JetBlue changes strategy

Earlier this week we confronted JetBlue CEO Dave Barger about his airline sponsoring a conference held by the hate-filled Web site, the Daily Kos.

That far-left concern routinely posts vile thoughts such as Tony Snow should die from cancer, the pope is a primate, and Israel deserves to be attacked.

The hate this Web site traffics in rivals the KKK and Nazi Web sites. Since JetBlue was the only major company sponsoring the Kos conference, we wanted to know why. So we confronted Barger.

Well, today the CEO sent us this statement: "Because the only thing JetBlue has done with the YearlyKos Convention is to provide 10 travel vouchers, we've asked to have our name removed from their Web site to avoid confusion. We're an airline, we're not a political organization."

We also asked JetBlue if they have helped the U.S. military in any way, and they sent us a list of their donations which we posted on and we applaud JetBlue's contribution in that area.

Now the mistake JetBlue made was hooking up with haters. There's no room for that in America. Any corporation or politician who associates with character assassins and/or defamers will be scrutinized.

A number of Democratic politicians are set to speak at the Kos convention. We'll report on that next week.

The rise of the Internet has led to a rise in hatred in the USA. There is no question about it. Coming up, in the "Most Ridiculous Item" tonight, we'll show you an example of right-wing hatred. So it cuts both ways.

The good news is most Americans reject the politicians of hate. We saw that with the Air America Radio network. People just wouldn't listen to the vitriol spouted on that thing and it went bankrupt.

Unfortunately some Americans do wallow in hate. So an Internet site can do some business peddling that garbage and there are a few radio and TV performers who make a living smearing people as well.

But corporations and powerful people must understand their responsibility to reject the haters and not support them in any way.

That's what JetBlue missed. But we are glad they have rethought the situation. I was really going to miss their in-seat TVs. Now I don't have to. And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for the “Most Ridiculous Item” of the day. As you know, many far-left loons hate “The Factor” but some far-right nuts do as well. One of them is Fred Phelps who tries to disrupt military funerals because he believes the USA is immoral and God is punishing us. I think Phelps is the worst and he returns the favor.


REV. FRED PHELPS, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH: Bill O'Reilly, spin doctor for his father, the devil. Bill O'Reilly, the FOX TV loud mouth who brags on his show, called “The Factor.” And he's always fair and balanced and that “The Factor” is a no-spin zone. That Bill O'Reilly is a demon-possessed messenger of Satan.


Me? That sounds like some newspaper people I know. Ridiculous? God help us. On Monday we'll have an exorcism right here and see what we can do.