Kellyanne Conway on President Trump's tax win

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JEANINE PIRRO, GUEST HOST: All right, welcome to "Hannity," I'm Jeanine Pirro in for Sean. There is a lot of major breaking news tonight. We start with President Trump and Republicans scoring a major victory in keeping a huge promise to the American people, by passing historic tax cut bill. The president and members of the GOP celebrated the accomplishment at the White House. Let's take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It's been an amazing experience; I have to tell you, hasn't been done in 34 years, but actually, really hasn't been done because we broke every record. It's the largest - I always say the most massive, but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and reform about tax cut.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, R-KY.: You've ended the overregulation of the American economy. And that, coupled with what we did last night, and what the house finished this morning, means America is going to start growing again. Thank you, Mr. President for all you're doing.

REP. PAUL RYAN, R-WIS.: Something this big, something this generational, something this profound could not have been done without exquisite Presidential leadership. Mr. President, thank you for getting us over the finish line. Thank you for getting us where we are.

This gets the American economy competitive in the global economy. This is one of the most important things we could do for all of the people we represent.

SEN. ORRIN HATCH, R-UTAH: And we're going to keep fighting and we're going to make this the greatest Presidency that we have seen not only in generations but maybe ever. God bless all of you.

TRUMP: They have been working on this for years, years and years. And I just want to turn around and I want to thank them all. They are very, very special people. Thank you very much, everybody.


PIRRO: As a result of the tax bill passing, major companies, like A&T, Comcast, and Wells Fargo have announced employee bonuses or wage increases. President Trump also fulfilled part of another key promise with his tax bill. The repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, watch this.


TRUMP: So in this bill, not only do we have massive tax cuts and tax reform, we have essentially repealed Obamacare and we will come up with something that will be much better whether it's block grants or whether it's taking what we have and doing something terrific. But Obamacare has been repealed in this bill. We didn't want to bring it up, I told people specifically, "Be quiet with the fake news media because i don't want them talking too much about it because I didn't know how people would - but now that it's approved. I can say the individual mandate on healthcare, where you had to pay not to have insurance. So think of that one. You pay not to have insurance. The individual mandate has been repealed.


PIRRO: Also tonight the clock is ticking for Congress to reach an agreement to avoid a government shutdown that is set to begin this Friday at midnight. Ed Henry is in Washington with the latest, Ed.

ED HENRY, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Judge, good to see you. They can't celebrate this tax victory for long. They are facing that looming crisis tonight. Government funding is set to expire late Friday. So, they are talking about a short-term budget to keep it open until roughly January 19th, and then they will have more talks.

One sign of progress tonight is Republican leaders agreed to drop a provision to prop up the Obamacare markets that had angered Conservatives, by leaving that Obamacare fix on the shelf, they have a shot at getting enough republican votes in the house and senate to keep the government open without needing any democratic help. It's going to be hard to get even a small number of democratic votes to pass the budget because the Liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi signaled today, they want to go back to resist. Pelosi, firing off a letter to her democratic colleagues that without adding new spending projects plus legislation allowing the children of illegal immigrants to stay in America, "We continue to urge a strong no on the continuing resolution."

That hints at a government shutdown as some of the President's outside advisors that run the nonprofit America first policies is planning a $1 million TV ad blitz focused on the positive of his agenda, what he has accomplished this year. The ad starts running on Christmas day, but we are getting a sneak peek tonight.

Now, the President's advisors tell me the point is the President has been beaten up from day one. Despite all of the critics, there are millions of Americans who are grateful for his leadership particularly on tax reform and they are eager to get him going to pass other big items like infrastructure and immigration reform, so they do not want a government shut down right now to slow the momentum they believe he has. In fact, the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is telling our own Bret Baier tonight, he believes they will find a way to avoid a government shutdown, judge.

PIRRO: Thanks so much Ed and joining us now with a reaction to President Trump and the GOP's big tax victory is Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway. Good evening, Kellyanne.


PIRRO: I bet it was an exciting day at the White House.

CONWAY: It has been indeed, there is a buoyancy and a vibrancy. You saw it there on full display. You saw the President really calling out by name the leaders of the House and Senate, the Chairman of the different committees and really the rank and file Republicans. Unfortunately there were no Democrats there because none of them took an opportunity to give tax cuts and relief to our job creators, to middle class families, and they are going to have to go home this Christmas and all next year and explain why they insisted this is a tax cut for the rich when just today you had major companies say - they are going to give bonuses and other charitable contributions to their employees.

Are those employees receiving those hard working men and women the rich? So, I think the Democrats missed a huge opportunity here with President Trump's leadership that really put this over the top. We worked very closely with the Congress.

PIRRO: Kellyanne, let me ask you something, when I heard that AT&T was going to give bonuses, something like $1,000.00 to 200,000 employees.

CONWAY: Yes, $1,000.00 to 200,000 employees. It's unbelievable.

PIRRO: How do the Democrats spin that this is a bad thing and how long is it going to take for people to recognize that this tax cut, tax reform is, indeed, what the President and his supporters have said to this?

CONWAY: Indeed. I think they will see it right away. And somebody at the podium too was making a very good point that there are a couple dates for Americans to look at, Jeanine. One is January 1st. Starting next year, literally we will have a different kind of tax code that we all live under.

In February, many Americans will start to see their - the increases in their pay. Their paychecks will get fatter under this paycheck President. And in April, of course, April 15th, a day many Americans dread, they will recognize that many of them will simplify the way they file their taxes.

They will take back so much of those wasted hours and wasted money. Then they will start to see many of these businesses repatriate the trillions of dollars that is parked legally offshore. We're going from the offshoring model to the American model it will make our job creators more competitive.

I think today was a real turning point in terms of showing that the Congress and the Presidency can work together. President can work together to deliver for the American people. This was not a campaign promise. This is a moral imperative for people who deserve to keep more of their money.

PIRRO: You know, what is sometimes overlooked in this whole thing is that the repeal of the individual mandate, the requirement that people who don't buy insurance are going to be fined by all of those additional hirees at the IRS, and I assume that they won't be there much longer. You know, is something that is a good thing?

CONWAY: So, today was really three bills in one, and it was quite historic on every level. The tax cuts themselves are historic as the President noted. But, having the repeal of the Obamacare mandate, also means that another signature piece of the trump agenda that helped propel him to victory over Hillary Clinton, has all been fulfilled, that the Democrats who took the chance on the Obamacare mandate in insisting that the individual mandate would attract the young and healthy to the exchanges, it did not do that.

The young and healthy were too smart. They wouldn't do it and the whole thing collapsed. As you know 30 million Americans, Jeanine, don't have healthcare as we speak. The insurers all fled the exchanges. It became prohibitive for them. And the third thing in this three-for-one was (ANWR).

This has taken 40 years for a President and a Congress to pass with others, including President Reagan and the Presidents - Bushes tried to do, which is start drilling responsibly so that we are more energy dependent on America. We create those jobs. We tap those resources. I mean, some of the estimates are truly incredible, but all of this put together, America is going to see almost immediately what the difference there is in the economy. And let's face it Jeanine, the tax cuts is the centerpiece of regulatory roll back.

PIRRO: No doubt about it.

CONWAY: Energy independence, and really great - a booming stock market for the entire year he has been President.

PIRRO: Well, and you know what's interesting is they say that the booming stock market is - it's not even reflecting the confidence that we are going to be seeing once it happens.

CONWAY: These tax cuts, that's right.

PIRRO: But I want to ask you about this deal on DACA and the continuing resolution, the possibility of the government shutdown - Friday, I believe it is. Now, do the Democrats - none of whom voted for this tax cut, do they have any leverage as it relates to the continuing resolution and forcing some of the issues that they would like to add fast.

CONWAY: They have a great deal of explaining to do, I believe as to why none of them could admit that individuals and employers in their states, in their congressional districts would benefit from this. It's very clear they would. So, they will have to explain that in due course.

On the continuing resolution, we feel confident and we are very hopeful that the democrats will not allow petty partisan politics to get in the way of keeping our government open and funding obligations to military and elsewise.


CONWAY: Now, on immigration, people should review the President's entire 70-point immigration plan, Judge Jeanine because you will see everything from DACA to ending chain migration to ending this visa lottery program to having thousands more ICE agents on the border so that we can get more security.

We have a 50 percent decrease in illegal crossing since he was elected. We want the poison out of our country, 90 percent of heroin; the President says comes through the Southern Border. We have fencing and all coming in. And so, all of this adds up to a President who has put forth a 70-point immigration plan including a merit based system. And everybody should read it and not just focus on any one component.

PIRRO: Okay, but we don't have to worry that DACA is something that they can leverage before the continuing resolution and that the CR will pass, correct?

CONWAY: I would hope so, because the President made it very clear that he wants that wall funded and that is not negotiable. And anybody who wants to bring to the table their chief concerns, we'll also have to hear his. And I would say.


PIRRO: Do we know when - Kellyanne, I don't need to rush you but do we know when the President is going to sign this bill?

CONWAY: Sign the Continuing Resolution or Health Bill?

PIRRO: No, no, help the tax reform.

CONWAY: Well, there are processes that need to be - and protocols that need to be followed, as I understand it, and so you could expect him to do that in due course over the next couple of weeks, I suppose, it could happen untold but today people can rest assured that that is a formality, the passage is real and you saw corporate America respond to it today by passing it on, unlike all the predictions.

Jeanine, all the press's predictions were corporate America would never - never allow this tax cut to be down to the benefit of the little guy of the worker. They were going to stick it in their own pockets; the minute it passed before the President even reacted with south lawn they had already announced these bonuses. They predicted a year ago, global recessions, stock market crashes, a disaster everywhere, the opposite has happened. The consumer confidence is historic. The unemployment rate is low - the lowest ever among Hispanics. Lower for African-Americans, in women and teens, in a while.

And so, all of this knitted together shows a President and his leadership that has been able to realize a piece of legislation that many members who stood behind him tomorrow had voted on many years only to have it die on the President's desk. And some of those had voted for the Reagan tax cuts and they think this is even more bold.

PIRRO: Well, Kellyanne, we very much appreciate it. Congratulations. You can continue celebrating tonight.

CONWAY: Congratulations to America. Thank you.

PIRRO: Yes, take care. And joining us with reaction, our radio talk show host Larry Elder, Former Clinton pollster, a Fox News contributor, Doug Schoen and Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe.

Alright now, Doug, I'm going to ask you a question? Okay, because clearly the one Democrat on the panel, if the Democrats are saying, you know, Chicken Little, "The sky is falling." and people start seeing on February 1, the date that they've identified as the date when people are going to be seeing more money in their paychecks. I mean, doesn't that bode very poorly for the Democrats in 2018?

DOUG SCHOEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it could. There are a couple of daunting statistical challenges for the President and the Republican space. The bill now polls un-popularly; the democrats are 10 or 11 points ahead in the generic vote. So, this is going to take a campaign of the type that the President I see is launching on Christmas day to sell the bill because rest assured, the Democrats will be out selling the opposite message, so there is still a major road to hoe for the Administration.

PIRRO: All right, Lisa, I'll ask you because I mean clearly, the fact that the bill was so unpopular with the American people and that the President, as Doug said and as we heard earlier is going to start this whole campaign talking about the benefits. The Democrats really are in a bad situation. If indeed, you know, this bill delivers what they say it's going to deliver, which is that, you know, 80 percent of households are going to get a tax cut, the middle incomes - 90 percent are going to pay less. What do the DEMS do when that happens?

LISA BOOTHE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, and it's actually because Democrats had set the bar at saying that this is going to be Armageddon. This is apocalyptic, right.

SCHOEN: Don't look at me, Lisa.

BOOTHE: I know, you are not like that, but when you set the terms in that ridiculous of a matter, of course it's not going to be that. As you mentioned, 80 percent of Americans are going to see tax cuts and the reason why that this is poling so poorly is largely in part because of the media. They carry the water for the Democratic Party.

Look at the associated press, after the House passed this bill, they sent out a tweet breaking and all it mentions is the fact that this is getting done after three decades, mentioning steep tax cuts for business and the wealthy, didn't mention anything about the middle class families who are the beneficiaries.


PIRRO: Right - because those are their talking points. Larry, what's your take on all of these?

LARRY ELDER, RADIO COMMENTATOR: Ultimately, this bill will be judged by its results, just as the American people judged Ronald Reagan by his results. And that is why Ronald Reagan's second tax cut bill, only three Senators opposed it, among them was not Ted Kennedy.

The soul of the Democratic Party had switched Kennedys from Jack Kennedy to Ted Kennedy and has now gone from Ted Kennedy to Bernie Sanders - that's where these guys are. The American people will see a raise in their checks, they will see greater economic security and that's what will determine whether or not the Republicans do well or badly in 2018 and whether or not Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020.

PIRRO: What about, Doug, what happened with AT&T? The 200,000 people getting $1,000.00 - so I mean, the bill hasn't been signed yet. The stock market they say hasn't even - this hasn't been factored into the rise, which is historic. I mean, how do they continue to be able to sell this to the American people that the Republicans are bad for the economy?

SCHOEN: Well, there is a simple talking point that they have to rebut which is the highest rate is 37 on individuals, 21 on corporations ipso facto, a break for the corporations.

PIRRO: Ipso facto.


SCHOEN: You make an important point, Judge, which I think deserves to be underscored. The Administration needs help. They can't do it on a partisan basis. And if I was with the President, I would say, "Mr. President, great that you're thankful, Brian and Mitch McConnell, don't mention their names again because they're really, you know."

BOOTHE: But it's not.


SCHOEN: You have to get the corporations and working people out speaking in favor of the bill.

BOOTHE: And it's not just the bonuses though, there is also investments because Comcast has also announced 5o billion over the next five years. AT&T said that if tax reform got done, that they would invest $1 billion, so we're going to see more investments as a result.


PIRRO: But that's a little long term. I mean, this is so immediate. This is unbelievable.

BOOTHE: But I think when Americans see that though, they recognize the impact of this and republicans do have to sell it and they have to sell it against the odds of the media being against them. But I think they can do it and that's what they are going to do when they go home to their states and their constituents.

PIRRO: And Larry, don't you agree that this is one time, where irrespective of what the mainstream media says, when Joe Smith gets his paycheck and he looks at it and he sees a difference on February 1, he is going to say, "Whoa, this is real."

ELDER: Absolutely, and there's one other thing that haven't talked very much about and that is that bill gets rid of the death tax. Guess who is opposed to the death tax, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the head of Black Enterprise, the founder of Black Enterprise, also wrote (inaudible) pieces against death tax.

I thought Donald Trump disliked people of color. I thought he didn't like black people. He also praised Tim Scott, the Black Republican from South Carolina who helped him pushed this bill through. I thought Donald Trump did not like people of color. Oh my goodness, maybe some people are going to have to rethink some of their assumptions. God forbid.

PIRRO: Well, and you know what, I have to tell you, Larry, and I'll go to you Doug. I mean, hearing Tim Scott today, he was talking about and, you know, every one of them was so genuine, you've got - you know, with their, not just their satisfaction with the bill, finally passing, but you could feel it was emotional where Tim Scott says, they are investing now on opportunities. Trillions are going to go into the poor communities.

SCHOEN: A couple of things, look, I think Lisa is right, much as she likes to.


BOOTHE: Thank you, Doug. Can you say that again?

SCHOEN: No, I won't say it again because this has to get sold by people other than politicians and they have a real problem in blue states because there are...

PIRRO: Oh New York, New Jersey, California, and Connecticut, forget about it.

SCHOEN: Well, that's right, but I think they are 15 or 20 Republican Congressmen up there and another 10 or 15 on the West Coast. Look, the House could swing based on the elimination of the deductibility of state and local taxes. They need a special job in blue states to sell the broader benefits. They need to do it on a broad scale basis without the political class involved.


PIRRO: But it's a big beautiful tax cut, right, everyone want it for Christmas.

SCHOEN: Oh, what's fun if taxes go up in those states?

PIRRO: Yes, and you know, Lisa and Larry, I just have a little time left, I mean, you know, for those states where state and local taxes are no longer deductible but there is a limit on mortgages. I mean, that's (Joe Smith II).

BOOTHE: Yes, I mean that is going to be a tough sale. I mean, this is one of the areas where those members of the Congress in those states were concerned about that, the House members. So, I think it is a concern for Republicans.

PIRRO: Okay. All right, and Larry, just finally, I have got to go in a second. But, your take on how they are going to deal with it.

ELDER: Obama gave us a 2 percent recovery. Ronal Reagan gave us a 4 percent plus recovery, got overwhelmingly re-elected in 1986, 49 states to one. I wouldn't worry too much if we get a 4 percent...


SCHOEN: In 82, 26 seats were lost in the house, two in the Senate.

PIRRO: All right, goodbye. Thank you all; got a hard break in.

Coming up, Democrats in the media are completely losing it over the Republican tax bill. We'll show you the latest out-of-control examples. Plus, a Fox News exclusive report - Congress plans to issue new subpoenas over conflicts in Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe's Testimony yesterday. Congressman Raul Labrador, Gregg Jarret, and Pam Bondi will react next, stay with us.

KAY COLE JAMES, INCOMING HERITAGE FOUNDATION PRESIDENT: .to this president and to this congress.

PIRRO: Dana, clearly, I mean this is a great time of year.

When I hear the Democrats saying it's a wrong bill at the wrong time. First of all, this is the best time to do it. That is just my take on the holidays. But, more than that, Dana, if they are really that angry about it, this continuing resolution that is coming up, the government shut down on Friday, I mean, they would shut the government down. I mean, but they are not going to oppose this, are they? The continuing resolution?

DANA LOESCH, THE BLAZE ON TV: No. And they shouldn't do that they shouldn't oppose and this shut government down because they are having a tantrum over Americans getting to keep more of their own money. According to Democrats there is no good time to allow Americans to keep more of their own money. Judge Jeanine, I want to add as well, for individuals that are so upset that the government is allowing them to keep more of their own money, this is just the minimum. I want to remind people, they are free. We live in America. God bless the USA they ever free to pay more to the government if they so choose. They can write a check to the treasury and they can pay more. They don't have to listen to the government's minimum suggestions in terms of tax bracket. They can pay 50 percent, 60 percent, 70 percent, 80 percent, and 100 percent of their income to the government. That is their choice.

PIRRO: David Clarke, what do you say to those that say it has a negative impact on the debt? That it's going to increase the debt?

DAVID CLARKE, MILWAUKEE COUNTY SHERIFF: That stuff remains to be seen. Here's the issue for you the President today. He has to get this economy going. He has already done that. This thing is going to pick up steam.

And if the Democrats don't get out of way they will get run over by this robust economy. They are trying to throw wet blanket over this historic occasion, but it's not going to work. The American people sent Donald Trump. Like I said the only person in Washington, D.C. that has actually created jobs has been Donald Trump. He understands the role that the politics can play in either stifling an economy or giving it juice. So this is good and as soon as this thing really takes off, I think it's good night for the Democrats.

PIRRO: All right. I'm going to ask that we listen to some sound from Representative Jackie Speier and then I will go to you.


REP. JACKIE SPEIER, D-CALIF., HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: This is the ultimate bad Christmas carol story. This may be the most shameful day in the history of congress. Wealthy Americans, big fat Christmas present for you. Tiny Tim, we're taking your crutch away from you. And all the other kids in this country. And we're putting a lump of coal in to your Christmas stocking. It's shameful. It should not be happening in this country with so much wealth and so much greatness that we would allow these children and the 370,000 pregnant women in this country that also rely on chip. That we would shut them out of healthcare.


PIRRO: Kay, this is the same congresswoman who said last week that the President was going to fire Mueller that when everybody went on vacation he was going to do it and she had it on good reason that this is what was going to happen. She was clearly wrong. The President came out a minute later and said not. Kay, what do you think?

COLE JAMES: That is just absolutely shameful. To use Tiny Tim? Come on now and his crutch? The reality is the American people are not going to fall for that Democrats have got to come up with something better than that. You know, we hold -- as the heritage foundation we hold everybody's feet to the fire.

PIRRO: Yes, you do.

COLE JAMES: Democrats and Republicans. We really, really do. When the Republicans are wrong we will call them on it. We are just getting started by the way on tax reform. There is much more that we can do. But, going before the American people with Tiny Tim at Christmas come on now.

PIRRO: Well you know what and this is the biggest tax reform certainly in 31 years. But I think it's all going to bode well for Americans. I want to thank you Dana, David and Kay for being with us tonight.

CLARKE: Thank you.

PIRRO: Coming up, a breaking Fox News exclusive report. During his testimony yesterday, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe had conflicted statements from other previous witnesses. Gregg Jarrett and Pam Bondi will have reaction next. Stay with us.


PIRRO: Welcome back to "Hannity." We are learning more about FBI Director Andrew McCabe's seven-hour appearance before the House Intelligence Committee last night on the ongoing Russia investigation. Congressional investigators are exclusively telling Fox News that McCabe's testimony contained numerous conflicts with statements made by previous witnesses. According to these sources, the big issue at hand is whether McCabe told the truth about the FBI's probe into the anti-Trump dossier and the exact time frame when he found out that it was funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign as well as the Democratic National Committee.

Due to you McCabe's alleged discrepancies the Republican in the committee is planning to issue fresh subpoenas next week on Justice Department and FBI personnel. Joining us now with reaction Republican Congressman Raul Labrador. All right good evening Congressman, thank you so much for being here. You know, this 7-hour testimony by McCabe seems to present a lot of paradoxes that apparently these guys don't have their stories together which suggest to me as a Judge that somebody is lying.

REP. RAUL LABRADOR, R-ID., HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Oh, we have a major problem. We have the Department of Justice that has an issue with the subpoenas that have been issued. They haven't answered all of our questions. But most importantly, you have an investigation that was started that it appears now for political reasons the Democrats have been claiming that there was collusion between the Republican and the Russians. And what we're finding out there was collusion, but the collusion was between the Democrats, the Department of Justice and the people who were doing this dossier. So, we have a problem and we need to get to the bottom of it.

PIRRO: I must tell you, Congressman, I had a couple of your fellow Congressman on justice last Saturday night. And they said that they had gotten approval to start with the subpoenas as quickly as possible. Given the resistance by the FBI as well as the Department of Justice. It must frustrate you as an elected Congressman that for some reason the FBI thinks that they are above everyone when, in fact, they clearly are not.

LABRADOR: Well, we had the FBI director in our judiciary committee.

PIRRO: Christopher Wray.

LABRADOR: And he promised us that he was going to get to the bottom of this. We also had the chief deputy at the Department of Justice, and I believe that they are going to get to the bottom of this. I think they are investigating it. You have the investigation going on with all these -- with all these different members of the previous administration. But as you know, it would be very difficult if you were a prosecutor, it would be very difficult to trust what these people were doing, if you knew that they had a bias against the person that they were prosecuting.

PIRRO: You know what? Even beyond that. When you say that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Christopher Wray head of the FBI promised they would get this stuff to you. Well, they haven't gotten this stuff to you, have they?

LABRADOR: No, they haven't.

PIRRO: Why do you have confidence in them?

LABRADOR: I have confidence that we are going to get to the bottom of this. I have confidence that the American people will demand results. We need to know what really happened. We need to know why these investigations started. We need to know whether there was any kind of collusion between the departments.

PIRRO: Congressman, with all due respect. We need to know it, but we need to get answers. For the last year, nothing has happened. And we got to start holding people in contempt. We have to make sure that you guys are respected. We have oversight of the FBI and DOJ. Just keep their feet to the fire. Congressman Labrador thanks so much for being with us.

LABRADOR: We will. Thank you very much.

PIRRO: All right. Thank you.

Joining us with more reaction Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. All right. I will go to you madam Attorney General. Ok. You're a prosecutor. What do you do when people resist and don't want to give you evidence?

PAM BONDI, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA: Well, first of all, Jeanine, you and I in careers basically in law enforcement, they have to give you the evidence that they need to give you, but, more importantly, none of these people, if they are not telling the truth, in the big picture, they can never be used as witnesses in any case ever in court again. That is exculpatory evidence that the FBI will always have to turn over. If they're not honest. So, if it's found that they are not honest when all these congressional hearings are finished, they can't be employed at all by the Department of Justice, period. None of them.

PIRRO: All right. But that relates to the Department of Justice. I'm talking about taking them out in cuffs and making sure that if people are perjuring themselves. If there is an effort of conspiracy on the part of these higher ups in the FBI and DOJ to create a, you know, fake dossier which they then get, you know, before a FISA Judge, the Judge issues a warrant. I mean, this is fruit of the poisonous tree, Greg.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEAGL ANALYST: One of the key questions was, when did you find out that this dossier was phony? This was posed to Andrew McCabe. We really don't know the answer, but it is critical. In they knew it was phony and went to a federal Judge and used fake or dubious evidence to spy on President Trump and his associates. It's a fraud on the court. It's a crime. That is a critical question.

PIRRO: Greg, the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are refusing to give this information, I listened to Rod Rosenstein, I listened to Christopher Wray, the FBI. They were punting. They wouldn't give an answer. They don't have that right. They do not run their own government.

JARRETT: Peter King, a Congressman who sat in yesterday behind closed doors at the hearing said adequate answers were not given by Andrew McCabe. Now, you know what that means as a Judge. And I do as a lawyer. That means somebody is lying and covering up. So it's triggered all of these other subpoenas that are going to happen in the course of the next several days to get other witnesses in there. Andrew McCabe, the man on the screen has a lot to answer for, because he is a guy whose signature is on the documents, saying that he was aware of the origins of the dossier. That is Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic national committee and, yesterday apparently, according to our source in the hearing, he said oh, gee, I don't really remember when I found out Hillary was behind this.

PIRRO: It's even worse, Pam, because then what he does is he goes with his wife to try to get some money from Hillary -- from Tim McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, I mean that is a conflict right there. Can you explain to me why the taxpayers are paying this man's salary, why he continues to be deputy and head of the FBI?

BONDI: And he had a duty to reveal that. An affirmative duty. No one should have to come to him and say do you have a conflict. He clearly had a conflict. We had McCabe on the Clinton investigation to explain to our viewers how complicated this whole thing is. We have Strzok who is still employed at H.R. but should no longer be employed who changed the language regarding what Comey, regarding Comey and Hillary Clinton. And he -- and his text messages to his girlfriend, Lisa Page employed, show complete disdain for the commander-in-chief of the United States. It should have never been involved in this investigation.

PIRRO: Go ahead. Greg.

JARRETT: You know, what's interesting is Democrats and the mainstream media and I realize that is redundant, keep saying well, Mueller got rid of Peter Strzok. Well, yeah. But how much damage did Strzok do in the full year he was on the case? He is the guy who launched it in July of last year. And why did Comey cover up the reasons behind getting rid of Peter Strzok for five long months, never telling congress, never telling the American people? That is deceptive and dishonest by Robert Mueller.

PIRRO: I will tell you, there is more coming up on all this story. I want to thank you Pam Bondi, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Gregg Jarrett. Coming up, President Trump is threatening to cut foreign aid to countries. The plan to expose the Jerusalem decision at the United Nations tomorrow. This will be interesting.


PIRRO: Welcome back to "Hannity." Tomorrow the U.N. General Assembly is scheduled to vote on a resolution opposing any recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This comes as President Trump earlier this month boldly announced his intentions to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is warning that the U.S. will be taking names. And today during a Cabinet meeting, President Trump doubled down on Ambassador Haley's message, take a look.


TRUMP: I like to message that Nikki sent yesterday at the United Nations for all of these nations that take our money and then they vote against us at the Security Council. Or they vote against us potentially at the assembly. They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. Well, we are watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We will save a lot. We don't care. This isn't like this used to be vote against you and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody know what is they are doing. Nikki that was the right message that you and I agreed to be sent yesterday. I have had a lot of good comment on it, believe me. People are tired of the United States, people live here great citizens, I love this country, they are tired of this country being taking advantage of and we are not going to be taken advantage of any longer.


PIRRO: And joining us with Israel's ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. All right. Danny, I love the idea of taking names. I love the idea of you are not going to do this to us anymore is it anybody's business where the United States decides to put its embassy in foreign country?

DANNY DANON, ISRAEL'S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: The U.N. has no right to tell the U.S. Where to put the embassy of the U.S. in Israel. I think tomorrow we will see another session of bashing not only of Israel, bashing of the U.S. and no resolution that is passed can change the reality that Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of the state of Israel. You cannot change that.

PIRRO: You know, so many Presidents have promised that they were going to do it. What is it about this President obviously he is stronger. Why would they promise it and not deliver? What was the harm to them? Were they afraid of these other countries?

DANON: We see a different kind of leadership. We appreciate that. Courageous bold decision of President Trump. Not only that, also the veto of Ambassador Haley and the Security Council. Last year, I was at the Security Council last September and there was another resolution. The previous administration supported that shameful resolution. We see the change, we appreciate it this is a way to U.N. to come with your values and ideology and to change the U.N. We need to reform the U.N.

PIRRO: Clearly the President is going to do that. He talked about it with NATO and now he is talking about it with the U.N. What money, I mean, is there money to individual countries that can be impacted by, you know, the United States saying you don't vote with us, we are not going to give you money anymore?

DANON: That is for the President and Ambassador Haley to be excited about that hypocrisy in the U.N. If you give money to those countries, they think you had should demand from them. That is what we do when we support countries. I called many ambassadors today. We said we support you. Technology, cyber security, defense, now we need you to vote. If you do not support us we will also take notes.

PIRRO: Even the United Kingdom. They are always supposed to be considered an ally. Why do they feel that they should have a say as to where Israel has its capital or the United States puts its embassy?

DANON: They see the peace process exactly the opposite. They don't support the peace process. They support the Palestinian ideology of incitement of running away from a dialogue. The only way to move forward is direct negotiation between Israelis and Palestinians. The President's decision is the right move, because now that understands new leadership. They have to decide whether they are joining the negotiations or moving on without them.

PIRRO: And so I mean by saying that, you know, this is going to disrupt the peace process. That is just their excuse, in fact it hasn't gone forward for a long time. Maybe this the way to do it.

DANON: Look at what is happening in the last 20 years so many emissaries, so many summits. Nothing happened. I think this is the right approach. I think the President will be engaged with the peace process.

PIRRO: I think so. Anyway. Thank you so much Danny Danon. Coming up more Hannity right after the break. Stay with us.


PIRRO: Welcome back to "Hannity." Unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. As always thank you so much for being with us. Don't forget to set your DVR so you never miss an episode of "Hannity" and don't forget to watch "Justice" every Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. And you can follow me on twitter with @judgejeanine. I will be back filling in for Sean tomorrow night. We hope you have a great night and Laura Ingraham is live from Washington, D.C. There's my friend Laura there right now. Laura we are handing it off to you.

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