Kid Rock insists his Senate run is 'not a hoax'

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everybody, I'm Jesse Watters along with Lisa Boothe, Juan Williams, Meghan McCain and Greg Gutfeld. It's 9:00 in New York City and this is the "The Five."

President Trump back in the USA tonight after celebrating Bastille Day in France. This controversy continues to brew over his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer last year. There are new details on that meeting. We've now learned there could had been at least eight people in the room, three possible new players, a Russian-American lobbyist, a friend of the Russian- American pop star mentioned in an email and possibly an interpreter. The White House again says the media is too focused on all things Russia instead of what's important.


KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: We are not telling the American people all the good that's happening in this administration for a couple of reasons. First is because of the Russia obsession -- as I call it, the Russian concussion, the Russian percussion. But secondly, and this doesn't get covered at all, it's a heck of a lot easier to sit around and scream Russia, Russia, Russia with no basis than to go learn the finer points on the new health care bill, than to really dig in and understand the simplicity and the fairness and the middle-class tax relief in the new tax reform plan that's being developed right behind me.


WATTERS: Also more details tonight about who let the Russian lawyer into the country in the first place.

So, Gutfeld, Russian concussion, that was the band you were in high school?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes, that's it. We really fused on then we broke up. A lot of drugs involved back then. This is like -- it's like -- they call it the drip, drip, drip story. It's like a methadone dose for the media. It's just like just as the story is about to wear off, the end of the week, you get another one. It's like oh my god, there's another person and he's got a big question mark --

WATTERS: They need their fix.

GUTFELD: Yes, they need their fix. But -- I mean, it does expose the preferences of the media in the sense that they lose their minds over a dual citizen Russian guy who's at a meeting but they never bother to ask why a woman with no visa was allowed in. So there are certain parts of the story that they find intriguing. But then there are other parts they say no, I don't think that's so good. I will just say that for late.


GUTFELD: Yes, this will be going on for a long time. It's going to be like the weather. Every day we get up and we have Russian news.

WATTERS: You said that Trump is the weather.


WATTERS: It's all consuming.

Megan, eight people now in this meeting.


WATTERS: Eight people.

MCCAIN: The thing is the translator had a contract to the State Department. So now this crosses partisan lines. And it's very messy. And we were talking about yesterday that there are a lot more questions that need to be asked about the people in the room and why they have so many connections with the State Department, which again, every Democrat seems to want to ignore.

That being said, this is getting very messy. And as I said yesterday, I really think that the White House could do a better job of managing this crisis right now.

GUTFELD: They're here.

MCCAIN: It is turning into something that we shouldn't be talking about. I would much rather be talking about health care and jobs and everything that I think Americans are actually interested in. But there are a lot of leftover questions that I think Democrats need to answer too. Number one, why was this woman in the country to begin with?

WATTERS: That's a great point Meghan just made. Health care is rolling down the aisle, Juan, and everybody wants to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia. But Russia doesn't affect anybody.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: It affects Donald Trump's administration.

WATTERS: But not people's health care.

WILLIAMS: No, I mean, they're having a debate on Capital Hill. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority leader, states he's hope -- still hoping to have a vote. It doesn't look like he has the votes. But we can discuss that. There's nobody stopping us.

The point here -- by the way, that was an incredible spin from Kellyanne Conway. I thought that was epic. It was almost as good--


WILLIAMS: Greg Gutfeld wearing the CNN head in our intro. And you know what?

GUTFELD: I'm a human mean,

WILLIAMS: This is the kind of show we have. Nobody said it works.

GUTFELD: And you and Jesse are wearing the same exact suits.

WILLIAMS: Right. You know what? We got the memo. We got the memo.
Anyway, my point to you is --

WATTERS: I got to change.

WILLIAMS: Yes. So my point to you is, oh, this is a witch-hunt, the greatest witch-hunt in history. Oh, this is a media frenzy. This is a nothing burger, no collusion -- oh, maybe some collusion. A collusion is not illegal. So what's the crime? What happened here.

You know what? Most people would go to this meeting. You know what? Nothing came of the meeting. Oh, wait a second. It turns out this Russian woman brought with her documents charging the DNC with illegal fundraising. Oh, well, but it was just two pages and she didn't have -- yeah, but I think these guys don't have a way to keep a story straight.

WATTERS: Lisa Boothe, who let this Russian lawyer into the country?

WILLIAMS: Oh, that's another one.

LISA BOOTHE, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, and the Chairman Chuck Grassley of the Judiciary Committee is looking into that. He wrote a letter to both Secretary Kelly as well as Secretary Tillerson about that. But you know who wins with all of this? Vladimir Putin. And he is probably writing short list on a --


BOOTHE: Off into the sun set chugging vodka as American descends into chaos.

GUTFELD: I'm jealous.

BOOTHE: And you know who loses? Well, I imagine you probably do the same thing often, but -- particularly maybe this weekend.

But -- and you know who loses? It's the American people who voted for change and now the administration is being hamstrung by this. And also, another thing as well, does anyone see the irony in the fact that, you know, Don Jr. was seeking this meeting to try to find opposition research of Hillary Clinton. The Russians hacked the DNC emails and Podesta to try to damage Hillary Clinton, but she had already done a good enough job on her own.

You look at the actual information that was out there that damaged her the most, that was the biggest indictment of her and her character was self- inflicted wounds. It was the setting up the private email server, the deleting tens of thousands of emails with BleachBit, the Clinton Foundation and the quid pro quo. So literally, everything that damaged her candidacy outside of her just being a generally unlikable person was all self-inflicted.

WATTERS: That's right. And it always boomerangs back on the Democrats, Gutfeld. We've seen this is going to happen.


WATTERS: Seen the Comey memos boomeranged. And now, it looks like this is boomerang. Who let this person into the country?

GUTFELD: This is why. And, you know, the boomerang will result in a full accounting under oath of all of Podesta's meetings as well. If you're going to do this, all those meetings held with operatives, and the operative that promised dirt on Trump, including this fake dossier from a Brit, where did that come from. These are all important questions.

And again, I go back to a very simple fact. Anybody would take this meeting if they promise you dirt. And Podesta and his little cut-out firms, I would not be surprised -- and by the way, the other thing that kills me is that there was always this suspicion that if Hillary won, the deplorables wouldn't accept it. They would not accept it. But who's not accepting in election? It's the Hillary people.

WATTERS: Isn't funny that everything they said was going to happen actually happened with them. They said they were going to accept it. Now it's the Democrats trying to delegitimize President Trump because they cannot accept the fact he beat Hillary Clinton.

MCCAIN: Well, there is really extreme Democratic overreach today. A Democratic congressman went on T.V. and said that anyone who's had any connections with anyone from Russia is automatically talking to Putin. So if talk to a German, they -- I guess they also had a conversation with Angela Merkel.

And the point is that you're taking it to the extreme when you throw around things like treason, which is a very, very serious accusation to throw at anyone. You're reaching so far that it delegitimizes something that really could remain and have questions. And I think Democrats get so hysterical. They're like a dog with a bone right now. And finally, they have a tiny colonel of a narrative that fits into their conspiracy theories and that's why they're going somewhere.

WATTERS: You guys finally got colonel one and you guys are overplaying your hands. Any second thoughts?

WILLIAMS: Well, I guess I must be Colonel Klink or something, you know. I know nothing. Was that a sergeant?

GUTFELD: That sergeant...


WILLIAMS: Yes, but I can't remember his name.


WILLIAMS: Any way, but I think I'm listening and I want to answer Dr. Gutfeld's question because he said --

MCCAIN: Doctor?

WILLIAMS: Yes, because he's --

GUTFELD: I did practice in three states.

MCCAIN: Which ones so we can avoid them?


GUTFELD: State of confusion?

WILLIAMS: Well, yes. In fact, we are in a state of distract, divert and distance.

GUTFELD: Enough about the Democrats --

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. But you said why is this woman allowed in the country because this was part of the argument which is blame Obama, blame Lynch. That's why this woman -- don't blame the person who took the meeting when someone advertise as bringing information from the Russian government, blame Obama.

WATTERS: So if you guys say that the Russians interfered in the election and tilted it to Donald Trump, you were the ones that led the Trojan horse into the country to allow this big collusion to have your candidate lose? Is that your game?

WILLIAMS: I will take that game because you've got a losing hand. The fact is the woman with a lawyer --

WATTERS: Wait, wait, wait, we won.


WATTERS: You let the woman in.

WILLIAMS: I didn't. I'm telling you --

WATTERS: Obama let the woman in to sting (ph) Hillary. And now it's our fault?


GUTFELD: You let the woman into the country that made Hillary lose.


WATTERS: Everybody talk at separate times, please.


WATTTERS: Go ahead, Lisa.

WILLIAMS: Yes, Lisa, go.

BOOTHE: We've often see --

GUTLED: Because one doesn't have it.

WILLIAM: I have it. You wouldn't let me answer.

BOOTHE: We've also seen so much self-righteous indignation from people that have no business being self-righteous. Like I absolutely love the fact that Robby Mook is out there and talking about --


GUTFELD: Who's Robby Mook?

BOOTHE: The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. He literally worked for the most soulless woman on this planet who would literally sell her daughter to be president if she should.


BOOTHE: Sell her only her child to be president. I mean that's how much she wanted. So I just think that there's like a little bit of irony here that these people are supposed to be the voices of authority on morality or ethical, you know, what's ethical or not given some of the people that they worked for.

WATTERS: Well, I don't know if anybody thinks Hillary's morality.

Gutfeld, any last words on the story?

GUTFELD: Well, I think -- and I think Juan would agree with me on this because Juan, you've been in journalism for a long time. What kills me is how the left -- OK, so when the USSR was a world power, you had a lot of apologists among liberal saying that we were overplaying the Cold War, we were overplaying the communist threat. If we had listened to them, the USSR never would have broken up. If we had to Ted Kennedy, the USSR would still be here and we'd be dealing with a geopolitical threat that would (INAUDIBLE) others.

Now, we are dealing with a marginalized world power which is Russia. Russia is like on one-eight the power that it used to be. I'm being conservative on this. And now there are threats.


GUTFELD: So you see the hypocrisy here --

WATTERS: Where were you guys in the `80s?

GUTFELD: Where were you guys in the `80s? And now you're scared of them --


WILLIAMS: Yeah, yeah. OK, OK. Let me just say ---

GUTFELD: Did you see my point?

WILLIAMS: Do you remember where the Democrats were fighting against the Russians in the Cuban missile prices and Sputnik?

GUTFELD: Those were the conservatives now, Juan.


MCCAIN: But it doesn't matter because in modern times if you think it's a 1980s foreign policy and they called it and they need it back and no Democrats cross this seriously. At any point for the last --

WILLIAMS: In the `80s?

MCCAIN: No, it's the same remark Obama said to Mitt Romney during the debate.

WILLIAMS: Oh, that. OK.

GODLY: Come on, you know what that is.

WILLIAMS: No, I do. But I want it to come back --

MCCAIN: But I'm just saying Obama -- the reason why Putin and Russia has any strength and whatsoever is because Democrats completely ignored his expansion into the Baltic space.


MCCAIN: They have everything globally for the past eight years. The fact they are crying wolf now is because it's politically expedient. Give me a break.


WILLIAMS: OK. So -- but I think that at the moment you guys are running away from the news of the day, and I'm just --

WATTERS: We're doing it in the lead of the show.

WILLIAMS: No, no. What you're doing is saying it didn't matter.

MCCAIN: I'm not running away from anything.

WILLIAMS: But I am struck by the fact that Charles Grassley, a Republican, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the man that was identified is in the meeting today was a self-acknowledged Russian spy.

GUTFELD: He's also an American citizen.

WILLIAMS: He's also spy, Greg.

GUTFELD: Russian spy according to you?


GUTFELD: No. You just assumed everybody is a spy.

WILLIAMS: Is that right?


WILLIAMS: When you had the box on your head I would --


WATTERS: Don't body slam him, Juan.


WATTERS: Far left MSNBC host Joy Reid does it again making some wild general accusations about the Republican Party. What she is saying now, next.


WILLIAMS: It seems like nothing is off the table for MSNBC host Joy Reid when it comes to slamming the Republican Party. She caused an uproar when she went after Congressman Steve Scalise while he was hospitalized after the assassination attack.


JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: It's a delicate thing because, you know, obviously, everybody is wishing the Congressman well and hoping that he recovers. But Steve Scalise has a history that we've all been force to sort of ignore on race --


WILLIAMS: Now, she's added it again latching out the entire GOP this time.


REID: Donald Trump didn't invest this. He didn't invent this Republican Party. He just saw the trends and took advantage of it. This the Republican Party that's been built on resentment and a sense of victimhood, a sense of persecution, almost a persecution complex for more than 40 years, almost 50 years going back to the dawn of the civil rights movement when they felt persecuted by the world.


WILLIAMS: So, Meghan, you know the GOP, and I'm going to ask, do you think that this is a rational argument to say that GOP says oh, you know, we don't like Hollywood. We can't stand the college elites and the professors. People in the mainstream media are bias against us. Is that a legitimate argument as we hear --

MCCAIN: No, that woman knows nothing about GOP politics. I would like to know the last time she left New York City and actually talked to a Republican voter in their home state, number one.


MCCAIN: Number two, the entire fuel that fuels the Democratic Party is victimhood right now. Number one, so it's hilarious that she even point that at Republicans.

Across the country right now at Democratic dinner is they are removing President Andrew Jackson from all meetings, Andrew Jackson and Jefferson because they think that they are racist and they don't want them in their dinners anymore.

Today, a bunch of congressman --

WILLIAMS: Wait. Slow down. I didn't understand. What do you mean?

MCCAIN: They're removing them from the platform because they don't want Andrew Jackson and Jefferson around because they think they are racist --

WILLIAMS: Oh, the annual dinners you mean.


WILLIAMS: Yes, got it.

GODLEY: And going forward today, a bunch of Democratic congresswomen paraded around sleeveless because they wanted to show that the sexist regime, which by the way happened under Nancy Pelosi of the dress code in -- excuse me, and Congress ended being removed today. So, I just think the entire Democratic platform is about victimhood and the idea she knows anything about Republican politics is hilarious.

WILLIAMS: What would you say, Lisa?

BOOTHE: Well, I just think how gross and distasteful her comments about Steve Scalise. And then also to Meghan's point, it's the Democratic Party that plays this victim card constantly. I mean, what did Jennifer Palmieri are due after the election she stood at the Harvard University event with Kellyanne Conway and she proceeded to blamed sexism, racism on the reason that President Donald Trump won.


BOOTHE: I mean, this is the card the Democratic play, card that they continuously play like a talk, is the victim card. I mean, that's constantly the only card they are playing.

WILLIAMS: Well, just for a second. Let's imagine that she had some basis for saying --

BOOTHE: But she doesn't.

WILLIAMS: The Republican Party celebrates their grievance. Is that fair?

BOOTHE: No, in what context? How do they do that? That's the --

WILLIAMS: Well, I said to you, Hollywood -- wait. Hollywood is against us say the Republicans, academics and colleges are against us, Black Lives Matter against us.


MCCAIN: The west is in love with the idea of being victims. Their entire platform is on the onus, they are a victim in one context or another. So, the idea that Republicans are doing that is not only ironic but wildly inaccurate on the platform of the Republican Party. She may not like why President Trump won because he actually talked to voters in the middle of the country and listen to their problems and talked about issues like coal and jobs and ISIS instead of things trans rights that's obviously don't have the same breath of effect on voters.

They're talking about real issues. But it is none of her concern. What she needs to be concerned about is talking to the voters that they lost. And when you're in this bubble at MSNBC judging conservatives in the middle of the country, you're sure as hell not going to win them back over.

WILLIAMS: So, Jesse, part of her argument again trying to really understanding what she's saying is Donald Trump right now is being enabled by people like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and others in the Congress. They won't say a word against him and that Donald Trump is so powerful. He has made the GOP accept anything, that nothing he does is objectionable to any Republican at the moment.

WATTERS: I mean, I think the Republican Party feel unfairly persecuted by Hollywood--


WATTERS: -- by the media, by the Democratic Party, by the IRS.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Keep going.

WATTERS: And -- I mean, I could keep you all day.


WATTERS: So -- and I think that's a justifiable motion. At the same time, I happen to agree with my colleagues here that the Democratic Party is actually the party of victimhood. The Democratic Party has been fertilized by victimization for many, many years. If you think about the identity of politics, as Greg likes to talk about, it's all about victimhood, yet blacks are the victims of white oppression. Gays are the victims of Christians. Women are the victims of men. Muslims are the victims of our government.

Big government liberalism is predicated on defending the victims of capitalism. Big banks, big oil, big pharma prey on victims. And since socially, liberals set-up a dynamic where they have to swoop in and save these victims from these people. So the poor, the victims of the rich, criminals are the victims of police, and then illegal immigrants are the victims of ISIS.

WILLIAMS: I get it, I get it.

WATTERS: So it's all about predator versus prey and then you need big government to come in and then save these people--

BOOTHE: It's a political.

WATTERS: -- and make them dependent.


WATTERS: So they need them for votes.

WILLIAMS: All right. I have--

BOOTHE: It's a political. Exactly.


WILLIAMS: As the last person I state that go to the panel this Friday night is Mr. I hate this people, Greg Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: I love these people.

WILLILAMS: You got -- I got them.


GUTFELD: I'm always troubled but --


GUTFELD: It's interesting that everybody named Joy is always bitter and angry. I only two people named Joy. Joy Behar and Joy -- what's her last name?


GUTFELD: Joy Reid. They're just angry people. Look, conservative or Republicans, they didn't create safe spaces on campuses. They didn't create -- they didn't define the term micro aggression. They didn't create speak -- speech codes. These are all coming from the progressive or what you could call now as the regressive left.

Right now in -- identity politics is falling apart because it's finally being exposed with -- when you look at Evergreen College, that scandal. So I think what's happening is she's projecting her own scene as a defense because she might feel that her belief system is crumbling.

Right now in Canada, they passed the law that can -- you can go to prison if you use the wrong pronoun. This is the first time. You can go to jail if you don't use the word -- if you don't use the right word. They're mandating language. This is scary stuff. This isn't -- is born from the oppressor versus the oppressed ideology. The victim with ideology is that your words can actually hurt.

So this is actually dangerous thing and I think that because people are waking up to it, she feels threatened. And that's why she's projecting.

WILLIAMS: But Greg, just her --


WILLIAMS: -- tells me for a second. Don't you think it's true, when you scream I hate these people--


WILLIAMS: --that lots of people, Republicans, conservatives say, thank God, because I hate these people too. And this is a Republican perspective. You hear it on talk radio all the time. I can't believe these academic professors, there's so left wing. I hate this Black Lives Matter people.

GUTFELD: One, if you look at the -- I've never done -- hate these people of Black Lives Matter. I've never done that. I do it about people texting when they're crossing the street. I hate these people is based on specific behaviors that I find annoying.

WILLIAMS: What about --


BOOTHE: -- which are universally annoying despite what color of your skin is, what sex you are --

GUTFELD: My hate transcends. It transcends any kind of identity or pigment or ethnicity --


GUTFELD: I hate everybody equally.

WATTERS: Equal opportunity hater.


BOOTHE: But it's the Democratic Party that is constantly seeing people through the lens, as you had mentioned, through a black, white, us, whatever your sex is. And Hillary Clinton was the one that ran a campaign and there's a special place in hell for women that don't vote for her.


BOOTHE: So please spare me, Joy Reid, go be joyful, maybe change your attitude.

WILLIAMS: All right. Ahead, is the top Democratic in the House changing her position on the impeachment call coming from her own party? We're going to hear from Nancy Pelosi, next.


MCCAIN: Democrats love to talk about ousting President Trump from office this week, one congressman took action. Brad Sherman from California filed the first articles of impeachment. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi typically cautioned her party against impeachment talk. But now she seems open to the idea.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALI., HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: There's evidence, clear evidence that we -- we need to know more and we should not close that path. I have always been reluctant, because I think impeachment is something that really has an impact on the country. So when the facts are clear, the law is certainly clear, when the facts are clear, then this Congress will make a decision in that regard.


MCCAIN: Another prominent Democrat like Jesse Jackson are still trying to invalidate the election.


JESSE JACKSON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Don't let them fool you. We worked last year. We won the election. It was stolen.


MCCAIN: OK. The people are upset. Let us show the deal.

Lisa, 2018 midterms are going to be the impeachment election. Democrats were talking about impeachment on election night when Trump got elected. I'm not looking forward to what I think is a losing message for Democrats. I think if you can see anything from the special elections, like Jon Ossoff, it doesn't work. It doesn't seem you resonate with voters. Why hitch yourself to a message that clearly isn't resonating?

BOOTHE: They also have been fund-raising. In the Georgia Six special election, Jon Ossoff didn't mention President Trump once when he is advertising. There is a reason for that. He wasn't as politically poisoned as Democrats thought they were in that congressional district. Look, they have been trying to undermine the president as you mentioned from day one.

They blamed everything under the sun for the reason why Hillary Clinton lost. Racism and sexism as we head during the previous segment. They also tried to hijack this Russian investigation as well to try to undermine the president and hurt him politically. They can't come to terms with the fact that President Trump -- nearly 700 counties that twice went to President Obama, one-third flipped for Trump.

Also, you look -- he won 194 of the 207 counties that either went for Obama in 2008 or 2012. This is serious stuff. President Trump was able to resonate with voters in a way that Hillary Clinton wasn't able to do. And so I think that they are overreaching in (inaudible) to not wake up to that fact.

MCCAIN: Juan, wonder if you're someone like a Democrat like yourself, Nancy Pelosi still has her iron grip like an iron throne on power and she is not letting people like Tim Ryan who could actually resonate with the middle of the country and start winning over some of the Trump voters because it's all about her. Doesn't that matter that is about the party. Doesn't that frustrate you?

WILLIAMS: No. Tim Ryan is a congressman from Ohio who challenged Pelosi for her minority leadership of the house. And he lost. I think he lost -- I think you might appreciate this, because Pelosi has a record as a great fundraiser. And guess what?

Going back to the passage and I know some popular among Republicans, but passage of things like the Affordable Care Act, Pelosi was a leader among Democrats. And she remains, as you said, you can say iron grip. I appreciate that.

WATTERS: (inaudible) to be proud of.

WILLIAMS: But I want to say --

MCCAIN: It doesn't matter how money you dump into election, like it shows with Ossoff.

WILLIAMS: Money doesn't matter?

MCCAIN: I don't think it matters when you don't have the right message. It was the most expensive congressional election in history.

WILLIAMS: I think that was a heavily Republican district. But my point this Friday night. Because everybody has been talking drinking.




WATTERS: Not fake news.

WILLIAMS: Here is a recent poll, 73 percent of Democrats would give up alcohol for the rest of their lives if Donald Trump were impeached tomorrow.

BOOTHE: That's crazy.

MCCAIN: I know. I drank with plenty of them. They can't hold their alcohol.


MCCAIN: What do you think about the impeachment talk?

GUTFELD: That actually does say a lot about how zest --


GUTFELD: -- and compulsive they are about this idea. They are still living in the past. They are (inaudible) the past because they feel right now that they don't have a future. But it's not a vision. It's a tantrum. I don't want to help them, but I will help them. Instead of spurning, they should be learning from Donald Trump.

What were the three things that he nailed the Democrats for? There was the perception of being anti-law and order and anti-security. The liberals are soft on that stuff. Embracing identity politics. He said no. Let's be Americans. Let's forget about divisiveness. The third thing is, he really did embrace freedom of speech by basically saying whatever he wanted.

Meanwhile, the albatross around the liberals' neck is the speech coach in which going on campus. So a thoughtful Democrat with a vision who could win has to embrace law and order, has to reject speech coach and also has to reject identity politics, and they could win. If they don't do that, they're screwed.

MCCAIN: Not Elizabeth Warren.


WATTERS: Every Democrat watching did not pay any attention in what Greg Gutfeld say because that was right on. I don't think the Democrats can accept the rule of the people so they are trying to overturn the rule of the people.


WATTERS: Just listen to what they did since the election. The election was hacked. The election was stolen. They played games with the popular vote, you know. He didn't get the popular vote. John Lewis said, Trump was not a legitimate president. The congressional black caucus. He is not my president was a hash tag. They boycotted the inauguration.

WILLIAMS: That's true.

WATTERS: They are putting impeachment. Now, they are putting this idea that they can use the 25th amendment to remove him from office because he is mentally unfit. They have accused him of treason. And now they are showering with leaks so they undermine him.

Now, I think if the Democrats got the house or the senate, they could have fought President Trump within the system. But now they have nothing. So they have to rely on these things. If they get rid of Trump, you know who they have?


WATTERS: Will they like Pence? I don't think so.

WILLIAMS: But you don't think Trump has said anything to hurt himself?

WATTERS: I'm not going to argue with that. But he's done a lot to help himself.

MCCAIN: All right. We have to move on unfortunately, but I could talk about this all night, but i do love this next story ahead. Musician Kid Rock is running for senate and Senator Elizabeth Warren is flipping out. We'll tell you about it next.


BOOTHE: You guys missed Meghan singing.


BOOTHE: Is Kid Rock kidding or is he really considering launching a senate bid? The singer promised to make announcement soon on Twitter after unveiling the website The Michigan native said it's not a hoax, but some are questioning as it coincides with the release of two new music videos.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (inaudible) the possibility. Warren supporters view it, you know, maybe this is all a joke, but we all thought Donald Trump was a joke when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too. So, Greg, is this a joke or do you think we are going to see Kid Rock for senate?

GUTFELD: I have no idea, but Elizabeth Warren is right. She actually -- I never said that before in my life. I would call this the Trump effect.


GUTFELD: When people think if he can do it, so can I. It's a healthy sentiment. We need more every man types. You know, what's really good? It's good for people who have a past. A lot of people don't run because they go oh, man!


GUTFELD: I have known him for a while. Back in my days of the magazine. I think about -- was that a name drop?

WATTERS: A little bit.

GUTFELD: I knew Bob gone way back. His real name is Bob. Anyway, I hope he does. He is an everyman interesting guy. He's a smart dude.

BOOTHE: Yes. Meghan, what do you think? He hasn't filled out any paperwork yet, but he saying that he has got 15 days to file. What do you think?

MCCAIN: I don't know. I think tax cuts, guns and strippers sound like a pretty all-American platform to me.

BOOTHE: Are you envisioning the bumper sticker?

WATTERS: Juan can get excited about that.

WILLIAMS: I was dumbstruck.

MCCAIN: Well, I got no problem with that, but this is a very politically active man. Number one, he endorsed Mitt Romney. He was on the campaign trail, I believe, with Mitt Romney. Came out hard. I think he was a big Trump supporter as far as I know. Honestly, we need more blue collar real Americans in the senate. If he wants to run and get in there, God love him.

BOOTHE: Jesse, he said that he wants to be the voice for taxpaying, hardworking Americans, and letting politicians like Savino (ph) know that we the people are sick and tired of their blank, which I am not going to say.

WATTERS: If Donald Trump can be president, I think Kid Rock can be senator. He wasn't a threat that Elizabeth Warren would not try to raise money off of him. I think he has a unique situation because if he can keep his act together and kind of maintain a little bit of a seriousness on policy, then if he wins the nomination for the Republican Party, which I think he will based of name recognition and money and excitement and free media, then when he gets into the general against the Democrats, he peels off blacks.

He peels off young voters. He peels off blue collar Democrats. There is a big threat that I think the Democrats are underestimating here. And I think he gets all the newspaper endorsements because all these others want to have Kid Rock headlines.

BOOTHE: And he is going to have --

GUTFELD: He better get Uncle Cracker to run with him.


WATTERS: Who is his running mate? Rob Cracker?

GUTFELD: Rob Cracker. Come on.

WATTERS: That was good on a bumper sticker.

BOOTHE: He would have high name recognition. Juan, is this going to keep you up at night tonight? Is there going to be a sleepless night for Juan Williams?

WILLIAMS: No, but I --

WATTERS: (inaudible).


WILLIAMS: Listen. I have always thought that he was someone who was engaged with Detroit, gave money back to Detroit. He is extremely rich. He said that he owes so much to -- he said black people taught him all about the blues and rock `n roll. He is an interesting guy. But I got to wonder, is this just hype for his latest release?

BOOTHE: You're not pretty excited about this.

WILLIAMS: No, I'm not excited. Let me tell you why I'm not excited. Because guess what? I mean, you think back to people, not only Donald Trump, but on the left, Al Franken. Think about people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Celebrity. It's almost like -- anybody who is a celebrity now is suddenly trusted to run the country? Crazy!

GUTFELD: Yes, out of time.

MCCAIN: It has to get better than who we have running it right now.

WILLIAMS: Wait a minute!


WATTERS: Talking about Mitch McConnell.

WILLIAMS: I thought you were talking about Trump for a second.

MCCAIN: No, I'm talking about Mitch McConnell --

GUTFELD: Air (ph) of New York, that's who we got to concentrate.

MCCAIN: Al Franken is way more of a joke than Kid Rock all day ever day.

GUTFELD: It really goes well from air (ph). OK.

BOOTHE: There has been a series of announcements tonight.


BOOTHE: All right. Stay right there. "Facebook Friday" is coming up next.


GUTFELD: That's "Dream Machine." They are on my show tomorrow night. It is going to be great. Check it out. "Facebook Friday." This is Michael G asking. I am starting with you, Meghan. What was the first movie that made a giant impression on you as a kid?

MCCAIN: Oh, God.

GUTFELD: Don't don't say "Giant."

MCCAIN: I have no idea. Something scary.

GUTFELD: Come on.

MCCAIN: My parents used to make me watch "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" which is a really good old movie.

GUTFELD: One of the greatest.

MCCAIN: Almost every weekend. It has an amazing cast.

GUTFELD: One of the greatest. It's all about searching for a lost treasure. They have every celebrity on the planet.

MCCAIN: Every celebrity.

GUTFELD: I love that movie. I am going to watch it this weekend. Jesse?

WATTERS: I saw "Star Wars" in the theater with my friend and I cried. My friend had to bring me out of the theater.


WATTERS: I was so upset.

GUTFELD: Wow. All right.

WATTERS: When he takes his mask off and it's his dad.

GUTFELD: Don't say that.

WATTERS: Oh, I ruined it.


GUTFELD: All right. Lisa?

BOOTHE: This is kind of embarrassing. I was obsessed with Disney growing up. I wanted to be a princess. For Halloween every year, I was always a princess. Basically the same costume.

GUTFELD: What about you, Juan?

WILLIAMS: You know, this is going to tell you how old I am. There was a movie called "Magnificent Seven."

GUTFELD: Of course, Yul Brynner.


MCCAIN: That's a great movie.

GUTFELD: Amazing movie.

BOOTHE: That's a great movie.

GUTFELD: I watched everything.

MCCAIN: I know that movie too.

GUTFELD: The movie that made the biggest impression on me was "Soylent Green." It just got me interested into nutrition.



GUTFELD: "Soylent Green" is one of the greatest movies. Charlton Heston. I will just stop there.

BOOTHE: Do you work (inaudible).

WATTERS: Where is that?

GUTFELD: It's hidden somewhere. Nancy S. Oh, this is great. Let me start with you, Jesse. If you could designate a new national holiday --

WATTERS: Easy. I don't even let you finish it.


WATTERS: Monday after the Super Bowl. Everybody knows that. Come on.

GUTFELD: Lisa, what do you say?

BOOTHE: I would say like a national going to a beach day, but then the beaches would be crowded, so that would be unfortunate. Maybe I would pull like a (inaudible) and shut down all the beaches and then go with my family.

MCCAIN: You're not much of a jackass. You are a nice person.

GUTFELD: Meghan, what is your national holiday?

MCCAIN: A day when everyone can drink beer all day like Budweiser. Like a day off of work where Americans can just enjoy being Americans and eat like a real day.

WATTERS: That's Fourth of July.

GUTFELD: Yes. What about you --

MCCAIN: No, like the Monday after July fourth, or something like that.

WATTERS: I can agree with that.

MCCAIN: There is no official beer drinking American holiday.

BOOTHE: Why not make July fourth more than just one day?


GUTFELD: I celebrate it every day because I'm a patriot. Juan?

WATTERS: Like October fest.

WILLIAMS: You know, I just don't know anything specific. But the other day, a friend of mine, Rick Baum (ph), down in Texas, he told me they were having a holiday. I think Louisiana has the most holidays. He said no, Texas.

GUTFELD: Really?

WILLIAMS: I don't know.

GUTFELD: My holiday? I would have a holiday, it would be called national work day. And you show up and you work.


GUTFELD: Matthew W. This is a good one. I am going to start with you, Lisa. Matthew W. If you could choose anyone to be the voice of your GPS, who would it be and why?

BOOTHE: Oh, man. I said this before on the show like a long time ago. There is this Australian chick. I don't even know what the commercial is. But I freaking love her voice. It's amazing. A trivia or something. I don't even know what the concept --

GUTFELD: The travel commercial?

BOOTHE: I don't even know. I literally never listen to commercials. I listen to her voice.

GUTFELD: I am not saying that because we are owned by Australia. Juan?

WILLIAMS: I guess it would be -- I think I would like a calming voice because the woman who now tells me where to go.


WILLIAMS: It feels like she is telling me where to go.


GUTFELD: Nicely done. Jesse?

WATTERS: You know, it doesn't matter because when I am listening to the GPS, I will drive on the middle of a train tracks and I will just sit there. If that's the right place, it doesn't matter.

BOOTHE: Should anyone be concerned about Jesse? You're driving in the middle of the street.


BOOTHE: OK. Making sure.

MCCAIN: A sexy man.

GUTFELD: Sexy man.

GUTFELD: I agree with you. Lou Dobbs. Lou has a very soothing voice. He can make anything alarming. He sounds very calming. I could hear him say, Greg, take a left at the next light.

WATTERS: That was James Earl Jones.

GUTFELD: And we need more immigration. And we need to build the wall. Take a right.

MCCAIN: A sexy man voice.

GUTFELD: Take a right on Sixth Avenue. Build the wall.

WILLIAMS: Hey, Greg, who is the voice of Fox News?

GUTFELD: I don't know. The dude that does commercials?


GUTFELD: I don't know. But it's like a famous guy. I don't know who he is. All right. "One More Thing" next. What am I doing?


WATTERS: Time now for "One More Thing." Greg Gutfeld?

GUTFELD: All right. Tomorrow night, I'm the Gutfeld at 10:00 p.m. This is a killer one. Mark Steyn is on. Shannon Bream. We got (inaudible). We got Dream Machine showing up, a great story about what happened to them. I'm also going to be appearing at something called "Freedom Fest," which is in the Paris Resort in Las Vegas.

I'm going to be there with Kennedy, John Stossel. It's a large libertarian event. Go to I'll be speaking July 19th. The keynote speaker is William Shatner.

WATTERS: Coincidental that (inaudible) is free now in Las Vegas. Juan?


WILLIAMS: Recording megastar Beyonce posted a picture of her 1-month-old baby twins on Instagram. Man, the internet went crazy, within hours of posting. Already got millions and I mean millions and millions of likes. Beyonce gave birth to the twins in June, early Friday morning, officially introduced to the world.

The 35-year-old singer is of course married to the rapper and entertainment mogul Jay Z. It is a fancy picture. I don't know. Is that supposed to be a Madonna-like pose? I don't know.

BOOTHE: I couldn't figure it out earlier either.

WILLIAMS: I couldn't figure it out.

GUTFELD: I don't go on Instagram.

WILLIAMS: But congratulations.

WATTERS: OK. So, happy Bastille Day, everybody. President Trump over in Paris today commemorating the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I. I went to the Jersey shore to ask about French-American history.


WATTERS: What do you do really well that's French?


WATTERS: Pump the brakes.


WATTERS: What is your favorite French food?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: French fries, of course.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All I (inaudible) cool cool buzz, and I'm fine.


WATTERS: All right. So you see the whole thing, "Watters World," 8:00 Saturday night. Meghan McCain?

MCCAIN: If you want some good news to jump off your weekend. The head of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed in a drone strike, U.S. officials say. A drone strike in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week killed the Abu Sayed, the leader of the Islamic state's offshoot there, U.S. officials say.

A Pentagon statement said the other Islamic state members were also killed in the July 11th operation, and it will significantly disrupt the terror group's plans to expand its presence in Afghanistan. If that's not good news, I don't know what it is.

GUTFELD: You're so insensitive.

WATTERS: Give them some free housing there this week.

MCCAIN: They can go right to hell.

WATTERS: Bravo. Lisa Boothe?

BOOTHE: I also have good news as well. So Chris Gard and Connie Yates, the parents of Charlie Gard, the 11-month-old boy, who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, got good news. The high court judge, Nicholas Francis, said Friday that he was open-minded about the evidence to come after the upcoming visit of Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University. The doctor is supposed to head to the U.K. next week to examine Charlie Gard. We pray for their family and hope that there's some sort of cure here.

WILLIAMS: Yes, God bless that kid.

WATTERS: God bless. All right.

MCCAIN: That's a good one.

WATTERS: I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Gutfeld, are you going to be wearing your CNN hat?

GUTFELD: I will walking the streets of New York. Feel free to punch me.

WATTERS: No, do not take that seriously.


WATTERS: People will do that. I know (inaudible). Set your DVR. Never miss an episode of "The Five." Happy weekend. "Hannity" up next.


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