It's Not Up to Government to Save Motor City

This probably isn't the thing to be saying here in the Motor City, but it's not up to the government to save the Motor City.

It's not up to Uncle Sam to make better cars. Or more appealing cars. Or more price competitive cars.

That isn't the president's job. Or Congress' job.

That's management's job.

I have no doubt auto workers are up to the task. I have very serious doubts government bureaucrats are.

Because I've seen it before.

Bureaucrats can't. Companies can.

And I'm reminded all around me here.

Cars that excited. Cars that wowed. Cars that made history.

It shouldn't take a museum to remind us just about what was. But what could be... again.

There was another time in our history when foreign competitors seemed to be eating our auto lunch.

They had the affordable fuel-efficient vehicles. We did not.

Until we did. And we came back.

Look, it is human to be caught flat-footed.

It is inhuman to the good and decent workers here not to respond.

Good management is the answer. Not good government.

Because there's a big difference between government "encouraging" business and government "running" business.

You don't want Uncle Sam setting labor contracts. You want labor and management doing that.

Recognizing times have changed. But not the ingenuity that made us great.

It's the stuff of this museum.

I just refuse to believe it's the stuff of "only" this museum.

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