Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

A Black Eye

Washington D.C. Democratic Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton took a swipe at the lone African-American on the Supreme Court in predicting that President Obama will not pick a black judge to fi ll the seat of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens: "We're not sure this president is ever going to nominate another African-American to the court. [Barack Obama]'s African-American. We've got someone who proposes to be African-American on the court."

Holmes Norton was referring to Justice Clarence Thomas who is generally considered a conservative.

Horace Cooper of the black leadership network Project 21 responded: "Ms. Holmes Norton should be ashamed. This is precisely the type of offensive rhetoric that keeps us Americans divided along race lines. If David Duke had said that retiring Justice Stevens 'proposes to be white' because of his rulings — she would be the first to denounce him."

Feeling Unwanted

Mexico's government is warning citizens that the new Arizona immigration law has created what it calls a negative political environment for Mexican visitors.

A new travel warning urges Mexicans in Arizona to "act with prudence and respect the framework of local laws."

While some lawmakers have called for a boycott of Arizona the state, some online activists have suggested they will boycott Arizona iced tea. So the founder of Arizona beverages tried to clear things up by explaining on his website that the company was founded in New York and maintains headquarters in Long Island.

Champion for Women?

The United Nations has put Iran on its commission on the status of women which it says is dedicated to gender equity and the advancement of women. The announcement was buried 2,000 words into a U.N. press release.

Iranian law calls for harsh punishments for women violators, including stonings and lashings, and some hardliners in that country are even threatening to arrest women because of their sun tans. The Daily Telegraph writes that officials contend the women are violating Islamic law. Tehran's police chief called it social misbehavior by women in which "we can see many suntanned women and young girls who look like walking mannequins." He said it would not be tolerated and after a warning, violators could be put in prison. This just days after another Iranian cleric insisted scantily-clad women cause earthquakes.

Fox News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.