Judge Jeanine: Comey's a liar, leaker and leftist liberal

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JEANINE PIRRO, HOST: Breaking tonight, President Trump does what he does best. Firing up the base at a raucous rally in Michigan.

Hello and welcome to "Justice." I'm Jeanine Pirro. Thanks for being with us tonight and a special thanks to all of you once again for making "Justice" number one again last Saturday.

You know, you saw it here live, the president of the United States ignoring his critics at the White House Correspondents Dinner and instead taking his message directly to the people.

Mark Steyn, Governor Mike Huckabee and Michelle Malkin among my guests tonight, plus my Opening Statement is straight ahead, but first a few highlights from the president's big night in Michigan.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We need to elect more Republicans so we can protect our cities, defend our borders, grow our economy and continue to make America great again.

The Democrats don't care about our military. They don't. They don't care and they don't care about our borders. And I don't think they care much about crime because if you look at it, MS-13, they pour through. Everybody pours through, and they want it. They want it.

And by the way, we are getting rid of MS-13 in record numbers. Okay? Record numbers.

How about this guy Comey? He said the other night, the fake dirty dossier, he said the other night on Fox, he said very strongly, "No, I didn't know that it was paid for by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton." He didn't know. He didn't know that. How about that? They start something based on a document that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Honestly, folks, let me tell you. Let me tell you. It's a disgrace. We have got to get back down to business.

If we would have said where we were today from three or four months ago, remember, they were saying, "He's going to get us into nuclear war," they said. Nuclear -- no, no, no. Strength is going to keep us out of nuclear war, not to get us in.

And they go in, they don't work out. I leave. I am not going to be a John Kerry who makes that horrible Iran deal. Horrible. One of the worst deals. I mean, how do you make a deal like that? A hundred and fifty billion dollars, $1.8 billion in cash. You know what that is? And you know what they got? They got nothing. They got nothing.

So, we're going to have hopefully a very successful negotiation over the next three or four weeks, and we'll be doing the world a big favor. We'll be doing the world a big favor. Let's see how it goes. I think we'll do fine. I think we're going to do just fine.

I had one of the fake news groups this morning -- they were saying, "What do you think President Trump had to do with it?" I'll tell you what. Like, how about everything?


PIRRO: Much more from President Trump's rally throughout this hour with all of my guests, but first my Opening Statement.

He's a liar. He's a leaker, and he's a leftist liberal.

If anyone was not convinced the former FBI Director Jim Comey's involvement in the attempted coup from within our own government of the duly elected winner of the 2016 Presidential election, I have just one question for you. Are you stupid?

Look, you don't have to buy his book or argue with your liberal friends, assuming you still have any left. Just listen up. Comey's book tour was supposed to convince us that he was an honorable, likeable, decent man doing his darnedest to protect the American people and the Constitution. That tour would put to rest any issues that might need further explanation beyond those limited answers inside those rigid Congressional hearing rooms.

Comey would hit the trail, the bookstores and the TV studios making clear that when he was the toughest bird at the FBI, he did everything right.

Unfortunately for Jim, it didn't quite work out as planned.

In fact, the man is in real legal jeopardy with his leaks being investigated by the Justice Department, not that I have any faith in Sessions and company that they will ever do anything of consequence regarding this fiasco.

But last week, you remember I told you there was nothing, zilch, zero, nada in Comey's two-page memo of his meeting with the President that in any way, shape or form incriminated President Trump. Just the opposite.

The President denied everything involving Russia, wanted the investigation vigorously pursued and he wanted leakers prosecuted. So what does Mr. Big do? He walks out and leaks to his liberal pal, Columbia law school, Professor Dan Richmond, but he's not a leaker. Check this one out.


ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, ANDERSON COOPER 360: But you did leak -- you did leak memos? I mean, is it okay for somebody at the FBI to leak something, an internal document even if it's not classified. Isn't that leaking?

JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: There was a whole lot wrong with your question, Anderson. First, I didn't leak memos. I asked a friend to communicate the substance of one unclassified memo.


PIRRO: Jim, you are not a leaker. Come on. Jim, you say you asked the President if you could meet with him privately to discuss a dossier because it's private and you don't want others to hear and you don't want CNN to know, but almost immediately after you do, CNN and the world has it, and you actually want us to believe you didn't leak the dossier when you say in the memo itself that Clapper told to you tell the President about the dossier and tell him it won't be leaked?


BRET BAIER, ANCHOR, FOX NEWS: Did you or our subordinates leak that?


BAIER: Did James Clapper?

COMEY: No, not to my knowledge, no.

BAIER: John Brennan?

COMEY: I don't know who leaked it.

BAIER: Did you ever try to find out?

COMEY: Who leaked an unclassified public document? No.


PIRRO: So, you give a memo sent to the deputy director of the FBI, the chief of staff for the FBI and the FBI's legal counsel, that memo to your pal, Dan and it's not a leak? And you say, Jim, it wasn't classified, but it was marked "secret," which is classified.

And then you say, "Well, as the head of the FBI, I could declassify." Here's the problem, Jim, you took a document that was written contemporaneous to a meeting with the president-elect of the United States advising him of an intelligence investigation. Jim, that's a crime. 18-USC-641 makes it a crime to convey any record of the United States or of any Department or agency to another person.

And your FBI employment agreement bars the unauthorized disclosure of information contained in their files -- electronic or paper. And remember when Barack Obama hired you? You signed you will, "Not reveal by any means any information acquired by virtue of my official employment to any unauthorized recipient."

So now, Mr. Slick, you tell us your friend, Dan Richmond is a special government employee. Pray tell, who made him that. Who did his background check? But like McCabe and Lynch, you just throw him under the bus.

Federal regulations require that an employee, even he, shall not allow the improper use of non-public information to further his own private interests, sans to be a special government employee, he had to be trained and then agreed to this. He had to recognize his responsibilities regarding unauthorized documents.

You know, Jim, you got some set. You say it's not a leak and we should believe it because you said it and you are so brazen, you think you can change the rules as we go along and we'll follow like fools.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jim Comey has a definition of the word leak that no one else has. What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony. Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation which is exactly what he did.


PIRRO: And Jim, you leaked the memo because you were an anti-Trumper who wanted to begin an intelligence investigation and you wanted to embarrass the President by making it public and you didn't get the required permission from the FBI or DOJ to do it, and Jim you and I both know that since it was part of an investigation, it becomes a 302 which memos cannot be released.

You know, Jim, my favorite part is when you say you woke up in the middle of the night and you realized that this memo would be sufficient to get a Special Counsel assigned. And you say, it really was a personal diary.

As if anyone at the FBI routinely -- if ever, sends his or her diary as you did to the deputy director of the FBI, the chief of staff and the FBI's legal counsel. And Jim, you say the guy you admire most in government is good old James Clapper, the guy who doesn't leak or surveil us wittingly.

He's another liar and a leaker who like you, hates Donald Trump. This bozo like you flatly denied leak the dossier. He even released a statement to the public that he assured the incoming president that neither he nor anyone in the Intel community was responsible for the leak and he expressed his profoundest may of such and described the corrosive effects that leaks have on our national security.

Meanwhile, this weasel told you to tell the President about the dossier at the same time that he appears before a Congressional committee flatly denying he leaked the dossier to the Committee and he has the chutzpah to criticize President Trump? Saying the Intel community was under assault by the President.

But lo and behold, according to the House Intel Committee, he later had to admit, he told Jake Tapper, CNN, other journalists about the dossier himself before Trump's inauguration, and now he's on CNN's payroll. And tonight, isn't this sweet? As we speak, Jake Tapper and Clapper are getting an award at the White House Correspondents Dinner for the report about the dossier which Clapper lied to Congress about and said he never leaked, but which we know he leaked to CNN for which everybody is getting an award.

Jim, you are part of an anti-Trump conspiracy violating the fundamental rules of your own agency. And don't think because you were a big shot at the FBI that you can dispel the rules to suit your own and your family's own political agenda.

Power, Jim, don't ever forget it, power is rented. And you my friend have been evicted. That's my open.

Tell me what you think on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, #judgejeanine.

And joining me now with reaction to my Opening Statement, as well as reactions to the President's massive rally in Michigan, the one, they only conservative commentator, Mark Steyn. All right, good evening, Mark.

MARK STEYN, CONSERVATIVE CANADIAN AUTHOR, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Hey, good to see you, Jeanine. That was a cracking open and helps explain exactly why you are number one every weekend. That was terrific stuff.

PIRRO: Thank you, Mark. You know, I think the thing that is so frustrating to me as someone who was in law enforcement for over three decades is that you know, we live in a world of television where the answers are a few seconds long and then you have to move to the next question.

I just want my viewers to understand, this is such hogwash and it's so frustrating, and my worry and maybe it's yours, is that there will be no consequences. What do you think?

STEYN: Oh, I think there will be consequences. You know, whatever it was a week ago, the deputy director, the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein told President Trump, you are not a target of the investigation.

If I had been the president, I would have replied to him, "No, you got that right, you guys are." It's actually the Department of Justice and the FBI and the tight little coterie including other key figures in the intelligence agencies like Clapper and Brennan who are at issue here, and they are all in severe legal peril and Comey in particular, has a credibility issue.

He organizes a meeting with the president-elect for the purpose of telling him a lot of hooey about hookers in Moscow and then he claims to Bret Baier that he has no idea about the provenance of this dossier.

He doesn't know who paid for it or anything like that. He is the head of the most lavishly funded investigative agency on the planet, but he knows nothing. He is a Boy Scout. He hasn't a clue about any of it.

PIRRO: And you know, Mark?

STEYN: You know as well as I do, if he was on the witness stand in a courtroom before you, what a jury would make of that guy's credibility.

PIRRO: And you know, to say he didn't know who paid for it when he basically affirmed it four times, every time it went to the FISA court and he says he doesn't know from whence it came and he won't admit as his Deputy did that it was a main piece of application of a FISA -- the main piece of the request for the FISA warrant that he says, it was part of a mosaic.

You know, I felt like I was in la-la land, but listen, I want to talk now for a moment about the President and there is a sound I want to you hear. Take a listen.


TRUMP: You watch Comey, and you watch the way he lies, and then he's got the memos. I wonder when he wrote the memos, right? And then he has got the memos, and he puts them up. Watch the way he lies. It's the most of incredible thing.

Do you remember Jon Lovetz? Do you remember? The liar? Well, Comey is worse. Comey is a liar and a leaker.


PIRRO: A liar and leaker. Remember Jon Lovetz, the guy from "Saturday Night Live," and it was called I think, "The Liar."

STEYN: Right, that's right. That's right. It was a terrific segment. You know, this is the President in his element though and this is why, tone is important. And this is what a lot of Trump critics both the left and right, Republicans and Democrats miss, is that the base has been longing for years about somebody who punches back.

George W. Bush in the early part of this century took the high road. Democrats trashed him. You had Democratic senators comparing what he was doing in Iraq to the behavior of Nazis, and George W. Bush took the high road and said nothing, and the Republican base has wanted for years a spokesman who smashes back.

And that is important and for that very reason, the base will stick with him because he doesn't play on the left's terms.

PIRRO: Well, you know, Mark, very well said. Mark Steyn, thanks so much for being with us tonight.

STEYN: Hey, always a pleasure, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, and more from the President's rally ahead with Governor Mike Huckabee and Joe Concha. And next, CRTV Host, Michelle Malkin on that Trump rally, James Comey and more. Stay with us as "Justice" rolls on.


TRUMP: We've got to go out and we've got to fight like hell and we've got to win the House and we've got to win the Senate and I think we're going to do great in the Senate, and I think we're going to do great in the House because the economy is so good. The economy is so good.


PIRRO: Wow. Talk about firing up the base. President Trump wrapping up a major rally speech a short time ago in Michigan, a state that was key to his presidential victory. CRTV host, Michelle Malkin joins me live here in New York. It's good to have you over, Michelle.

MICHELLE MALKIN, HOST, CRTV: Thanks for having me, Judge.

PIRRO: Your reaction to the President tonight?

MALKIN: I thought this was fantastic. It was brilliant staging. You've got the President in Washington township, Michigan, a state that had been lost by Republicans for so many years. He smashed all the records.

More people cast their votes for President Trump in that election in 2016 than any other Presidential candidate in history, and there, you have him talking directly to the people, talking directly about what they care about, not what these poo-bahs in the fourth estate who are now all patting each other on the back in their narcissism fest, the Annual White House Correspondents Dinner getting awards for propagating more propaganda and fake news.

PIRRO: Well, you know, if you heard my open, you know, Clapper lies to Congress. He leaks the dossier to Tapper. Now, they're all getting awards for it and slapping each other on the back.

MALKIN: Clapper, Tapper, in the Crapper.

PIRRO: Well said, Michelle. You are quick. Let's talk about James Comey just for a second.

MALKIN: Yes. You are right, absolutely in your open, Comey is a liar, a leaker and a left-wing weasel, not just a weasel, a crap weasel.

Comey is a liar. Clapper is a liar. Brennan is a liar. This is a triumvirate of treachery. They have been completely exposed. They are going to keep spinning. They are going to keep digging in their heels and doubling down on that hole, and what more do they need?

The House Intel Committee came out with a conclusion that we all know was more confirmation than revelation. There is no collusion other than the collusion between this revolving door between the deep state and the liberal media that puts these people as pundits after they leak all of this information.

PIRRO: It is amazing. It really is. But I want you to take a listen to some sound that we have about the border -- the President talking about the border.


TRUMP: The open border policies of the Democratic Party are not just wrong, they are dangerous and they are in fact, deadly. They are deadly. They make no sense. They are deadly. Their policies let gangs, some of the most of vicious gangs in the world pour into our country. They pour into our country.

Do you know on Long Island, you have gang members that are so tough that we send in these incredible ICE agents, but you know what? The ICE agents are much tougher.


PIRRO: You know, he's obviously referring to MS-13 and all of the very violent crime we have been witness to. I mean, what does the President have to do? You know, right now he's not able to build a wall, although he says he's building the wall. They got $1.6 billion, but he needs a lot more than that.

MALKIN: Yes, I think we've reached the tipping point. I started my career in Los Angeles in the newspaper industry in the early 1990s where the first grassroots immigration enforcement movement really began because it was Californians who were the bell weather, who were the canary in the coal mine, and look at -- the state has gone into the toilet.

Jerry Brown and the radical Attorney General Xavier Becerra, they might as well secede, okay, because these people have betrayed every last principle of our Constitutional republic. That's why people are fleeing California.

Everybody's eyes have been opened now and there has been no candidate in the history of this country who has been more vocal than President Trump was, left or right.

PIRRO: What can we do?

MALKIN: Well, there has got to be a groundswell and he is doing everything that he can in Washington DC, but this has to be a nationwide movement. People have to take control in their own states and localities and that's why we have now this counter revolution within California.

You've got a scattering of these counties that are saying, "We are not a sanctuary outlaw state." And they are trying to reclaim it. We need to have people who believe the same thing that President Trump believes elected in local and state offices.

PIRRO: I think we may be seeing more of that, Michelle Malkin. Thanks so much for being with us. Good to have you hear in New York.

So, did the President hit the mark tonight? Governor Mike Huckabee's takes, still ahead. And next, two people who likely won't agree on the President Trump's performance on stage in Michigan. Fox News contributors, Sarah Carter and radio talk show host, Chris Hahn. The panel that does battle best, next.

MARIANNE RAFFERTY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I am Marianne Rafferty.

A suspected cop killer in Maine arrested Saturday after four days on the run. The accused killer, John Williams has a criminal record spanning three states. He was due in court this week for firearms charges and has a history of drug offenses.

The slain officer, Somerset County Sheriff's Corporal, Eugene Cole is the 25th police officer to die in the line of duty in the US this year, and the first officer killed in Maine since 1989.

And more than 60 women who currently or formerly worked at NBC news have come out in support of Veteran NBC news anchor, Tom Brokaw two days after being accused of sexual misconduct.

The accuser, Linda Vester says he sexually harassed her on the job in the 90s. Vester was also an anchor here at Fox News Channel. Brokaw denies the allegations.

I am Marianne Rafferty, now back to "Justice With Judge Jeanine."


TRUMP: Come is worse. Comey is a liar and a leaker. You know, I did you a great favor when I fired this guy. I tell you, I did you a great favor because when you look at what was going on at the top of the FBI, it is a disgrace and everybody in this room understands it. The lovers, the two lovers, right? Lisa and Strzok. Lisa and Peter. The two lovers. What they said, what was going on, look at how many of those top officials were fired or removed? And they should be out of here.


PIRRO: Welcome back to "Justice." President Trump firing up the crowd in Michigan and firing up my panel for tonight. Let's get right to it.

Fox's contributors Sarah Carter and former aide to Chuck Schumer, radio show host, Chris Hahn. All right, Chris, you have to admit the President is right. Comey is gone. McCabe is gone. Rybicki is gone. Baker is gone. Strzok and Page are only still there because they are cooperating according to a well-placed source that Sarah Carter has.

So, does it sound to you like thing it's a bit of a dirty upper echelon in the FBI?

CHRIS HAHN, RADIO SHOW HOST: You know, all this talk about lying and leaking, look, I think we have far too much classified information in this country, I said it during the Obama administration, during the Bush administration.

So what Comey put out there didn't seem to violate any national security. It might have embarrassed the President politically, but it was hardly a leak. In fact, the FBI Director can put out whatever memo he wants. He could declassify anything. There was nothing classified in there.


PIRRO: Go ahead, Sarah.

CARTER: Not so, Chris. Chris, that is not so. That was property of the FBI. He leaked it. Why didn't he just come out himself and say it. Why all the runaround, Chris? Why did he have to give to it Richmond, then have Richmond gift to the "New York Times." He leaked it and he knows he leaked it and he knows he violated the law, and now he knows he's going to have to pay for it.

Let me tell you something else...

HAHN: But it's only a violation of the law if there was something classified in that memo.

PIRRO: You are wrong, Chris.


HAHN: What was classified in that memo?

PIRRO: It doesn't have to be classified to be illegal to remove something that is FBI material.


HAHN: The American people have the right to every piece of paper...

PIRRO: Baloney. Sarah...

HAHN: In the FBI that is not classified.

CARTER: Look, Chris, he could have talked about it all he wanted with Congress. He chose not to. He could have talked about it in his book, about his conversation. He did not need to leak those memos. And don't know a lot about Richmond. We don't know what his role was at the FBI and believe me, if he was a special government employee of the FBI, he was under the FBI. He was not Comey's personal little puppet to leak everything he wanted to as well to him.

And another point, and I want to bring this up, Judge because this is very important. He lied about that dossier, and about knowing who paid for it because -- or he was just inept. Because he signed the FISA warrant. He signed one of the FISA warrants on Carter Page. And we know that the dossier was the bulk on some of those FISA warrants.


HAHN: But who paid for it? How come Sarah, we never talk about the Washington "Free Beacon" and Republican candidates?

CARTER: Yes, of course, they used up...

HAHN: We never talk about that part of it.

PIRRO: Chris, stop a minute. Sarah, Sarah, wait. Chris, stop trying to change the topic. The issue is whether or not Jim Comey leaked and whether it's classified or unclassified is not the issue. If you listened to my open, it is a violation of the Federal Records Act and the reason that people have to get approval from the court to get a 302. This guy isn't god. He can't change the rules as he goes along because he wants to sell a book.

HAHN: I would love to see a prosecutor bring that case.


PIRRO: Okay, speaking of that, let's take a listen to the president. Listen. Listen.


TRUMP: If our Justice Department was doing the right thing, they would be a lot tougher right now on those people because there is tremendous crime and corruption on the other side.


PIRRO: All right, so is the Justice Department going to do anything, Sarah?

CARTER: I believe, yes, Judge Jeanine, I do believe they will. They are right now. Remember, this just started since last year, in the fall of last year, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions put John Huber in charge of this. They are collecting information. I've heard they have impaneled a grand jury. They are going to be looking at Clapper and the leaks.

This is about weaponizing the intelligence community. This is about disinformation on the White House, on the administration, on a sitting President of the United States of America. These are people that are willing to spread lies and disinformation based on a salacious dossier that they have never proved anything in that dossier.

PIRRO: Go ahead, Chris. Chris, go ahead.

HAHN: Well, Cohen was probably in Prague and that was one of the things they are were hanging their hat on, so let's see what happens with that.

PIRRO: Stay with the issue.

HAHN: Hold on, Sarah, hold on, Sarah. The President of the United States should not be calling for anybody to be prosecuted. That is completely inappropriate.


CARTER: Is it appropriate for Brennan, for Clapper, for Comey to go out there and spread lies and disinformation? In fact, they are aiding and abetting the Russians in the Russian's disinformation campaign.

HAHN: I have not seen anything proven to be a lie here. In fact, Comey talked about his own conversations and his impressions from there, and in fact, those memos basically back up what he said to Congress and back up what he wrote in his book.

Now, I am no fan of Jim Comey. You know that. I think he gave Trump the election and I think he's intervened in politics far too much for an FBI director, but that memo doesn't seem to disprove it or call him a liar.

CARTER: And he's likely partisan -- and he's highly partisan and leaked memos that belonged to the FBI. He could have talked about it. He didn't need to do the runaround.


PIRRO: Okay. Chris Hahn, Sarah Carter, we are running out of time. We are going save you for next time.

All right, the governor is on deck, Mike Huckabee joins me next to talk about tonight's rally and much more. So, don't go away.


TRUMP: Sources. They never say who are the sources. They don't have sources. The sources don't exist in many cases. They don't have sources and the sources in many cases don't exist. These are very dishonest people, many of them. They are very, very dishonest people.


PIRRO: President Trump not holding back tonight on any topic, giving a rip-roaring speech in a rally in Michigan. Here with reaction, former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor. Now, I have to tell you, Governor Mike Huckabee, I thought it was interesting that last sound that we just heard. He said, these people -- I mean, these are not -- these people are not fair people. They give you fake news. He went on his rip for a while.

Now, tonight ironically is the White House Correspondents Dinner where the media gets together and they slap each other on the back. What say you about that?

MICHAEL DALE HUCKABEE, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS: You know, it's a roomful of people who are hugging themselves so tightly, it's a miracle they can breathe. It's got to be one of the most phony things that ever happened.

There is more authenticity at a wax museum than there is at one of these dinners. I hate these things because it's just such a self-congratulatory orgy of emotion, of feeling like "We are the world." And what I think the President did by going to Washington, Michigan tonight was to say, "You guys in the press corps, you are not my people. These are my people."

And it was a beautiful juxtaposition of why Donald Trump is President and why his approval ratings are actually climbing, and I know that's driving some of those people in that dinner absolutely nuts.

PIRRO: You know, I love when the President talked about it, he said, "You know, they said there was going to be a nuclear holocaust. There is going to be nuclear war." And yet, there he is, and you know, and the audience got it, but you know, I'd like to talk to you about Maxine Waters.

All right, so the the President talks about Maxine. I don't know if we have that sound, okay, let's hit it.


TRUMP: If you listen to Maxine Waters -- she goes around saying, "We will impeach him. We will impeach him." Then people said, "But he hasn't done anything wrong." "Oh, that doesn't matter. We will impeach the president."


PIRRO: Your take?

HUCKABEE: Well, I just think it's amazing that the Democrats continue to talk about impeaching a President that has no impeachable reasons and crimes. I mean, this is insane. I hope they keep that message up because they are exposing themselves for trying to -- or trying to somehow forget that the way you get rid of a political figure you don't like is to elect somebody else.

You don't weaponize everything that a person does, and that's what they are trying to do and it makes them look utterly foolish when they do it.

PIRRO: But you know what's interesting though, that you know, the more they talk like this, I mean, the crazier they sound, honestly. I mean, especially when the Intel Committee from the House came out and said there is absolutely, yes, there is no Russian collusion and Adam Schiff was still, you know, he's got his tin foil hat on. He's waiting for the Russians to communicate with him and tell him for sure the President was colluding, but you know, you have to look at this president.

The guy works 24/7. He works nonstop. He is doing all of these stuff that he talked about tonight, and they are still talking about impeaching him. You wonder where does he get the get up and go to get up and go?

HUCKABEE: You know, it's one thing though for Maxine Waters to say this, but earlier today, I was listening to some commentator, a Democrat operative and a person was interviewing her on one of the other networks and here is what I found interesting.

They kept saying, there is a good chance Donald Trump won't even be in office a year from now and when called out about it, they continue to try to defend these ridiculous statements. Now, that may be wishful thinking on their part, but it's dangerous thinking to try to put in the heads of the American people that this is a President that won't fulfill his entire term and probably a second one. And that's what concerns me.

You know, in all the years that Obama was President, I didn't agree with a lot of his policies, but I never thought that the way that President Obama should end his term is somehow to have a bunch of lies told about him, so that then we would just get rid of them not because he was unelected or had done a crime, but because we just didn't like him. That's just not the way the system works. That's what you do in banana republics. It's not what you do in the United States of America.

PIRRO: But you know, Governor, sometimes, when I look at the FBI and how they were acting and the Intel Community, you know, I think that there are some people out there who are actually buying that lunacy, but hopefully, that will all come to an end.

And one quick question, did you see the Grassley Committee? They let out that bill so that the President or the Judiciary -- the President can't fire Mueller? What did you think of that?

HUCKABEE: Well, it's absurd. Of course, he can fire Mueller. I don't think he should because it would be politically disastrous.

PIRRO: Yes, but why would a Republican let that out of a committee.

HUCKABEE: Of course, he can. Mueller works for the executive branch.


HUCKABEE: Well, you know, the thing that -- some of these Republicans I think are more interested in protecting Mueller than they are in protecting the president of the United States. That is disgusting.

PIRRO: Governor Mike Huckabee, thanks so much for being with us.

HUCKABEE: Always a pleasure.

PIRRO: And more from the president...


PIRRO: Thank you. And more from the President. Next, Joe Concha is standing by live, don't go away.


TRUMP: Is this better than that phony Washington White House Correspondents Dinner? Is this more fun? I could be up there smiling like I love when they are hitting you shot after shot. These people that hate your guts. Shot. And then I am supposed to -- and you know, you've got to smile. And if you don't smile, they will say, "He was terrible. He couldn't take it. And if you do smile, they will say, "What was he smiling about? You know, there is no win.


PIRRO: The president holds a rally in Michigan and opts to once again skip the White House Correspondents Dinner. Joe Concha, media reporter for "The Hill" joins me now.

All right, Joe, the President -- I mean, he is right. If he sit there, he can laugh, he doesn't laugh, he's going to be criticized, but he said, "Look, I'd rather be with the people," as he is there in Michigan. Your take?

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER, THE HILL: I think, Judge, yes, that some people would say, many people would say that he is at his best when he's at rallies like that. That sort of campaigning. He seems like he's at his most comfortable, most happy place when he's doing those sort of rallies.

Look, Roger Ailes used to say, and obviously, he is the former CEO and Chairman of Fox News that television is a visual medium. And many times tonight, if you watched your televisions, there was a split screen.

On one side, you had the president in Washington -- not Washington DC, but Washington, Michigan talking to working class people at a rally in a state that he had no business winning in terms of the blue wall coming down and that was Michigan obviously, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania coming down with that as well.

On the other side, you have -- and I was at the Washington White House Correspondents Dinner last year, you know, I was in my tuxedo. I was drinking my champagne. I was with other journalists, but the way that looks, if you compare the two on television, is only good for President Trump because so many people distrust the media right now and see them as out of touch in the swamp and most importantly, people that are elite and can't relate to working class people in places like Michigan.

So, this was again, a very good move by the president. He did it last year in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and what can you say? I mean, that was a smart move. He certainly wouldn't be well-served going to the White House Correspondents Dinner where he'd probably be mocked the entire evening. That we've seen before and that would probably happen again.

PIRRO: Yes, you know, I want to move on to something else and that has to do with the little spat this week, Kanye West saying good things about the President and that they both have what was it -- dragon energy? I forget what the energy was.

CONCHA: It wasn't tiger blood. It was definitely dragon energy. Tiger blood is Charlie Sheen.


PIRRO: Right, dragon energy. All right, and then that's going ballistic. It was almost like McCarthyism. You cannot say anything that is against our group think or we're going to throw you out of the club. I think we may have some sound on that.



TRUMP: And by the way, in all fairness, Kanye West gets it. He got it. He gets it. And he saw that. When he sees that African-American unemployment is the lowest in history, you know, people are watching. That's a very important thing he's done for his legacy. It's a very important thing.


PIRRO: And you know what? No matter how they pushed back at Kanye, he didn't care. He doubled down. I here he has a song today, "You Versus the People" or something where he doubles down.

CONCHA: Well, good for him because Kanye West was called crazy. People actually questioning his mental health as a result of saying that he supported President Trump. Steven Colbert did it. if that's the case, Judge, if everybody is crazy if you support President Trump, that means and I counted it up, 62,979,879 people who voted for him in 2016 are also crazy.

And we have seen this argument used against the president himself on many occasions. And look, remember last year over the summer about this time, where the president was talking about Kim Jong-un and how there was going to be fire and fury bestowed upon him like never before, and people said, "That's crazy, you're going to start World War III." Well, where are we now? We have North Korea and South Korea talking at a summit just this week...

PIRRO: Amazing.

CONCHA: And that peninsula could be denuclearized as a result, so is he crazy? Or what? So, yes, the criticized Kanye West, to your point, is absolutely ridiculous to say he's crazy when he's just simply being on principle. I know you've got to go. Sorry about that. I've got to go myself. Have a good Saturday.

PIRRO: Joe Concha. Love having you on. We'll be right back.

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