Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Truth Is Out, But Truthout Is Silent

As of late this afternoon, the left-wing Web site Truthout.org — which triggered a minor furor when it reported last month that White House adviser Karl Rove had been indicted in the CIA leak case — had yet to disavow its assertion despite the news that there had not been an indictment against Rove and that the special prosecutor had no intention of seeking one.

What's more, reporter Jason Leopold — who first reported the Rove indictment — was standing by the story as recently as yesterday speculating that the indictment had not yet been announced because it was still under seal in District Court. The original story claiming that Rove had already been indicted remained on the site.

No More 'Culture of Corruption'?

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says the time to criticize the Republican "culture of corruption" is at an end, insisting that the party needs to start promoting its own vision. Pelosi tells The Hill, "What we have to do is define ourselves so that Republicans do not define us," stressing integrity, civility, and accountability as areas where Democrats could differentiate themselves from their Republican counterparts.

Meanwhile, Pelosi called the squabbling over leadership positions in a Democrat-controlled House premature, saying, "That is as unimportant an issue to me right now as it could be." Pelosi announced today that Pennsylvania's John Murtha will "suspend his campaign for Majority Leader" until the results of November's elections are in.

Democrat vs. Democrat

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman, Chuck Schumer broke with tradition to endorse Virginia's James Webb over his opponent Harris Miller in yesterday's Democratic primary, saying Webb is the more electable nominee.

But the decision is already affecting the committee's pocketbook, after two prominent Miller supporters canceled a post primary fundraiser at their home over the decision. While the event was rescheduled at a different location, The Washington Post reports that many Miller backers plan to avoid it.

One Democratic fundraiser tells the paper that the Democrats are "going to look ridiculous" if Miller wins, adding, "They will have irritated an awful lot of people."

Nifong Not Impartial?

The Duke professor who headed up the university's investigation into allegations that members of the men's lacrosse team raped an exotic dancer says a special prosecutor should be named to handle the case because District Attorney Mike Nifong is not impartial.

Professor James Coleman says statements by defense lawyers have caused him to question Nifong's involvement, saying, "I don't think he's showing detached judgment."

Nifong was accused of political motives in pushing the case and Coleman says "it's important to have somebody that people respect, someone who has no dog in the fight."

—FOX News Channel's Aaron Bruns contributed to this report.