Laboring to Tell the Truth

On this Labor Day, laboring to tell the truth: About labor, about us, about the economy and about how well we're doing.

That might surprise you, because a lot of politicians are using this day to say things are miserable these days.

I say "using," because they're crafting the numbers to fit their message and their gloom and conveniently omitting the numbers that do not fit that gloom.

Numbers like 4.5 percent unemployment — the lowest on earth.

And 4 percent quarterly growth — about the highest on earth.

I think you do a huge disservice to workers in this country when you dismiss what they're doing right in this country.

Buying things when experts said they wouldn't.

Continuing to pay their mortgages when the press would make you think the vast majority couldn't.

The dirty little secret here, my friends, isn't that some folks suffer — some folks do. But most folks do not.

More than 97 percent of all mortgages being paid on time, month in and month out, doesn't make news. Exaggerating the few who signed onto riskier loans and are not, does.

Believe me, I'm not saying, let them eat cake. I am saying, let them savor the facts.

Facts like economic numbers that are every bit as strong as they were 10 years ago when no one in the media said boo.

Now I guess there's a different president and an unpopular war and the same media says "bah."

But facts matter and common sense matters more.

The only way you can correct what ails us, is to better present a view of us: Laboring to fix our problems this day, not laboring to distort reality every day.

Enjoy your Labor Day. But enjoy your hard-earned success all days.

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