you're a racist. I mean, that term is just thrown around today. But saying that you're even a racist to be pro-life.

Half of America is pro-life. And why are we pro-life? Because we believe in human rights. I mean, she invoked human rights. Well, we believe in the right to life for every human being in the womb and outside of the womb. It's our first human right. It's in the Declaration of Independence, and her position of abortion through all nine months for any reason, it's held by all the Democratic candidates for President, every single one of them, Tucker, want abortion through all nine months. That's their position.

It is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, including most Democrats, they don't want abortion on demand for any reason. So she is completely out of touch and it's astonishing for her to say this.

CARLSON: I think they've gone too far even for them. Lila Rose.

ROSE: Way too far.

CARLSON: Thank you. Great to see you tonight.

ROSE: Thanks, Tucker. Thanks for having me.

CARLSON: Well the left is always telling you how much they love immigrants as long as immigrants are very quiet and agree with them. But if they're not, well, they might wind up like the immigrant college professor who is being attacked. Actually, some are saying he should be fired because he opposes illegal immigration. That Professor joins us after the break.


CARLSON: The creepy porn lawyer's legal issues have put his presidential ambitions on hold, at least for now. Twenty to life probably. But CPL is absolutely still on the campaign trail, at least in spirit.

Here is proof. Today, in Iowa, Joe Biden tried out a new slogan for his campaign. Watch.


BIDEN: He says, "Let's make America great again." Let's make America, America again.


CARLSON: It sounded kind of familiar to us. So we routed around in our Fox video archives, and we found CPL saying exactly the same thing in New Hampshire last August. Watch.


MICHAEL AVENATTI, LAWYER: We will make America respected again. And above all else, we will make America, America again.


CARLSON: Well, it's not the first time that Joe Biden has stolen someone else's words. It probably won't be the last. Plagiarism is forever. Creepy porn lawyer though is a generous man. It turns out, he is not upset. He told "The Daily Caller" News Foundation, he doesn't mind Biden stealing his line. And that's a good attitude to have.

For one CPL was the last person who ought to complain about theft. Because who knows if Biden wins, maybe he'll be appreciative and give him a creepy porn pardon. If he does --

Fang Zhou is a History Professor at Georgia Gwinnett College outside of Atlanta. He is exactly the kind of immigrant we would want in this country. He is educated, he knows English well, and he cares a lot about what's best for the United States, his new country.

But Professor Zhou is also a vocal critic of illegal immigration and for that, he has been attacked. It's a though crime some are calling for him to be fired. One lawmaker in Georgia even voiced plans to write to his college to voice your quote, "concerns" an Orwellian term.

Professor Zhou says he won't back down though, and he joins us tonight. Professor, thanks very much for coming on.

FANG ZHOU, HISTORY PROFESSOR, GEORGIA GWINNETT COLLEGE: Thank you for having me. Well, first of all, I'm an Associate Professor with job security. My institution has an academic freedom policy. I teach students the difference between legal and illegal immigration.

So lumping legal and illegal immigration together is not only wrong, it is deeply offensive. It's like lumping pharmacists and drug dealers together and calling an illegal immigrant a quote, "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a drug dealer, quote "an unlicensed pharmacist" or a student who intentionally cheated on a test a quote "answer key borrower."

CARLSON: Okay, so, you know, if I had a professor like you in college, I probably would have learned something and enjoyed it. What do your kids say? What do your students say when you peel off a line like that?

ZHOU: Well, most of my students are against illegal immigration. I respect everyone's viewpoints. I tell students, "You don't have to believe me. If you want to make a convincing argument. Please provide evidence."

CARLSON: Do you provide evidence to back up your positions on immigration?

ZHOU: Absolutely. There have been numerous studies, Harvard Professor, George Borjas had conducted the most in depth statistical analysis on the negative consequences of illegal immigration on the American economy and how that directly lowers the incomes of high school graduates, those with less than a high school diploma in the United States.

CARLSON: Yes. So for saying what you just said, backing up an opinion with evidence, in this case by Harvard researcher, some are saying that you should be fired from your job. What does that tell you?

ZHOU: Well, first of all, I have job security. I'm an Associate Professor. My institution has an academic freedom policy. My perspective is everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don't know this lawmaker. She doesn't represent me. I've never met her.

She can say whatever she wants, so she can contact my institution. Apparently, she has some pro-illegal immigration followers. I've gotten lots and lots of messages. Most of them are overwhelmingly supportive. I have a few that disagree with my views, but I respect everyone's opinions. Everyone has a right to free speech.

CARLSON: What -- first of all, I just want to say again, I'm so glad that you moved to this country. I admire your bravery. I can't believe there's someone like you still teaching in an American University. What do your colleagues think of you?

ZHOU: Well, I think most of my colleagues know my anti-illegal immigration activism, and they understand my perspective as a legal immigrant. And I feel like my colleagues respect my views, and I respect their views.

CARLSON: Do you really think they respect your views? I hope you're right. So when you moved to this country, and they told you that we had free speech here, you took that very seriously, I can tell?

ZHOU: Well, here's what I'll say. I always vote in every single election. I'm a proud Georgia Republican. I vote in the Republican primary, and I'm going to work as hard as I can to help my friend, Congresswoman Karen Handel get reelected in 2020 in the Georgia Sixth District.

CARLSON: Do you think your colleagues are okay with that, too?

ZHOU: Well, it doesn't matter what their opinions are, I respect their views. Some of them live in my district, some of them don't. I assume more of them are liberal, some might be moderate. But at the same time, I respect their views, and they understand where I'm coming from, and I think they respect my views.

CARLSON: Do you think the Democratic Party wants more immigrants like you?

ZHOU: Well, I don't know. But I'll tell you this. In other countries like Canada, they have a merit-based point system, where they give priority to well-educated, legal immigrants who have college degrees, who can speak English, and who have job skills that are needed. No country on Earth has 12 million illegal immigrants and give birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.

CARLSON: I'm for any program that admits more people like you into this country. But wouldn't you think that Democrats would be happy to have you? I mean, if they're pro-immigrant, I imagine you must be getting calls from Democratic lawmakers just thanking you for expressing your opinion, have you?

ZHOU: Well, I'm a Republican, but I respect a lot of Democratic lawmakers. So I think that for one thing is, the United States has 12 million illegal immigrants. No other country on Earth has 12 million illegal immigrants and gives birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.

So if you look at Canada, you look at Australia, they have a merit-based immigration system that gives priority to those with college degrees, English speaking skills and job skills that can contribute to their economy. So they have very few illegal immigrants.

CARLSON: Of course, if you cared about your country that would -- of course, you'd have a system like that. It wouldn't even be a question. Professor, thank you. You're welcome on the show anytime. It's great to have you tonight.

ZHOU: Thank you. Thank you for inviting me.

CARLSON: Of course, thanks. Well, up in Canada, Justin Trudeau who runs the country -- sort of -- just lost a trash war with the Philippines and is expected to lose his next election, too. He has got a plan to saving himself though. Ban plastic straws. That'll do it and by the way, not just plastic straws, other kinds of plastic. Tammy Bruce, here to assess that campaign strategy, after the break.


CARLSON: Justice Trudeau of Canada is up for reelection in just a few months and the polls don't look good for him or his party. Trudeau has a plan to save himself. Trudeau's government has just announced plans to ban single use plastic straws, bags and silverware nationwide by the year 2021.

So for ordinary people life will get a little worse and a little less convenient, and make no mistake, when activists are done harassing the people of Canada, they'll try to import the same laws here.

Tammy Bruce is a radio host and President of Independent Women's Voice. She joins us tonight. Tammy, thanks for coming on. I since it theme here. Politicians on the left, they announced some new initiative. I can't remember the last time one of their ideas make life better for voters.

TAMMY BRUCE, CONTRIBUTOR: Not even neutral. Right? They make things worse, you'd hope for some ambivalence, right? But yes, the theme is that we live in dumb times, because the liberals control so much.

But Justin Trudeau -- it's interesting. He must know, he seems to be a man of the world that 90 percent of the plastic in the world's oceans come from 10 rivers. This is according to the World Economic Forum, eight of which are in Asia, two of those rivers are in Africa. It's from no rivers in Canada is this issue.

So this is the problem with like a national narcissism, this belief that we're responsible for everything that's happening. The fact of the matter is, Canada isn't and neither are we. And yet it placates people when you're telling them, if you don't get your plastic fork, you're saving the whales.

He opened his speech, Tucker, by saying, "What do I tell my children?" And it's a horrible thing. We all love to see animals. When a whale is found dead and there's plastic and its stomach, if they want if the Canadians which, you know, that's not -- this is China, what you would do is go talk to China about these issues, and tell China to stop using plastic bags and straws, but they're not.

But the Canadians could actually stop killing hundreds of thousands of baby seals every year, but they don't want to do that. And yet, that could be a serious conversation that the Canadians could make a difference on. So this is classic. And it's national narcissism. We all want to solve the problem. And I'm against this because it gives the false impression that we're doing something about the issue when the issue is China primarily.

CARLSON: Exactly. Well, that's right. And in fact, there are parts of Canada that have been totally destroyed by mining practices that continue. If you really care about the environment, maybe it would rein in the nickel mines or whatever, but they're not.

It does seem like this is a very specific audience he is aiming at, the kind of affluent, well-educated group who thinks everything is about them and want policies to make them feel virtuous.

BRUCE: Right, exactly. That's something you can do in your in your day to day life without being too bothered, necessarily, but you're sacrificing that the struggle is real Tucker, and they're sacrificing because what are you going to do about that straw that you can't quite wash in the sink -- you're sacrificing in that regard.

This is the absurdity of what we think it is we're doing. There are real things we can do. And even like there's a store that was trying to get people to not want plastic bags in Canada, so it was putting really ridiculous logos on them like the Colonoscopy Coop. And you'd have to carry that around your town. And he thought people wouldn't like that.

The Canadians loved it, because it was like so unique and like limited editions. And they wanted to collect all of the stupid plastic bags. So look, this is -- you know, Canadians, Americans, the Western world, you know, we're entrepreneurs, we have enough information to know how to make a difference. This is a distraction. And it's shameful, and it's what the left does, and it's why things get worse with all of their policies, because they never make a real difference in addressing a real issue.

CARLSON: Consistently worse. That's right. And if you thought that was insightful, there is more, Tammy has new weekly show on Fox Nation called, "Get Tammy Bruce." Episodes come out every Tuesday. We'll be watching, you should, too. Tammy, thanks a lot.

BRUCE: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

CARLSON: Out of time. Back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and especially groupthink, which is everywhere, resists if you can.

Sean Hannity live from New York right now.

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