Josh Groban Goes 'On the Record'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: We are live in Washington, D.C. It is the eve of President-elect Obama's historic inauguration.

Millions of people have converged on the nation's capital, including celebrities. Last night you met Wyclef. Tonight Josh Groban is here. The stars are coming to D.C. for President-elect Obama's inauguration.

Earlier, the singer went "On the Record" at a "Rock the Vote" event.


VAN SUSTEREN: Josh, welcome to Washington.

JOSH GROBAN, SINGER: Thank you. It is so great to be here.

VAN SUSTEREN: I noticed you have a button on. What does your button say?

GROBAN: This is "Rock the Vote."


GROBAN: And, I am very proud to have been part of "Rock the Vote" this campaign. It, as we both know, was very exciting, very interesting. It was one of the most interesting campaigns in recent history. And, you know, to be young and to have been a part of it, and to be able to speak to young voters throughout the vote was a great honor for me. And now to be here in D.C. for all of the festivities, and to be part of this great afternoon to be singing for some of the people who supported this cause, it is a lot of fun. I am having a good time here.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you nervous?

GROBAN: A little bit, because there is only going to be 65 to 100 people there. It is a very special, very private show.

And there is something about seeing the whites of their eyes where you can see if they are actually enjoying it or not. You can get a little bit nervous. And I didn't come with any musicians, so I'm just playing piano and singing myself.

There are only a couple of things.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you love to sing? Love to do this?

GROBAN: Yes. I am not the kind of person who can sit around listening to what I recorded all day long. I'm obviously really into it when I'm recording it, but after it's done, I always feel like I need to go to the next thing.

But I love to sing. My parents--I grew in Los Angeles, and my parents were great at making sure my brother and I got out, when out and saw concerts and saw opera and went to great world musical events, and all that.

And I just kind of had the bug. And I know that music was my best way of communicating. And so to be able to do that is really, I'm very fortunate.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm curious, what kind of music do you listen to that might surprise me?

VAN SUSTEREN: I am definitely not a rock artist, but I love rock music. And so, on my IPod, I grew up listening to some of the great experimental musicians, people like Bjork and Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon and Annie Lennox.

I really grew up listening to people who I felt really had a unique voice and were not afraid to tell a story and give a message in their music.

I kind of give it the five-second rule. If I can listen to somebody and know exactly who that is playing, then they have obviously done their work as far as just creating an identity for themselves.

The music business is in such a place now where everything is becoming so formulaic that it's increasingly more inspiring and more necessary, I think, for an artist to go back to those artists and other artists to see why and how they took the slow road, but, ultimately, the more successful one.

First of all, I was surprised when I saw that he was actually going be sitting up there watching the concert. I did not know that he would be there or not. I was lucky enough to be on stage right when I had to go on and sing.

And his whole family was there. And I kind of looked over, and they looked over at me.

It was one of the huge honors of my life to sing for him at this. And Michelle gave me a hug. She was so lovely, and her little girls came right up and said "Hi, nice to meet you."

VAN SUSTEREN: Will you be going to the inauguration tomorrow?

GROBAN: I will be. Yes, I feel very lucky to be able to go and wrap myself in a blanket and watch history.

VAN SUSTEREN: We will all be watching to tomorrow, or we'll be there.

GROBAN: Sure, absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: And thank you very much, and welcome to Washington. And your music is great music.

GROBAN: Thanks, Great. I really appreciate it. It's been nice talking to you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Nice to see you.


VAN SUSTEREN: If you want to see our entire interview with Josh Groban, we are putting it on GretaWire, and blog while you're there on GretaWire.

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