Joe Biden receives flak for controversial comments about 'the hood'

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight. The American economy is on fire. Jobs, wages, every metric imaginable, the President's chief economist Larry Kudlow will hit back at the naysayers. How dare you doubt this? In moments.

And what's the real reason behind the left and the media's efforts to take down Bill Barr and why are they so intent on downplaying the word spying. This is still going on tonight. We're going to expose it.

Plus two end of the week favorites. Arroyo is here, okay? We have unearth footage of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and it is hysterical, okay? You don't want to miss it and a principal who has just had enough. And the worst in media this week looks at some of the journo's desire to yes, jail Bill Barr. I kid you not.

The big news today though and the news that should matter most to Americans is today's jobs report. It's another record breaker and yet another sign that Trumpenomics is working. In April, 263,000 jobs were added. Sorry, move it around, this is live TV or jobs were added to the economy surpassing Wall Street and economists' expectations.

You know the experts they were wrong by about 70,000 jobs. The unemployment rate has plummeted to 3.6%. The lowest it's been in nearly 50 years. Now, the last time the unemployment rate was this low, the following things weren't even invented. Ready?

Mobile phones, yes the big ones. Post it notes. The video game, Pong. Oh, I love playing that. The MRI machine. We need those and disposable lighters. It's been a long time and in the 28 months since Trump has been in office, the economy has added 5.4 million jobs.

He found his wand on the manufacturing as well. These are spectacular numbers. Anyone who says anything different is just lying, I'll just call it out. It's the best economy in my lifetime and yet all the good news that's out there and drives the left and some of their media collaborators to distraction and you bet, denial.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are there any signs of this report of weakness?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It also begs the question how do you keep this up? Can we actually keep this up? And the question is also to what extent is this Trump's doing? Presidents generally get too much credit when the economy -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know and too much blame when the economy is bad. They can't actually control the economy.


INGRAHAM: Then maybe we should just stop judging any President's economic record. Now there's no control, you have no influence, it's just a thing that moves by itself. Well, to answer the scintillating with the scintillating analysis, let me save the conservative journal. Which one?

The New Yorker. Okay, as Obama was leading office they wrote, "Presidents aren't mere bystanders. The policies they carry out in conjunction with Congress matter a great deal. In times of acute danger Presidents can give the economy a much needed boost or they can prolong the agony and the longer-term policies such as new spending programs, changes in the tax laws and reforms of the regulatory code can have a major effect. Anybody who doubts this needs to read up on the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan."

This is an unparalleled economic boom and it is in part due to Trump's policies. Every day that Democrats deny this reality, the more irrelevant and completely out of touch they appear. The truth is though the better America does, the more unhappy they seem.

Now with some real answers we're joined exclusively by Larry Kudlow, White House chief Economic Advisor. Larry, congrats on these huge jobs numbers like I've known you for I don't know, 25 years. I don't know if I ever thought, I would sit here on a day like - night like tonight with a 3.6% unemployment numbers.

I mean this is - I'm sorry blows away our former boss Ronald Reagan's numbers if you ask me.

LARRY KUDLOW, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF ECONOMIC ADVISOR: Well, I don't know if I'll go that far but I will say -

INGRAHAM: Larry Kudlow says Trump's recovery not as good as Reagan.

KUDLOW: No, I don't say that either. What I'll say is this. All these blow out numbers get to stats in a moment, but look, President Trump's policies to rebuild the economy have put us into a powerful prosperity boom and there is no end in sight.

Let's not make this any harder than it needs to be. Low tax rates, regulatory rollback, energy openings, trade reforms, growth, growth, growth, growth. That's what you got going here and these blow out numbers, okay, it's actually been about a fortnight.

It started with 3.2% GDP which no one believed possible. Today, 263,000 jobs beat the street estimates by about 70,000. 3.6% unemployment. I was graduating from college in late 1969, the last time we had 3.6. That's a long time ago.

INGRAHAM: Where in the tight labor market, I know there are a lot of business people out there who don't like tight labor markets because that mean wages are going up. We have a tight labor market and I was reading today in the journal that Rockwell corporation, they actually have to - they're training veterans, American veterans.

KUDLOW: Fabulous.

INGRAHAM: To do the jobs that need to be done. We - bringing in foreign workers, I know there's a big push to bring in foreign workers, you don't need to be bringing in foreign workers. We still have - we still have a lot of people on the sidelines who are now coming back into the economy. I love that story today.

KUDLOW: So here's a - here's a great part of the story. One of the other blow out numbers the other day was the productivity output per hour, how efficient are we? Soaring to 2.4%. Now, to your point which is really good, we had a lot of people, the estimates vary.

There maybe 25 million Americans who had left the labor force altogether.

INGRAHAM: Demoralized.

KUDLOW: Because they were discouraged and demoralized. They are coming back. They're coming back because the wage rates are moving above 3%. They're coming back because their friends and neighbors are going back to work and they're coming back because these companies need them and if you're not totally qualified, they will retrain you as my colleague Ivanka Trump puts it.

They will reskill, you can learn this stuff.

INGRAHAM: She's really pushing that and I'm really glad she is. She's really pushing that. She was kind of like dismissed her efforts - look at what we're saying, we're seeing -

KUDLOW: Higher wages, higher wages bring them in like companies with the -

INGRAHAM: Like why are we having - everyone should be thrilled about wages going up a little bit. They went up a little bit under Obama but now they're -

KUDLOW: Orthodox, mainstream Washington economists, higher wages are bad, they cause inflation, it's trying to jack up interest rates. Nonsense, more people working and prospering and getting better.

INGRAHAM: This is what Trump promised.

KUDLOW: This is what we need. Blue collar workers are the leaders, the best ways gains. Here's a stat for you.

INGRAHAM: Don't try me in stats because then people lose stats. We got to hit back at some of the critics.

KUDLOW: My friend Joe Biden, my friend, Joe Biden said today, the middle class not participating so get this. The lower 25% of the income earners, their wages up 4.5 %. The upper 25% - 3%. Now, they're both rising but actually -

INGRAHAM: I love that.

KUDLOW: - it's the bottom half that's doing the best.

INGRAHAM: Take it back, I love that stat. All right, Larry, earlier today - earlier today CNN's Jake Tapper, your other friend.


INGRAHAM: Said this about why the booming economy didn't lead his show tonight.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: We were going to lead with the economy on this show. It was going to be the first box. We were going to sing the numbers that we just sang and then President Trump decided to talk to Vladimir Putin and talk about how you know, Russia hoax and all that.


INGRAHAM: Anyone's going to give them - positive coverage.

KUDLOW: Jake - Jake is friend but he should have allow with the economy. One last point, wages, booming growth, productivity, more people employed Laura. No inflation. No inflation.

INGRAHAM: The experts predicted it. They're predicting recession right around the corner even Bloomberg headline is no recession in sight.

KUDLOW: So if there's no inflation and the steady dollar, we will continue to have -

INGRAHAM: Why is the President hitting on the Fed all the time?

KUDLOW: Very low inflation and very low interest rates and so the Fed you know, they're independent, blah blah blah. But they're looking at the low inflation numbers too, very surprising. We feel that may give them grounds later in the year.

INGRAHAM: Don't soften up on China though. I don't want to hear any softening up on China. No softening on China. The China policy is working.

KUDLOW: I know.

INGRAHAM: No softening up on China. That's what “The Ingraham Angle” will be saying.

KUDLOW: The negotiators meeting with Lee Hsien this week from China, are scared to death of you so they're not going to back off.

INGRAHAM: Good, excellent, fantastic. We didn't trade with the Soviet Union. Why would we trade with China?

KUDLOW: It's got to be a great deal. Let me just say, it's got to be a great deal with China, must be enforceable.

INGRAHAM: We didn't trade with the Soviet Union. Why would are we trading with China at all?

KUDLOW: USMCA, okay? The old NAFTA 2.0 is a great deal for growth.

INGRAHAM: You're not answering my China question - on Soviet Union.

KUDLOW: No, listen to me. It could be $100 billion of added GDP per year with 180,000 jobs per year if we get to USMCA, Bob Lighthizer did a hell of a good job. See, this is not - people won't give Trump any - any credit.

INGRAHAM: He's not going to get - got to give him credit.

KUDLOW: So everything's converging. This is a powerful prosperity wave because we changed all the incentives in the economy.

INGRAHAM: But their argument Larry, is basically going to be Trump is not a good person, he tweets too much, he says shole countries. They want people to ignore the fact that the economy is great and just focus on some of these other issues. So they're going to make it like a personality contest and that's why you see like Joe Biden's using the word dignity a lot.

I think there's a lot of dignity in these numbers that you're citing tonight.

KUDLOW: There's a lot of dignity. First of all, as somebody who is in and out of his office every day I can tell you, he is a good person. I want to say that, he is a good person.

INGRAHAM: He left the cushy life to do that - to get beat up every day.

KUDLOW: He is a decisive well-informed manager, executive, informed businessman so that's terrific stuff. But - but - but looking ahead to the election, we have an opportunity to develop the biggest big tent economic coalition in history, probably reminiscent of Reagan in 1984.

The tax cuts are working, the deregulations are working, the trade is working, the energy -

INGRAHAM: Income inequality, ain't they all - The Democrats are setting income inequality, the cost of education, everything's expensive.

KUDLOW: It's the blue collar workers who are doing the best, their employment is the fastest and their wages going up is the fastest. I don't - I just want to sit down with my Democratic friends and kind of walk through these numbers because that's what -

INGRAHAM: What - what's their plan to raise the standard of living of most Americans?

KUDLOW: Well, I tell you this. I don't know what their precise plan is, haven't heard much but for those Democrats who want to go the socialist direction. They could just turn this powerful prosperity cycle into a major downturn. Poverty would win, not prosperity and so that's one of the big things here.

No to socialism, put it on trial and convict it because it's no good. Healthcare, all that stuff, the Green New Deal, it will wreck this prosperity and let me say one thing.

INGRAHAM: Hurry up.

KUDLOW: President is the President of the entire economy and it is precisely the entire economy which is improving. By the way, our opportunities own plan's going to help, we'll go to every nook and cranny to bring prosperity to this entire country.

INGRAHAM: He better make - he's got to make the trips so Oakland, Chicago, don't be deterred, go into those cities and turn those around.

KUDLOW: We're going to go - we're going to go. Absolutely, it's a great plan.

INGRAHAM: Larry, great to see you.

KUDLOW: Thank you Laura. Appreciate it. Good stuff. Prosperity.

INGRAHAM: Don't let's up on China because Obama's coming - Biden's going to take us back to the TPP and off shoring all those jobs.

KUDLOW: That's prosperity cycle in at least 3 decades time, that is major for all Americans.

INGRAHAM: Great to see you Larry.

KUDLOW: Thank you Laura.

INGRAHAM: And as we've said so many times on this show. If the left can't beat Trump or conservatives on major issues, they'll just try to silence them, malign them, defame them and Facebook has banned what ‘The Washington Post' branded extremist leaders including Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and others for being ‘dangerous.'

This follows these comments from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


MARK ZUCKERBERG, CEO, FACEBOOK: We are very focused on safety here across groups. Making sure that our recommendations and discovery services aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful contents and we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist primarily to violate our policies or - or - or do things that are dangerous.


INGRAHAM: While these purges may be well intentioned but what about when even the most mainstream conservative thinkers are shut down? And if you don't think that's where we're headed, you're just fooling yourself. Here now is conservative commentator, documentary filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza.

Dinesh, it seems like we've been down this road before but now these companies are so big and they're so powerful, they act almost as we have unregulated public utilities of information and this is a slippery slope, is it not?

DINESH D'SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR & FILMMAKER: It certainly is. We have to realize, we've lived through a communications revolution in which debate, democratic debate occurs through social media. It's almost unimaginable, what kind of debate we would have for example, without Twitter or without Facebook, without Instagram and so on.

And the point is that the people who are doing this censorship, I don't think it is well intentioned. Remember, that they are targeting people who have not advocated violence, who are not in a sense shouting fire in a crowded theater. The people that they are targeting have provocative views, to be sure but there are equally if not more provocative views on the left which don't get the same treatment.

So there's - there's a clear effort here to target the right and this is, I think in a time to tip the scales of the debate. The other thing is that sheer idiocy of the type of censorship that they do. The actor James Woods for example tweeted a quote by Emerson which basically said, if you strike at the king, you better kill the king.

Now the idea here is metaphorical which is if you attempt a palace coup against the leader of the free world, you should expect some recriminations so this is exactly the kind of intelligent debate we need but I'm sure some yahoos over at Twitter said oh wow, kill the king. This man is advocating violence so this is the level of sort of jejune censors who sit around at Twitter and decide, okay, let's take this guy off Twitter because he's a dangerous man.

In fact he's not dangerous, you're yahoo.

INGRAHAM: This is the first time Dinesh, someone has used the word jejune on the show and I just want to say, Good on you for using the word. Had to make them laugh. Dinesh, Facebook isn't alone by the way in facing pressure from a number of these extremist groups and activities organization called ‘Some of Us,' it's trying to pressure shareholders of financial services giant Mastercard to stop the movement of money among groups that they deem, ‘far right.'

No word on what that designation will actually mean or how they define it. So this worked when they pressured PayPal but again where does this end?

D'SOUZA: Well, this is where I think there are some conservatives you know, in in sort of typical a clueless fashion who say in effect, look, these are private corporations and they're not the federal government and therefore we should not worry about a private corporations of the right to do whatever they want.

But imagine living in a society, where if you have controversial views, not only are you - are you cut off digital media but let's say, for example the airlines decide, well, we're not going to fly you on United Airlines because you're a hater and you can open a bank account at Citibank because you're a hater.

So essentially what's happening is that there's sort of these public - these corporations that provide public services are essentially targeting people because of a political viewpoint. Now remember for example, our free speech rights, our right to participate in democratic debate is no less important than our civil rights.

And yet we have civil rights laws that forbid this kind of discrimination, there's no way an airline or Facebook or a bank or Mastercard could say we're not giving you an account because you're black and so it seems to me, this is the way - this is the model for thinking about how outrageous an infringement this is.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think there could be some interesting legal ramifications for these companies, for clever lawyers. Dinesh, thanks so much and what's the real reason behind the left and the media's efforts to take down Bill Barr. We've talked about some of this earlier in the week and why are they so intent on downplaying spying.

We're going to expose it next. Plus we have some new news out of North Korea, the breaking news next.


INGRAHAM: We have a Fox News Alert. The South Korean military says North Korea has fired several short range missiles toward the East Sea. This would be the first missile test in 17 months. Now you might remember, back in February President Trump and Kim Jong-un cut their second summit short without a peace agreement.

The White House says it's aware of the report and is monitoring the situation as necessary.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: There's news developing tonight that may rile up the right. It involves the FBI and the Trump campaign.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some in the law enforcement community who would object to the - the term spying, they would prefer to say lawful surveillance.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't think I have ever heard a lawyer described lawfully authorized surveillance as spying.

CUOMO: The reason that we parse is because spying suggest to people like you, you did it wrong.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This also plays into the notion that there was that the S word was operative, this was spying.


INGRAHAM: Now why this full-fledged media freak out about the word spying. Kim Strassel sums it up pretty nicely in a Wall Street journal piece today writing, "Some of this is frustration, some of its personal, some of its bitterness, but most of it is likely fear. Many powerful people in Washington have something to lose from Mr. Barr's probe. Among them former and current leaders of law enforcement and intelligence communities. The Democratic Party, the leakers, the media.

Here now Republican Congressman Mike Turner from Ohio, member of the House Intel Committee along with Fox news contributor Sara Carter. It's great to see both of you tonight. Sara, for the audience, what is the most important discovery Barr's various probes could uncover?

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR: I think what he is going to cover that how extensive the spying was and the number of people that were involved and I think, Laura, what people aren't focusing on, they're just focusing on FISA. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant.

It's not just about the warrants, it's about the contractors that were hired, it's about the extensive network and whether or not they use other measures in the NSA to investigate people in the Trump team and surrounding the Trump team and that's going to be coming out in the next few weeks.

INGRAHAM: Congressman, FBI key agent, assistant director was interviewed in August of last year, it was a private interview. The transcript leaked to the National Review and this post of the leak, today.

And in this testimony he was asked specifically about confidential human sources, informants who were used to approach people like George Stephanopoulos and others and Moffa would not say or said he could not say how many of these confidential humans resources were used in this Russian investigation.

We know Stefan Halper, the London professor was one of them. This woman Azra who was brought to the meeting with Papadopoulos was actually an FBI looks like contractor and who am I missing? Christopher Steele of course was the other one but he left open the possibility in this testimony that came out tonight that there were others.

Are you concerned about that fact?

REP. MIKE TURNER, R-OH: Well, absolutely. I mean, this clearly is spying and it's very shocking and this of course is why you know, I serve on the Intelligence Committee, I can neither confirm nor deny that any of these reports are accurate but I can tell you this, that it was shocking enough that what we learned in our investigation, that we voted to make all of the transcripts, public.

So as you see leaks that are coming out now I think that are trying to recast the activities of the Intelligence Committee. You'll see it in our transcripts without the added narrative, exactly what had occurred and I think the American public will find it shocking and when you compare that also to the current statements that you hear from Clapper and Comey and Brennan where they are clearly anti-Trump, clearly anti-Trump administration trying to undermine the President, you get the flavor of how this investigation - their opinions when this investigation was starting and their opinions now.

INGRAHAM: Congressman, it seems like the media like our Democratic colleagues can't stop obsessing over Russia. This was an exchange that President Trump had with the press earlier, today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you tell him not to meddle in the next election?

TRUMP: Excuse me. I'm talking, I'm answering this question. You are very rude. So we had a good conversation about many different things, okay?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you ask him not to meddle in the next election?

TRUMP: We didn't discuss that.


INGRAHAM: So Congressman, you remember the House Intel Committee. I don't recall reporters obsessing every time President Obama spoke with President Xi of China and saying, well, did you mention the fact that there's 800,000 Muslim minorities in re-education camps?

Have you brought up the forced abortions of women? It's like, Trump's going to mention the election meddling in every conversation with Putin, your reaction to that tonight.

TURNER: Well, the other thing it's missing is the focus on what was the Obama administration doing while they were becoming aware that Russia was meddling in the election. All the information that we're finding and I think when our transcripts are made public that you're going to be hearing is an unbelievable amount of focus on the Trump campaign and very little pocus on Russia itself.

You know where was the Obama administration trying to stop Russia meddling then? Why wasn't President Obama on the phone telling Putin to knock it off? There was no care for the Trump campaign, there was no trying to inform them of you might be targeted.

INGRAHAM: Yes, we talked about that.

TURNER: We're now seeing reports of what has happened when they have tried to actually I believe, spy on the Trump campus.

INGRAHAM: Sara, tonight and during the day, really quickly here, Democrats media collaborators have just been dismissing this one. All the conspiracy theories of the tinfoil hat conservative crowd.

CARTER: This is all based on fear. This is not going to go anywhere, they can keep dismissing it but Attorney General Barr is going to look at the facts, he's going to wash out the noise that's all just noise.

This is Democratic noise, he's going to wash it out, he's going to conduct an investigation. We know he's conducting investigations into leaks which started under Jeff Sessions, those are moving forward and we know now that he is conducting an investigation to the beginning of this Russia probe.

INGRAHAM: Sara Carter, Congressman, it's great to have you both on tonight. Of course, we're going to be following every aspect of this and okay, you're going to want to stick around for Friday follies tonight. Raymond Arroyo is going to bring us some unearth footage from Democratic Presidential hopefuls, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Oh my Gosh and you will not believe what up they're on tape, actually saying, stay there.


INGRAHAM: It's Friday, and that means it's time for our Friday Follies. Amtrak Joe's latest gaffe, unseen classics Bernie video, and a fashion conscious-principal. Joining us with all the new details is Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor. All right, Raymond, let's start with Biden's latest blooper.

RAYMOND ARROYO, CONTRIBUTOR: Laura, when you are running as a Democrat in the Democratic Party of today, you have to connect with the African-American community. But there probably better ways to did it than the one Biden chose at a rally in Des Moines this week.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We said, look, put together a program for us where we can teach people how to code. So they went literally into the hood. The vast majority were women of color, no one with more than a high school degree. A third of them only had a GED.


ARROYO: Literally in the hood. You can't say that. There were audible groans when he said we went literally in the hood. Given his track record with racially insensitive things, the stuff he said about Obama being articulate and clean and bright, he has to watch himself. This is when you need Jill Biden next to him saying --

INGRAHAM: Whispering.

ARROYO: Yes. The community. Don't say "hood." The community.

INGRAHAM: He can't say "hood." Other people can say "hood"? People who live in the inner city, if they want to say "hood." Are you will language police now? I am standing up for Joe Biden here.

ARROYO: I am reacting to what others are reacting.

INGRAHAM: OK, so now, others' groans are going to dictate what you say?

ARROYO: You can't say we'er going to put you all in chains and say things about people at Dunkin' Donuts, and then --

INGRAHAM: That's true.

ARROYO: If it's good for the gander, it's good for the goose.

INGRAHAM: See if we said would be crucified, right?

ARROYO: There'd be people banging at the doors here.

INGRAHAM: Yes, yes, yes.

ARROYO: Now, there was a new Bernie Sanders video that surfaced this week "Politico" unearthed to show that then socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont, shot in the 1980s.

INGRAHAM: I thought you were going to say the 1880s.

ARROYO: It looks like the 1880s. It was appropriately called "Bernie Speaks with the Community." Here he is with a group of children.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: OK, hold it. Hold it. Hold it, hold it, all right, all right. One second. One second. Hold it. Who knows about cocaine? Anyone ever seen cocaine? Hold it. One at a time. What about cocaine?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you know you look like somebody on "Back to the Future."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not Michael J. Fox. The other guy.



ARROYO: The other guy. You look like the other guy. You know who the other guy is he looks like. That guy.


ARROYO: He looks like Doc Brown, Christopher Lloyd.

This is like a very mean-spirited Art Linkletter. Remember Art Linkletter used to sit with children. This could have been called "Socialists say the darnedest things." He went on. Bernie was like a roving reporter through his town as mayor, and there was a moment where he became kind of Burlington's answer to Joan Rivers on the red carpet.


SANDERS: Let me start off by saying that's an interesting hairdo. Your lipstick is also interesting. What does your dress mean? What does it say?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's just basically saying to heck with society. To heck with law and order.

SANDERS: You're saying to the mayor the heck with law and order?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I donŸ_Tt like the way society is run.


ARROYO: Oh, my gosh.

INGRAHAM: She is now an account manager at Goldman Sachs.

ARROYO: It's interesting listening to this. Bernie Sanders, I didn’t realize, he made film strips for children before he was mayor of Burlington.

INGRAHAM: I kind of like him. He is kind of a liberal, roving Triumph the Insult Dog.


ARROYO: This Michael Moore before Michael Moore.

INGRAHAM: He's like Triumph the Insult Dog except it looks like back to the future.

ARROYO: Very peculiar. I've got to get to this. Finally, the principal of James Madison High School in Houston sparked charges of elitism and racism when she sent a letter home saying the school would be enforcing a new dress code for parents.

INGRAHAM: This is a white privileged woman, I bet, making a great --

ARROYO: Hold your fire. This is what she outlawed, then we're going to go to her. She outlawed this parental garb -- pajamas of any kind, sagging pants, men in undershirts, uncovered leggings, daisy duke shorts, and hair rollers.


ARROYO: Principal Carlotta Brown defending her clothing policy.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When anyone walks in, we have impressionable children, and we have to model what we want them to know. We have show them what is right, what is correct. For example, you won't wear a swimsuit to school. You wear it to the beach. It's about academic excellence.


ARROYO: I like this.

INGRAHAM: OK. I like her.

ARROYO: She said you are your child's first teacher. You are. What you model, you wear, they're going to wear. I like that she is enforcing this. How many times have you and I been on a plane when here comes a guy in a t- shirt and his pajamas bottoms with flip-flops or, what do you call them, slippers, slippers on the plane. This happens all the time. And if you sit in a parking lot, a schools parking lot, you'll see some sights. I am glad she did this.

INGRAHAM: I love the fact that women are saying you are better than that. Women will say you are judging me, and how dare you judge me? This is my fashion truth.

ARROYO: Some fashion truths should be kept to themselves, like this. This is just an idea of things that people were wearing to school that irritated Principal Carlotta, things like the very tight midriff and the right leggings. Or when men show up looking like this. You don’t want that.

INGRAHAM: Richard Simmons? Is he picking people up at school? What kind of pictures are these?

ARROYO: I don’t know. Leggings, leggings. This is what they dug up.

INGRAHAM: What? We want the pajamas.

ARROYO: I know.

INGRAHAM: It's always the fuzzy pajama bottoms, too.

ARROYO: I know, but you run into all kinds of problems.

Now, look, just a quick reminder, everyone, I'm going to be signing copies of "Will Wilder" at the Fairfax, Virginia, Barnes and Noble on May 4th, tomorrow, and in New Orleans at Octavia Books on May 11th. Come see me tomorrow in Northern Virginia. Details at

INGRAHAM: Coming up, a would-be terrorist is about to walk free in the streets of New York. Plus, the worst media offenders of the week, “The Ingraham Angle” has its eyes on you. The tape you don't want to miss, next.


INGRAHAM: It's easy to become numb about media bias these days, so “The Ingraham Angle” is keeping track of the worst offenders each week. Joining me now, our favorites, Tammy Bruce, FOX News contributor, president of Independent Women's Voice, and also Allie Beth Stuckey, conservative commentator and host of the podcast "Relatable." All right, panel, let's begin with Wolf Blitzer over at CNN summing up, OK, and he is kind of egging on Hakeem Jeffries about what might happen to Barr next.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: But if Nadler moves forward and your leadership moves forward with contempt and they still refuse to comply, what do you do next? How do you get this thing moving? Do you post fines? Do you suggest maybe even some jail time for the attorney general of the United States?

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES, D-N.Y.: Well, jail time is not something that is being seriously contemplated.



INGRAHAM: Tammy, you know it's bad when even Hakeem Jeffries is shooting down suggestions by Blitzer. When Blitzer said, well, some are suggesting, like, oh, yes, in the CNN production meeting in the morning they were still testing it.

TAMMY BRUCE, INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S VOICE PRESIDENT: It's funny, because the only thing he left out, Wolf did, was the word "please" when suggesting that. It's now mass hysteria. The can't control themselves literally. And it's almost like, it wasn’t even a question. It was like a push poll, it was like the suggestion that he was making to this fellow. And yes, when the Democrats look at you, wanting to say that's insane, you know that the media has gone even further than the people who they normally carry water for.

INGRAHAM: Allie, when they are so far in, they can't get out. They've wandered so far into that dark forest of conspiracy theories, they can't find their way out of, correct?

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: Correct. Tammy took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say this sound like wishful thinking. It's such an absurd thing to even say that you had a Democratic Congressperson shoot it down right away. This is something they want. Everything for the past few days has been a farce, and the suggestion of jail time for William Barr is just icing on the cake, I think.

INGRAHAM: Speaking of Barr, our second submission comes courtesy of MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian. There's no doubt on which side she is after this string of hypotheticals.


YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN, MSNBC ANCHOR: One of the I think directive here, and big questions here is, do we pursue the attorney general until he provides testimony for the House? Or do we pursue the unredacted Mueller report along with testimony from Bob Mueller? Is that where we put our energy?


INGRAHAM: Allie, she said "we" as much as Obama used to say "I" in his speeches.

STUCKEY: Right. And she said go after him. That's exactly what they want. It just reveals their motives behind this. They are so disappointed that Mueller didn't deliver exactly what they wanted. It reveals that this is never really about truth or justice or really whether or not Russia was playing a part with the Trump campaign. This was about taking down Trump. And since they weren't able to do that with Mueller, they have got to, quote, go after William Barr.

INGRAHAM: All right, guys, let's get back to CNN where Alisyn Camerota labeled known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, well, if an interesting way.


ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: Facebook is banning several far-right extremists from its services because it considers them dangerous. This includes the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


INGRAHAM: To clarify, here's, quote, "far right extremist" Louis Farrakhan with Barack Obama, Maxine Waters -- there she is hugging Farrakhan -- and of course Eric Holder. Tammy, this far right extremist label sure has a lot of good friends on the left branded as well, now.

BRUCE: It does. It's fascinating, because when you look at this and you hear this rhetoric, it's just automatically they want to apply it to anybody who Americans don't like or any frightening kind of person. Louis Farrakhan is not even on the left or the right. He is clearly an opportunist. He holds horrific positions of course when it comes to the Jewish people, as an example. Those things are not about party politics on either side. Those are extremist positions.

The "Washington Post" I believe it was, they even had to issue a correction when they said the same thing in saying our bad, he is not on the right. He's just an extremist. The left, by the way, is still trying to distance themselves from fascist policy when you're looking at World War II because Hitler is supposed to be a right winger. But no, he was a socialist. So this is typical, and I think that American people at this point are getting a little tired of the hysteria on the left.

INGRAHAM: Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart told a big old whopper today on CNN.


JOE LOCKHART, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: President Obama was the most scandal free White House I have ever seen. But his line about being able to keep your plan, we heard about that for a year.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: That became a cottage industry response.


CAMEROTA: More than a year.


INGRAHAM: Scandal-free? Allie Beth, even a former Clinton official saying that, that's some spin.

STUCKEY: Right. We are putting Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, all right down the memory hole. I think that that's what they're trying to do, just like "1984."

INGRAHAM: You are so picky, Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious. Those were minor issues. All right, guys, great, great panel, as always.

STUCKEY: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: And I have a question. When does the goal of leniency in our society go too far? Up next we bring you a report about why a would-be Islamic terrorist is about to walk free on the streets of New York. Is this a true story of redemption or a foolish decision, yet another one, by the judge? Don't miss it.


INGRAHAM: A would-be terrorist about to be released onto the streets of New York, and an admitted rapist escapes jail time. So I have a question here tonight. Have the calls for leniency in our criminal justice system brought us into a danger zone? Chief Correspondent Jonathan Hunt is in our West Coast Newsroom tonight with all the details. Jonathan?

JONATHAN HUNT, FOX NEWS CHIEF CORRESPONDENT: Laura, these are two very different cases. Let's get to the terrorism one first. Back in 2009 when Najibullah Zazi was arrested, then Attorney General Eric Holder described his plans as one of the most serious threats to our nation since the 9/11 attacks, a mission to carry out rush hour bombings on packed subway lines in New York City. Najibullah Zazi is about to be a free man, having been sentenced this week to a 10-year jail term, essentially time served, meaning he will be out of prison in days rather than being held for the rest of his life, as federal sentencing guidelines suggest. The reason according to prosecutors, his extraordinary and ongoing cooperation, providing, quote, "critical intelligence and unique insight regarding al Qaeda and its member." And prosecutors say Zazi's assistance came in the face of substantial potential danger to himself and his family.

In court, Zazi apologized and asked for forgiveness, saying, quote, "I'm sorry for all of the harm I have caused." He also says he has disavowed radical Islam. There has been some criticism of the judge's ruling in the Zazi case, but also support.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a very stunning redemption story when it comes to Zazi. He does seem really genuinely contrite.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am actually OK with it. I think we have to show that we are willing to take this step in order to build intelligence.


HUNT: The condemnation of the judge in the other case we're talking about, in Jefferson County, New York, is far more widespread. Judge James McClusky sentenced a 26-year-old Shane Piche to 10 years probation, no jail time, after he pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl at his home last June. The judge's ruling was backed by the Jefferson County Chief Assistant District Attorney's Office, which said it wasn't a, quote, "violent physical act," and added, quote, "I'm not saying this wasn't terribly traumatic for the victim, but the charges were based on the lack of ability to consent based on age." The victim's mother said Piche should have got jail time, and said her daughter now struggles with depression and anxiety. Laura?

INGRAHAM: Coming up, an ROTC cadet's final gift to his college, and a major announcement about Monday's show.


INGRAHAM: It's time for the Last Bite.

Tonight's is an emotional one. A college student rightly being hailed a hero after that deadly shooting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte earlier this week. Twenty-one-year-old Riley Howell tackled the gunman, giving police the opportunity to close in on the shooter, potentially saving countless lives. His parents spoke out about their son's heroism.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody ran, and Riley chased.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are just beyond proud of what he was able to do.


INGRAHAM: Absolute heartbreak. Dozens of students, faculty, and staff gathered on campus to honor Riley and the other victim of the shooting. Our prayers go out to the family.

That's all the time we have tonight. Before we go, though, be sure to tune in to Monday night's show. I'm going to be live on the border with exclusive video and interviews with those on the front lines of the border crisis. Now we're going show you what we haven't seen anywhere else.

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Remember, America now and forever, we're always going to be here fighting for you.

And Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it from here.

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