Jill Stein: People have 'incredible doubts' about the election

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, Donald Trump is the president-elect, or is he? There are recounts going on in two and maybe, when all is said and done, three states spearheaded by this lady, the Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

Jill, good to have you back.


CAVUTO: You know everyone has said this. Why are you doing this? There’s no way you would ever be winning this, even some of the states where the gap is wider. No way Hillary Clinton would win in a recount.

You say what?


Well, you know, this is about the voters. This is about over 150,000 people who overnight, the day before Thanksgiving, actually saw that they had a chance to stand up and to call for a voting system that we can trust.

CAVUTO: Well, what was not trusted in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all states that Donald Trump won?

STEIN: Well, let me say, I think this is an issue all over the place. And the people who are supporting it are across the country.

CAVUTO: So, why did you pick those three states, and not, let’s say, Florida, or California, or North Carolina?


So, let me point out, when we picked Michigan, it did not have a winner.  So, it could very well have been a Hillary Clinton state. But these were the states that were basically red-flagged because they have either very problematic voting systems and voting machines or they had particular indicators that are red flags, like in Michigan, where there are 75,000 votes that are all filled out, except for president.


CAVUTO: But there were closer states than even these, Jill, right, I mean, that Hillary Clinton ended up winning. So, why didn’t you go there? Why didn’t you go there?

STEIN: Not very many.

So, the indicators that they look for, if they want to see some kind of machine error or foul play or tampering, you look for a couple of indicators. So, one is close race. You also look for an outcome which is the opposite of what was suggested by the polls and exit polls.

CAVUTO: Well, the polls missed a lot, period, right? But you’re reading chicanery into that.

STEIN: Not necessarily.

What we’re reflecting is that people have incredible doubts in an election that was very divisive and bitter and in machines that we know fail massively, especially in communities of color.

CAVUTO: But that would be hacking. Now, in Michigan’s case...

STEIN: Not just hacking.


CAVUTO: This is why I’m confused, Jill, because you start out on the hacking thing. In order to have hacking, then, the machines have to be hooked up to the Internet.

STEIN: No, they don’t at all.

CAVUTO: In Michigan, they’re not.

STEIN: No, because people walk around and they reprogram these machines, and they use -- like a floppy disk or like a...


CAVUTO: So, you think the results -- do you think Donald Trump won these states, in your gut? Do you think he won those states? Because he did win all three.

STEIN: I’m not sure. I want to see the data.

CAVUTO: But you didn’t. It’s safe to say you did not, right? You had about 1 percent.

STEIN: I’m not doing this for me. And I would have done this in the Democratic primaries as well.

And we called for recounts in the Democratic primaries. But we don’t have standing in the Democratic primaries.


CAVUTO: A lot of people say you’re a stalking -- doing this on behalf of Democrats, on behalf of Hillary Clinton. You say what?

STEIN: Throughout the election, when I was asked, would I stand up and call for a recount if there were questions about the credibility of the vote? And I always said yes. It did not matter who won.

CAVUTO: But wasn’t your very presence on any of these ballots -- I mean, if you were not in the race, let’s assume all of your voters would have gone to Hillary Clinton.


STEIN: Neil, no, the numbers are really clear about that.

Exit polls showed that 61 percent of Greens would not have come out to vote if they couldn’t vote for me or another Green. Among those who are left, over one-third would have voted for Donald Trump. In the same way, there was a lot of crossover between Sanders and Trump. It’s complex.

CAVUTO: All right. All right.

STEIN: And if you do the numbers, not a single state would my voters have been an advantage to Hillary Clinton.

CAVUTO: Do you think this would tip it, any of these recounts going on will tip it? Because it’s still early in the process. But in at least Wisconsin right now, Donald Trump is getting more votes than he had before.

STEIN: Right.

And the point here is not to help one candidate or to hurt another, but rather to help the American voters, who do not believe in this...

CAVUTO: But you’re seeding doubts, right? Do you ever think people listening...

STEIN: When nearly half of eligible voters don’t come out to vote in the first place, one of the big reasons...

CAVUTO: Well, that’s always the case. That’s always the case.

STEIN: And one the big reasons is because they believe the election is rigged.

Donald Trump himself is saying the election was rigged, and he said it throughout the campaign.


CAVUTO: So you’re not doing this to make amends with Democrats or doing it on anyone’s behalf?

STEIN: Hardly.

CAVUTO: The reason why I mention it, Jill, is $6.5 million has been raised for this recount.

STEIN: More than that, $7.2 million now.

CAVUTO: All right, then that’s three times what you raised in your race.

STEIN: Exactly. Well...

CAVUTO: So, what the heck is going on?


CAVUTO: Who is giving you this money?

STEIN: Well, what I hear, people are coming up to me in the street and saying, thank you so much for carrying on this recount fight. And I ask them...

CAVUTO: Why, because they want to see Donald Trump lose?

STEIN: I ask them. I say, well, why? What does it mean to you? Is this about your vote? Is this about the assurance that your vote counting?

So, for people in the African-American community and the Latino community, yes, absolutely. This is about...

CAVUTO: But you see what you’re doing. And maybe this isn’t your intent.  My impression is, whether you support Donald Trump or not, is you’re trying to make him look like he is delegitimized, right?

STEIN: I’m a medical doctor. OK? I know that you don’t sweep people’s doubts and their serious concerns under the rug by just ignoring them.

CAVUTO: How would you feel if we did all three recounts, and I guess Pennsylvania they’re not...


STEIN: We’re not calling for changing...


CAVUTO: Hear me out. Hear me out. But if you lose all of these states, and Pennsylvania decides to do a recount, it’s still fighting it back and forth here, but it confirms Donald Trump won all three states, didn’t you waste a lot of time and money?

STEIN: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

And, in 2004, we led the recount effort in Ohio. And that really gave birth to this voting integrity movement, to this movement.

CAVUTO: That was a state that John Kerry barely lost. He had won Ohio, he would have won the election. He ended up losing Ohio.

STEIN: That’s right. Right. Right.

CAVUTO: But the gaps here..


STEIN: What that recount began was a call by the American voters for a voting system that we can trust, because, right now, you can’t trust it.


CAVUTO: It seems like you pick and choose the states you can trust. You only go after the states that Donald Trump won.

STEIN: No, we’re going after the states...


CAVUTO: These three states, Donald Trump won.

STEIN: One the three, he had not won at the time we focused on that state.  And that was Michigan.

CAVUTO: Right.

STEIN: It could have gone to Hillary Clinton as well.

CAVUTO: But it didn’t. It didn’t.

STEIN: Nonetheless, nonetheless, you have to start this in a timely fashion.


CAVUTO:  Michigan and Wisconsin, even if they flipped -- again, Pennsylvania not part of this -- he would still have enough to be elected president.

STEIN: This is not about changing the outcome, except for the voters, who do not believe this rigged system.


CAVUTO: Pennsylvania, that he won more a little bit more than a percent, if that flipped, then this thing would be in the House of Representatives.

STEIN: It’s very...

CAVUTO: Is that your goal?

STEIN: If that flipped -- I don’t know, because I am not doing the numbers here to look at changing the Electoral College.

CAVUTO: Well, I am. I just told you that would be the case. He would be under 270.

STEIN: Right.


CAVUTO: So, it would going be to the House.

STEIN: But then she might have the votes.

So, look, we need a voting system.

CAVUTO: You just kind of tipped your hand there. She might have the votes.

STEIN: She might. I don’t know what the outcome will be.

CAVUTO: So, this is about helping her.

STEIN: This is not about helping her. It’s not about hurting Donald.  This is about addressing the serious doubts that the American people have that they can trust the voting...

CAVUTO: Donald Trump says...

STEIN: He says the system is rigged.

CAVUTO: ... Stein scammed to raise money.

STEIN: Donald Trump also say the system is rigged. And he is getting enormous resonance with that.

CAVUTO: So, you’re saying that this will make him a better victor?

STEIN: What I’m saying is, when we look at a tennis match and we’re not sure where the ball landed, you know what we do? We reexamine on an instant replay.

CAVUTO: Well, we kind of know where it landed. Right? We will see. We will see.

STEIN: Well, no, we don’t know.

Our elections should matter as much as a tennis match.

CAVUTO: All right, Jill Stein.

STEIN: We need to have a system that ensures...

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