Jordan: Volker testimony undermines Democrats' narrative

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, Tucker. Thank you. Great show as always.

Welcome to “Hannity.”

We have big breaking news tonight on multiple fronts. A former top prosecutor from Ukraine has now implicated yes sleepy, creepy, crazy Uncle Joe in what is a very serious crime. We have brand-new evidence, including a signed affidavit signed under the threat of perjury, the real charge of perjury, if in fact he lied.

Rudy Giuliani's comprehensive timeline coming up tonight and it is very revealing. Also, this important news and information will prove that the media mob has been and continues to be covering for Joe Biden and his son.

Also, the fraudulent Pelosi-Schiff impeachment circus is getting off to a horrific start. Their first star witness just literally shot down and deflated all of the left's anti-Trump impeachment fantasies.

And, by the way, the cowardly Adam Schiff has been caught in yet another disgusting lie. There are now growing calls for the liar-in-chief, the cowardly Shifty Schiff to be kicked off his committee.

Also, now, buckle up, there's going to be a brand new deep state leak -- this is a warning -- pretty much a minute-by-minute, a new non- whistleblower whistleblower, every second because they think, oh, we got traction here. Let's what's a -- China, CNN, Russia.

Moments ago, fake news CNN reporting about another leak from another phone call with another world leader, this time the president of China. The corrupt media is now trying to flood the zone with anti-Trump speculation especially since Ukraine is blowing up in their faces and again backfiring.

Now, the president said this to China, was going to say this to Russia, this to the Saudis -- they're going to now demand every transcript ever of every conversation our president has as commander-in-chief with a foreign leader.

All right, well, let's play this game. I would like the release of every Biden-Ukraine phone call transcript. And, by the way, while we're at it, I would like every Obama-Iran mullah Rouhani transcript.

I like the Obama-Putin transcripts. What is the flexibility that he showed after his reelection?

You get the point. It's all a fishing expedition. You know, first, we have to pass health care to see what's in it. We'll impeach Donald Trump, and then manufacture a reason later. We'll have more on this in a moment.

But, first, we do start with the rampant dishonesty in the Democratic Party and their close friends, allies, tied at the hip, the media mob. Tonight it's almost like the invasion of the body snatchers, remember that movie? They look like us, but they don't think like anything that we recognize, devoid of any real perception.

I don't even know at this point if the left knows or can see their own hypocrisy that is glaring. I don't know if it's just raw, unadulterated sewer, swamp politics that drives them, or a quest to regain power that's certainly a part of it, or they're blind, psychotic rage against the president. But what I do know is that liberals are constantly -- we know they already look down on we, conservatives, the people. You see it when they call us smelly Walmart people, guilty, irredeemable, deplorable that like Donald Trump.

Or as Obama once said, you know, those angry Americans are clinging to their god -- I cling -- guns, Second Amendment, Bibles and religion. Yes, we all need God in our lives.

Or New York Governor Cuomo revealing those conservatives that are pro-life and pro-Second Amend, they are not New Yorkers. Remember he said that. And nobody needs ten bullets to kill a deer. OK, he doesn't believe in the Second Amendment either.

And once during is embarrassing five-minute audition to be a radio host, remember an emotional Alec Baldwin got angry that me and the great one Mark Levin called in and tag-team him, and he called me of an ignorant, former construction work hack from Long Island -- guilty of that too. I am very proud of my two-decades-long blue-collar hard-working history. Yes, my mom was a prison guard who work 16-hour shifts for 25 years.

Now, the point is these people have so much disdain for honest, hardworking Americans with just a different political opinion. OK, I like to shop at Walmart, Costco, Target, you name it. Yes, those are the people that make America great again.

And then we pay these jackasses in Washington salaries and pay for their health care plans remember that a better than the Obamacare exchanges we're stuck with by a long shot. And these Democrats have now lost perspective.

For example, let's look at creepy Uncle Joe's Ukrainian scandal. Let's play a game tonight. Here's the game. Let's replace the name VP Joe Biden and we'll say VP Donald Trump. I know we won't like the -- well, the reduction in title, but just play along.

And replace the name of Hunter Biden, we'll call Hunter Biden Don Jr. What do you think would happen is the name of the game. What if Don Jr. were taking millions of dollars from what is a shady Ukrainian oil giant, billions of dollars from China, while his father was vice president.

And let's say it's Don Jr. who had zero experience with either country or any of the businesses, energy, oil, glass -- gas, private equity, that were paying in these huge amounts of money. What if Vice President Donald Trump leveraged the billion us tax dollars to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating Donald Jr.'s company. What do you think the media mob would be calling this? You think they're going to say it's a conspiracy theory or a hoax.

You think -- what do you think they'd be endless, breathless, hysterical reporting for weeks on end? What if "Politico" reported that an RNC operative and contractor was working hand-in-hand with Ukrainian government digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton for the election and they were successful? What if that same article read, Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Hillary backfire? What would the media mob reaction be to that report?

What about the Grassley and Senator Johnson letter about the, quote, brazen efforts by the DNC to use the government of Ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on Hillary Clinton? What if the letter was about the RNC?

And what about Hillary Clinton's dirty Russian dossier? What if it was Donald Trump who funneled money through a law firm, campaign finance violation, to then hire a not research group Fusion GPS to hire an ex foreign spy to dig up Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton, probably, knowingly, from the beginning Russian misinformation and disinformation?

Come to think of it, Donald Trump had a server -- private server, legally had top-secret classified material on it, and what if Donald Trump deleted 33,000 emails that were subpoenaed, and then destroyed his cell phones, and then Bleach Bit the hard drive. You think the media mob would care?

Now, I say all this because it's not funny, because this is how sick, frankly is cancerous what this mob in the media is doing to this country every day. This also applies to the current Ukrainian witch-hunt against President Trump. And as you know, Democrats and the mob and the media they give it of course the white glove treatment to the fake whistleblower, who was not a whistleblower, it's not first-hand information, it's hearsay from the intel community.

Then, you got the guy running it, the cowardly Adam Shifty Schiff and his office even giving this fake whistleblower advice on how to prepare the critical complaint and get the -- give the advice to get a lawyer, and the media mobs praise this person over and over again.

But thank goodness we have videotape -- I was actually on the air during the Clinton impeachment. I know, I've now started my 24th year at FOX, a long time. But in the ‘90s, when a woman named Linda Tripp, remember she was a whistleblower against then President Bill Clinton. Well, the media mob, well, treated this whistleblower a lot differently and I think it's worth taking a trip down memory lane.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Friendship means different things to different people, but few people expect to have their friendship betrayed by having private their private conversations taped as Linda Tripp did to Monica Lewinsky.

UNIDENTFIED FEMALE: I cannot believe that someone who professes to be a friend can go about scheming the way that she did and absolutely defying and violating Monica the way she did.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coworkers often viewed her as a busybody, she always been a snoop and a gossip with particular interest in other people's romantic lives?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She is somebody who has had a pattern of interest in other people's marital lives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The story of Linda Tripp's betrayal is very unappealing and she comes off as a conniving and really not a likable person.


HANNITY: Conniving, not likable person. Imagine the media mob treating the current so-called non-whistleblower whistleblower like that.

But also breaking tonight, we are learning that this non-whistleblower whistleblower who followed a complaint on President Trump's phone call with Ukraine, oh, yes, registered Democrat just like apparently the lawyer she hired. And we also know that he or she have no direct knowledge of the phone call, zero, nothing.

And the complaint was entirely based on hearsay, which would not be admissible in a court of law, just the fact, and media reports. And, by the way, that the office of the shifty the cowardly Schiff, spoke directly with this person, encourage that person to get a lawyer and filed all the filed a report with the inspector general.

But that didn't stop the cowardly Adam Schiff from going to on MSDNC. That would be Area 51 Roswell Rachel Maddow's conspiracy channel and the DNC network, this September, again lying through his teeth. He said, quote: We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.

It's hardly the first time by the way Schiff has been caught in a lie. He's the biggest liar in Congress. He once said he had direct evidence, he said it in numerous time, direct evidence of Trump Russia collusion, and the evidence of collusion was in plain sight. We're still looking for it.

Cowardly Schiff, come on the program, bring it with you.

And more recently, in a committee hearing, when he performed a dramatic reading because he didn't get what he wanted in the transcript of the phone call with the president, Ukrainian President Zelensky. Anyway, from that transcript, he had to completely fabricate it because it wasn't what he wanted it to be. So, he just made it up, called it a parody later.

Someone might want to tell Speaker Pelosi also that her partner in crime is a serial liar, because she seems totally unaware of his lies. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know you support Chairman Schiff. But was it right for him to have that dramatic interpretation of the president's transcript of the phone call at the hearing last week?

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: I want the American people to know what that phone call was about. I want them to hear it. So, yes, it's fair, it's sad, but it's using the president's own words. So, if he's --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, those weren't the president's words. It was an interpretation of the president's words. They're saying he made this up.

PELOSI: He didn't make it up.


HANNITY: Whoops-a-daisy, one of Lucy's brilliant staffers might want to help her get on a computer so she can see what the cowardly Adam Shifty Schiff is up to.

And, by the way, you might want to tell her, a mile from her house is a big huge drug problem where people are defecating and urinating in the streets, not in her exact neighborhood but one mile away.

Pelosi also needs to answer some important questions about her fraudulent impeachment inquiry. In a letter to the speaker, Minority Leader McCarthy is demanding, rightfully so, answers to the following procedures required in any official impeachment process.

Quote: Do you intend to grant co-equal subpoena power to both the chair and the ranking member at the committee level? Do you intend to require that all subpoenas be subject to a vote of the full committee at the request of either the chair or the ranking member? Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to attend all hearings and depositions?

Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to present evidence? Do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to object to the admittance of evidence? And do you intend to provide the president's counsel the right to recommend a witness list?

And finally, do you intend to refer all findings on impeachment to Chairman Nadler on the Judiciary Committee as prescribed in Rule X, I assume, of the rules of the House? Or is Chairman Schiff in charge of leading this inquiry as has been reported in the press?

The aforementioned questions are standard operating procedures for any impeachment proceeding, anything less is a sham. By the way, three times we've had impeachment, yes, the House would usually vote on the inquiry. She's not wanting that to happen because if they do all those things Kevin McCarthy is asking for would in fact follow.

Now, tomorrow, the White House will send a similar letter, daring Pelosi to get serious about our witch hunt. Let's put them all on the record. I say, call the roll.

So, time will tell, is the speaker a name only serious about impeachment or is this a big huge political stunt that's just out to hurt the country and divide the country further? Whatever her true intentions, Pelosi's impeachment charade is getting off to a horrific start. How do we know? Because breaking tonight and we'll have first-hand, well, information coming up, the very first star witness in the proceeding the U.S. special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, reportedly -- and I've heard from people in the room devastated and destroyed the Democrats' Ukrainian conspiracy theories, all of them.

By the way to Mr. Volker, congratulations. I hear big day coming up.

And this comes on the heels of another major disappointment for Democrats. This week, far-left members of Congress we're absolutely giddy with anticipation over an urgent State Department briefing about Ukraine. Yes, it turned out, the State Department's nonpartisan inspector general presented them with evidence of DNC collusion with Ukraine and a timeline of Biden's shakedown of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

And Democrats and the media mob -- well, are the evidence a disproven conspiracy theory, because it's blowing up right in your face and you're helping Donald Trump in the process. Because we have a devastating timeline, this would put together by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who was on last night, this paints a much different picture. Keep in mind this timeframe, Giuliani began his investigation into Biden and Ukraine well before Biden ever announced his intention to run for president. In 2018, as President Trump's attorney conducting -- he was conducting important research, why, because he was still defending his client, the president, from the lying, spurious allegations against Robert Mueller and his witch-hunt.

And for all the willfully ignorant members of the mob who are shielding Joe Biden tonight, you may want to pay close attention to this timeline. I'll try and read it slowly to you. It starts in 2010. Mykola Zlochevsky, the oligarch and the pro-Russian Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych, started granting his company valuable gas exploration permits. The core company, that's called Burisma Holdings.

Let's flash forward to February 2014. President Obama names vice president, sleepy, creepy Uncle Joe, as the point man for Ukraine. In the same month, President Yanukovych is ousted, and Yanukovych and Zlochevsky and the oligarch behind the Burisma Holdings issue, they flee to Russia.

And in April 2014, Zlochevsky places Hunter Biden and Devon Archer and his partner and former aide to then Secretary of State John Kerry on the board of Burisma.

Neither person had any experience that we can find in oil, gas, energy, none of them any experience we can find on Ukraine. But they were paid millions of dollars for their expertise. In what? I don't know, expertise of knowing Joe Biden I guess.

In August of 2014, Ukraine's prosecutor, this is General Viktor Shokin. He opened a criminal investigation into Burisma Holdings. That is a fact, and Hunter Biden and Devon Archer identified as persons of interest in the investigation. By the way, people under investigation are notified.

In January of 2015, Burisma's Zlochevsky is named a fugitive by Ukraine's government. Hunter Biden remains on board Burisma Holdings. May of 2015, Hunter Biden meets with the deputy secretary of state, Tony Blinken, regarding concerns about Burisma Holdings.

In October of 2015, Hillary Clinton allegedly tells Vice President Biden she will not go after Hunter Biden if he runs, but can't control what her staff will do -- meaning, I'll leak it.

In December of 2015, VP Biden tells the president of Ukraine that he must dismiss the prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin. This after "The New York Times" gave him a heads up his sons being investigated.

And in February 2016, that's Vice President Biden and Ukrainian president talking on the phone about removing the prosecutor general. I'd love -- by the way, could we please release this transcript? Who's investigating his son.

And then in March of 2016, Biden, then vice president, issues is now infamous quid pro quo. In other words, the shakedown that he was going to withhold a billion of your hard-earned tax dollars and loan guarantees unless that prosecutor general Shokin is fired. Few days later, Shokin was fired and Biden bragged about it.

And in May, a new prosecutor general is hired. That very same spring, the new prosecutor meets with the American ambassador. She allegedly tells him to drop several investigations.

And meanwhile, in June, the Ukrainian law enforcement agency announces it has uncovered a massive fraud scheme involving -- that's right -- Hunter Biden's partner, Burisma Holdings. That same month, Biden meets with Ukrainian prime minister. Few months later, in November, Ukraine announced that the case around the Greece was closed, it's just like that.

And Democrats and the media mob, they say, oh there's no evidence, there's no evidence. It's a conspiracy theory.

Really? No evidence? Why was Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma? What was his qualifications? Certainly wasn't his expertise in the energy sector or the country of Ukraine. And clearly, Biden knows about his son's lucrative business deals in spite of his public comments.

And by the way, here, he's pictured on a gold course, oh that's in the summer of 2014. It might be Savannah somebody speculated, and fellow Burisma board member Devon Archer.

Believe it or not, Hunter had an even more lucrative deal with the Bank of China. From Russia to Ukraine, the left has been smearing President Trump with one lie, one besmirchment, one conspiracy theory, one hoax after another. But tonight, their sick, twisted scheming is about to boomerang and blow up again just like Russia, Russia right in their face.

And, by the way, creepy sleepy Joe 30330, he's in serious trouble tonight and so is his son. The U.S. government is not his family piggy bank, in spite of what he arrogantly thought.

Joining us is Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

The author of the brand new book "Witch Hunt". It is out Monday. You can get it on, as of Monday, bookstores everywhere, FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

All right. So, first the Democrats got burned yesterday because they were expecting the evidence and the proof and the documents. What they found was evidenced that Ukrainian government worked hand-in-hand to undermine Trump in the 2016 election. I thought we cared about it.

And then you were in the room today, and I hear on a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve, in terms of backfiring on the Democrats and blowing up in their face.

Tell us.

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): Sean, I hope every American gets a chance to read what took place in that room today, because when they do, they will see there is no quid pro quo. They will see exactly what President Trump and President Zelensky was going on between these two countries, and they'll see what a good ambassador, what a good diplomat Kurt Volker was, Ambassador Volker, and the people who worked with him and how they were looking out at -- for the best interest of this country, and frankly for the best interests of Ukraine. That's what will come through.

So I hope, I hope, at some point, every single American gets to read what took place in that room today.

HANNITY: All right. Now, here's the question, there's been a lot of people say and release the transcripts. So, this took place today, right? This went before Congress today?


HANNITY: I hear, by the way, that there's a reason and it's not the reason the Democrats have been telling us that he left? Is that true? And can we release these transcripts? Can Adam Schiff get those transcripts from us or Nancy Pelosi sign off on releasing the transcripts? Because I'm thinking I'll put them on the air tomorrow night if she releases them?

JORDAN: Yes, no, they sure can. That's the Adam Schiff's call as the chairman. They will -- look, this whole process, what they try to do, this whole unfair process -- remember -- Adam Schiff just -- he met with the whistleblower, his staff met with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed. This is the same Adam Schiff who last summer was meeting with Glenn Simpson in Colorado. This is the same Adam Schiff whose staff met with Michael Cohen, the big star witness the Democrats at the start of this Congress, met with Adam Cohen for hours before he testified in front of our committee.

And today, he tried to limit members' ability to ask questions. He made sure that the State Department couldn't have lawyers in the room there when Mr. Volker was testifying and he put a limit on the staff we could have. So, this is -- this is just more of this unfair process. I hope you get to walk --


HANNITY: Wait a minute, I want the transcript. Why can't they release the transcript?

Democrats need to be transparent. Release the transcript. While they're at it, I want the Ukraine call transcripts with Biden, and I want the Obama transcripts with the mullahs in Iran and you're on Rouhani and -- oh, Vladimir Putin after he got reelected wanted more flexibility, what did they talk about?

Gregg Jarrett?

GREGG JARRETT, LEGAL ANALYST: Yes, I agree, but it's not going to happen because the president is the one who has been transparent and Democrats are the ones who have been hiding everything. And now, of course, with the complicit media trying to hide the activities of Joe Biden, the president had every right and it's incumbent upon him if he has some information that a former vice president who's now running for president United States committed a corrupt act by misusing his office and conferring a benefit -- a billion dollars to a foreign government in exchange for shutting down an investigation that protected his son, or was going after his son.

I mean, that's a corrupt act. It's a violation of Foreign Corrupt --


HANNITY: Place names.

JARRETT: Pardon me?

HANNITY: Let's play my game. Let's -- vice president Donald Trump I know he won't like being demoted, just for the game's purposes, and Don Jr. becomes Hunter Biden.


HANNITY: I think we've been hearing a very different tune.

All right. Here's what I want to know now -- what will it take to get the transcript from Mr. Volker? Jim Jordan, real quick.

JORDAN: It's up to Adam Schiff. I mean, I -- look, like you and Gregg just said, the president has been transparent here. I hope everyone else can be as transparent and the American people can see for themselves what took place.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both.

JORDAN: You bet.

HANNITY: By the way, the great one Mark Levin, you do not want to miss him tonight. I talked to him before the show. Trust me.

When we come back, Judicial Watch, they've obtained over a hundred new documents that reveals Rod Rosenstein was leaking all over the place and secretly communicating with Robert Mueller. Uh-oh.

And I have information, I can't reveal it yet. It's going to be pretty damning for this guy, John Brennan, saying he's, quote, concerned about the DOJ probe into the origins of the Russia probe. That would be wise. Tick- tock.

And also, Jim Comey, pay attention -- you're not going to be happy when this thing comes out.

Tom Fitton, Geraldo, Dan Bongino, the great one Mark Levin is on fire. That I can promise, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Now, the Democrats and their partners in the media mob are in an all-out panic ahead of the Horowitz FISA report and the Durham investigation. My sources are telling me tonight, buckle up, it is going to shock the conscience and soul of the country. I hope they're right.

That's why they're pushing their lies, notice there's an acceleration now. Every time you hear, we got a leaked transcript, with China and Russia.

OK. What they're trying to do is protect the deep state. That's all it is, plain and simple, and it's obvious to see. And it's going to be every hand on deck knowing this is their strategy.

We told you this would happen. As Attorney General Barr gets closer to exposing all of this corruption inside this deep state, and all the corruption in 2016, the Democrats, their allies in the media would start a new op research smear campaign against the president.

We'll not stop digging for answers and pursuing truth and ultimately justice.

Tonight, we have more big breaking news out of Judicial Watch as they have obtained new DOJ documents that include an email from the former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Bob Mueller telling him that, quote: Boss doesn't know about their discussions. Wow.

OK. Here to explain is Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

It sounds to me like they're colluding.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT: It sure does. Who is the boss and why doesn't he know about their discussions?

This just shows a secretive communication with Bob Mueller, just after Comey is fired. I don't think Sessions was necessarily recused from issues related to whatever Rosenstein was thinking that he ought to be investigating. Later, there is another email that he sends out to a friend of his. He says, this is the day before he appoints Mueller: I am with Mueller. He shares my views, duty calls, sometimes the moment chooses us.

What is going on here, Sean, is that you have an anti-Trump official, Mr. Rosenstein bringing in an anti-Trumper Mueller. How else would you see that email, then, especially given Mueller's later contact or later conduct of the special counsel operation that was so abusive towards President Trump. You know, every investigation of President Trump during the Obama administration, the Special Counsel investigation, and now here has been a licit, corrupt, and I tell you, something needs to be done in figuring out what these other discussions were about.

They also show that Rosenstein was in regular contact with the media, and the media was cheering him on. 60 Minutes reporter writes to him, good call on Mueller, you would have been - you would be great to running the investigation, unbelievable.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: I've seen Rosenstein, I think I figured this guy. This guy played both ways, OK now, I better go back to the President now. But really sounds like they were anti-Trumpers and never-Trumpers, and that's why he appointed Mueller assuming they had a pre-done conclusion, that's my guess.

All right, thank you Tom.

FITTON: Well remember, the appointment came out of the coup discussions wearing a wire on the President, invoking the 25th Amendment and appointing a Special Counsel, that's what this was about. The coup documented.

HANNITY: And the insurance policy. We're going to get to the bottom of it, it's taken a long time, but we are getting there, we are very close now.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, the destroy Trump media mob has been saying for years the walls are closing in on the Trump administration. Well now, Deep State operatives like former CIA Director Brennan, like they are beginning to crack and feel the heat, which is probably why you're seeing leaks about phone conversations with foreign leaders. No President has ever had to deal with that crap either, take a look.


JOHN BRENNAN, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: I'm supposedly going to be interviewed by Mr. Durham as part of this non-investigation. Given that Barr is now accompanying Durham on these things, it really makes me think that the hand of politics and of Trump are now being used to massage what this ongoing review quasi-investigation is. So, I am concerned.


HANNITY: I think the facts will speak loudly for themselves. With reaction, the author of his brand-new book, Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp, Fox News contributor, Dan Bongino as well as Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera.

And I'm looking at the these leaks, Dan, and this is what I see. Oh no President has had transcripts, let's see, the Prime Minister of Australia, the new President of Ukraine, the President of Mexico, now they're saying oh we have leaked conversations with the President of China.

OK, what, are we going to get the conversations of Biden in Ukraine and Obama with the mullahs in Iran before he gave them $150 billion or what did he promise Putin after he had more flexibility? Let's get all those conversations out before we ever talk about releasing another Trump conversation.

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, that'll never happen, Obama was a Democrat of course and they were protected class. But Sean, this was obviously a pre-planned hit. This is collusion part duo - all right part two here.

I had it right, here's the similarities to the collusion hoax right, what did we have in the collusion hoax, a bunch of leaks about how Trump was colluding with the Russians, totally false. What do we have here, leaks about a promise at a quid pro quo that never happened.

Number two, we had paperwork issues right, the Woods Procedure in the collusion hoax that was violated. On this one, we've had all kinds of documents changed suspiciously. We had lying about contacts right.

Remember, oh no John Brennan, I didn't see the dossier till September. Now we find out he had the information back in August when he briefed Harry Reid. We've seen the same lies from Adam Schiff here.

And finally, what is this all Sean, a big distraction, because what did the Clintons do, colluded with the Russians and they blamed Trump. What did Biden and Obama's team in the DNC do, colluded with the Ukrainians and blamed Trump. Its collusion part 2, the sequel.

HANNITY: So they say we should care about foreign interference in our election Geraldo. They didn't care when Obama tried to interfere in Israel's elections against the Prime Minister there. They have a dirty Russian dossier that was used in the 2016 election but they only care about Trump-Russia collusion, not of Hillary.

Now we know that in fact a DNC contractor operative worked with Ukraine and POLITICO says successfully so digging up dirt and sending out anti-Trump messages to impact our elections. And yes, the DNC and Hillary did it, we have proof and I don't hear from any of the people that was so concerned about foreign interference.

GERALDO RIVERA, CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: You said that the stuff's going to hit the fan when John Durham does this investigation of the investigators. I hope that's true.

I hope that when we see how Brennan and Comey were talking about Christopher Steele and the dossier and using it, and how Rosenstein was talking about the boss doesn't know and wearing a wire into the White House, because they don't search him, this was - you laugh when I talk about the President being surrounded by this nest of vipers and snitches and rats--

HANNITY: I agree with you, you are right.

RIVERA: --and backstabbers, it is so true. But the element that I leave out that you hit much more effectively than I do is that, when John Durham's report comes out and it is shocking, is this going to be the only channel, is this going to be the only program that runs the--

HANNITY: By the way, we are hardly a channel--


We have a few resistance people on this channel, we're going to be honest, Geraldo.


RIVERA: I grant that. That's why I amended it to say the program.

HANNITY: I mean, total resistance, not half the resistance.

RIVERA: I'm telling you, Sean, that this - there's two truths here. There is the - what we are uncovering with your team, with the Gregg Jarrett and John Solomon and Dan Bongino and all the rest, and it's what everyone else and every other channel is talking about.

They're talking about the President impeachment and they can lie and cheat, because it's in service of a greater cause, they feel so self-righteous, so smug. Donald Trump is so declasse, he never should have been President, the accidental President. He should have been taken down by the 25th Amendment, he should have been replaced by Pence, he should have been him - now he's going to be impeached for what, for a non-crime.

It is - history will record, if history from the perspective of decades from now is fair, they will look back on this as a scandal. They will look back on this faus emotion, how Adam Schiff uses the same language now that he used two years ago, then it was Russia collusion, now it's Ukraine collusion, what's going to be - what's next going to be--


HANNITY: --with this question. I'm going to say this - you say it one way, I'm going to say this way, Donald Trump cured cancer and gave $5 million to every American, they'd still hate him. Thank you both, Dan and Geraldo.

Joining us now the author of what like 18 weeks now on The New York Times number-one bestseller Unfreedom of the Press, I call him the Great One, Sunday nights 10 p.m., number one show on cable, Life Liberty & Levin, nationally syndicated radio host.

Great One, I talked to you earlier today, you sound a little fired up.

MARK LEVIN, HOST, LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN ON FOX NEWS: Sean, first of all, as I listen to all of this, do you know the United States has offices all over the world in foreign countries and FBI agents working with foreign countries conducting criminal investigations.

That we work with foreign countries all over the world conducting criminal investigations involving embezzlement, money laundering, drugs and all the rest, should we shut all those down too, or is it just that we have an exception for anybody named Biden?

I mean this is so much BS, and I'm telling you as a former Chief of Staff to an Attorney General, we are active in foreign investigations, we are asking foreign countries all the time to conduct investigations to provide us with information. And what turns out here is Joe Biden decides to run for President of the United States. And so, according to the Democrats, Joe Biden's above the law, not the rest of us, Joe Biden's above the law.

This so-called whistleblower we now know is a rogue Democrat CIA agent, that's what he is. He didn't produce a complaint, a whistleblower complaint, he produced the second impeachment document.

This was written for the Democrats in the House of Representatives, this was written for the media, they knew it was coming, it's an inside game. This isn't a whistleblower with a whistleblower complaint, this is a Democrat rogue CIA agent trying to bring down the Presidency, working with the Democrats and now the media, putting out an impeachment complaint written for the Democrats.

Now let's look at this quickly. So you have a CIA agent who's a partisan Democrat. He meets with another partisan Democrat, a Schiff staffer. He doesn't say I want to meet with both parties and the Committee because I'm really upset. No, he meets with a Schiff staffer.

Why don't we know this guy's name? Such an incurious media, isn't that funny? Schiff is briefed about what his staffer was told, Schiff lies about knowing anything on TV, Schiff withholds it from the Republicans, but who doesn't he withhold it from, Nancy Pelosi.

Now, how do I know that? Because she goes to the podium like Eva Peron and she goes to the podium and declares now we're going to have an official impeachment inquiry, without the transcript.

Well how did she know? Because Schiff tipped her off about what was in this complaint, which is nothing but what was in the complaint. And keep something in mind, not a single one of the individuals actually monitoring the phone call filed a complaint, sought to be a whistleblower, not one.

Now, Schiff staffer tells the CIA agent to get a lawyer. What kind of lawyer does he get? Well he happens to get a Schumer Clinton lawyer, who happens to work with a group called Whistleblower Aid - and Breitbart has a great piece on this - they were founded in 2017 for the purpose of taking down the Trump administration, and they're working with Compass Rose Legal, which is this other legal firm; left-wing lawyers, left-wing firms, Soros involved in funding one of them.

Gee, you think this is an inside job so far? His complaint isn't drafted by him. I came on here last week and told you the whole thing. His complaint was prepared by these lawyers. Now, leaked to The New York Times that Schiff knew something about this. This was cover.

So when there's a hearing, it's not so dramatic when it's found out what Schiff's role in it. And they're holding back this so-called whistleblower. They want their Blasey Ford moment, they want their Blasey Ford splash, they wanted their Mueller splash of course, that turned out to be nothing.

But in the few minutes I have left, I want to address the United States Senate. You have a responsibility to protect the Constitution and protect this country and protect the office of the Presidency, and you should launch your nuclear option. What am I talking about?

Mitch McConnell was on TV saying 67 votes to change the rules. They changed the rules, when it came to the courts, they can change the rules here. Simple majority with the nuclear option, allow the Senate to dismiss those charges - I had a great talk with Robert Ray the other day - to dismiss any impeachment charges as soon as they come to the Senate.

Why? We can't allow the Senate to be turned into a Nancy Pelosi plaything by the House Democrats. We don't have a house impeachment inquiry going on here, we have a Democrat Party impeachment inquiry going on here. And only the Senate has the power to police what the House Democrats are doing, and they should not participate in this.

It is not a House impeachment inquiry, there was no vote, it's the Democrat party's abuse of power. The Senate is not constitutionally required to hold a trial. It should in most cases, but in this case, it should dismiss what is an absolutely defective what will be a bunch of charges.

Nancy Pelosi has intentionally prevented the Republicans from issuing subpoenas under this process. They're supposed to be able to. They must not allow her to prevail in her unconstitutional lawlessness. Senate, you better damn well step up.

HANNITY: Don't forget, I don't think they expected the - great monologue great one - I don't think they ever expected President will released the transcript would blew him out of the water just like Volker today blew the Democrats out of the water.

Everything's backfiring in their face, everything they say Trump did, they're guilty of. Great one, thank you. Mark show Sunday night, it's number one 10 p.m. Eastern right here on Fox. Up next, get this, Hillary Clinton saying President Trump should tell the truth. OK, we're going to remind everybody what Hillary Clinton has done and everything she's not been truthful about.

And by the way, I still want that email investigation, because it was rigged. And by the way, if you ever have subpoenaed emails, don't do this at home. I bet if you decided to destroy them, delete them, clean your hard drive with acid wash, bleach bit and bust up devices with hammers, you all would be in jail, Hillary.


HANNITY: All right, last night Hillary Clinton, she's back and she was asked what advice you would give President Trump as he fights the impeachment inquiry. Oh I'm sure Donald Trump was just waiting for the advice. Here's what she said.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: Do you have advice on the right way to comport yourself in this situation? I mean they do all seem like they're up to their necks.

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER FIRST LADY: Well, I think what many in the Nixon White House and administration concluded was the right thing to do was tell the truth. Tell the truth, and that would be advice that should be given to anybody caught up in this.


HANNITY: Oh Area 51 Roswell Rachel Maddow, the conspiracy theorist of all theorists, well seriously the answer from the person who lied constantly about her emails, you mean like clean it with like a cloth ed (ph). And that's not all, listen her latest excuse why she suffered that historic defeat in 2016.


CLINTON: I'm a serious person, but I'm also a fun person, but I think I probably came across as too serious. I did feel a heavy sense of responsibility and it was such that maybe I wasn't as loose or open as I could have been.


HANNITY: Oh that's the reason now, OK. Add that to the exhaustive list of reasons Hillary has claimed why she lost to President Trump, among the let's see TV coverage, let's see content farms in Macedonia, angry people, the Supreme Court decision on voting rights, and keeps going. It's probably time let's see oh running a traditional campaign, debate questions, political journalists, campaign - oh when all else fails, blame Hannity and Fox News.

Here with reaction, former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee and American First senior action - First Action Senior Advisor, Mr. Dancing with the Stars in that green get-up himself, Sean Spicer. I can't believe you wore that. Friends don't let friends wear that on national television, why did they let you do that.

Governor Huckabee, let's talk about it.

MIKE HUCKABEE, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS: Well first of all, having known the Clintons for over 40 years, I thought that was on Comedy Central. I couldn't believe that Hillary Clinton was with a straight face telling someone on television that it's all about telling the truth.

I mean it's not like she's got a long history of that, and neither does her husband, whose own impeachment was over lying. But not just lying politically, lying under oath during a deposition, losing his law license over it. It was truly something to behold.

But when you grit brought down to it, let me let me simplify some things. She has 327 reasons why she lost. I ran twice for President, I can give you mine real simply, more people voted for the other guys. It's just that simple, Sean. She needs to get over it, get out of that feeble position and quit.

HANNITY: But you got to admit, Governor, you're the anomaly. Let's be honest here, people that lose the Presidency, listen I'll name names, Hillary, Romney, Gore, McCain, all seem to lose their mind after they lose, they can't accept losing. They're not as gracious as you.

HUCKABEE: Well it's really simple, you have to accept that it's a great honor just to be in the field, to be able to say that as an American you took a shot at it. But when it's over, you accept the will of the voters. That's something the Democrats have not been willing to do, that's not something they're able to do since the election of 2016.

When the election is over and the voters have spoken, you suck it up and you just say, OK I played the game as well as I could, somebody else won. That's what you got to do.

HANNITY: I don't watch the dancing show that Sean Spicer - are you still in this thing? How many weeks have you survived?


HANNITY: What - are your scores getting better, because your scores sucked on week one?

SPICER: That's right, but I'm getting better. I'm in my fourth week, my friend. I think there's been a movement that's been unbelievably supportive. And by the way, I got $3,800 raised for two veterans organizations for that show.

HANNITY: Oh that's awesome. All right, I - you can wear the John Travolta outfit if you do that, that's fine. All right, real quick, your comments.

SPICER: I knew you watched, I knew you watched.


HANNITY: It's on the screen now, I can see it, that's how I know.

SPICER: OK, well you can go to and sign up and help us support two other veterans organizations that--


HANNITY: All right, how now about Hillary, we only have a few seconds.

SPICER: Well I will say, look the point that the Governor made was extremely important. The irony of her lecturing anybody about advice on impeachment telling the truth, when she went through that, she blamed her husband's impeachment on a vast right-wing conspiracy, and then he was convicted for lying under oath. There is a bit of irony of her lecturing anybody else on this subject.

HANNITY: All right, well good for raising the money. Maybe that was worth wearing the green thing, but glad you've moved on from that. All right, when we come back, Robert De Niro's former female employees suing the Hollywood actor, harassment, discrimination. Trace Gallagher's next.


HANNITY: Tonight's villain of the day, the hothead anti-Trumper, Robert De Niro, hot water today after going berserk on one of his employees in a foulmouthed voicemail. She's fighting back, Trace Gallagher is in our West Coast newsroom tonight with a lot more.


TRACE GALLAGHER, ANCHOR: Sean, the lawsuit was filed by Graham Chase Robinson who says in 2006, when she was 25, Robert De Niro hired her as her assistant.

Robinson then lays out a laundry list of allegations against De Niro saying he was often intoxicated, made sexually charged comments about his Viagra, and was verbally abusive, calling her a list of degrading and sexist names, and she has evidence. Watch.


ROBERT DE NIRO, ACTOR: Don't (bleep) get angry with me, because I'm pissed off that I didn't get a single thing that I need right now here out in California when I'm here for less than 24 hours. You gotta be (bleep) kidding me, you spoiled brat. (bleep) you.

You (bleep) don't answer my calls. How dare you? You are about to be fired. You are (bleep) history. How dare you?


GALLAGHER: She also says De Niro threatened her with repercussions if she resigned. And apparently, when he found out she was planning to sue her, he sued her for theft and watching 25 episodes of Friends on company time. Robinson is seeking back-wages. Sean?

HANNITY: Sounds like he's in a movie with Joe Pesci in real life. Trace, thank you. We'll never be the media mob. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura is next.

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