'Justice' on left's attack on American way of life, Congress' handling of Israel-Palestine conflict

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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello and welcome to JUSTICE. I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro. Thanks so much for being with us tonight.

Let's get right to my open.

This week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been running around the country delivering commencement speeches. Tonight, I'd like to deliver one of my own. Mine, the far cry from what you have heard from our liberal leaders.

And so to the class of 2021, I say, congratulations. You had four wonderful years in college, you now enter real life.

Real life is hard: real challenges, real difficulties.

Now, during most of your time in college, Donald Trump was the President. The economy was great. We had the lowest unemployment for African-Americans and minorities, deregulation allowed businesses to prosper, the opening of the Keystone pipeline helped us to be energy independent, and for the first time, a net exporter of gas, no longer dependent on the OPEC nations. Tax cuts allowed Americans to take more money home.

You had a lot to look forward to under Donald Trump.

But now as you went to the real world, America is a different place. Under Joe Biden, you better watch what you say or do because now you can be canceled, not by a court or a regulatory agency, but by those who think they are better than you and have the power to block points of view they disagree with.

Original thought is not valued the way it once was.

I know, you've studied the First Amendment. Freedom of speech means you can say what you please. The Supreme Court has even protected hate speech, because the Constitution doesn't take sides in a speech debate. It just provides you the freedom to speak your mind.

But Big Tech has emerged in the last six months as the self-anointed arbiter of truth, deciding what you can say on Facebook or Twitter. And by the way, truth these days is a very subjective thing.

So now it's on you to decide. How free do you want to be? If you want the freedom the Founding Fathers created, it's now on you to regulate Big Tech, aka Big Brother, promoting one ideology and groupthink only.

This is more than political correctness, you are entering a cancel culture where even your circumstance alone can get you fired, having nothing to do with your job or your ability, like the woman whose only crime was that her son-in-law was on a police force, so she was fired; where a scarlet letter can be placed on you so that you may never find work.

It's on you now.

You want to get married and have a family? A no brainer, right? Except today, powerful organizations like Black Lives Matter reject the nuclear family. The organization is a firm believer of Marxism, which demands the abolition of the family.

Funny, our government seems not far behind. You see, government is promising to care for you from cradle to grave.

Some members of BLM seem to believe they can burn down businesses and loot stores because of a perceived injustice. They did it all last summer, and they did it with impunity.

You see the America you are entering has not only demoralized police, they've been defunded, told to stand down, lost their immunity, so they virtually cannot perform their job. They are spit on, assaulted and outright shot because they wear the badge.

So if you get in trouble, a break-in at your home, you may be your own 911.

This has to be your first order of business because a nation without law and order is destined for anarchy, a nation without rules where mobs and gangs are allowed to roam and damage the streets is not only not good for your business, but your house value will go down because it's not safe for families either.

And if the job you seek involves world travel and a global business, not so fast, the United States today is showing the weakness on the international stage and you may not have a strong country willing to back you up.

China insults our Secretary of State in our own country while the Secretary of State and his team sit there and take it. Hamas, a terrorist organization sends torrents of missiles into Israel, our staunchest ally and the only democracy in the Middle East. And President Biden instead of standing strong with Israel, buckles to the left, and with pathetic ambivalence says, "Well, Israel has a right to defend herself," then changes and says, "There should be a ceasefire." And then demands that Netanyahu sign a significant de-escalation.

This, as Palestinian sympathizers in Congress offer a resolution to stop the promised military resupply to Israel as Israel was being attacked by Hamas. And this week, anti-Semitism reared its ugly head. Here in the United States, Jewish diners were attacked at an LA restaurant by a pro- Palestinian mob, shouting anti-Semitic slurs, throwing bottles and tipping over tables. Similar scenes played out in the Diamond District in New York.

Palestinians emboldened by the support of the left and the Democratic Party, take a look.


PIRRO: Elected officials no longer seem accountable to their constituency, they instead have instituted a wave of totalitarianism, using a pandemic as an excuse to control us. Your job, if you want to succeed, will be to stop these small minded dictators. They've bullied us claiming they relied on the science and they forced us to shut down, shut in and shut up.

We even faced totalitarianism in Congress where Congresswomen spew hatred toward a duly elected President and his Cabinet members suggesting people get in their faces so they know they are not welcome. That same totalitarianism continues as the Speaker of the House, who doesn't wear a mask in a hair salon insists that all Members of Congress wear masks, even though they've all been vaccinated.

The instinct to control is so strong that she has instituted fines of up to $2,500.00 a day that is automatically deducted from the salaries as punishment.

In socialist countries, there's no reward for success. Americans for the past year, in fact, have been offered more money to stay home and not work, the pandemic used to promote a socialist way of life.

So all that hard work in college to get your degree and succeed is minimized as laziness and reliance on government is normalized. It seems that meritocracy will take a backseat to reliance on government.

So if you're a Type A, you might not do as well as you'd like here.

Remember, there is no place like America and no place to go if we lose our freedom here, but it's up to you.

Make no mistake, it will be a battle -- a battle, not just between capitalism and socialism and not just between the right and the left, but a battle between lawlessness and law and order, between anarchy and respect for society's rules and regulations.

This requires that you be unafraid. It's time to go back to the America that our Founding Fathers would actually recognize.

Remember one thing, Ronald Reagan was right. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. You are on the precipice, and you must fight for and protect that freedom.

And that's my open.

Let me know what you think on my Facebook and Twitter, #JudgeJeanine.

Here with reaction to my open and much more from the great State of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz joins me now.

Good evening, Senator. Thanks so much for being with us.

I want to start with a given. Number one, that Hamas is a terrorist organization and it is funded in part by Iran. Number two, Israel is a sovereign state with the right to defend herself. Now, do you see any moral equivalency between these two?

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Absolutely none whatsoever. Hamas terrorists are targeting women and children. They're trying to kill the innocent, they deliberately target -- they target schools, they target hospitals, they try to kill innocent Israelis.

Israel is a sovereign nation defending itself and when they defend themselves, Hamas in the last two weeks has rained over 4,000 rockets down on Israel. I've been to Israel many times, I've been down along the Gaza Strip where they have these bomb shelters where people live -- people live in a kibbutz and suddenly the alarm goes off that there's a rocket and they have to run to the bomb shelter with 10 to 20 seconds to get there.

What Israel does is try to take out the rockets. They try to take out the terrorists. They aim for Hamas headquarters. They aim for Hamas military installations.

Now, here's what happens. Hamas deliberately locates their terrorists and their missiles in the middle of Palestinian citizens. They use Palestinians as human shields. And they do this because from their perspective, it's a win-win; either Israel will not strike it their missiles and they'll get to keep engaging in acts of terrorism or even better from their perspective, Israel will strike it that will take out the Hamas terrorists, but there will be civilian casualties.

And Hamas wants Palestinian civilians killed because they know Democrats in Washington, and the media globally will act as use useful idiots and attack Israel and that's what we're seeing in Congress right now.

PIRRO: I want to also get to the fact that the Democratic Party, we've got this visual of Rashida Tlaib it seemingly lecturing Joe Biden on the tarmac. We've also got AOC, and the squad and Bernie Sanders, basically, you know, undermining our ally and it is creating this tension, where the Democratic Party at one point supportive of Israel seems more interested on the left and in supporting Palestine that started attacking Israel.

Let's be clear here, Palestine and the Hamas sent over the missiles.

CRUZ: You're exactly right. You know, Judge, there's always been a really angry anti-Israel anti-Semitic voice on the far left. What's different is these are now prominent Members of Congress that are vocally, Representative Omar accused Israel of carrying out acts of terrorism. That is a vicious lie. And to be honest, the squad is acting more like the Press Secretaries for Hamas terrorists than they are like United States congressmen.

You mentioned Bernie Sanders. So Bernie, in the Senate, AOC in the House, have both introduced resolutions, trying to block arm sales to Israel to say we're not going to help you defend yourself. I'll tell you something that that is not publicly known yet. But next week, I'm introducing a resolution to approve the arm sales and I'm going to fight for a vote because there are a lot of Democrats in the Senate who want to play footsie and want to say, well, now, I don't agree with that anti-Semitic language from the squad, well, let's vote.

Let's decide if you're willing to send weapons to support Israel or if you're going to sashay up to the anti-Israel left, then you need to own it and I hope we're going to have a vote next week and decide which side of the line everyone stands on.

PIRRO: In addition to that, Senator, we have these tensions spilling out on the streets in the United States, with his anti-Semitism unlike we haven't seen in years. How do you think that's going to play out?

CRUZ: Well, we've seen growing anti-Semitism in the United States. We've seen growing anti-Semitism in Europe even faster. The hatred that is directed at Jews in particular is unlike anything else.

You know, previously when you had members of the squad repeating anti- Semitic tropes, you remember the House of Representatives tried to take up a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, and they couldn't get it passed.

PIRRO: Oh, I remember it well.

CRUZ: AOC and other leftists blocked it, and in the Senate, Judge, what I did, I said, look, I want to see if the Senate can do better. So I drafted a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

I actually approached a democrat, Tim Kaine, who obviously was Hillary's VP candidate, and Tim and I worked together. It's a strong unequivocal denunciation of anti-Semitism. It's a denunciation of BDS, boycott, divestment, and sanctions, and it explicitly condemns the comments of the anti-Israel squad.

We pass that through the Senate a hundred and nothing, every Republican every Senate Democrat voted for it.

PIRRO: And nothing happened in the House.

CRUZ: So there hope.

PIRRO: Right.

CRUZ: Nancy Pelosi couldn't get the votes.

PIRRO: That's right.

CRUZ: And there is a contrast that -- always a pleasure.

PIRRO: We're out of time, Senator, it's always great to have you on JUSTICE. Thanks so much for being with us to talk about this issue.

And still ahead, Hogan Gidley, Tyrus, Kim Klacik and more, but next, the NYPD has been banned from the city's annual Pride Parade.

Ric Grenell joins me to react. Don't go away.


PIRRO: Organizers of New York City's Pride Parade have announced it is banning any participation by law enforcement at the events until the year 2025. And now, even "The New York Times" is coming out against the decision.

In an op-ed this week, "The Times" Editorial Board called it quote, "a misstep by the organizers of Pride."

Joining me now with a reaction to this story as well as breaking updates on two recall efforts in California is the former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell.

Good evening, Ric.


PIRRO: Nice to see you as well. Ric, you were the first openly gay Cabinet member in United States history, and I'm curious as to what your reaction is to the New York City Pride Parade basically saying the police are not welcome and they don't want them any closer than one block within the parade.

GRENELL: Look, I think that your opening statement was spot on, Judge, because what I'm concerned about is this progressive left wokeism bleeding into our foreign policy and our national security policy.

This case in New York, where the far left leaders are saying that, you know, police can't march in parades is just the tip of the iceberg to what's really happening.

I mean, you look at the C.I.A., for instance, they're proudly recruiting anxiety prone millennials. This is just for me, a concern across the board of how wokeism is not only just in our universities in our schools, but it's really now permeated into foreign and national security issues.

It's not going to make Americans safer, it's actually going to make us less safe.

PIRRO: Well, you know, Ric, it's a great point. And when you think about some of the departments that have defunded police who are now starting to put money back in to fund the police, you know, I wonder how long it's going to take before these wokists realize that they're really not on the right track.

But I want to switch gears for a minute. You know, one of my favorite DAs, and that's being sarcastic is a guy by the name of George Gascon, a Soros- funded DA and I understand that he apparently has been greenlighted for his recall, and now they can begin to start taking signatures so that he can be recalled. What are you hearing about that?

GRENELL: Look, this is just another flashpoint in California. The far progressive left has taken over so many areas, you know, it starts with sanctuary cities where they come in, and they just say, we're not going to prosecute certain laws that we don't like, and then it goes from there with it.

This guy in Los Angeles has really, across the board done something that I haven't seen any politician do, which is unite everybody against him. You've got the left, you've got the right, you've got the moderates, you've got the declined estate all looking at him saying, "What in the world happened?"

I mean, he's not prosecuting normal crime. He's really made everyone angry. So now, we have a new focus of recalling him and I think it's actually going to be more popular than recalling Gavin Newsom, if you could imagine that.

PIRRO: And speaking of recalling Gavin Newsom, do you have any announcements you'd like to make?

GRENELL: Well, I think everybody should support the Recall Newsom. He is trying to buy his way into some votes. Now, he is offering kickbacks basically, what he calls tax incentives, or rebates, or checks. And what's really crazy about this is, you know, across the board, I keep hearing California and say, I'm taking the money, but I'm going to vote to recall the guy.

PIRRO: Interesting, and I've just got a few seconds left. What are you hearing about these 10 cities that are popping up in in California? Venice Beach, I understand.

GRENELL: They're all over there. They're coming up on the beaches. Every single bridge underneath has a homeless camp. If you haven't been to California lately, when you come here, every single person will say, wow, I can't imagine what has happened. This feels like a homeless camp throughout the entire city. It's really this mismanagement from Los Angeles to Sacramento for the entire state is really right in front of everyone's eyes.

PIRRO: Well, you know what, Ric, it seems that California needs a strong person to be the Governor. And that's all I'm going to say, Ric, other than thank you for joining us tonight.

GRENELL: Judge, always good to see you.

PIRRO: Thanks. And next, Tennessee lawmakers are sounding the alarm on the White House, reportedly flying migrants into Tennessee in the dead of the night. Hogan Gidley joins me next to break it all down. Don't go anywhere.



Some welcome news on the health front, new COVID-19 cases plunging to levels not seen since last June. The seven-day average for new cases dropping below 30,000 per day this week and then deaths over the last seven days dropping to 552, numbers not seen since last July.

Now, the C.D.C. says nearly half of the country is fully vaccinated, but cautions not enough Americans have been vaccinated to wipe out the virus.

And this year's U.S. Army has 1,000 new Second Lieutenants following graduation day at West Point. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin telling the cadets they were graduating during exceptionally tough times. But adding West Point had prepared them to face extraordinary threats from pandemics to terrorism.

Graduation withheld at the football stadium with pandemic precautions.

I'm Ashley Strohmier, now back to JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE.

PIRRO: Lawmakers are accusing the Biden administration of flying migrants from the border to an airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From there, they'll be bused to other cities in the southeast.

Tennessee Senator Bill Haggerty had this to say about that, quote: "I have warned for months that President Biden's failure at the border would result in a systematic resettling of migrants in our communities. Every town is now a border town."

Joining me now to react, former Trump campaign national press secretary, Hogan Gidley.

All right, good evening Hogan. It seems that the flying in of these immigrants under the cover of darkness is a response to reports that the Governor of Tennessee had indicated that he didn't want them brought to Tennessee. What can you tell us?

HOGAN GIDLEY, FORMER TRUMP 2020 NATIONAL PRESS SECRETARY: I'm sure the Governor didn't. Senator Haggerty is absolutely right, because the resources aren't there. When you start to influx thousands of people into these communities. I mean, you're talking about schools, you're talking about hospitals, other things that should go to the citizens of this country who are here legally and lawfully. The American people deserve those resources at their disposal, not to have people flown in the dead of night.

Look, this is a complete, total unmitigated disaster and there is only one person to blame for it and it is Joe Biden.

I'm at a conference in Naples and I've talked to two gentlemen last night. You know, well Judge that I worked within the Trump administration, Mark Morgan and Tom Homan. And we talked about the good old days when we had safety and security and stability along the southern border because we had policies in place that deterred people from coming here.

When you end catch and release, we no longer let people out into American communities we caught. We had agreements with other countries when they were waiting for court cases to stay over there. Not to mention the fact we were building the wall, those things kept the numbers low and the drugs out.

PIRRO: Yes. But the problem is that we're here now, and so what we've got are people being brought into the interior, we have no idea who they are, we have no idea what their medical issues are. But in addition to that, the Federal government is moving the financial burden to the states and they can't afford it.

GIDLEY: Yes, of course, they can't. Look -- but that's the whole point. When you have a system that is working like Donald Trump had along the southern border, and you start to do the opposite, which is what Joe Biden is doing, the opposite result is going to occur.

So now, we've seen the last two months, consecutive months in each month, over -- or almost 180,000 people coming into this country illegally and unlawfully, and no amount of media covering this up is going to prevent the American people from feeling the brunt of these bad policies. Sending people to Tennessee in the dead of night is not going to prevent the people of Tennessee from feeling the brunt of bad policies and the letter that a lot of Governor signed on to including the Governor of Tennessee, said this, and I loved the line. It said, "They have neither the resources nor the obligation to solve the Federal government's problem."

Look, this is a Federal government issue. We fixed it under Donald Trump. What this country deserves, what the American people need is a strong leader and a strong President and sadly with Joe Biden, we've got neither.

PIRRO: And you know what's amazing, Kamala Harris hasn't visited the border yet.

GIDLEY: Not once.

PIRRO: And certainly, Joe Biden hasn't.

GIDLEY: Of course not.

PIRRO: The shame of this is, is that we know about Tennessee. We don't know what we don't know.

GIDLEY: Yes, that's exactly right. And how many times the President Trump go down to the border? He did so because he wanted to show off the successful policies we had in place. They're not going down there because they know it's a failure.

PIRRO: It's a nightmare. Hogan Gidley, thanks so much for being with us.

GIDLEY: Thanks, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, and still ahead, explosive new details about daily UFO sightings directly off the coast of the United States.

But first, CNN's Chris Cuomo apologizes for secretly advising his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to survive his sexual harassment scandal. Reaction from Tyrus and Kim Klacik is next, I can't wait.



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: I know where the line is. I can respect it and still be there for my family, which I must. I have to do that.

I love my brother. I love my family. I love my job.


PIRRO: CNN's Chris Cuomo is in hot water for admitting that he secretly advised his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to survive his sexual harassment scandal. So much for journalistic integrity.

Joining me now with reaction, FOX News contributor, Tyrus and Red Renaissance President, Kim Klacik.

Alright guys, you know, Fredo there says that he knows where to draw the line. So I'm going to start with you, Kim, what do you think?

KIM KLACIK, PRESIDENT, RED RENAISSANCE: Yes, let's be very clear here, Judge. Chris is upset that he got caught. He is not really sorry for what he did. You know, like many people, of course, we put our family before our jobs. But in this situation, it's a conflict of interest, right?

CNN has to be ethical and have ethical journalistic approach for their audience. So the fact that he had oversight over what he did as a Governor of New York, while giving him advice is completely wrong. He basically crafted the perfect PR strategy, and that's why we saw a lot of the stories kind of disappear out of the headlines, because of course, CNN's Chris Cuomo knew not to focus on his brother. So the whole thing was just a disaster. But I'm glad that he actually admitted it.

PIRRO: Yes, well, he admitted that he got caught. Go ahead, Tyrus, hit it.

GEORGE "TYRUS" MURDOCH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Come on, man. This is -- this is ridiculous. He is apologizing for what? I love my brother, I secretly gave him advice. That's not the issue. It has nothing to do with the issue.

There's nobody who has family members who didn't think that he talked to his brother about what hopefully one of many of his brother's mistakes, not just the harassment issues, but the situation with nursing homes and I'm sure he gave him advice how to deal with when you have a hero like Janice Dean on your back every time we look over your shoulders, I'm sure he gave him a lot of advice.

But that's not the issue. Chris Cuomo was not known for his journalistic integrity. He pushes a narrative on his show every night. Well, it would have been nice if he would have admitted that he had an opinion show because he just pushes a narrative, so him reaching out to his brother is nothing new. And you know, it's just like the fake -- when he was naked with a cup of coffee stunt or his -- or that amazing moment where he staged coming out of his basement with COVID and come to find out he had already been out and had already -- you know what I'm saying?

Like, this dude is known for making stunts.

This, again, is another stunt, Judge. We object to this apology because this is 100 percent another stunt, it is to get the heat off his brother trying to get some fake heat on himself. His crime again, I secretly gave him advice because I love my brother. Well, whatever it is, it is gross.

PIRRO: You know what's amazing? When he came out -- when Fredo came out of the basement, aka, when he comes out of the basement, he acts like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it's so wonderful. Meanwhile, he had a fight with a guy like a week before and the guy reported he is fighting with people outside.


PIRRO: I mean, at some point, don't you lose your credibility. It's not just, you know, the violation of journalistic integrity and you know and he should admit his opinion, but I mean, all of this puffery of his brother puffing him up, puffing him up and all that nonsense, and now he's involved in, you know, advising him on what to do, especially as it relates, I'm sure to television. It's disgusting.

But I want to move on to Lori Lightfoot. Okay, now here we've got Lori Lightfoot. She's an African-American mayor of Chicago, all right. She has issued a moratorium on white reporters, white reporters are not allowed to question her. One of the biggest cities in America, one of the most crime- ridden cities, only brown and black reporters will she speak with? What do you say to that, Tyrus?

MURDOCH: Well, hopefully the brown and black reporters won't speak to her. This is about as racist as it gets. This is not the point of fighting for equality, but apparently that was never an issue for her. It was about advantage.

I can never support anyone who excludes a group from talking because there is -- those white reporters had absolutely nothing to do with slavery and had nothing to do -- they are trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

And I know the narrative now is to blame white people for all the problems that we have in this country as a minority. But I think we're forgetting a big piece to this puzzle. It's the overwhelming majority of white America that supported the fight for equality. We couldn't have gotten where we are today without white people jumping in headfirst to join the team.

It took a team effort of black, brown and white Americans to get together and say, this is what we need in this country. We need equality and opportunity. It was white America that pushed the Ku Klux Klan, and people with this type of mindset into the shadows of our society, to where nowadays, if Judge, if you and I were out to dinner and a waiter refused to serve us because we're brown, or I'm black, the entire restaurant would be in outrage and that person would lose his job because that's where we're at in this country.

So it is not fair, no matter whether it's a white man saying I don't want black people in my restaurant or a black woman who is sitting as mayor -- of all the people of her district, for her to say white reporters, and oh, she's no different than the ones who wrote the signs that said whites only at the drinking fountain. It's sad that she thinks that that's okay. It's shameful, and she should be ashamed of herself.

PIRRO: That's right. Yes. All right, Kim, we've got a few seconds here. What's your comments on the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot?

KLACIK: Well, first of all, I think it's very hypocritical, right? You know, here's a woman who's the mayor of the most -- one of the most deadliest cities in the country, and she is saying who can and cannot ask her questions. Meanwhile, she's just bringing back segregation. And so for me, it's like, why not just focus on the gang violence? You know, the dead bodies piling up in Chicago?

Over last weekend, they had over 13 people killed. I mean, that's what she should be focused on, not who can ask her questions and who cannot. But this is the left again, this is what they do. They just want to divide everybody by race and we're still in the same corner that we've been in for the past, I would say eight years at this point. We have to move forward. This isn't progressive thinking at all.

PIRRO: All right, Tyrus and Kim, stay right there.

Coming up, cancel culture is killing comedy, and one of the biggest names in the business is freaking out. We have the tape and the panel's reaction. You can't miss this one, next.


PIRRO: Comedian, Chris Rock, one of the biggest names in the business blasting cancel culture for creating unfunny and boring entertainment. Take a listen to why he thinks it's so bad for the industry and the country.


CHRIS ROCK, COMEDIAN: We should have the right to fail, because failure is a part of art. I mean, it's like -- it's the ultimate cancel. You know what I mean? But now, you know, you've got a place where people are scared to talk that's not -- you know, especially in America, you're scared to talk.

But you know, some people want -- you know, we've got to make adjustments. You know, let's do it.


PIRRO: Kim Klacik and Tyrus are back. All right, Kim, what do you think of this?

KLACIK: Now, Chris Rock is absolutely right. Except for the fact that he is saying that if this is what people want, we should go with it. We should not. We should fight back against something like this. This is our First Amendment right to be able to speak our minds and say what we want, and this is how we're going to bring comedy back. If people like Chris Rock and all the other comedians step up and go back to being funny, you know, it's not funny anymore. Everything is so woke these days.

But he is absolutely right. Failure is a part of life, and I also believe that failure -- when you fail, you get closer to success, right? Thomas Edison had 1,000 failed inventions, right? One thousand and one, he actually invented the lightbulb. Had he quit, we would never even have these lights that we have today.

We have to continue to go forward. We can't suppress your voice just because some people like what you say, and some people don't. You know, everyone should have the right to free speech. So I think Chris Rock should fight back not say, oh, yes, let's just go with what they want because that's not how we're going to win this fight.

PIRRO: Well, he is a pretty funny guy, Tyrus. I really would like -- I'd like to laugh again. I mean, I love to laugh.

MURDOCH: I work hard on that, Judge. I work hard on making you laugh. And, you know, luckily for Thomas Edison, he didn't -- he didn't have Twitter hitting him up on mistake number 45, shutting him down and getting all his sponsors and copper companies to not to give him any more materials anymore, because of something that he said when he was 15.

So like, I feel what Chris Rock is saying. Chris Rock luckily is in a position much like Dave Chappelle, and some of the comedians that have been around who have amassed enough fortune and fame where they can go to Netflix and produce their own special and that's why you're able to get the comedy from those guys because they don't have to rely on an HBO or a woke CEO in determining whether their humor gets to see the light of day.

The biggest fear is when you make jokes and as a comedian myself, I can live with the fact that I'm not going to get auditions because I crack jokes about whatever the hell I want to. As long as you're okay with it, people will find you, but to make money to be in the mainstream -- Kevin Hart is another example -- they pushed him out of hosting the Academy Awards but because of who he is and what he is, he does his -- you want to laugh, you've got to go to Netflix. You've got to go to FOX Nation. You've got to go to places where the comedians don't have to answer to the woke CEOs and companies who will cast them aside for a fake fantasy view of Twitter trolls or Instagram horde mongers.

So, until the -- until the company starts saying enough of this.

PIRRO: It's sad.

MURDOCH: You've just got to just do your own thing, travel on the road. You know, what I'm saying, just -- you're not going to make any money on TV right now.

PIRRO: Well. Yes, it's a shame. We all need a good laugh. Believe me after the last year. Kim and Tyrus, it is so great to have you on tonight. Thanks so much for being with us.

MURDOCH: Thanks, Judge and I want that book Durst book, too.

PIRRO: You're welcome. Yes, you want the Durst book, I've got one for you, Robert Durst, guys.

MURDOCH: I want it autographed. I want it -- I am a Judge Jeanine Pirro --

PIRRO: He killed them all.

MURDOCH: That's when I became a big fan of yours, Judge. Do your thing, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, just ahead, the UFO videos that defy logic and new questions about what is really out there. Abby Hornacek next with the details.

I love this.



SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): Anything that enters an airspace that's not supposed to be there is a threat. There's a stigma on Capitol Hill. I mean, some of my colleagues are very interested in this topic and some kind of, you know, giggle when you bring it up, but I don't think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question.


PIRRO: The truth is out there and we may soon find out more than we ever thought about UFOs. As questions mount and military officials scramble to put out a report, this newly leaked and mysterious video of a UFO sighting off the coast of California is creating quite a buzz.

FOX Nation host, Abby Hornacek joins me now with reaction to it all. Abby, it's great to have you on JUSTICE. I understand that you're very versed on all this. And you know, a couple of thoughts I have. You know, there's been a secretive Pentagon unit that's been dealing with these UFOs for years and they hid it from us. So next year, when this report comes out, what do you think will be in it?

ABBY HORNACEK, FOX NATION HOST: Well, I think, Judge what's going to be in it is that we are -- have been witnessing these unidentified flying objects, or UAPs as what they're now called, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. For years, we've heard Navy pilots say it, and you mentioned that secretive unit within The Pentagon that's tasked with setting the UFOs, the former Director of that, Lue Elizondo, he came out recently and said, hey, look, imagine this technology that can go 13,000 miles per hour, can do 600 to 700 G Forces, can fly through air, can fly through water, can evade our radars. And that's what we're dealing with.

When he says something like that, I think we have to take this pretty seriously. And to give context to that, Judge, I had the opportunity to ride with the Blue Angels. I think we pulled around 7.4 G Forces and -- or 7.4 Gs, I went out like a light, past right out.

So whoever is driving these aircrafts, or if someone is flying them, that's unlike any technology that we've seen or that we're capable of.

PIRRO: And so what conclusion do you draw? What conclusion did they draw from the fact that if we're passing out, you know, at a certain level of Gs, and they're there, how many hundreds did you say? I mean, do we think that they are extraterrestrial? What are they? Who's flying them?

HORNACEK: Yes, 600 to 700 Gs -- who's flying them? I don't know if we know that answer. I think what Senator Rubio said was very interesting. He said, there's a stigma on Capitol Hill and I think that stigma comes from the fact that anytime we talk about UFOs, people automatically assume that you're talking about aliens or extraterrestrials. And it might be that because this technology really blows everything out of the water that we've ever seen.

But also, we have to take it seriously as a national security threat. These unidentified flying objects are entering our restricted air spaces, particularly around military bases and nuclear weapon facilities. So if that's happening, Judge, we really have to pay attention to this.

PIRRO: And you know, there's talk about the fact that you know, the pilots have been seeing this for years and years, and yet nothing has happened to us that we're aware of. It'll be very interesting to see what in the end, it's all about. Do you think we'll ever comprehend it? Or is it beyond our comprehension?

HORNACEK: I think, I hope that we eventually figure it out because look, I lean in the way -- I think it's really fun to believe in aliens and extraterrestrials maybe that is what's happening here, Judge, but one of these days I'm thinking that, you know, Lue Elizondo also implied that we have -- have some things in our possession that we also have not been able to identify.

So hopefully, with more research, maybe whoever is flying these objects or controlling these objects, maybe they're not trying to kind of enter yet and at one point they might, so I guess we'll see what happens.

Judge, if you get beamed up, I'll come save you. Don't worry.

PIRRO: All right, I will be relying on you, Abby. Thanks so much for joining us on JUSTICE.

HORNACEK: I have seen "Independence Day" so I've got it.

PIRRO: All right, you've got it. Don't forget to set your DVR so you never miss a show.

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Thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate it.

I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro advocating for truth, justice and the American way, and I'll see you next Saturday night.

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