Killing Babies in America

For more than a year, "The Factor" has been investigating Dr. George Tiller of Kansas. For $5000, "Tiller the Baby Killer," as some call him, will perform a late-term abortion for just about any reason.

In Kansas, the law says that abortions are legal after 22 weeks when a baby in the womb becomes viable, only if there is "irreversible impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman."

Now that's a pretty high bar. But there is the mental health exception. And that is where Dr. Tiller lives.

"The Factor" has learned that in Kansas, a mental health exception can be just about anything. However, we needed to prove that. So we tried to get Tiller's records. We could not. He cited patient confidentiality. And month after month, we were frustrated.

But now, "The Factor" has evidence that indicates Tiller killed late-term fetuses by citing "temporary depression" on the part of the mother. That was the reason Tiller performed scores, perhaps thousands of late-term abortions.

"Temporary depression" could mean anything. So what we have here in Kansas is a doctor who will terminate a pregnancy at any time for a reason that is vague and undefined. Now I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, even if you are pro-choice, do you believe this is morally right? Tiller himself will not comment about his barbaric practice, but we've obtained a video where he says this.


GEORGE TILLER, M.D., ABORTION PROVIDER: Patients are smart enough to understand what's going on with them. Patients are tough enough to put up with the emotional pain of the decision. And patients are responsible enough to put up with the good results and the bad results that come from their decisions.


Now in addition to Tiller's late-term abortion mill, "The Factor" has obtained information that his clinic and another in Kansas are violating the law. Dozens of abortions have been performed in that state on girls ages 10 to 15, some of them by Tiller — 10 to 15. And those abortions were not reported to authorities as required by law.

Now several of those abortions indicated forcible rape. Once again, they weren't reported. So the criminals who impregnated the girls have so far gotten away with it.

Kansas attorney general Phil Kline, who we'll talk to in a few moments, is trying to rectify the situation, but is under attack from many newspapers in his state — wait until you hear this. And this is simply incomprehensible.

In the state of Kansas, there is a doctor, George Tiller, who will execute babies for $5,000 if the mother is depressed. And there are rapists impregnating 10-year-olds who are being protected by abortion clinics. It doesn't get worse than that. This is the absolute shame of America.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Our pals, Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz and ABC News anchor Charles Gibson had a little chat about me the other day.


HOWARD KURTZ, HOST, CNN'S "RELIABLE SOURCES": Bill O'Reilly says it's what he calls the left-wing press that is tilting against and is unfair to Bush and the GOP.

CHARLIE GIBSON, ANCHOR, "ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT": Well, I don't think that that's fair. Look, you know, he sees the world through a more — through a particular political prism.


Now, with all due respect, this is so much baloney these guys ought to open a deli together.

A recent study out of George Mason University in D.C. says over the past two months 77 percent of all network news reporting on the Democrats has been positive; 12 percent of the reporting on Republicans has been positive.

Now I don't have a dog on the hunt. You know who you want to vote for. I don't have to tell you. But facts are facts. The elite media in this country leans left — big time. I back that up all day long in my book, "Culture Warrior." Howard Kurtz knows it. Charles Gibson knows it. So let's stop the nonsense. To not do so would be ridiculous.