Jay Sekulow: Trump led the charge to get Pastor Brunson freed

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST:  All right.  Welcome to "Hannity" on this busy news Friday.

In 25 short days, you will decide the fate of this country.  Everything is at stake.  Will the amazing progress of the last two years continue or will it come to a grinding halt?

Well, the new radical Democratic Party, they are pushing their incivility, even violence.  The media is now normalizing these disturbing comments and behavior.  Now, what we're going to do tonight, we will break down the most important races state by state, district by district.  We have brand new damning information about some Democrats running for the U.S. Senate in red states.

But, first, the left sinks to a new low with latest comments about Kanye West meeting with President Trump.  What is being said is down right despicable and disgusting.

So, buckle up, it's time for the Friday edition of our breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY:  All right.  The media, they're ramping up their sick, their vile, their ugly, their vicious attacks on rapper Kanye West.  Why?  For meeting with President Trump.  That's why.

Let's see.  Kanye is talking about more jobs, more companies, more things being built in America, prison reform, safer neighborhoods.  And the media, Hollywood elites, they are in a complete meltdown, sinking to new lows if that's even possible.  But it's all part of what is now their daily hatred campaign.

I didn't actually think it could get this bad or even worse.  But it has. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Not only was this a crazy conversation for this White House, this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I know they are supposed to discuss criminal justifiable reform, et cetera, et cetera.  But it was like watching a train wreck because it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  There were a bunch of aides who flocked to the West Wing with their cameras, I heard from other West Wing aides who were hugely embarrassed that that had happened, though that was not a good look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  This is white supremacy by ventriloquism.  A black mouth moving but white racist ideals are flowing from Kanye West's mouth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Wow.  OK, I'm doing this for everyone who turned their volume down.  You can put it back up again.  That was bonkers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  If you think you are going to get a thoughtful t play by play and political analysis, you are not, because that was an assault on our White House.


HANNITY:  How is it possible that that rhetoric is acceptable?

And over at fake news CNN, it's hard to imagine that their comments have been each worse.  Don Lemon leading the charge.  He's been out of control all week long.  He made a sick remark about Kanye's late mother.  That's how this has gotten.  Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don't read.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  And black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft.  Now, all of a sudden, Kanye because he has put on MAGA hat and he's an attention whore like the president, he's all of a sudden now the model spokesperson, he's token Negro of the Trump administration?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I think you had there a man clearly not okay and a president who is willing to exploit that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  It seemed to be the piece of Kanye's mental illness that is clearly on display and that of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue converged in such a powerful fashion.  What Kanye west is doing is tragic and problematic and we need to call it out for what it is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What we saw was someone who is not in a healthy place from a mental point of view, from an emotional point of view.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What I saw was a minstrel show today.  Him in front of all of these white people, mostly white people, embarrassing himself. Kanye's mother is rolling over in her grave.


HANNITY:  Now, Don Lemon, the rest of these people working at fake news CNN, you should all really be very ashamed.  It's unbelievable.

Where's Jeff Zucker's stenographer by the way, humpty dumpty Stelter?  The self-appointed moral arbiter of all things media.  Is this acceptable? Does he condone what was said on his own network?  The silence couldn't be more deafening.

Now, none of us should be surprised by any of this.  You have the destroy Trump media, they will stop now at nothing.  Vilify Kanye, anyone who dares to try to work with the president.  Let's see, to create solutions to real problems of the forgotten men and women, the people that suffered under Obama's bad policies, have safer cities, more jobs in America, prison reform.  You talk about -- this is how you are treated?  It is indefensible.

Now, after Don Lemon's outrageous remarks, some are actually demanding CNN take action.  Football legend Herschel Walker is calling for Don Lemon to be fired.

To be very clear on this program, I do not support boycotts and firings.  
I'm a believer that we, you, the American people get to decide what you want to watch or not watch.  I have said it many times, I do not support that.

But, I do think it would be appropriate that Don Lemon owes Kanye at least an apology.  And maybe Don Lemon and his friends in the media, maybe they could spend some time covering the important topics that were discussed in the White House with Kanye and the president yesterday -- how to help inner cities, how to lift people out of poverty.

Look at this headline from "NewsBusters".  The network spent six minutes gawking at Kanye with Trump, 27 seconds on why.

Now, we're going to have more on the media's reaction to Kanye's White House visit in a few minutes.

But, first, this week, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, they have proven once again that the left will continue to go low in an effort to try and win elections.  Now, a new RNC ad is out, and it's calling out this new liberal-- well, really the latest trend of liberal incivility.  Take a look.


ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL:  When they go low, we kick them.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIFORNIA:  And if you see anybody in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they're not welcome.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIFORNIA:  I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country.  Maybe there will be.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE:  You cannot be civil with g a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-NEW JERSEY:  Get up and please -- get up in the face of some Congress people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is this the, quote/unquote, mob?


HANNITY:  Get up in their face, follow them into gas stations, grocery stores, department stores.  I have been telling you for months, this new radical Democratic Party is in a very alarming place, devoid of any moderates, devoid of any ideas that are going to help shape the country for our future with very few exceptions.  They are ginning up fear and hatred all across the country.

Members of the media, they aren't doing much to cool things down either. Look at Nicolle Wallace over at conspiracy TV MSNBC admitting on air she was encouraging physical violence against then candidate Donald Trump during the primary.  Take a look.


NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC:  I told Jeb Bush after that debate that I thought he should have punched him in the face.  Even if you lost, he insulted your wife, when he came down the escalators and called Mexicans rapists and murderers, he said, what do you think I should have done?  I said, I think you should punch him in the face and gotten out of the race.  You would have been a hero.


HANNITY:  Yes, just him in the face.

Is it any real surprise that Republicans are being harassed, targeted all across the country, being run out of restaurants, stalked in airports?

The media also fueling this left wing mob mentality.  They have been trying to blame Republicans.  NBC's Chuck Todd actually saying Donald Trump and the GOP -- they're responsible.  Take a look.


CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS HOST:  What world are we living in?  Where the president and Republican leaders are outraged at the "ugly, nasty, bare knuckles" political environment they largely created and they are outraged when a Democrat uses the kind of rhetoric and rabble-rousing that the president has been using for years.


HANNITY:  In 25 short days, you, we, the American people, you have a real choice.  Will you reward the tactics of the left or will you in 25 days pull off another political upset?  You have the power to shock the world.

Now, yesterday, we showed you new undercover video taken by Project Veritas, in this disturbing video, you see a staffer for Tennessee Senate candidate Phil Bredesen calling voters in Tennessee ignorant and saying that Bredesen was lying when he said he would have voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Now, if you take a look at this undercover video, we will let you decide what you think of what are lies to win power.  Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  He wasn't really, right?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Vote for Kavanaugh?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I don't think so.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I was so confused, because I just can't believe that he would actually vote yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He wouldn't, but he said he would.  I don't know if that makes it worse or better.  No, it makes it better, but still --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  But what's -- like I don't understand what's the game by saying yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Moderate Republicans.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is it because it's like the voters?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Yes.  That's it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  So, he'll lose voters if --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Yes, straight up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Are the people of Tennessee ignorant?



HANNITY:  All right.  Caught red handed, Tennessee Victory 2018, they released a statement yesterday claiming the recording was made by a fake volunteer who, quote, used secret video recording equipment to capture uninformed and speculative comments made last weekend by college students and youth organizers.  That's not completely true.

Now, backlash supporters and volunteers over Bredesen's statement supporting Kavanaugh, well, the Tennessee Democrat spokesman, well, guess what, he is stepping up as well.  Now, he's smearing gun owners.  And according to reports, he said, white male gun owners are, quote, biggest terror organization on the planet.

And in Arizona, we have more of the same -- shocking comments from Democratic hopeful Kyrsten Sinema, they continue to be unearthed.  Now, back in 2010, she actually called Arizona the, quote, meth lab of democracy.  That's what she wants to represent.  In 2011, she called Arizonans "crazy".

Now, a spokesman for Sinema said the video, quote, she was frustrated no one in the state legislator was standing up to out-of-state special interests, working to take away healthcare from children, making tuition more expensive and take job security away from working families.  By the way, that's not all.  She promoted events at Arizona State University featuring a lawyer that represented the Blind Sheikh Andy McCarthy worked on that case, he was convicted in 1995 of being the mastermind of terrorist plots against this country?

And tonight, CNN reporting back in 2003, Sinema was connected to many far left groups.

This is the new Democratic Party I have been telling you about.  Now, is this who the people of Arizona, Tennessee want representing them?

Look, here's what it comes down to, it's not complicated.  If you vote in a red state for a Senate Democrat in 25 days, you're voting for Chuck Schumer because that's who leads the Democratic sheep off the left wing cliff.  If you vote for Democrats in these House races, you are basically voting for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

One thing is certain.  The only way Democrats seemingly can win is to lie and deceive you, we the people, and also demonize opponents like they do every two years and every four years, they want to impeach the president, endless investigation, they want their crumbs back.  They want to raise taxes, eliminate ICE, open borders and they want to keep their signature -- well, plan for healthcare, Obamacare.  And vote everything that Chuck and Nancy want in and that's how they will vote.

Now, as we've done all week, here are 10 more races that we're keeping our eye on that will literally be the tipping point in this election, a balance of power in Washington.

We start in Minnesota.  This is a very important state in these midterms. They're first districts, open race, pits Republican Jim Hagedorn -- where the first district's open race pits Republican Jim Hagedorn against Democrat Dan Feehan.  It is a district that Donald Trump won by 15 points, but as of now, it's a close fight.

In Minnesota's second district, Republican incumbent Jason Lewis is facing off against Democrat Angie Craig.

On the third district of Minnesota, Eric Paulsen is fighting off Democrat Dean Phillips.

In the same state, we got our eye tonight on the eighth district where Republican Pete Stauber, he squares off against Joe Radinovich.

In Montana, at large, House District Republican Greg Gianforte.  He has a modest lead at this moment against Democrat Kathleen Williams.

And in Nebraska's second district, GOP incumbent Don Bacon is being challenged by Democrat Kara Eastman.  It's a district Trump only won narrowly.

In Ohio, first district, conservative Republican Steve Chabot, he's clinging to a slight lead, this now is a toss-up, a very important race.

Also, staying in Ohio, where the president was tonight, 12th district, that features Troy Balderson taking on Danny O'Connor.

In Ohio, in their 14th district, Republican incumbent David Joyce taking on Democrat Betsy Rader.

And lastly in South Carolina, their first district, Republican Kate Arrington is up against Democrat Joe Cunningham.  This is an open seat left by Mark Sanford.

So, the bottom line is, in 25 days, the fate, the future of the country is going to be decided.  Are we going to continue to prosper at record speed or will progress be stalled by endless investigation?  Possible impeachment?  Higher taxes, open borders, Obamacare?

Now, President Trump, he continues to keep his promises.  Just today, we got amazing news.  Remember the American pastor held in a Turkish prison for two years?  He was released due to President Trump's intervention. Also, a tip of the hat to Jay Sekulow and American Center for Law and Justice.

Here is what the president said about this earlier today.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  But we're very honored to have him back with us.  He suffered greatly, but we're very appreciative to a lot of people.  Lot of people.

We spoke to Turkey.  And he went through a system.  And we got him out.  
We've been trying to get them out for a long time.

Well, this has nothing to do with anything.  There was no deal made at all.  There was no deal.  But we're very happy to have him and have him in good shape.  I hear he is in very good shape.


HANNITY:  So, political prisoners being returned to the U.S., renewed respect in the world, economic prosperity right here at home, this is what is at stake 25 days.  And only you can shock the world once again.

Joining us now with reaction, former governor of the great state of New Hampshire, John Sununu, and America Fighting Back chairman, Herman Cain.

Welcome both of you.

Governor, let's start with you.  Is there anything I'm saying that's wrong here?  We have amazing progress and success both on the economic front, getting rid of burdensome regulation, the president keeping his promises. And then you see a lot of vicious angry Democrats that seem to not have any agenda that I see.

JOHN SUNUNU, FORMER GOVERNOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Sean, the mob rule that you are seeing on the Democratic side is really just the tip of the iceberg. It's indicative of a Democratic Party that's been bought and paid for by the George Soros' of the world who really don't care about the American system.  Who don't like the way we live, and our values and our principles.

Those riots or mob actions are coordinated by groups that Soros has funded.  They have full paid staff making sure these things happen.  They pay for people to go there.  They distribute the scripts.  They print the signs. They distribute the shirts.

And it goes beyond that, Soros has got leverage now in the Democratic primaries and that's why you are getting candidates like the Sinema in Arizona that has a horrible history that nobody noticed before.  They are now seeing it.  Soros handpicks those, supports them and puts them out there.  This Democratic Party is becoming a disgrace.

And our Republican voters, our conservative voters have to understand not only do they have to go out and vote as you have been asking them, they have got to take a couple of friends and family members that may not have voted and take them to vote to make sure that this is an elections that goes the right way.

HANNITY:  You know, Herman Cain, one thing the Kavanaugh hearings has accomplished, even people -- maybe they don't like Donald Trump's style. Maybe they were Never Trumpers.  Maybe they wanted or preferred one of the 16 other people that were running for the nomination.

But it seems between the success, cutting taxes, originals on the court, secured borders, peace through strength, it seems like a lot of people are beginning now to come around and they seem -- Democrats are doing the impossible.  They are uniting Republicans for one.

HERMAN CAIN, AMERICA FIGHTING BACK CHAIRMAN:  I think you are absolutely right.  I just returned from Memphis, Tennessee helping Charlotte Bergmann who is running for the United States Congress.  And I got to tell you, talking to people at the hotel, at the airports, a lot of people are, in fact, opening their eyes.

Look, all over those clips that you showed, how the liberal mob media is melting down and they should be ashamed, let me tell you who is ashamed. The people who have watched those networks and watched those people and the ones who have supported Democratic candidates, they are the ones that are ashamed.

And I hear more people, one that are conservative and Republicans who are going to make sure they vote to, I hear from a lot of independents who are going to vote Republican.  And even I hear people who voted Democrat say enough is enough, they are voting a straight Republican ticket in November. I'm optimistic.

HANNITY:  Am I wrong, Governor, when I characterize if you are voting for a Democrat for the House or the Senate, you are voting for Pelosi and Maxine Waters in the House and you're voting for Chuck Schumer in the Senate? They will vote almost 98 percent of the time with the leadership.

SUNUNU:  And you're voting -- and you're voting for universal healthcare that they correctly used to call Medicare for all.  Now, they are avoiding that language.

But it is a healthcare program that will undermine the Medicare program that's out there.  It will hurt the Medicare that seniors have paid for and earned over the years.  And they want to give the same kind of a program, parts of the Medicare program to people for free.  They are trying to promote a socialist agenda.

So, people vote for a Democrat.  They're voting for Schumer.  They're voting for Pelosi back in their leadership positions and they're voting for legislation that will undermine healthcare programs, the tax cuts and all the progress that Donald Trump has achieved.

HANNITY:  Yes.  Herman, you know, I don't have the confidence yet.  I think in the Senate I think Heidi Heitkamp was likely to lose.  Jon Tester is in trouble.  Joe Donnelly is in trouble.  Claire McCaskill is in trouble.

We got now Sinema in trouble.  Martha McSally is a great hero.  Dean Heller hopefully, he's coming back.  Rick Scott is another great candidate in Florida.

It's the House that I worry most about.

HERMAN:  The desperate Democrats have made sure that there is no middle ground between what Republicans will do and what Democrats will do.  You are absolutely right, either in the House or the Senate.

There is no middle ground.  Their desperate tactics have made sure that there is no middle ground, which is why I hear a lot of people saying they are voting a straight Republican ticket to save this country.

HANNITY:  If only they had 999, it would be perfect.  It would be a perfect year.

CAIN:  Well, two out of three is not bad, Sean, OK?

HANNITY:  All right.  Herman Cain, Governor Sununu, thank you both for being with us.

When we come back, more reaction to the deplorable comments made by the media about Kanye West.  We've got Joe Concha, Lawrence Jones and Jay Sekulow reacts after two years in jail in Turkey, through the work of the president and Jay, Pastor Brunson released from a Turkey prison.



TRUMP:  We spoke to Turkey.  And he went through a system and we got him out.  They have been trying to get him out for a long time.


TRUMP:  Well, this has nothing to doer with anything.  There was no deal made at all.  There was no deal.  But, we're very happy to have him and have him in good shape.  I hear he is in very good shape.


HANNITY:  All right.  That was President Trump earlier tonight talking about the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

Joining us now on the phone from the American Center for Law and Justice, also the president's attorney and also at times he's been mine, Jay Sekulow.

You have worked on this case, Jay, from the very beginning.  I know how hard you work.  I know how hard the president has worked on this.  This is great news tonight.

JAY SEKULOW, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE (via telephone):  No, this is a big win.  When you did the introduction I feel like I'm representing everybody tonight.  But what a great day it is for the Brunson family and for Pastor Brunson himself, and the president and administration did just a phenomenal job moving this case forward.

You know, Sean, I have handled a lot of these.  And the fact is they are difficult.  There are times when there's progress and there are times when they are not.  This was even more complicated because it was a NATO ally.

But the end result of it, the positive aspect of this, is that the pastor has been released unconditionally and is en route may have already landed in Germany and will be coming back to the United States as early as tomorrow.

So, this is a great win and again, a huge thank you to the administration, for the administration, and to members of Congress.

HANNITY:  Last point, though, Jay.

SEKULOW:  But the president really led the charge here to get this done and I really appreciate it, so his family.

HANNITY:  And there was no deal.  And the charge for Pastor Brunson was he was preaching the gospel, right?

SEKULOW:  Yes.  I mean, actually, the indictment itself has the word in Turkish, of course, it's called "Christianization."  And that is they view that act of running a small church, sharing the gospel as an act that was an act of terrorism.  That's how they define it.

HANNITY:  Unbelievable.

SEKULOW:  This was a terrorism case, believe it or not.  But, again, the great news is he has been released.  He has been returned.  I appreciate you covering it and, again, appreciate all the work that the president did in getting this accomplished for the family.

HANNITY:  All right.  Jay Sekulow, I know you have been working on this since the beginning.  Congratulations.  The president also, a great job.

Joining us now, we have more on top story from earlier tonight, the media's vitriol towards Kanye West, all of the things that have been said, why he met with the president and he was talking about solutions.  You don't have to take my word for it, take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I felt like I was sitting in on a psychiatric visit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  A travesty inside of a sham inside of a mockery.

Why fan the flames of the foolish?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  It was really quite an embarrassment.  I mean, what a side show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  This was a giant, shiny object in the Oval Office wearing a red hat.


HANNITY:  Pretty unbelievable.  Joining us now with reaction, media reporter for "The Hill", Joe Concha, and editor of chief of Campus Reform, Lawrence Jones, is with us.

Joe, let's start with you.  You know, just when you think it can't get any lower.  I mean, here we go.  I listen closely to what Kanye was saying, maybe could have done without the cursing in the Oval Office.  Fair comment and fair criticism.

But he was talking about prison reform and I think, you know, in the case of Alice Marie Johnson who I had on this program, what a great case for prison reform.  Doesn't mean that you let people out without paying a price.  And he is talking about jobs and he's talking investment, and he's talking about manufacturing and factories in America, and safer cities.

So, tell me why that's a problem for some people.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER, THE HILL:  Those are people important to people outside the media bubble, right, Sean?  And remember, Kanye was considered poignant and brave truth-teller in 2005 when he said George W. Bush doesn't care about black people.  So, it's funny how that's turned.

And, look, I don't know how we got to a place now where we have rhetoric on a national news -- nationally televised news organization where you could say the words "token negro" about an African-American entertainer and anchor of that program laughs along.

And, look, former CNN people are now speaking out about segments like that. Steve Krakauer was a senior digital producer at CNN.  Here's what he said and I'm quoting: This is absolutely shameful segment on Don Lemon's show last night about Kanye West.

And if a similar segment occurred on Fox News about a liberal black person CNN would be covering it as major news and rightfully so. That's exactly right. The pitch fork stork would run out of pitch forks. The studio -- you would be surrounded with media whore and protesters saying how could you ever say that about an African-American.

I'll give you one more quote and will get to Lawrence. Glenn Greenwald and he's very honest in his convictions he's from The Intercept. Here's what he had to say. Quoting, "I can't remember an episode that has produced more crude, contemptuous, reckless stigmatizing and harmful discourse about mental health issues than the partisan anger primarily emanating from cable news and social media over the last 48 hours due to Kanye West's White House visit. I have nothing to add." that is said perfectly.

HANNITY:  Lawrence Jones, if somebody is African-American and they are conservative. Deneen Borelli, Niger Innis, Larry Elder. I can run through so many personal friends of mine. They are excoriated. They are dismissed, they are called every name in the book. It's horrible. Candace Owens more recently.

LAWRENCE JONES, EDITOR IN CHIEF, CAMPUS REFORM:  Let me tell you this, Sean. What happened in the White House yesterday was needed. People have been calling for national conversation about issues facing our community. Was is it in the way I would have did it? Absolutely not.

But Kanye speak for a lot of people in the tone that a lot of people in my community have some of their experiences that they have experienced lately.

And so what we've seen is a lot of people in the mainstream media that sit on their high pedestals, and attack him as being mentally unfit. They attack him as being a sell out to the community when Kanye quite frankly, has been talking about this for years.

If you ever listen to his hip hop he's been talking about these issues. But he's not just getting this from the media though, Sean. He's getting this from conservative intellectuals who say he's not conservative enough. He is not saying things the right way.

I'm sorry, Kanye never said he was a conservative. He is a free-thinker. He is speaking of issues facing our community.


HANNITY:  Hey, Lawrence--

JONES:  He doesn't have to check every single check box of the conservative platform to speak for our community, Sean. And if--


HANNITY:  His wife--

JONES:  Yes?

HANNITY:  You know, in the case of Ms. Johnson that was released. If, you know, they are helping to make the country better.

JONES:  that's right.

HANNITY:  He is talking about safety and security in our cities. He is talking about bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America. He's talking about prison reform. I'm like those are all great ideas. This is good for everybody.

JONES:  Yes. But, Sean. This is not about Kanye. This is -- this goes back to Donald Trump. Because he is connected to the president of the United States, they want to bash him. We are seeing the mob happening. And I will say this.

HANNITY:  The president can get it done, can't he?

JONES:  He can get it -- he can get it done but there is a mob that's after him. And we've been reporting it at the leadership institute Campus Reform for while. It started on the college campuses. They tried to take out Kavanaugh. Now they're going to try to take out Kanye. I don't think they are going to be successful. Kanye has been doing this for a long time.

HANNITY:  Last word, Joe.

CONCHA:  Look, it's just another black eye for our media and unfortunately it's only going to get worse when the 2020 election starts in a couple of months, Sean.

HANNITY:  Sad. All right. Thank you both. When we come back the ladies of The View they viciously again, they've done it before attacking the first lady Melania Trump 25 days out from an election. You won't believe what they said today. That's next.


HANNITY:  First lady Melania Trump has long been the target of ruthless attacks from the left. And there are no signs of them slowing down. Now the women on The View well, they didn't hold back this week. Take a look.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, ABC:  Can we talk about this gigantic white pit helmet--


GOLDBERG:  -- sitting in the shot and it's really--


GOLDBERG:  -- not a good thing to see. Because it represent as lot of stuff for folks.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  This is also the same woman that in the midst of what happens in Puerto Rico wore a jacket that said I really don't care, do you? So when she threw down that gauntlet, I have decided not to care about anything she says from now on. What she wears, what she does. What she says.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is it -- is it possible that she is not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? Is that possible?


HANNITY:  I want to bet they would never treat Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama that way. It's pretty despicable.

Now the press secretary for the first lady responded to those attacks today in this tweet saying, quote, "Day two of attacks from The View Yvette Nicole Brown, check your facts before you accuse someone of being a mistress. She is the first lady of the Unite States, she deserves your respect and certainly not your lies. Disgusting, hash tag disrespectful, hash tag, accusation, hash tag, liberal media."

Here with reaction American Conservative Union chairman, Matt Schlapp,RNC spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany. You know, if you reverse things, though, Kayleigh, it's very obvious the double standard.

Because what you'd have is if this is was about Michelle Obama, if this was about Hillary Clinton, you know, not only is it's the first lady. It's Ivanka Trump. It's Ted Cruz's wife. It's Sarah Sanders, it's Pam Bondi. It's Secretary Nielsen, reverse any of these instances and what would the liberal reaction be?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, SPOKESPERSON, RNC:  It would be out of this world, Sean. There are two standards here. One for conservative women. Another for liberal women. These women on The View, these liberal leftists, they pose as feminists, Sean but they are not feminists. They are faux feminists. They are fake feminist.

They have put on a platform, Hillary Clinton who has a history, a documented history of bullying the accusers of Bill Clinton. They put her on a pedestal while claiming the beacon of feminism. It is wrong, it is abhorrent and those are shameful comments that you just made.

HANNITY:  Let's talk, Matt, about that double standard. And I know your wife Mercedes has come under fire a number of times unfairly probably one of the nicest people like Melania you'd ever meet in your life.

MATT SCHLAPP, CHAIRMAN, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION:  Yes. This is true. You just give people a little view of Melania. She doesn't get out there and do a ton of public things because she is raising her son. She is a wonderful mother, she is a wonderful life. And she--


HANNITY:  They've attacked him too.

SCHLAPP:  Of course.

HANNITY:  They've attacked a 190-year-old.

SCHLAPP:  Of course.

HANNITY:  Now a 12.

SCHLAPP:  They'll attack everyone but let's really look at this trip. First of all, she goes overseas and, you know, it's inappropriate probably to comment on someone's looks. But let's face it, she is a stunner. She looks great. She a fashion icon overseas.

Here they won't put her on the covers of any of magazines. Overseas they all know that she is epic. When she went over there she also was asked about the Kavanaugh controversy. And I have a theory. They didn't like her answer because her answer was you are innocent until you are proven guilty and there are ought to be a better more fairer system.

And they are sure taking it out on her. Do you know what it is? It's like a gathering of the mean girls and I think most women see this for what it is.

HANNITY:  What is the answer considering that the media would absolutely be apoplectic if it was conservatives or conservative activists doing what they do to Melania to any other woman. But, again, attacking the confronting in restaurants, et cetera, Kayleigh?

MCENANY:  Yes. That's right. You know, there are two standards as I said. I was over at CNN and had to talk about Hillary Clinton. I was told by several of my co-panelists remember to treat her with respect. Let her take her rightful place in history as the first, you know, soon to be first female president.

Well, that's the standard Hillary Clinton gets. Melania Trump, on the other hand, the press makes up conspiracy theories about her when she is undergoing a health procedure. They make up her--


HANNITY:  that was horrible.

SCHLAPP:  that was horrible.

MCENANY:  Horrible. Make up things about her son, make up all sorts of things about her immigration status, her marriage. They attack her ruthlessly but she rises every time they attack.

HANNITY:  Everything. Like with the Kavanaugh case I see an overreaching on their part, meaning the left's part, Matt Schlapp, and 25 days out of an election, I think this might be, it could be what makes the big difference.

SCHLAPP:  I don't think -- I don't think the Democrats understand something about the American people. They are decent. They believe people should be treated with dignity and fairness. When you step over the line, yes, of course they are going to take it out on you.

But Melania Trump she represents us oversees. She is our first lady, you know. I would say hands off her son. I'd say be decent to her. And I do think the Democrats are over reaching.

Let me tell you something. The House is going to come down to about 25 seats decided by two points or less. It's all in the razor's edge. And the mob mentality and this meanness I think it does nothing but help the Republican cause.

HANNITY:  Yes. All right. Well, thank you both. Having met Melania on a number of occasions.


HANNITY:  Wonderful, loving, amazing person. English her fifth language. An amazing mom. One of the nicest people you'll meet. All right. Thank you both.

When we come back now Fusion GPS co-founder following Rod Rosenstein's lead, well, he is now allegedly refusing to appear before the House judiciary committee next week. He wants to invoke the fifth. We'll check in with Catherine Herridge with the full report.

Congressman Jim Jordan, Sara Carter, and Gregg Jarrett as we continue this busy Friday news night straight ahead.


HANNITY:  Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson is defying Congress reportedly refusing to appear before lawmakers next week.

Joining us now with all the details in Washington, our own Catherine Herridge. Catherine, first Rod Rosenstein and now we got Glenn Simpson.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT:  that's right, Sean. Glenn Simpson will plead the fifth next week rather than testify to Congress. His firm Fusion GPS was paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign for its work on the so-called Trump dossier.

In this letter of Simpson lawyer questioned the House judiciary committee's motives saying, "The goal of this committee is to discredit and otherwise damage witnesses."

Last year Simpson told another House panel that he first met with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr after the 2016 election. That contradicts Ohr's own e-mails that show contacts months earlier. Ohr as you know became a back channel to the FBI for the dossier after British soy Christopher Steele was fired.

A review by Fox News of congressional testimony court records and other related documents indicates at least five sources brought the dossier to the FBI's attention before and after Election Day. Earlier this year, former FBI director James Comey seemed vague about the dossier and what he knew about its political origins.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS CHIEF ANCHOR:  The Steele dossier comes out sometime early July. When did you personally learn about the memos and the dossier?

JAMES COMEY, FORMER UNITED STATES FBI DIRECTOR:  Sometime in the fall. I don't remember exactly when.

BAIER:  You are talking fall of.

COMEY:  I'm taking fall '16.

BAIER:  Right.

COMEY:  I remember being given a copy of it. I don't know whether it was September, October, sometime in that period of time.


HERRIDGE:  The Washington Times is reporting that Glenn Simpson will defy Congress and not show up next week on Capitol Hill to take the fifth. Sean, we're working to independently confirm that reporting.

HANNITY:  All right Catherine Herridge in Washington, thank you. Here with reaction, author of the number one New York Times bestseller "The Russia Hoax:  The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump," Fox News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, also Fox News contributor, Sara Carter, and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. Thank you all.

Congressman, let's start with you. Because we now have a situation where Glenn Simpson won't testify. Rod Rosenstein won't testify.


HANNITY:  Congress doing their job of oversight has been obstructed the entire way. And you wait years and you still don't get documents and they never told the court and FISA about the political origins, meaning Clinton bought and paid for all of this.

JORDAN:  Yes, you are exactly right there. There is a pattern here. We should compel Glenn Simpson. We should make him come out and come to Congress and assert his privilege. He shouldn't just to be able to phone it in. He should have to come there.

But understand what they're trying to do there. They're just trying to run out the clock. They actually want the Democrats to win. And if the Democrats win, they are never going to be called in front of Congress and we'll never get the answers for the American people. That's their goal.

And Simpson is just part of the bigger pattern. Louis Lerner at the IRS targets conservatives, she takes the fifth. Brian Pagliano sets up Clinton's e-mail system and e-mail server, he takes the fifth in front of Congress, and now Glenn Simpson, the guy hired by the Clinton campaign who went out and hired Christopher Steele to put together the fake news dossier, he has taken the fifth. And frankly, I'm tired of it and I know the American people are.

HANNITY:  Sara, you got now the political origins that was literally never told to the FISA court. Four warrants. The bulk of information is the phony dossier. He, again, helped put this thing together with Christopher Steele. And beyond the fraud, now you have this institutionalized obstruction and the people involved they won't even talk about it.



HANNITY:  And they won't even go to Congress, they won't hand them documents on it.

CARTER:  Well, which is the reason why Congress should subpoena Rod Rosenstein. That should be on their agenda. And this is the reason why Glenn Simpson should be found in contempt. If he doesn't come and discuss this before Congress.

We know a couple of things, Sean, based on the reporting today base on sources that I've spoken to. It appears that Glenn Simpson lied. And if he did, he needs to explain himself. And this is something Congress should hold him accountable for.

Glenn Simpson, remember, he was the one that was apparently spreading all of the stories about the alpha server. The Russian bank that was communicating with Trump tower. And then we eventually figured out based on evidence that that was not not true. The FBI threw that out the minute they started looking at it.

But it didn't stop Glenn Simpson from spreading malicious lies through the media. Which he was doing even with the dossier. I mean, over and over again we've said this, Sean. It looks like the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC were the only ones colluding. Colluding with Fusion GPS, colluding with British foreign intention asset. A former Christopher Steele who was then colluding with the Russians.

There is no evidence that President Trump had any kind of collusion or communication with the Russians during the election. So, the entire special counsel was really based on false premises.

HANNITY:  It was based on it. But now it all begins to fits together, Gregg Jarrett. And that is that now we know the leak strategy was about because Lisa Page had said there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.


HANNITY:  Peter Strzok even said there's no there-there. So nine months in they had absolutely nothing.

JARRETT:  Right.

HANNITY:  So then the leak of the dossier begins to create the impression that something had happened. But that's Hillary bought and paid for Russian lies.


HANNITY:  You now, irony of all ironies then we got guys apparently talking about wearing a wire against the president of the United States.


HANNITY:  And maybe trying to invoke the 25th Amendment.

JARRETT:  You know, president Trump said recently I don't have an attorney general and he is right about that. On the very first day in office, Jeff Sessions began his recusal from the case.

If the president had a real and confident attorney general, he would have called Comey into his office and said show me your evidence. And that attorney general would discover there was no evidence. He would have said show me the evidence in the FISA warrant applications to spy on the Trump campaign and would have discovered that it was all conjured by Hillary Clinton based on fabricated evidence.

And that good and competent attorney general would have marched over to the White House and told the president you must fire James Comey for violating a myriad of regulations and launch a serious investigation in front of the grand jury into the Russia hoax.

HANNITY:  Well, it sounds like we are getting there, though. Because now you very, you know, with James Baker is testifying and Lisa Page apparently telling some truth and Andrew McCabe in trouble, they all seem to be turning on each other.

Here is the question. Will we ever get the declassified unredacted 302 gang of eight information, the FISA warrants, and do you all believe that this is now coming to a head and backfiring and people will pay the price? Jim Jordan?

JORDAN:  Yes. I think we should get all of that information. We have asked for it multiple times. If you remember a few weeks ago the president initially said he was going to it, now he is running it through the inspector general. So hopefully soon we get it.


CARTER:  Absolutely. I think the 302s will come before anything else. But I certainly believe that the gang of eight documents and FISA will also come maybe even after the election that might be a little bit of a weight.

HANNITY:  Gregg?

JARRETT:  Well, the rats are trapped in a cage and they are gnawing at each other and they are going to turn each other in and sing like canaries.

HANNITY:  OK. Great -- very descriptive word smith. Very good job. All right. Thank you all. And when we come back, Rush is asking why are Democrats so angry if they think they are going to win in 25 days. That's actually a really good question. That's straight ahead.


HANNITY:  All right. So yesterday Rush Limbaugh had a great question for Democrats. This is brilliant. Take a look.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, TALK SHOW HOST:  Why are they so mad, folks? Why all the desperation? They are going to win the House. They are going to win the Senate. Mueller is going to prove that Trump colluded with Russia.

Between inciting violence and launching racist attacks, we are witnessing an attempt to bully the American population into surrender. That is what's happening here. Democrats are strangely angry at a time when they think everything is going their way.


HANNITY:  What a great point. They think they are going to win. Why are they so angry? Why the mobs?

All right. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. As always, thank you for being with us. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham takes it over from here. We are always fair and balanced. We hope you have a great weekend.

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