Jindal: Rick Perry Has Proven Track Record President Obama Lacks

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Another day, another reason why we cannot afford four more years of Obama. Now, according to the Labor Department, the number of people applying for unemployment last week skyrocketed by 11,000 applications, the highest level in three months.

Now writing is on the wall, and even Democrats are conceding that it is time for the White House to start sweating. In an op-ed, James Carville said one that there's one word that comes to mind, he wrote quote, "People often ask me what advice I would give the White House about various things. Today, I was mulling over the election results from New York and Nevada while thinking about that very question. What should the White House do now? One word came to mind, panic."

Karl Rove is right I couldn't agree anymore. So, I mean, now the man who riskily threw his support behind Texas Governor Rick Perry to take down "The Anointed One" in 2012. From the great state of Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal. Governor, how are you?

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL, R-LA.: Sean, I'm doing great. I think James Carville got it right. There's one thing he got wrong. In that op- ed, he said that President Obama should fire a bunch of people. The person who needs to be fired is President Obama. It starts at the top. They've got so many left-wing radicals in the White House. Sean, you've said it early and you were you right, he's the most liberal president we've ever elected. The reality is, this election is as important as the 1980 election between President Reagan and President Carter, that's how important is to make sure that President Obama is a one-term president.

HANNITY: Hey, well, even, on for example, the president's jobs bill, there is hardly any Democrats who want to go along with it. And look for example, Massachusetts, liberal state. The candidate who was going to take on Scott Brown worked for Obama, handpicked by Obama, when asked if she would support the jobs bill. "I'm not really sure about that." So, it seems like the distancing from Obama has begun. How problematic is that for him?

JINDAL: Look, I think it's huge. And you can't blame them. He proposes stimulus part two, the exact same warmed over policies that don't work. He wants to do more taxes, more borrowing, more government spending. What he doesn't seem to get, what he doesn't seem to understand is when the government creates jobs, it doesn't help the American taxpayer. When the private sector creates jobs that does help the American taxpayer. He basically, despite that fancy Ivy League education, he apparently never understood if he ever took economics 101. It's pretty basic. It's pretty simple. You saw the election results in New York, saw the election results in Nevada.

In New York, the most Democratic district for 80, 90 years, been electing Democrats in the Congress. Geraldine Ferraro's seat, you've got Chuck Schumer's old seat, and a Republican wins it, running away basically running on a conservative Republican message, running against Obama's failed economic policies. Look, it's pretty simple.

HANNITY: Listen. Go ahead.

JINDAL: It's pretty simple, you've got President Obama thinks that $14 trillion of debt is no problem. We understand that it is drowning our country's economy. He believes more taxes is the answer to the economy. We understand you need to cut taxes. He believes more regulations will fix this economy. We understand the EPA and all these other excessive regulations are actually standing in the way of job creation. Even Democrats who are now worried about their political survival, the same Democrats by the way that voted for those stimulus policies, voted for Obamacare are now running away, hoping to survive, hoping to survive, despite his poll ratings, despite his failed policies.

HANNITY: How interesting after the summer of recovery, tax-cheat Tim Geithner is now out there saying, we are at the early stage of a crisis. I mean, we lost our AAA rating. You've got one in six Americans in poverty. And we define poverty as a family of four that makes $22,000 a year. There's a whole bunch of people, you know, living in poverty that we don't even count here. And then Obama says, if you love me, you know, give me another $500 billion. What do you make of his new plan?

JINDAL: Look, clearly, the president is in way over his head, this is what you get when you elect a president who has never run anything before until he got to be president. We can't afford on the job training. The only thing he ever ran was his campaign. The reality is, that the stimulus that they promised to keep unemployment below eight percent didn't work. No reason to believe stimulus part two is going to work. That's why I'm supporting Rick Perry, he has been governor of Texas nearly 11 years. He understands we got to cut taxes, cut debt. We can't spend our way into prosperity. In Texas, they've created nearly half the jobs we're creating in America for the last two years. This is a fundamental choice, President Obama is going to try to take us more towards the path of a European-style socialism. Wants to take over a sixth of the economy and healthcare. He's already tried to take over parts of the banking and auto industries. We need a principled, fiscal conservative. I think Rick Perry, not only that he talk and talk, he has got a proven track record. The mistake this country made when we elected President Obama, I know you and I didn't vote for him. But the mistake we made when we elected President Obama is that we elected a president, we elected a candidate who has never run anything. Never balanced a budget. Never made a payroll, no track record.

HANNITY: I think the biggest deal that he ever did in his life, I mean, I think I did bigger deals when I was a contractor going back in my earlier life than I think this president has ever had. Let me ask you about why you picked Governor Perry. I'm holding off on who I support. But I got to tell you something. I'm pretty impressed with this field, including Governor Perry and Governor Romney and Newt and Bachmann and Santorum. I'm impressed with how these debates are going. And every week, I think all of the candidates seem to be getting stronger. I know there's some intramural fighting, I don't mind any of that. I know some people, the media loves it. You now, that's a sort of play by play. But why did you pick Governor Perry this early? And do you not like the other candidates?

JINDAL: Oh, Sean, let me say, look, I was at the debate in Florida. And almost every one of those candidates up there would be a huge improvement over President Obama, make no mistake about it. And the reality is, you couldn't have a more clear choice. This election is not going to be about personality, or who can give the best speech, or who looks, you know, who's got the best tie. And let's be very clear what this election is going to be about. President Obama has got a very, very liberal aggressive radical agenda. They will try to veer towards the center they'll try to dress up. But let's be very clear. He wants to grow government. He wants to spend your children's and grandchildren's money. He wants to borrow more money from China. He wants to raise our taxes. Every one of the Republican candidates understands that's a recipe for disaster. I'm supporting Rick Perry because he has consistently stood against these regulations, against these taxes, against government spending and most importantly, he's got a proven track record. In Texas they've created nearly a million jobs.

HANNITY: Let me ask you quickly. As the front-runner, he is always going to draw fire, that happened in that debate on the term Ponzi scheme for Social Security. On the HPV vaccine issue, on immigration, some other issues. Did you feel that he answered those three questions in a way that is going to help him as he moves forward in the primary?

JINDAL: Well, a couple of things. One, I agree with you. I think debates are great thing, for too long, the Republican Party is merely anointed. We've got predetermined who our next candidate should be, and that's not helping for the party, for this country.

HANNITY: It's not going to happen this time.

JINDAL: Look, not at all. That's a good thing. I agree. I think the debates are healthy. I don't agree with Rick on 100 percent of the issues. I do think he's the best candidate when it comes to the economy. And let's go to Social security, I know he got a lot of attacks for bringing up the issue of Social Security. You know, the Democrats are trying to use the word Ponzi scheme. I'll tell you the real fraud is here. Democrats know the entitlement programs like the federal government are going broke. They know that doing nothing about it is not a choice. And yet, they also know every two years, they try to scare the American public, they try to win elections.


HANNITY: It didn't work in New York and they tried to do this to Turner, it absolutely fell flat.

Last question, do think, do you agree with Karl Rove and Dick Morris for example, two people that think that Rick Perry needs to explain, no I want to save Social Security. And Mitt Romney hit him on this pretty hard. You know, because of what he wrote in his book. Do you think he needs to change the way he's communicating the issue or, do you think he's doing it effectively the way he's doing it?

JINDAL: I think what he said Monday, and look, he'll have many more opportunities to explain this and expand upon this. I think what he said Monday was exactly right.

HANNITY: We got to run. If they asked you to be VP, would you say yes?

JINDAL: No, I've got the best job in the world. I want Rick Perry to be president so he'll create millions of jobs for Americans, not a job for me.

HANNITY: Is that a definitive no? Is that wiggle room no?

JINDAL: No. I don't want a job from Rick Perry, I want him to create millions of jobs for my fellow Americans. I've got the best job in the world. Yours is a close second, Sean, but I got the best in the world being the governor of Louisiana.

HANNITY: I will take issue. I kind of like mine. But Governor, good to see you, again. Thanks for being with us.

JINDAL: Thanks, Sean.

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