Jesse's mom tells him to stop yelling at Juan

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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Hey, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Jedediah Bila, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and a beanbag is her beanbag chair. The Five. Dana Perino.

It's hard to run for president. Every day is a test on how far you'll bend for approval. It's a limbo bar for your character. No matter how low others go, you've got to go lower. Here's how the 2020 race is shaping up for the Dems.




GUTFELD: She's doing it in a restaurant. Anyway, that is low. But first, here's Kamala Harris getting low about getting high.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever smoked?



HARRIS: And I inhaled. I did inhale.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was it in college?

HARRIS: Listen, I think that it gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What does Kamala Harris listen to? What were you listening to when you was high? What was on?

HARRIS: Oh, my goodness. Oh, yeah, definitely Snoop, Tupac --


HARRIS: -- for sure.


GUTFELD: Now, you could say she lied. She was in school before Snoop and Tupac made records. But when you're high it's possible she thought she was listening to them when it was really this.


GUTFELD: But Kamala was just playing character limbo, trying to convince the left that she was rolling doobies, not drug dealers. That's the pander of prosecutor pretending that she never prosecuted. When asked if he would seek a female V.P., Cory Booker pandered away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you got the nomination, would you commit to choosing a woman as your vice presidential running mate?

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: I think it would be malpractice. I'm not to going to make specific commitments, but we clearly should have -- I believe there should be a woman president right now and it's very hard to get one, but we have such a great fields of leaders.

I think that you will rarely see a Democratic ticket anymore without gender diversity, race diversity. I think it's something that we should have. So, I'm not going to box myself in, but should I become it you'll know I'll be looking to women first.


GUTFELD: Looking to women first, a perfect gentleman doing the limbo. He knows a mansion open the door for a woman, figuratively, not literally. That would be sexist. And when Howard Schultz was asked about taxes, he said this.


HOWARD SCHLTZ, FORMER STARBUCKS CEO: But the headline is here, I should be paying more taxes and people who make this kind of revenue and of means should pay more taxes.


GUTFELD: Of course, rich people who say they want to pay more taxes are just rolling under the limbo poll. Here's a tip, Howie, write a check to the U.S. government, sign it and leave it blank. The IRS will do the rest. But the queen of pandering, Liz Warren, showing up at a Native American conference. She can't stop because she's a politician and politicians will do anything for approval, which is why this chap is so refreshing.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: How easy it is to be presidential, but you all would be out of here right now. You'll be so bored. We've got more money. We've got more brains. We've got better houses, apartments. We've got nicer boats.

I went to better school. I went to better everything. I'm president and they're not. You love your dogs, don't you? I wouldn't mind having one, honestly, but I don't have any time. I don't have -- How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn? Feels a little phony to me.


GUTFELD: That's the opposite of pandering. While everyone else is buying a focus group breed of caulk a poodle, he says nope, not for me. I guess he likes his animals well done.

Dana, did you find that offensive -- we're talking about this yesterday, you find it offensive that he said he didn't like dogs or do you respect him for being honest?

DANA PERINO, HOST: Oh, I respect him for being honest. Like, when I would say, like, I'm not -- I like a cat --


PERINO: -- but I don't want to have a cat.

GUTFELD: I hear you.

PERINO: No offense, Angie. At home with four of us rescue cats in Denver.

GUTFELD: You're not really rescuing cats.

PERINO: It was easier before social media and before the 24/7 news cycle because you could go to an event in Iowa and say I love ethanol.


PERINO: Ethanol is fantastic. And then you can go someplace else and say, oh, absolutely. I'm absolutely for more solar panels. You betcha, I am. And no one would ever know and that's how you could cobble together a coalition.

GUTFELD: Now it's impossible. Jesse, when you listen to Trump, does he pander enough?

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: I think he could pander more. I think we all know what we're talking about. Here's my imitation of Democrats, Greg. That was such a brilliant monologue, Greg. You know, I used to write monologues when I was in college, always thought about writing a book of all my monologues. Do you have that idea?


WATTERS: We're like monologue brothers. So that's what they do, OK. And this is why they do it. It's because they're participating in the pandering Olympics because what they do is their base is all filled up with specifics interest groups. You have the gays, the blacks, the Hispanics, the women.

And when they try to be everything to everybody, they spread themselves so thin there's no core there. So, Kamala, you're not hip-hop. Trump is more hip-hop than you are. Schultz, be a billionaire. You own it. You know, if you want to pay more taxes, you check the box.

Cory Booker should pick the most qualified V.P. candidate. When you're not doing that, you look unqualified. And Elizabeth Warren, stop apologizing to Native Americans, there's other population groups out there, soccer moms for instance. They should be your focus.

GUTFELD: Wisconsin. Hey, you know, Juan, I'm going to say something nice about Kamala Harris. During that interview, she didn't talk about the medicinal qualities of marijuana. She mentioned joy which is the first time a politician I have seen in this stance admit that recreational use of marijuana is actually OK. Which I think is, like -- that's not pandering. That's actually a step forward.

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Wow, she's got your vote.

GUTFELD: Yeah, because nobody -- everybody hides behind medicinal. There's -- oh, I'm for decriminalization for medicinal effect --

WATTERS: You're going to need to smoke weed when she takes your health care away.

GUTFELD: But I like the fact that she said, no, if it brings people joy. That's the real argument in my --

WILLIAMS: Why? It seems authentic to me, but I don't -- I mean, I'm trying to figure out -- because to me you're saying this is Democrats and I'm thinking to myself, I just went through 2016, right? Where I believe on Cinco de Mayo, Trump said best tacos. Didn't he say that? Didn't he say that?

GUTFELD: Yeah, but wasn't he trolling than pandering?

WILLIAMS: No, he said this --

GUTFELD: Ironic pandering.

WATTERS: Ironic pandering.

WILLIAMS: Ironic. And then, of course, he goes to West Virginia, what's he do, he puts on a coalminer hat.


WILLIAMS: Oh, what about talking to the Christian evangelicals? He says, oh, you know, I don't go to church but when I do, I don't ask for forgiveness. Then said, oh, wait a second. When I take my little bit of wine and my little bit of cracker.

GUTFELD: Cracker.

WILLIAMS: Cracker? What is going on?

GUTFELD: See what I mean? He's terrible in pandering.

WILLIAMS: That's what he's doing, Greg. He's pandering.

WATTERS: But he's doing it in a way that everybody knows he's pandering, transparent pandering.


GUTFELD: Transponder.

WILLIAMS: You know all these interest groups you're talking about, the blacks, you know, the Native Americans. They're Americans.

WATTERS: I know. And that's why I think the Democrats should speak with a unifying message instead of changing their message and their character for each group.

WILLIAMS: Trump just sticks with the white nationals.

PERINO: Stop it, Juan.

GUTFELD: Oh, please. Bring us down. This is a fun segment. Jedediah, I think -- I have a theory that anybody who doesn't fit into an acceptable frame can no longer run for president and then Trump changed that. He says it's OK to be a jerk and go out and say what you want.

JEDEDIAH BILA, HOST: He's also just being himself. He's not afraid to be himself. Love him or hate him, this is what he is. This is what he's like. This is probably how he talks to his family. This is how he talks to his friends. He's not putting it on for the camera. And I think the Democrats are just trying really hard to be like. I like that Kamala interview because that was the first time that I saw her just being herself. I believed her. I believe that she smoke a pot.

GUTFELD: Even though she might be lying about --


PERINO: I thought you would defend her on that.

GUTFELD: Oh, I am -- I don't.

PERINO: Because -- I think that she thought she heard something else. Like, two people asking something at the same time.

GUTFELD: Yeah, exactly.

BILA: I think at some point she probably was high and was listening to that, but it was a humanity that I saw in her. And I don't understand why they keep putting out this rehearsed nonsense. All of those politicians, Hillary Clinton that tries so hard to be light, they don't win. The people that actually win elections are the people that are real and authentic.

Joe Biden is an example on the left. I think Barack Obama to an extent, that's just who he was. Trump is an example. Just be yourself. And, you know, if you're grumpy or whatever that is, that's your thing, use it. People might actually like it. Whoever thought that Trump, doing what he does, would get him elected president?

WILLIAMS: By the way, I'm just so confused. You know some days at The Five I get confused.


GUTFELD: Now you know how we feel when you talk.

WILLIAMS: You guys just said that Trump is a jerk but he's an authentic -- I'm thinking, wait, this guy is a pro-Trump.

BILA: He's a non-P.C. New York guy. He ran a business --

WILLIAMS: Yeah, but why would you call him --

GUTFELD: No, I'm saying in this day and age an honest person is seen as a jerk and that's too bad.

WILLIAMS: I think that's not true. You're pretty honest. I don't think - - I think -- are we all jerks?

GUTFELD: I'm a jerk.


GUTFELD: I know I'm a jerk. I embrace my inner jerk. All right, will he or won't he, what President Trump is saying about signing the border deal. That's next.


WILLIAMS: Deal or no deal to avoid another government shutdown? President Trump not yet ready to say if he'll support a border security deal that includes $1.4 billion to build new barriers. Watch this.


TRUMP: We haven't gotten it yet. We'll be getting it. We'll be looking for landmines because you could have that, you know. It's been known to happen before to people. But we have not gotten it yet. It will be sent to us at some point and we'll take a very serious look at it. I appreciate all the work the Republicans have done because they're really going against a radical left. I don't want to see a shutdown. A shutdown would be a terrible thing.


WILLIAMS: So, Jedediah, no more mention so far of emergency declarations. It seems as if the Republicans in the Senate aren't buying it. But he's not clear. He's not -- he's kind of holding us in suspense. Is this like Trump the TV producer or what?

BILA: Maybe. I mean, I think he knows right now the numbers that have been released. The deal looks like it stinks, it really does. I mean, a lot of people on the right are going to be sitting there and saying what was all point of a shutdown? Because I think people thought you shutdown the government to try to budge the Democrats. And if they didn't budge, your next step was going to be declaring a national emergency.

So I think now he's, unfortunately, in a position where he put out there in the very same way -- he has to learn to stop doing this. He put out there, you know, Mexico is going to pay for the wall, didn't work out that way. He put out there I'm not going to budge. I'm going to dig my heels in. And then when you don't, people are disappointed in you.

So no matter what he does now -- now he's saying, oh, I'm going to redirect more other federal funds into this, so don't worry. You're still going to get the wall. We're still going to figure it out even if I have to do it by executive order.

But the thing is, this shutdown, this whole shutdown was completely absurd and a waste of time. If it wasn't going to force him to kind of say, you know what, my way or the highway because this is a national emergency. Either it's a national emergency or it's not. Make up your mind.

PERINO: Right.


WATTERS: They should go on Howie's show, Deal or No Deal, and fund the wall that way. You know how the models hold the money in a box and then Trump could just pick one. Maybe that's a good way to do it. I honestly think he should take this deal and here's why. It funds 55 miles of border wall. He wanted 200 miles of border wall. This provides a border wall. Nancy wanted no wall, so he's already winning like that. Marc Thiessen had a great piece --


WATTERS: -- in the Washington Post today.

PERINO: I saw that.

WATTERS: There's another huge leverage play that the president could do. The sequester comes into effect at the end of the year. This was signed by Barack Obama and the senate Democrats, Juan. So they cut spending by $130 billion if they don't lift this cap. So the president could just say, hey, you know what, give me my 5.7 or else I won't sign it.

Do you think the Democrats are really going to throw away $130 billion of spending which they love to do, for a measly 5.7 billion? He's got them right where he wants them. Or do the El Chapo thing and then that's how you get Mexico to pay for it.

WILLIAMS: That's your opening.

GUTFELD: Well, if he can't get Mexico to pay for it, he'll get a Mexican to pay for it. It still qualifies. Look, this is -- you know, I always go back to the reason why this is so contaminated. It's the media. The media is the mirror that the Democrats have to face every day, right? And the mirror laughs at you if you compromise. And if the media -- if the media disappeared for one week this problem would have been solved. A perfect example is when you watch like morning bozo. He will scream about how -- what an autocrat Trump is, right? He's terrible. He's unbinding tyrant.

And then when Trump compromises, he just laughs at him and mocks him. And so the media knows if that they do any compromise they will be -- I mean, if the Democrats compromise the media will mock them. So there's actually no incentive for them to do it. If the media had disappeared from this, there would have been a compromise and they would have listened to engineers and the experts.

WILLIAMS: I think it's right wing talk radio that's saying don't take this deal. We wanted a wall. You promise it's a wall.

BILA: It's not just talk radio. It's a lot of people.

WILLIAMS: Well, I'm just saying -- he was saying like Morning Joe. But, anyway, to go on, Dana --

GUTFELD: No, I said morning bozo.



GUTFELD: I don't watch Morning Joe.

WILLIAMS: Dana, in fact, and this is something Jedediah was picking up on, we had a 35 day shutdown. He would have had more money and a better deal if he had taken what was offered in December --

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: -- than if he's taken what was offered today.

PERINO: Right. Right. So that's why he probably should have done it. And he didn't give the Republicans indications he was not going to sign until the 11th hour, which is how you ended up with the shutdown in the first place. Once the shutdown ended and it look like the president was willing to compromise and he has been willing to, his numbers went up. The State of the Union was great, like he's on a roll. Like, to me, ride the wave, signed the deal, rise above the media. Like, he's the most powerful person in the world.

GUTFELD: Beside from me.

PERINO: So tell all of them, like, yeah, this is the deal we got. I'm happy with it. Or maybe now -- I'm not happy. I'm taking the deal because it's the right thing to do. I'm going to continue to work on it. We know he's going to run on immigration and border issues for 2020, but stop pushing. I would say that his supporters, stop pushing him into fights that he can't win --

BILA: Right.

PERINO: -- because then you're back in this thing trying to, like, say, well, it's not a good deal and he doesn't look like a good deal maker. It's not -- just like -- if you want to support him, just, like, let it go, right?

BILA: The problem makes no sense now because he said, originally, that what they offered wasn't enough because there was this emergency. And then when he rejected the deal, he said -- he amped up the conversation about how there was this huge national emergency.

We're talking about caravans, all of which is true. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, all of that stuff, and now suddenly he's going to accept the deal at a lower value which makes all of that talk about the national emergency look like he wasn't serious.

WATTERS: There were some benefits, though --

PERINO: But he might still do a national emergency.

WATTERS: We've got a lot of Democrats on the record saying really dumb things about walls and we can use that against them in the midterms. Also, support for the wall has gone up and Trump's numbers with Hispanics have really skyrocketed.

WILLIAMS: You know what amazes me is that we're all talking about this which is -- it was a fake emergency. There was never an invasion.

GUTFELD: People died at the border. People died at the border, that wasn't fake.

WILLIAMS: Oh, and the media reacts as if, oh, this is real.

GUTFELD: You guys were screaming about humanitarian crisis, and so the government dealt with it.

WILLIAMS: This is so absurd, Greg. But it's a matter of -- and even today --

GUTFELD: You're denying -- you're denying that there was suffering.

WILLIAMS: Even today, the president saying we're building the wall. Well, if you're already building the wall what are you complaining -- he says we have contracts going -- I won't -- I hope he's OK.

WATTERS: Yeah, because six miles are already being built.

BILA: It is an emergency --

WILLIAMS: Mitch McConnell putting Senate Democrats on record as to whether or not they support the green new deal. That's next right here. Here the fireworks on The Five.


WATTERS: Nickelback week, baby.


WATTERS: It's put up or shut up time for green new deal supporters. Mitch McConnell saying the Senate will vote on the far-left pipe dream to try to get Democrats, especially 2020 hopefuls, on the record.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, R-KY, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: I've noted with great interest the green new deal. And we're going to be voting on that in the Senate. We'll give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the green new deal.


WATTERS: That was him smiling, if you guys couldn't tell. But one of the coauthors of the radical plan slamming the senate majority leader for trying to rush a vote. Senator Ed Markey getting mocked for accusing McConnell of trying to, quote, "sabotage," the movement he and his fellow Democrats are building.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ramping up the rhetoric to defend the plan, the freshman congresswoman tweeting, don't mess with our future when it comes to climate, it's all our lives at stake. The younger you are the more consequences you'll see. It's life and death for us, and we will fight like it. Dana, conservatives sometimes used to really dislike Mitch McConnell. They thought he was establishment and he wasn't getting things done.

PERINO: So irritating.

WATTERS: Mitch McConnell is really delivering when you think about the judges and then making these Democrats vote on the green new deal.

PERINO: Yes, he's a strategic thinker. He never wanted to run for president and that is something that people kind of forget. So he's a creature of the Senate. He loves the Senate, studied the Senate, wanted to be a part of it, and he doesn't have aspirations beyond that. He wants to do the best that he can.

And it is interesting to me that last week when Marquis and Ocasio-Cortez introduced their resolution to great fanfare. You know on other cable stations there was a bug, which is a little thing down the bottom that said count down to the green new deal press conference.


PERINO: They got a lot of press on it. All these 2020 Democrats signed on right away. They tweeted about -- to me, they're already on record supporting the green new deal. So this vote is just formalizing that.

WATTERS: So if these 2020 hopefuls, Greg, are on the record saying they support abolishing air travel or giving free income for those unwilling to work, what does it do to them?

GUTFELD: Well, the vote is great because it gets -- you know, it exposes them as the most impractical children alive, that they're actually voting for a rainbow made of marshmallows. By the way, Mitch needs a nickname. He should be called Satan's turtle because he looks so benign.

WATTERS: What about cocaine Mitch?

GUTFELD: Cocaine Mitch. But cocaine Mitch is like they don't get it.



GUTFELD: Satan's turtle. Make it stick, America. But this plan is a typical progressive disaster and that it's only half a thing, and it's the easy half which is the wish list. But the other half is missing which is how do you achieve this?

And that leads to the ultimate problem which is centralized, massive bureaucracy and that leads to coercion because in order to make something - - the big dream that fails, in order to make it survive, you need coercion and force. That means you need an army to punish the individual. And that means fascism and then, ultimately, all of our deaths.


GUTFELD: That was my AOC impression.

WATTERS: Juan, some of these 2020 hopefuls on the Democratic side not too keen on the green new deal. Let's listen in. You can react.


HOWARD SCHULTZ, FORMER STARBUCKS CEO: Let's be sensible about what we're suggesting. Let's not just throw stuff against the wall because it's a good slogan or we get a press release. Let's be truthful.

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR, D-MINN.: The green new deal, I see it as -- by the way, I see it as aspirational. I see it as a jump start. So I would vote yes, but I would also if it got down to the nitty-gritty of an actual legislation as opposed to, oh, here are some goals we have, that would be different for me.


WATTERS: So some division amongst the ranks.

WILLIAMS: Frist, before I begin say I'm just so pleased and proud of you for finally understanding that Mitch McConnell is a conservative. I know you've been going after --


GUTFELD: That was the other guy.

WILLIAMS: You and the other -- you and the rest of the far-right that was --

PERINO: That was years ago.

WILLIAMS: No, it wasn't.

PERINO: Years ago --

WILLIAMS: It wasn't even during the campaign, they were going after Mitch McConnell, but it's all right. Here's the thing, McConnell is just staging and you could see it in the smile you described, it's a stunt. It's a stunt vote intended -- and from his perspective to embarrass Democrats.


WILLIAMS: But the reality is what Klobuchar --

PERINO: Are they embarrassed?

WILLIAMS: -- said this is an aspirational resolution. It's not a piece of legislation. And guess what, people sign onto the idea that, oh, the Republicans have not had any discussion about climate change, apparently, locked into the oil companies. They've refused --

GUTFELD: Evil oil.

WILLIAMS: -- anything to do with climate change. The rest of the country says what's going on, and they want to hear about it. That's why you have Democrats saying this is an important step and we want to get onboard. The specifics, you are right, they are not there, but look at this, today we learned the debt in this country now trillions under President Trump. Remember he said it was good.


WATTERS: That's right. So let's raise it trillions on Green New Deal.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no, remember you said, oh yes, we are going to do away with that, no more debts. That was Obama.

WATTERS: So, you want to triple it with Green New Deal.

WILLIAMS: No, I'm just saying that's the kind of talk that people tolerated on your side, Jesse, but they don't want to tolerate it coming from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


GUTFELD: You may think it's incompetence.

WATTERS: --it's a stunt, but the stunt's going to work, yes.

GUTFELD: Oh please.

BILA: I can't imagine why you'd be embarrassed to support refurbishing every building in the United States in ten years, free jobs, free higher education, guarantees of everything. Look, if you're going to - stop being so defensive Democrats. If you like these ideas, great go out when people interview you and ask you and say, hey so you want to eliminate all air travel in ten years, be willing to stand by that.

They shouldn't be defensive. If this is what they stand for, if this is what they want to do, if this is what they feel, you don't just put out a plan - you know I love that line, it's aspirational, I don't have time for that.

I'm looking for facts, I'm looking for something. If you're really interested in limiting carbon emissions and that's your plan, people like Mike Bloomberg, people who are serious about that are looking at this and saying, this isn't about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and all the things that maybe you could do if you had enough money.

You're talking about tens upon tens of trillions of dollars. You're going to put out this and claim to be a serious politician, be able to stand by it, be able to explain it, be able to go vote for it, and be able to tell people, how you going to pay for this stuff?

PERINO: Can I have one thing?


PERINO: You know what Schumer should do?


PERINO: As a counter-stunt?


PERINO: Tell the Democrats to vote no. Tell them all, this is the stunt, everybody vote no and that way, they don't have to worry about it.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's what happened in the House. When the house last year tried to do something like this on ICE, and what the progressives said is just--


WATTERS: Dana, I don't like when you give advice to Democrats, okay?

BILA: Yes, that's not going to be a really good idea.



PERINO: They are probably way ahead of me.

WATTERS: All right, radical Congresswoman Omar causing even more controversy today. We'll show you what she did next.


BILA: Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar trying to deflect the controversy over her anti-Semitic remarks by attacking President Trump for saying she should resign. Omar tweeting, "You have trafficked in hate your whole life - against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?"

Then today, Omar found herself to be the subject of even more headlines, when she upended a hearing with the newly appointed Special Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams to attack him personally over his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal.


REP. ILHAN OMAR, D-MINN.: I fail to understand why members of this Committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.


OMAR: I am - it wasn't a question.

ABRAMS: I think it is an attack--

OMAR: That was not - that was not a question. That was - I reserve the right to my time--


BILA: Jesse, I - this issue of her deflecting and turning to Trump, I think it's pretty outrageous actually, because this is not one incident. This is a series of horrific tweets that she's had in her history. This is what you know - this horrific nonsense that she did to the Covington boys.

There's so many instances you can bring up of her, either saying something bigoted and having to apologize or doing something that's very questionable, like that - so what do you think about this?

WATTERS: Well, she's a hostile child, she's not that smart. She actually called Mr. Abrams, Mr. Adams, when she introduced him. There was an anti- Semitic intervention in Minnesota, in her district.

They had Jewish leaders before she even came to Congress so troubled by her language and her tweets, they staged a two-hour intervention at someone's home, because they thought listen - and this is from the report, she spent from age 8 to 12 in a Kenyan camp for Somali refugees. Maybe she didn't know about the Holocaust, they thought.

They tried to educate her on tropes and dog whistles and code words. And this is from the result, most of us came out of that conversation very troubled by the answers we received and not convinced where her heart is on these things. She hasn't changed, she hasn't listened, and she hasn't deleted any of these offensive tweets.

BILA: That's the problem one, it's a pattern of behavior, and she hasn't been stripped of any Committee assignments. There seems to be no real consequence. In fact, Democrats and many in media are defending her. How many times does it take before somebody says, hold on there's a pattern here?

WILLIAMS: Do you want us go into patterns, how about Steve King, have you heard anything from President--

BILA: Steve King was stripped of his main assignments.


WATTERS: He was stripped of everything, wasn't he?

WILLIAMS: No, no, no, that's not President Trump. President Trump has not said one word, never, not a word.

BILA: But this isn't about President Trump, I'm talking about holding her accountable for her behavior.


WILLAIMS: But it is about President Trump, because he's saying she should resign, Jedediah. He's telling her to resign and you're blaming her for responding to the President calling her out.

The idea to me is this, she said something that was offensive, she played on a trope to my mind that is absolutely degrading to Jewish people, and I think it contributes to the whole rise in anti-Semitism around the globe. And so she - what did she do, she said she apologized.

So, to my mind, what's going on is here people are saying, you know what you're not allowed to change the status quo, you're not allowed to start a conversation about what is US policy with regard to Israel and the Palestinians.

US policy used to be we believe in a two-state solution. Trump and that yahoo (ph) come along, they knock it over and yet they don't have anything to substitute. Somebody comes in, who has experience in this area, because guess what, she's a Muslim woman and she says, hey you know what there's some reason to have concerns about Israeli policy, settlements, West Bank, and the like.

But guess what, everybody else says, no don't talk about--

WATTERS: No, because she said Israel was evil.


WATTERS: She said they were evil. That was what the controversy was.

WILLIAMS: No, the controversy--

WATTERS: Yes, it was, Juan.

WILLIAMS: --is that she said to them, you know what, we have a situation here where I feel that people are lobbying American politicians unfairly, and she was wrong because guess what, American politicians are lobbied all the time. That's part of our system.

BILA: But that doesn't once again - Dana that doesn't exist in isolation. That wasn't one comment she made, and now you have people on other networks saying, well you can't - suggesting you can't accuse her of any kind of bigotry, because she's a woman and because she's a minority.

PERINO: But you also have - a network of the CNN has their political reporter, Manu Raju, who caught up with her in the hallway to ask her about this, and she was incredibly rude to him. One of the books she might want to pick up along the way is How to Win Friends and Influence People, because it actually works.

I would like to defend Elliott Abrams. This is a guy who is a total gentleman, a patriot, a public servant, who is willing to go back into government to try to help - free people from socialism. He doesn't need this job, and he's willing to go over there and answer her questions. But he would also like to answer the attacks on his character.

And he could have very easily said something like, is there a reason you're treating me like this? Should we talk about that reason, what's the reason that you're treating me like this?

BILA: Right.

PERINO: But he didn't do it.

WATTERS: Don't forget about the gum chewing. Do you have anything to say about that?


PERINO: I saw that and I would recommend breath mint over the gum.

WATTERS: Gotcha.

BILA: That's the thing too though about her apology. Many were saying that wasn't an apology, it's the way she approaches these things that there's a sense of defiance, that even when she is apologizing, it A, doesn't seem sincere, and if B, seems like she finds a way to then twist it and say, yes but but but and sort of defend herself in the same breath.

GUTFELD: I accepted her apology, but I do think she doesn't like Jews. I do think she does and I think that, going after Trump about bigotry is interesting, he has a Jewish son and grandkids. He's from the - probably the best friend to Israel. He was I'm sure for gay marriage, before she was, well before she was.

And I'm not sure what she's for when it comes to gay rights, when she supports certain kinds of organizations that are homophobic and misogynistic. I mean she is sympathetic to ISIS. Well, let's not forget, we talked about that and also other extremist organizations.

She is defending Venezuela's misery. I mean she - I hope she doesn't change, because I think sunlight is the best disinfectant. I hope she continues to represent her honest radical self, because it's good to see that. I want to see exactly what she's like, and she benefits from - the media's disgusting, because they're playing intersectional math, woman Muslim minority Leftist, total force field. Total force field, so she get - this is what - this is why we have her now, she got away with it.

WILLIAMS: --how about the voters of Minnesota elected her.


BILA: Well that shocks me to that as well--

GUTFELD: And that's Republicans fault, they put - could have put somebody up against her.

WILLIAMS: I'm saying she was - you say she's honest, the voters not only the voters--

GUTFELD: I have no idea. Well maybe some did, maybe some did because of - because--

WILLIAMS: But then you open the door to people saying, and I think it's unfair to you, but people saying, oh so you're going after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you're going after Ilhan Omar, you're going after the lady from Michigan.

WATTERS: Because they are socialist radicals, Juan.


GUTFELD: No, no, no, he's doing exactly what I said.

WATTERS: Socialism is an old idea.


GUTFELD: Jesse, he's doing exactly what I said, the intersectional map. You have to be sexist or homophobic if you come out against them.

WILLIAMS: No, I was defending you, by the way.

GUTFELD: Oh thank you.



WILLIAMS: I was saying that you--

GUTFELD: I apologize, Juan, I took the last part, didn't hear the first part.

BILA: It's not just about socialism. This not about (inaudible) what she's doing.


WILLIAMS: No, I didn't say it.

GUTFELD: I think you owe me an apology, Juan.

PERINO: I'll take an apology too.

GUTFELD: Your apology is denied.


PERINO: All right, it's time for Wild Card Wednesday.


Okay, they got me this new thing, twist it around, turn around, turn around--

GUTFELD: I'm busy, stop.

PERINO: Okay, here we go, and then--

GUTFELD: Open that up.

PERINO: Open it up, I'm going to pull out a thing. Okay--

GUTFELD: It's a boy.


PERINO: We are going to pick a topic - topic we put it in the thing and we go, Olive Garden offering breadstick bouquet for Valentine's Day. Is this yours, Greg?


PERINO: Okay, why did you choose this?

GUTFELD: Because it's crazy and stupid. All right, number one, you have to make this yourself. So you have to go the website, you have to download this thing right, and then I think you have to bring it there, and then they fill it like it's a bouquet of carbohydrates, all right.


Let's say you love your wife or your husband, and you want it - do you want to put like more--

PERINO: It's only one day of the year that you're eating all the carbohydrates.

GUTFELD: Look at this.


Look at this people, disgusting. Olive Garden, I'm just jealous because I can't eat carbs.

WILLIAMS: Hey Greg, are you in love with me, is that why you bring this?



PERINO: Thank you. It smells good though.

WATTERS: This is the nicest thing you've ever done.


GUTFELD: I gave you all yeast infection.


WATTERS: Is that what this is?

PERINO: Oh wow.

GUTFELD: That's what this is, it's bread, everybody.

Oh you like when you are funny, huh?


PERINO: Okay, got another one. Mom is going around campus trying to get dates for her son and Towson University's issued a warning to their student body and faculty, urging them to watch out for a woman, who was allegedly walking around campus asking students if they want to date her son.

Campus police have been called in multiple occasions. Who is this?

BILA: It's mine.


BILA: But I think it's cute, only because it's not my mom though. This is the kind of story that you find that's really cute, if it's someone else's mother doing it. And you're like, oh that's--

GUTFELD: What if there's something wrong?

BILA: What do you mean?

GUTFELD: She could be crazy. Yes, she could be--

PERINO: Something wrong with her.

BILA: Maybe she just wants--

GUTFELD: What if there's no kid and she's just wandering the campuses?

WILLIAMS: Well, that's troubling, I didn't think of that. But let me just say, your mom wouldn't do it.

BILA: My mom would not do that.

WILLIAMS: You are a young woman. Right, but remember this is for her son--

BILA: Yes, but I think it's cute.

WILLIAMS: That's really troubling.

BILA: Maybe she's just old fashioned, she doesn't want to be lonely.

PERINO: Yes, you know what, it's not going to help his street cred in getting dates, all right?


GUTFELD: I think it's weird.

PERINO: Here's another one, Los Angeles Times publishes french fries power rankings. Oh I saw this yesterday. Their top five are, Five Guys, McDonald's, Del Taco, Steak ‘n Shake, and Arby's.

GUTFELD: Oh, what are you doing?

PERINO: Coming in last, with nineteen out of nineteen is In-N-Out. Is this yours, Jesse?

WATTERS: This is mine obviously.

PERINO: Oh wow.


WATTERS: So what were the rankings?

PERINO: Carbohydrates.

WATTERS: What was number one?

GUTFELD: Oh look at the Arby's, they have the greatest Curly Fries.

PERINO: So, I think it went Five Guys, McDonald's, Del Taco, Steak ‘n Shake, and Arby's.

GUTFELD: Arby's is actually better.

WATTERS: Let's try the Arby's.

GUTFELD: They were the Curly Fries.


PERINO: That's pretty good, that's pretty good.

GUTFELD: There's a joke in there.

WILLIAMS: By the way, you--

GUTFELD: Mr. Potato Head.


WATTERS: What is the one in the middle?

WILLIAMS: I don't know.


PERINO: Well, that must be--


WILLIAMS: The problem is, it's got to be hot fries.


WATTERS: They are pretty hot enough for me, Juan.

BILA: They are pretty hot.

GUTFELD: Not when you're drunk.

WATTERS: Five Guys, number one.

WILLIAMS: Good point.


PERINO: Great taste, McDonald's always my favorite.

BILA: McDonald's is always great, yes.

WATTERS: Yes, between Five Guys and McDonald's.

BILA: It's different, you can't compare a Curly Fries spiced up to a plain regular fries.


PERINO: All right, I got another one, Marie Kondo Effect leads to uptick in national donations. So, Marie Kondo, this is mine, do you all know her, she's the tidying up the joy of all of it and you got to clean up your apartment, and all the women love this thing.

Peter is like, I will never watch another episode of that ever. Well since her show debuted on Netflix, thrift stores across the country have reported a massive influx of donations in the last month alone.

Tampa Bay goodwill stores received an additional 5 million pounds of clothes, furniture and other items, as people thanked all of their belongings and then gave them away.

WATTERS: And it's a tax write-off, so there you go.

GUTFELD: Yes, Jesse always on top of the financial aspect.

WATTERS: You will thank me later.

WILLIAMS: Do you remember Bill Clinton's underwear?


WATTERS: I still have a pair.


WILLIAMS: Juan, this be yours, study finds happiest ages in life are 16 and 70 years old.

WILLIAMS: Yes, and you know what, you are 16, your happiness falls off a cliff, it goes down until you reach age 50. Then you get happier until you reach age 70, and I think then health becomes--

GUTFELD: Maybe matchmaking service.

WILLIAMS: --but you know what, here's the key. The keys to happiness, health, marriage, house, education, and the happiest people, the clergies number one, pro athlete number two, air traffic controllers number three, and here's the crazy part--

PERINO: I'm not buying any of that.

WILLIAMS: --politicians number four.

GUTFELD: They are liars.


PERINO: Okay, that's fake news maybe.


PERINO: All right, One More Thing is up next.


GUTFELD: No chance for her. One More Thing, Jesse?

WATTERS: Time now for Mom Text.


We hit the motherload of Mom Texts, all from yesterday's show. Get ready.


Number one, I'm offended by a great many of your comments.


Number two, Jesse, you are - you eat too much meat, when we all need to be eating more of a plant-based diet.


Juan? You are so misrepresenting these women when you lump, clump and generalize and label them. How does that foster conversation, Jesse?


Foster conversation, mom.


Please bring back Dana; you have lost the balance.


Oh this is in all caps, stop yelling at Juan.

WILLIAMS: Oh thank you, mom. Thank you, mom.

WATTERS: And you must stop being Trump mouthpiece. Do not name call and parrot Trump's insults, that is beneath you. It's actually not.


And finally, one positive, your tie knot looks better and you are buttoning your top button. There you go, mom.


Martha MacCallum tonight Wednesdays with Watters.

GUTFELD: All right, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Talk about inspiring, here's as NFL linebacker Shaquem Griffin at the Brooks Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Griffin is missing his left hand meets a little guy who also has a disabled limb. Take a look.




WILLIAMS: Yes, Griffin's hand was amputated when he was age four due to extreme pain caused by a birth defect. But this year, he made the Seattle Seahawks as a starting linebacker. The rehab center thanked Griffin and said they were inspired by his kindness to the young man, but also his personal story of pushing past obstacles to achieve his dreams. Let's hope this youngster's dreams also come true.

PERINO: All right, last night 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, lots of athletes, look how fast this little dog does. And there's 7-year-old King, the Wire Fox Terrier, that is the next one, the Best in Show.

But I have to tell you, the Best in Show in my life is Judith. This is Jasper's sister and she is currently featured in a Macy's Ralph Lauren ad campaign.

She is famous, that whole - I mean that whole litter is amazing. There's also, I tell you what podcast, we just recorded it today.

GUTFELD: All right, go to, I got my new one up there with Howie Kurtz, he is electrifying, check it out, I tweeted it. Now it is time for this.

All right, because it's almost Valentine's Day, let's check out this tale of love. First, it starts out, they can't stand each other, the cats going after the dogs, the dogs going after the cats. And then something strange happens. They start to look into each other's eyes and they start to see something that they didn't see before. And before you know it, it was almost as though they were in love. And what was going to happen? Nope, and there it is.


GUTFELD: There it is, there it is, that is how the world should be. All right, sorry Jed, you are out of time.

BILA: It's all right.

PERINO: I would give up my time for--

GUTFELD: I know you would. All right, "Special Report" is up next. Who's there?

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