Isn't That Rich

I have a question for those opposed to tax cuts: Why are they bad, but spending increases are okay?

You say tax cuts are like spending money we don't have. But you have no problem increasing spending on programs we don't want.

You say tax cuts only make deficits worse, as if more spending makes them better.

You have a big problem giving money back to people. But you have no problem siphoning money into more programs.

So let me get this straight: Deficits are tolerable when you're spending money, but not when you're giving up money.

Isn't that rich?

You don't say boo about trillions of dollars going into programs that have questionable value. But balk about the few hundred billion back in taxpayers' pockets that have proven value.

I don't know what's more offensive: The fact that you say that, or the fact that we stupidly accept that.

Well hear this: I'm onto your lying, thieving, boondoggle-building, trough-digging, program-pushing gluttony. And I'm not going away – ever -- even after I'm dead. I'm going to be like some freaky Italian ghost breaking dishes in the congressional dining room.

You'll never be rid of me. I just wanted you to know that. I'm onto you. And I will always be hell for you.

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