It's Health Care, Stupid?

During the long debate over health care reform, Democrats haunted by memories of the health care debacle of 1994 were repeatedly told that the mistake they had made back then was failing to pass the bill.

Hillarycare, as it was called, might have been unpopular, but they would have gotten credit for passing it and the bill, despite its complexity and government interventions, would have ended up being popular, just like Medicare.

Enough Democrats bought the argument that they rammed Obamacare through over unanimous Republican resistance and intense public opposition. But that opposition continues and it won't be diminished by a new government report that the cost of health care, which Obamacare was supposed to bring down, is going up.

Health insurance premiums are going up too. The hapless Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is now threatening insurance companies who raise premiums and talk about rising costs with exclusion from the government insurance exchanges Obamacare establishes.

Commentators on the left insist that the Democrats' trouble with the voters this fall is a result of the economy, plain and simple. Certainly the economy is a big deal -- it always is. But not a single embattled Democrat who voted for Obamacare is running on that vote, but those who voted no are running on that.

With a majority of the public in favor of repealing the bill, who can blame them?