Jumping to Conclusions

It has become a habit of the American left to equate disagreement with liberals and liberalism with hate. So convinced do they seem of the virtue of their cause that the only possible explanation for resistance to it must be hatred.

In the past week, at least two prominent liberal commentators spoke of the need to resist the right's -- quote -- "Obama hate machine."

Hardly a surprise then that the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords would quickly be blamed on what columnist Krugman of The New York Times called the "climate of hate," fomented, of course, by the right. Never mind that the only climate that seemed to matter here was the fever swamp of Jared Loughner's mind.

The Democratic sheriff of Pima County also saw a connection to the national climate, though he admitted he had no evidence. Just his opinion, he said.

Here in Washington, Democratic Congressman Brady of Philadelphia has a bill to make it a crime to use language or symbols that -- quote -- "could be perceived" -- as threatening violence against a member of Congress.

So presumably our national discourse will now be cleansed of references to "attack ads" and "targeted races" and "blasting" one's opponent. Congress better kill that bill before it becomes a crime to use that phrase and before anyone gets the idea that regulating speech will have any effect on the behavior of the deranged.