JetBlue and the Radical Left

What do you think of someone who says the following: The world would be better off without him? That after Tony Snow announced his cancer had returned. The pope is a primate. Evangelicals are nut cases. Better luck next time after an assassination plot against Vice President Cheney in Afghanistan. And some attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are legitimate.

All of those thoughts were posted on a vicious far-left Web site called the DailyKos, one of the worst examples of hatred America has to offer.

This summer, that Web site is having a convention in Chicago and only one major corporation has stepped up as a sponsor. That company is JetBlue, the airline that melted down last winter.

As is our policy, we contacted JetBlue last week to ask why, why would it sponsor a hateful Web site? It had no answer. So we sent "Factor" producer Jesse Watters out to see JetBlue CEO David Barger.


JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS: Hey, Mr. Barger, Jesse Watters with FOX News. How are you?


WATTERS: Good morning. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?

BARGER: Regarding?

WATTERS: On the DailyKos Web site, it says attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are legitimate. Does JetBlue subscribe to that kind of thinking?

BARGER: There's really, you know, politics and our business. It's really not something that we mix.

WATTERS: What about the pope is a primate? Do you agree with that kind of thinking?

BARGER: Same. I mean, it's -- from the standpoint of running our business, that's what we do from an airline perspective. So there's really not alignment along those lines. I appreciate your interest.

WATTERS: Do you think you're giving legitimacy to this kind of thinking? I mean, they're saying the world may be better off without Tony Snow when Tony Snow had a cancer relapse.

BARGER: It's -- I'm really not going to mix politics from the standpoint of running our business.

WATTERS: And aren't you guys kind of mixing politics by, you know, sponsoring this convention?

BARGER: It's -- it's -- I can see where you're trying to go with it, but it's -- I'm just not going to, you know, to respond to that here at this point and time.

WATTERS: Don't you think your sponsorship is kind of attached endorsement to this kind of thinking?

BARGER: I think just the ability to leave my apartment and do that freely and go to work is really what I'm trying to do. And along those lines, I think the people can draw their own conclusion. We're running our business. And from the perspective of politics, there's not alignment. So thanks very much.

WATTERS: Thank you. I mean, do you think that your JetBlue customers want to know that you're kind of subscribing to the belief that Iran has the right to attack Israel? I mean, these are the kind of things they're saying on this Web site.

BARGER: I'll just close by saying this: I think our customers are -- I'll treat them with dignity and respect. They're very smart. They'll draw their own conclusion, whether it's watching your new show, whether it's watching our in-flight television. They're pretty smart people. They'll draw their own conclusion.


And we have. It is beyond belief that a company like JetBlue would sponsor hate mongers like the DailyKos.

Comes a time when American consumers have to take a stand and this is one of those times. Any company or person who endorses hate Web sites should be held accountable.

Finally, this isn't an ideological issue. If the company was sponsoring a David Duke convention, we'd do the same story. Hate is hate, no matter where it comes from.

And that's The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

As the 2008 presidential race gets into high gear, you can expect more attacks on FOX News by left-wingers who believe this network leans Republican. So every Monday, we're going to chronicle some of the dishonest musings by naming names.

Writing in the ultra-left Oregonian newspaper, Jonathan Nicholas completely distorts my speech to the syndicated columnist group. I did that in Philadelphia.

Writing in the Rocky Mountain News, Dave Kopel continues to mislead his readers about my reporting on the Boulder High School controversy, even though old Dave lost the debate, as the principal there was forced to apologize for the pro-drug assembly.

Writing in the Salt Lake City Tribune, Cory Hodges says I blamed Nancy Benoit and Jessie Davis for their own murders. That is an outrageous lie, as anyone watching this program knows.

So there you go. Check in next Monday for another chapter in the disintegration of America's print press. Might be ridiculous.