It's War Between FNC and the 'New York Times'

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thank you for watching us tonight.

It's war between FOX News and "The New York Times."  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."  For months, I've been telling you that "The Times" has become a brochure for the far left in America. The paper consistently uses its news pages to promote its liberal editorial position and uses its columnists to smear high-profile people with whom the paper disagrees.

• Item: Book reviewer Janet Maslin (search) gave glowing tribute to "Stuart Smalley's (search)" defamation. When I mailed Maslin proof the man was lying, proof, she ignored the evidence completely.

• Item: [Columnist] Frank Rich (search) accused me of taking bribes from Mel Gibson (search) over "The Passion" controversy.  Rich couldn't produce any evidence of that.  And on the same subject, "The Times" had to issue a printed retraction when one of their reporters wrote that Gibson "deployed" me.

• Item: "The Times" has run 46 front-page stories about the Abu Ghraib (search ) scandal, far more than any major American paper and is using the issue to directly hammer the Bush administration.

Now "The New York Times" is attacking FOX News by legitimizing rank propaganda.  Today film reviewer A.O. Scott (search), who loved the Moore movie, gleefully attacked FNC using the distorted work of an ultra-liberal filmmaker.  By the way, that guy's so-called movie was called anything but fair and balanced by "The Chicago Trib."

But Scott doesn't care about fairness.  He simply wants to demonize FOX News.

For example, he puts forth that a man named Jeremy Glick was the victim of a "belligerent, boorish interview by me," your humble  correspondent. Glick, whose father was killed at the World Trade Center, is described by Scott as someone "who came to oppose the administration's military response to 9/11." Scott makes the man seem very sympathetic.

But who is this guy, really?  Well, on this program, Glick said  President Bush and his father were responsible for his father's death.  He said George W. Bush pulled off a coup to get elected.  He implied the USA itself was a terrorist nation. And he called his father's death at the hands of Al Qaeda (search) "alleged assassination."

He said America itself was responsible for the 9/11 attack because it is an imperialistic, aggressive nation.  Glick was dismissed from The Factor because he was completely off the wall.  Security actually had to take the guy out of the building, he was that out of control.

Yet this is the man that "The New York Times" and other far-left elements are holding up as an abused innocent.  Of course A.O. Scott is hiding under his desk. We called him tonight. Come on the program. Oh, no. Can't do that. He's a coward as well as a propagandist.

So enough's enough.  And I am issuing this challenge directly to "The New York Times."  I will debate any "Times" editor or columnist on the Charlie Rose (search ) PBS program. I talked with Mr. Rose this morning.  He's happy to moderate such an event.  So I'm calling these sleazy guys out. We'll let you know what happens. Do you think they'll show up?  Yes, sure...

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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