Levin: Whistleblower statute does not apply to the president or this phone call

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Oh, no, oh, yes, OK. Right.

Welcome to "Hannity". Glad you're with us.

Breaking tonight: major shocking new details surrounding the non-whistle- blower whistle-blower, hearsay whistleblower, including more damning evidence that his attorney is nothing more than a deep state, hate-Trump political hit man.

Plus, we'll address the radical socialist Democrats running for the White House. This is important. We haven't been paying enough attention to it. The great one, Mark Levin, I just talked to him. Yes, he's going to be here tonight, you don't want to miss it.

Don Jr. here tonight. If you missed "The View" today, wow, where he called out the whistle-blower hypocrisy. We'll give you a quick snippet and we'll play a lot more later.


DONALD TRUMP, JR., SON OF PRESIDENT TRUMP: ABC is right now chasing down a whistle-blower about all of those Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So, if we're going to have a conversation about the outrage about whistle-blowers, you work with CBS -- no, you work with CBS to out the whistle-blower.


HANNITY: Let's put it this way, the ladies of "The View" -- they had a tough day. We'll play much more coming up later in the program. Don Jr. will join us. We'll get the behind-the-scenes story.

But start with breaking new developments about the so-called attorney representing the so-called phony, non-whistle-blower hearsay whistle- blower. His name, Mark Zaid. He was on "Hannity and Colmes" apparently in 2006. I have no idea, I don't remember. He's a hyper-partisan, obviously, he's deranged, Trump-hating political operative from the swamp, the sewer in D.C.

He has clearly been plotting impeachment and this coup as he says, from day one. Just look at your screen. Thanks to foxnews.com, this is what we know.

On January 30th, 2017, the president has only been in office 10 days, and guess what? He tweeted #coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachmentwillfollowultimately. #lawyers.

And then he kept going throughout the year. July 1, 2017, tweeting, we will get rid of him and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters, we have to.

And there's more. For months, he tweeted incessantly about President Trump's impeachment, comparisons to Nixon, tweets fantasizing about life after the president being impeached.

And, of course, there is even a tweet highlighting how fake news CNN is going to help take Trump down. Quote: I predict CNN will play a key role in President Trump not finishing out his full term as president.

Now, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he has appeared on fake news CNN a whopping 11 times since he started obsessing and fantasizing about impeachment, on Twitter. He gave us a statement saying: Those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people, that he was referring to a perfectly legal process.

OK. A totally reasonable impeachment coup attempt he started ten days after the president was sworn in. Sure.

And then, by the way, he is a sort of the face of this Trump derangement syndrome. Last night in Monroe, Louisiana, the president had this to say about, well, Mr. ten days into office impeachment mania. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: They just hand me the story. Coup has started, whistleblowers said in 2017. You know when that was? That was a long time ago. It's all a hoax.

They say, January 2017, a coup has started and the impeachment will follow ultimately. It's all -- it's all a hoax, it's a scam.

You know the whistle-blower, the one who came out with this, oh, Trump said this, and the Trump said that, and when they heard the real phone call, the whistle-blower disappeared. Shifty Schiff, he's a corrupt politician, Schiff didn't want to have the whistleblower anymore because nobody thought I was going to release the phone call.


HANNITY: Now, that point the president is right on, and remember, there's eight quid pro quos the congenital liar Schiff was telling us. And with the upcoming public hearings imminent, House Republicans, guess what? They are going to subpoena the non-whistle-blower whistle-blower hearsay whistle-blower to testify. And they also plan to call the, yes, the compromised, the corrupt, coward, congenital liar Schiff to testify under oath. He is a fact witness in this case.

Now, the whistle-blower and his handler -- yes, that would be Adam Schiff and people in his office apparently, they got to answer some very serious questions. We will lay out a few.

Now, we know that Schiff's office was in fact in contact with the hearsay whistle-blower before filing the complaint. So, did Schiff or members of his office collude with the attorney? Did they -- what role did Schiff's office have in orchestrating the complaint? Did they recommend the attorney?

And the non-whistle-blower is apparent -- you know, a deep state holdover from the Obama administration. We got a lot of questions for the hearsay whistle-blower. Ties to Joe Biden, look at tonight's "Washington Examiner", reporting he's actually a guest of sleepy, creepy, crazy Joe at a glitzy lunch in October 2016 to honor the prime minister of Italy.

And, by the way, what was the relationship to John Brennan? Number one Trump hater of them all.

Did anyone from the Obama administration encourage him to file this complaint and maybe get involved in these activities? Where did he get the third-hand material?

I think it's perfectly obvious what is going on here, we -- you know, it's not our first rodeo. Russia, Russia, Russia.

The whistle-blower is not some kind of concerned government employee. No, to me, he looks very partisan. He looks like a hack who hired a hack, partisan Democrat, hate, rage Trump attorney with reported ties to Biden and Schiff in his office, and worked for Trump hater Brennan and other top Democrats.

This is not hard to figure out. Maybe that's why he hired the impeach- Trump-after-ten-days attorney to be his attorney, maybe that's why he coordinated with the congenital liar, the compromised, corrupt Adam Schiff from the beginning in his office. And maybe and likely, that's why he and Schiff desperately don't want him to testify because they would have to answer those questions.

Now, the congenital liar Adam Schiff, three years of lying about Trump Russia -- we got all the evidence, all of it! Now, he had none of it.

Well, he's not on a fact-finding mission. His first witch hunt failed and now he's begun the second witch hunt. Remember, three years, lies, Russian collusion, collusion, collusion, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. Anyway, and get this -- even if the so-called whistle-blower was a real whistle-blower, the facts are the statute protecting anonymity doesn't exist.

Now, he is protected against retribution, retaliation, nobody guaranteed anonymity in the statute. That means if they claim that you better not reveal the name of the non-whistle-blower, you are in deep trouble. No, you're not.

Plenty of people have named the non-whistle-blower already. I know the name of the non-whistle-blower.

Our new guest, by the way, Gregg Jarrett, his best-selling book just out, "Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History".

This is really sort of just like the next chapter which he should probably start writing the book now.

GREGG JARRETT, LEGAL ANALYST: Don't make me do that.

HANNITY: All right. Is there anonymity guarantees on the law, any anonymity guarantee for a whistle-blower?

JARRETT: There's no entitlement guarantee, right, or privilege under the whistle-blower law to anonymity. It's a persistent myth, which is really quite confounding. There is one narrow provision that gives discretion to the inspector general to disclose or not disclose the name, but that has no application to anyone else.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that, A, whistle-blower deserves anonymity. This one doesn't because he doesn't qualify as a whistle-blower under the law. You have to meet two conditions -- he doesn't meet either one of them and don't take my word for it, the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, as well as the acting director of national intelligence both said he is not a whistle-blower under the law.

Nevertheless, you will never hear this from the media that never bothers to open a law book.

HANNITY: Yes. And, by the way, a person in America does have a right to face their accusers the last I read.


HANNITY: I may just have picked that up somewhere, maybe I made it up.

Let me ask you about another column you wrote. You've identified four laws that you believe would be applicable to Joe Biden, 15 USC 78. It is illegal for a person to coerce or influence through bribery or extortion -- a billion dollars -- a foreign nation into taking action -- fire the prosecutor -- that might financially benefit the person or his family or business -- Hunter.

Does that -- does that apply?

JARRETT: Sure. The Hobbs Act, extortion, bribery, but most importantly, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the person, especially a public official, cannot use coercion and influence through money to demand a benefit that would extend to himself or his family.

HANNITY: Is that 18 USC 201?

JARRETT: I don't have it in front of me, but it's the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

HANNITY: Well, let me read it.

Whoever gives off, promises anything of value to a public official to influence an official act is guilty of bribery. 201B, giving or offering anything of value to a public official in exchange for any official act.

OK, a billion dollars, you got six hours, you get a billion if you fire the prosecutor. You don't get the billion if you don't fire him. #quidproquoJoe.

Is that a quid pro quo?

JARRETT: Oh, it's absolutely a quid pro quo. The question is, is it a legal or illegal quid pro quo, and it depends on Biden's intent. But the circumstantial evidence, especially John Solomon's reporting now, shows that it appears that Joe Biden's motivation was to protect his son.

And, by the way, that's what the fired prosecutor said. He was closing in on Burisma and Hunter Biden, and that's why he was fired by Biden.

HANNITY: We're going to talk to -- so when you use Hunter's name -- can you please Obama State Department stop looking into us, because we even have Hunter Biden on our board. Oh, now it makes sense. Thank you, this has been so hard and so difficult and so complicated.

Gregg Jarrett, great work.

Now, let's turn to some more breaking developments. Newly released transcripts from the, you know, top-secret, Schiff, Soviet-style impeachment coup attempt -- bad news for Democrats. Look at this, career State Department official George Kent -- George, by the way, you me an apology. We're going to be talking about this soon. Testified he had no knowledge that U.S. aid to Ukraine was ever connected to an investigation request and he said the government of Ukraine had no idea there was a temporary hold on aid until a month after the president's phone call with Ukraine. And, by the way, they got the money without doing anything.

And that's not all. Kent also raise concerns about the Bidens and Burisma Holdings, even mentioned yours truly, I will accept the guy's apology.

In fact, Kent also testified I was talking to the State Department about the former ambassador to Ukraine. I'm going to spell it out for all of you one more time, I suggest you read my Twitter account.

I don't know anything about that lady. To be honest -- I have no idea how to pronounce her last name, I never talked to Secretary Pompeo or anybody at the State Department about her or anything else, a I don't know anything about her.

I would advise you all very strongly -- I'm saying this in a nice way. All of you had better stop lying about me, you now have been told the truth again. Stop lying.

In fact, according to our own research, she was mentioned in passing four times on this show, including by John Solomon, he will join us in a minute. And he was reporting on an interview conducted with a top Ukrainian justice official who claimed that this U.S. ambassador gave him a "do not prosecute" list, filled with Obama allies. That's like the A.G. of the United States saying it, blame him -- take a look.


UKRAINIAN JUSTICE OFFICIAL (through translator): It's true I have a difficult personal relationship with the Ms. Ambassador. Unfortunately, from the first meeting with a U.S. ambassador in Kiev, Ms. Ambassador gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.


HANNITY: All right. To the media mob and those testifying, you want to a lash out at anyone? You might want to lash out at that guy, that prosecutor guy in the video that John Solomon was interviewing.

The Ukraine story is zero experience Hunter Biden, 49-year-old son of the vice president, he gets millions of dollars. As the vice president learns his son is being investigated from even "The New York Times", and then lo and behold, Joe goes to Ukraine. He's leading up the efforts on behalf of the Obama administration for Ukraine.

And then we get the quid pro quo Joe -- simple. He says, you've got six hours, you got six hours -- fire the prosecutor, I'll give you a billion dollars. You got six hours. If you don't fire him, you're not getting the $6 billion. You have six hours.

So, when it comes to Ukraine, you idiots in the media mob, I have been laser-focused on the Bidens. That's the real Ukrainian corruption. There is a real quid pro quo Joe.

Speaking of which, the transcript from George Kent, who I've never heard of also, reveals a major bombshell about Joe and Hunter Biden. Look at this, according to Kent, the Obama administration actually tried to partner with Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma Holdings, they are the ones paying no experience Hunter all of those millions on a U.S. aid project until Kent, I guess to his credit, objected and he cited the firm's alleged corruption.

Then, later, Hunter Biden's sketchy, very -- no experience profitable connection -- it happened in other countries, too, to Burisma in this case.

So at this point, how is it even possible for the mob and the media to defend Joe and Hunter Biden? #quidproquoJoe. There is now damning evidence that paints a vivid picture of, oh, I think that would be corruption, certainly trying to buy favor, some might call it influence peddling, I call it quid pro quo Joe.

Joining us now with more, FOX News contributor John Solomon.

All right. You've got breaking news tonight. Very quickly.


HANNITY: You interviewed -- is the guy in the interview we just played, he is the equivalent of the A.G., because I don't know anybody in Ukraine.

SOLOMON: He is, yes.

HANNITY: He is like the equivalent of like Barr.

SOLOMON: He is, and he was a guy that was put in place because Joe Biden fired his predecessor, Shokin, and remember, Joe Biden vouched for Lutsenko in that same tape where he talked about firing the other guy, he said, I put a solid guy in place of him, meaning Lutsenko. Now they've turned on Lutsenko because they don't like the story he's telling about Hunter Biden.

HANNITY: Oh, and you were like, what, as you were interviewing him, you weren't supposed to report that.

SOLOMON: Yes, I guess not.

HANNITY: Understood. Let's go to what you developed tonight. This is important.

SOLOMON: Yes, very important. George Kent, that State Department official testified in the '16, the summer of '16, he learned the U.S. State Department's foreign aid bureau, the USAID, had created a partnership with Burisma and Hunter Biden, to do a clean energy project and he put a stop to it because he was concerned that Burisma had a reputation of being corrupt.

Why did that happen? We know this from something earlier I reported on your show, Sean. Back in December, Hunter Biden's partner, Devon Archer, texted an American lawyer and said, we just came back from USAID, they are going to give us a project and we are going to announce it. It's going to take the stain of "The New York Times" article calling is corrupt away.

So, here's another piece of proof, U.S. State Department trying to help Hunter Biden steer the narrative or Hunter Biden's company steer the narrative. And sure as heck, they get the project and that's only because of George Kent's interference that it stopped at the last minute.

HANNITY: By the way, why does that lady hate you so much? You were brought up a lot today in the hearings. Were you lied about like I was lied about?

SOLOMON: Well, I will tell you one thing that is very important. There is a he said/she said situation. Lutsenko says do no prosecute, let's have a meeting. Yovanovitch says there wasn't.

But here's what isn't in dispute. George Kent testified, like state officials told me three months ago, no matter what happened in the Yovanovitch meeting, yes, on several occasions, the U.S. embassy did put pressure on Ukraine prosecutors not to pursue certain prosecutions, mostly of people that were allies of either the embassy or George Soros.

George Kent confirmed that today. He confirmed signing a letter saying back off the George Soros group. He confirmed multiple names that Lutsenko gave me as people that he and the embassy raised that the prosecutors saying back off.

HANNITY: I actually hope they call you in, because you know more about this country than anybody.

SOLOMON: I like to stick to the pen and pad.

HANNITY: Here's what I know -- if you fire the prosecutor, you get a billion.

SOLOMON: That's right.

HANNITY: If you don't fire the prosecutor, you don't get a billion.

SOLOMON: End of day.

HANNITY: You got six hours. That's quid pro quo Joe. We've got a quid pro quo.

John Solomon, thank you.


HANNITY: All right. Also tonight, the new, extreme, radical Democratic socialist party is officially a dumpster fire of far-left socialism, unhinged impeachment hysteria. After all, they have done nothing for you, we, the people. They push conspiracy theories, hoaxes, lies, propaganda.

They are constantly smearing, slandering, besmirching anyone they can, especially anyone associated with Donald Trump. They have now doubled down on stupid in their economy-killing agenda. We haven't talked enough about this.

Look at the numbers we are talking about. Hundreds of trillions of dollars, with a T, trillions, in new spending. Very few specifics, except they want to legalize stealing from the rich on how they are going to pay for all of this.

Remember Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal dream? That came at a price tag of $93 trillion. Now, we got Elizabeth Warren's $52 trillion Medicare-for-All plan. You add it together, you got $145 trillion in new spending, in ten years.

Let me see. We take $4 trillion a year, four times 10 is 40. We're only taking $40 trillion. Oh, we're $105 trillion short.

Everyone with a brain knows that would mean new taxes for everybody, wealth confiscation, not just for the wealthy, pretty much everybody. And everybody knows that plan would destroy the United States of America, the economy in less than a week, deplete your 401(k), the lifeblood of our economy, oil and gas, is gone, We would have a national socialist Venezuela nightmare on our hands.

Maybe that's why Warren has repeatedly dodged the tough questions when asked about this. Take a look.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hardworking middle- class families are going to see their costs go down.

STEPHEN COLBERT, TV HOST: But will their taxes go up?

WARREN: Well, but here's the thing, I spent --

COLBERT: But here's the thing, I listen to these answers a few time before.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, TV HOST: I know you believe the deductibles and premiums will go down. Will middle-class taxes go up? Will private insurance be eliminated?

WARREN: Look, what families have to deal with is cost, total cost. That's what they have to deal with.

How much are your costs going to go down?

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: No, no, different question. How much will your taxes go up?

WARREN: No, it's how much your costs, because it's how much families end up spending.

MATTHEWS: I know that argument. But will you pay more in taxes? Why don't you want to answer that question? Because as Jake said tonight, that's a Republican talking point. It's not a Republican talking point. It's a question.

WARREN: It's a question about where people are going to come out economically. Look, I spent, I spent --

MATTHEWS: That's not my question. That's not my question.


HANNITY: Even that guy, the guy that gets a thrill up his leg, he has coined the term Obamagasm. Every time Obama spoke, even he asked for the first time in his dopey career, kind of a failed career, even he got the question right.

Now to get on board, this new extreme Democratic socialist agenda, you're going to have to suspend all intelligence, common sense, reason, rationality, have to be the biggest hypocrite in the world. You want to -- Democrats want to raise your taxes and wealth. They want to legalize stealing after you pay them. They want another bite at the apple, then when you die, you got to die pay to die in America.

They want to get rid of the lifeblood of the economy, oil and gas, the combustion engine, and then they will make it illegal to have your own private health insurance to get out of their government-run system. How to keep your doctor plan and pay less work?

And they'll support after-birth abortion, ditch the Electoral College, open up our borders, stack the Supreme Court and it goes on from there.

All right. Joining us now, we are glad to welcome back to the program, I can go on forever. We have our friend Dan Bongino. He is with us, also has a bestseller "Exonerated". And FOX News contributor Emily Compagno.

Dan, I throw it to you. That's what they want. They want to get rid of this president for no reason, to get -- with Russia they had to ignore the dossier, now with Ukraine, they have to ignore quid pro quo Joe and everything they blame on Trump. Trump didn't do anything wrong.

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Sean, this is an impeachment for imbeciles.

Do you realize what kind of grade A moron you have to be to believe in this case? I mean, let's just put this together. Who are the main players, right? So, the allegations, let's walk this slow for the liberals watching.

So, the allegation is a quid pro quo, with this for that, you know, give me information on Hunter Biden or I withhold military aid from you, right? That's the allegation, correct?

Nobody has confirmed this allegation yet. As a matter of fact, let's look at the players they've interviewed. Gordon Sondland who was our ambassador over there picked by Trump, ambassador to the E.U. over there, in a text message specifically states the charges d'affaires in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, that the president was, quote, Sean, crystal-clear, there's no quid pro quo.

Even worse, Sondland states he spoke to the president of the United States, who was in a bad mood, which is irrelevant and asked about what he wants from Ukraine, the president says to him, nothing, I want nothing. If this is a quid pro quo, it is the single worst and dumbest quid pro quo in human history.

You can't extort someone who doesn't know they are being extorted and when nobody knows what the extortion actually is. It's stupid.

HANNITY: Emily, you're a lawyer. Is Hunter and Joe Biden -- is Joe Biden admitting to a quid pro quo, fire him and you get a billion, don't fire him, you don't get anything -- you've got six b hours, that sounds like quid pro quo to me. But maybe -- what do I -- I'm just a dopey talk show host, what do I know?

EMILY COMPAGNO, CONTRIBUTOR: No, right. It seems pretty crystal- clear to me and also in a vacuum for any average American voter, any average American citizen that is watching this. And I think that's what's so frustrating to people -- I literally get a handful of people who reach out every single day with questions about this entire process. They say, I'm confused, explain it for me.

That's the average American citizen right now, is sick of this amorphous, cloudy process that the Democrats are putting everyone through without legislating. As well as that double standard that is coming from the left that doesn't apply to anyone when it's on the other shoe. So, everyone is exhausted from it, they're confused. And certainly, when you put it in a vacuum, of course, it's quid pro quo.

HANNITY: I'm going to have made up t-shirts and bumper stickers, #quidproquoJoe.

Congrats on the book, Dan Bongino.

BONGINO: 30330.

HANNITY: You know, I'm going to give them away to the audience.

All right. When we come back, huge update on FISA, it's coming. We have Jason Chaffetz, David Limbaugh.

The great one Mark Levin is on fire. He is going to blow up the story of the whistle-blower's attorney, and we'll also hear from Rush Limbaugh tonight, and Donald Trump Jr. is going to respond to the craziness on "The View" today. He's going to join us straight ahead. We'll show you that tape.


HANNITY: All right. I'm sick of waiting. I know many of you are sick of waiting.

OK. So, we hear the highly anticipated FISA abuse report by the inspector general is being finalized by DOJ inspector general. The guy has 600 people working for him, what is taking so long?

And while recent reports suggest we'd get the report sometime after Thanksgiving, we're now hearing it's going to come sooner.

Here's somebody who knows the inspector general. That would be the author of the bestseller, "Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win", also attorney, columnist, David Limbaugh.

Look at his new book that just came out, "Power Grab: The Liberal Scheme to Undermine Trump, the GOP, and Our Republic", only one week old, a "New York Times" best seller also.

Welcome, both of you to the program.

David, congrats on your book.


HANNITY: Jason, your book sold, congrats on your success.

You know Horowitz, I'm sick of it, Jason. I'm tired of hearing it. I'm tired of the audience hearing it's coming. I'm tired that he has 600 employees and they can't get this job done faster.

How long has this been and how long do we have to wait now, because it's getting old?

JASON CHAFFETZ, CONTRIBUTOR: No, I'm getting sick of it as well. The Attorney General Barr thought it was going to come out in May and here we are coming up on Thanksgiving. I've talked to enough people who think it's right on that precipice. I don't think it has anything to do with Horowitz delaying it, I think it's the fact that Durham actually is moving forward on some prosecution.

And one other point Sean, I learned a long time ago from inspectors general, when the subjects of the investigation start squealing before it's published, you know it's going to be devastating. That would be Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and McCabe those people are squealing the most right now and I think are going to take at the hardest in the shorts in this report.

HANNITY: David Limbaugh, you're a great attorney. I see slam-dunk case sort of like Hillary's obstruction case slam-dunk. We know they were warned, premeditated, we know that it was the bulk of the information the FISA application, we know that that was the dirty bought and paid for Hillary dossier. We know it's unverifiable because the author didn't stand by it himself under oath. So how is that not premeditated fraud on a court, why would it take 400 years to get the report?

DAVID LIMBAUGH, "GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY" AUTHOR: I sure hope they are uncovering every stone to prove the points you are making Sean. Listen, there's a common thread with Ukraine. Both cases are based on fraudulent sketchy evidence, that's the common thread for the Democrats.

Look, they went after Trump not disclosing that this was opposition research paid for by Hillary, that Steele had an Anti-Trump agenda, that he was fired by the FBI that he presented a news article to the FISA court that was also sourced to Steele that was corroborative evidence, what a fraud?

We don't realize how serious a matter this is. The FISA court involves extraordinary circumstances you have to have strong evidence because of the extraordinary privacy concerns that are involved in these kinds of warrants. As you said, the Grassley memo showed that most of this warrant application was based on the Steele dossier, the Democrats - that so to the never Trumper now we come out and find out if totally true.

HANNITY: Adjacent that is a slam-dunk case, premeditated fraud on a FISA court. If I lied to a judge or let's say I deleted subpoenaed emails, cleaned up my hard drive, beat up my devices, remove the Sim cards I would go to jail. If I committed premeditated fraud on the courts to spy on a presidential candidate, transition team and President and I think I would go to jail, I don't know why would think that but I just do.

CHAFFETZ: If you did that, you should go to jail and the fact that it's said at the very top of this that it was verified and not look for in this report the communications that happened after this report was submitted because there's a lot of concern that Brennan and Clapper and some of these others had some communication after the fact that shows what they had done previously what wasn't necessarily true and verified. And at some point the court has actually got a standard for itself and actually go after some people, you can't just lie to the court.

HANNITY: David Limbaugh, you are a great attorney, you've done every contract in my career, brilliant attorney, you've done every contract to your brother, you think you've done everyone for the Great One; he was on everybody's contracts. If all that is true, why is this so hard? I don't think you could get me out of jail with that as smart as you are.

LIMBAUGH: I really don't understand it. I don't understand why it's taking so long and what they are ultimately going to do? You tend to be pessimistic because the Democrats always seem to skate on these things, they haven't been held to account for starting this whole thing in the first place. They haven't been held to account for lying about the Trump- Russia hoax, think about that.

They just pivoted to Ukraine, none of this ever matters nobody ever stings them back. It's time that these counter reports that these counter investigations by Durham and by the IG yield some fruit because the public demands accountability. This cannot continue to go on. Jason has been great on this. This has got to stop as a deterrent for future conduct like this.

HANNITY: Thank you both, great analysis. Congrats to both of your books on amazon.com and book stores everywhere. All right, as I laid out in the monologue - by the way we are going to be joined in a minute, Don, Jr., wait till you see this tape.

He's going to be on the show and give us behind the scenes in a minute. You've got this whistleblower non whistleblower lawyer, Mark Zaid blatant Anti-Trump bias ten days after the President is sworn in he's talking about impeachment.

Anyway, with all of that said, there's only one guy we can bring that could tear this up. By the way his show number one on Sunday nights at 10 well, now has been moved to 8:00 starting this weekend, "Great One" and there is his book "Unfreedom of the press". When does your show start at eight?

MARK LEVIN, "UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS," AUTHOR: 8:00 pm eastern time, it starts this Sunday.

HANNITY: Congratulations, and by the way you've been number one for the whole time you have been on the air, I don't know what to say. Take us through this.

LEVIN: For my whole life, but thank you.

HANNITY: Perhaps, thank me.

LEVIN: All right, look. First of all who's ever heard of a whistleblower who is someone who is backed by the establishment? Normally you have a whistleblower who challenging the establishment, challenging in the system, you have the entire establishment, the media, the Democratic Party, part of the Republican Party back in the Senate backing the whistleblower. I've really never seen anything like this, it's really bizarre.

The reason you have whistleblower protections is because the whistleblower is going against the system. In this case we have the President going against the system and the whistleblower going against the President of the United States. I want to explain to the American people in a way that even Joe Scarborough can understand with the law is because you are hearing a lot of lies from Schiff and the Democrats in these phony legal analysts.

Andy McCarthy did a good job in the national review I've talked about this radio too. The whistleblower statute does not apply to the President of the United States, does not apply to conversations the President of the United States has with leaders of other country, and it does not apply to foreign policy.

So the whistleblower statute does not apply to the President or this phone call. Number one, I hope Richard Burr is listening, the Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee which really is not a very intelligent committee.

Number two, the so-called whistleblower does not have statutory protection. He doesn't meet the statutory elements. He was not an official who reports on intelligence activities within the purview of the Director of National Intelligence. He was serving temporarily on the National Security Council reporting to the President.

Number three, the law does not - hello! Does not guarantee anonymity to the whistleblower, only the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community is to keep it confidential with certain exceptions. The President can release the name, Congress can come of the media is not bound and interestingly enough, the intelligence committee did release his name - Adam Schiff did release his name by accident last night in that transcript.

So I guess we should arrest Adam Schiff for that in a thousand other reasons. Congress has never provided overarching legal protection to any whistleblower, certainly not in the context of launching an impeachment investigation, so why are they hiding this guy from me, we the people? We know his name, we know all about him and yet the same newspapers that put out the Pentagon papers and everything else, they are keeping it secret.

How can you impeach a president a process to be triggered by this guy who was a political hack, a political hack without the House, the Senate, the President and the public scrutinizing his motives, his credibility and his veracity? It's not that his substance of the complaint his is determinative, it's the fact of his complaints.

This is the second impeachment document they have put together. His lawyers, that's right "Coupster" a new word, the coup. I'm sure that Adam Schiff's staff was involved we want to know who was involved? The Democrats, the media, feckless Republicans, they would have us impeach a President without knowing who this guy is?

He's a political hack yet we reportedly know who he is, right? Now this cover-up, that's what it is, it's intended to protect the Democrat Party, the Obama Administration, this guy worked in the Obama Administration, Adam Schiff who knows all about this guy. Adam Schiff hired a couple old NSC staffers, took them out of the Trump Administration they are on his staff now.

I have no doubt they are involved in this process, who else they want to protect? Joe Biden! Nobody has asked to Joe about this guy, this guy knows Joe Biden, and Joe Biden knows this guy. So we have to protect him and we have to Brennan. So infected pretend - in fact all these people and his hacked lawyers who have been running around saying we are independent, we have no axe to grind, we even represented Republicans.

His coup leading slip and fall lawyers, now we know all about them. The problem is Adam Schiff like a good mobster has decided you can't call this guy as a witness. You can't call me as a witness Republicans because you need my approval and I'm not going to give you the approval.

So the head mobster of this operation says I'm in charge of who the witnesses can be and I'm not going to let you call these people so it's a grand cover-up. Adam Schiff is also the guy in charge of the cover-up.

Here's the thing I want the American people to understand, the laws on the President's side, the facts from the President's side and what they are attacking is the transition of power. They have never supported the transition of power from the Obama Administration to a Trump Administration and I want to remind Adam Schiff and all the slow learners on MSNBC and CNN, the President sets foreign policy, it doesn't make a difference if you don't agree with it.

I don't care whether they are a Former Obama Ambassador from the Ukraine. Oh, they forced me out, too damn bad. We elected this President, he appoints whoever he wants and if he wants to treat Ukraine in a certain way, he is free to do it. Meanwhile Ukraine got the military aid Obama wouldn't give, meanwhile the President of the Ukraine said what quid pro quo?

There is a quid pro quo we should not be involved in it. Our President says no quid pro quo, so what do they do? They go to bureaucrats who never heard of in the State Department who say "Well, I don't think the President should have done that" did you talk? No. Did you witness anything? No. Did you have any firsthand? No. Did you listen in the phone call? Yes, but I don't think the transcript is right.

What the hell is going on here? This is another hoax being perpetrated by the Democrats, a phony impeachment effort, like the phony Russia effort, Mr. President, stay strong, this will collapse eventually but we do need the whistleblower to testify, Schiff to testify because the whole House of cards will collapse and the American people will see what - this was an outrageous attack by them on the President. Yes, sir.

HANNITY: I would add two more names to be questioned. Hunter and Joe because you know what, everyone is looking for a quid pro quo we have quid pro quo Joe. If you fire the prosecutor, I'll give you a billion dollars you don't fire him, you're getting the billion. You've got six hours and he was warned that his son was being investigated, and his we call him zero experience Hunter. I want them also put under oath. Great One--

LEVIN: You're right.

HANNITY - 8:00 on Sunday night, new time, number one show on Sundays here on the Fox News Channel, we are proud of you. Up next, Donald Trump Jr. He went in and took down the ladies of "The View," it was an experience. We are going to show you the highlights, he will give us the behind the scenes, he joins us next.


HANNITY: All right, Donald Trump Jr. KG they went on the view today to promote his brand-new book "Triggered" which also happens to describe the scene surrounding his appearance with the ladies of the view. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lowering the discourse to his level, which is horrible for this country even if people are working, we don't want to have a country like that do you understand that?

DONALD TRUMP JR, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION: We've all done things that we regret, if we are talking about bringing the discourse down. You have worn black face. Roman Polanski, it wasn't rape when he raped a child.


HANNITY: Joining us now, author of the new book "Triggered" He is in Birmingham tonight the President's son the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. Donald Trump Jr., you've got to tell everybody, Hannity say hello.

TRUMP JR: Hannity says hello, guys.


HANNITY: I'm watching this thing today and I'm like why? Why did you even bother? Why?

TRUMP JR: Every once in a while you have to try, you got to try to speak to everyone, hopefully they listen, in that case they didn't because he would think if you're invited on the show and they built it up and they're give you three segments, you would think if you are there to promote a book, they would ask you one question about the actual book Sean, but they didn't do that. I guess it's a little bit about why I wrote "Triggered", I think the title speaks for itself, because they were obviously triggered. I don't think they like me much anymore.

HANNITY: I used to do all those stupid shows, I think the last time I went on that show, Rosie O'Donnell was hosting and lost her mind and poor Barbara Walters couldn't control the chaos. The reality is look at this whole media thing - okay, there's a quid pro quo. There's no quid pro quo. Your father has faithfully executing the laws but there was a quid pro quo and that is Joe who knew his son was being investigated, you fire the prosecutor, you get a billion, you don't fire the prosecutor, you don't get a billion. Quid pro quo Joe, Don.

TRUMP JR: Yes, in its own tape in front of everyone and he's saying it that way, there's no ambiguity, there is no nothing. He was in control of it, Hunter Biden was getting boards of companies and languages he can't speak, and companies he knows nothing about why are you there Hunter? I'm never really thought about that. Well I know why you're there. I think everyone in America knows why you are there? We are having a good time here in books of million in Birmingham, Alabama Sean, doing a little bit of a triggered tour but glad we get these guys in there, because I think they are all in agreement with us.

HANNITY: By the way I started, 90 miles north of Birmingham, I was broadcasting in Huntsville, Alabama, had a great two years there and the newspaper, wrote an editorial when I left, goodbye to the talk show host from hell. I was very proud of that. I will say this.

TRUMP JR: That sounds like my average day Sean.

HANNITY: I think we are in the same boat. The thing is if a kid wearing a Maga hat, results in what they did to Sandman and look why all the slander have the smears I don't think there is any low they won't start. I think the next the 362 days is going to be a war every day to destroy you, your family, your dad with lies because they had been lying now for three years.

TRUMP JR: That's exactly right. And I mean you saw what happened to me yesterday, I literally re-tweeted an article with the name of the supposed whistleblower in the title of the article and there is outrage. It was on drudge four days ago, it's in "RealClearPolitics", it was in "Brett Baier", a couple other places.

He's in danger of his life - this is a CIA Operative in danger of his life? I wish they would've shown a little bit of the same amount of outrage when my family opened up a white powdery substance in an exploding envelope that showed up at my house.

These guys are full of it Sean. And the thing is they aren't outrage that he was out, they're outraged that now in his name is out there, everyone is able to realize this is a guy that's tied to Brennan, this is a guy that's tied to Susan Rice, this is a guy who worked for Biden with the Ukraine nonsense and this is a guy whose lawyer has been tweeting since January of 2017, the coup has started, impeachment is next, we are going to get Trump out of there.

This is just a joke and they realize they got caught in the act again because they wanted this innocent public servant whistleblower that is doing the right thing instead of just another one of the coup cabal of those clowns who have been doing this for three years. The reality is the American public gets it Sean, they see through this nonsense, they are sick of it as I am and they should be.

Because if it's going on here in America in 2019, we should all be ashamed of ourselves that they are trying to overthrow a duly elected President because they didn't get the results they wanted and they want to promote their socialist leftist policies and that's the only thing that matters, that's disgusting. If this was on in a Banana Republic Sean, we would be outraged. It's going on here in America right now.

HANNITY: All right, Don Jr., we wish you the best. Send my love to all of my friends in Birmingham - they have some of the best barbecue, you got to stop at one of the places. Don, thank you. Good luck on your book tour. When we come back, Rush Limbaugh. We didn't get to it last night wait till you get his take on this impeachment witch hunt, that is next, stay with us.


HANNITY: All right, On his radio show earlier today, America's Anchorman Rush Limbaugh blasting the Democrats, impeachment, madness exposing it for it really is and the only way that Rush can. Take a look.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW: This is a big deal folks they are attempting to overturn a duly constituted legal election. This is not just politics as usual. This is a direct assault on the constitution. It's a direct assault on the American voter by a bunch of people who don't want to have to put up with voters do or think. You elect the wrong person and they are going to try to take your choice away from you. And they are going to try to destroy the people you vote for as a means of destroying you and dispiriting you.


HANNITY: Checkmate Rush and Mark there's a few of us. This country needs you in 362 days, one important announcement, Veterans Day is coming up and that's why I'm spreading the word about America Corporate Partners and their ACP Thanks Campaign, they are matching our veterans with corporate executives in a special mentorship program to help our vets gain access to every industry as they transition from the military to the civilian workforce. Please help them if you can, put it up there for you.

All right, that is all the time we have left this evening. Our promise, we will never be the rage, hate, psychotic media mob. We will always seek the truth, something the mob won't do. The good news is, let not your hearts be troubled. Laura Ingraham is up next -- 362 days, Laura, I hope we shock the world again. That would be pretty cool.

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