Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Highs and Lows

Canada has earned two gold medals in the winter games so far, but it has also earned some harsh reviews as Olympic host.

The biggest cloud hanging over the games has been Friday' s fatal accident involving the luger from the Republic of Georgia and the controversy over the safety of the luge track. Then there was the pillar that failed to rise during the opening ceremony. The Seattle Times points out that equipment such as the green-powered ice cleaner has broken down repeatedly, causing event delays. Unseasonably warm weather has forced organizers to truck in snow. Practices and events have been rescheduled because of fog or rain.

On Cypress Mountain, buses have broken down or gotten lost on the way up, forcing fans to wait for hours outside. Twenty thousand tickets have been canceled for events on the mountain because of the closure of a viewing area. And even the display of the Olympic flame has ruffled feathers because of a chain link fence surrounding it. One spectator complained: "Mister prime minister, tear this fence down."

Today, a ramp was opened to allow unobstructed viewing.

Pulling the Goalie

Two goaltenders on the U.S. hockey team were told to cover or remove slogans on their helmets because they violate international Olympic committee rules.

Jonathan Quick's mask featured a "Support the Troops" message. Ryan Miller had "Miller Time" on his. Olympic rules ban political propaganda or advertisements on equipment.

King of His Castle

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King is being accused of raccoon abuse by the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

King recently posted on Twitter that during a blizzard he shot an uninvited guest: "Crazy raccoon chewing and clawing his way into my house. Desert Eagle one. Crazy raccoon zero." Desert Eagle is King's handgun.

PETA spokeswoman Jaime Zalac told King to: "Pick on someone your own size — not a small animal seeking warmth in a blizzard."

The Cat's Meow

PETA probably isn't very happy with Italian celebrity chef Beppe Bigazzi either. The cooking show host shocked his Italian viewers by saying -on air- that stewed cat is a Tuscan delicacy he has enjoyed numerous times. Bigazzi says cat tastes much better than chicken, rabbit or pigeon.

But, apparently Italian state TV had different tastes, indefinitely suspending the cat-loving cook.

Fox News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.