Is President Trump mulling a DACA deal with Democrats?

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone, I am Dana Perino along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It is 9:00 in New York City and this is "The Five."

Fox News alert: North Korea just fired a ballistic missile that flew over Japan before crashing into the Pacific Ocean. The launch is yet another escalation to the crisis and comes just days after the United Nations passed a new set of strict sanctions against North Korea.

For details, let's bring in the Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry effectually known as the sixth.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: Good to see you, Dana.

Even though Greg doesn't like me, I like all of you. The bottom-line is, it is a serious, tense situation here at the White House tonight. We've just gotten a statement from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, they are taking the lead on this. The U.S. military declaring tonight that there was no threat to North America or to Guam and it's important to note but also they're saying they are monitoring this closely. Because as you reported, this missile flew over Japan, our key ally in the region.

President Trump also was in fact briefed on the situation by his chief-of- staff, General John Kelly also monitoring this tonight is the Defense Secretary James Mattis. Remember, he recently warned North Korea it would be annihilated if the U.S. military used its war plant. We're hearing that as his missile was launched, Mattis and the head of U.S. nuclear forces, they were talking to reporters and the interview ended abruptly with the general asking staff, did something happen?

Well, what happened is the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un launched an intermediate range ballistic missile. He launched it eastward from North Korea, it flew over the territory of Northern Japan before landing in the Pacific Ocean. This missile's flight is key, it was about 2300 miles. Significant because that means Guam is now at in North Korea's range with a missile like this. It's also an in-your-face move because as you noted it's coming just days after the U.S. rallied the UN Security Council to pass tough new sanctions against North Korea led by Ambassador Nikki Haley there.

The President warned recent days that even tougher sanctions may be coming. And next Tuesday, the President, himself, will be at the UN delivering his first ever speech to the general assembly in New York where North Korea of course will be front and center. And tonight, the U.S. Pacific Command is declaring that our defense of Japan and South Korea is, quote, "Ironclad." And that the U.S. is ready to, quote, "defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation." So, that is from the U.S. military tonight which is watching all of this very closely -- Dana.

PERINO: All right. Ed, thank you so much for that report. Now for our top story tonight, President Trump causing all sorts of controversy by saying, he is working on a deal with Democrats that enhances border security and allows Dreamers, illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to stay in the country. Conservatives are upset that the deal does not include funding for President Trump's border wall but Mr. Trump says, the wall still will eventually be built.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Very important is the wall to me and we have to know that the wall will not be obstructed because without the wall, I would not do anything. We are looking for extreme border security and surveillance and everything else. We also have to get the wall. It does not have to be here they can't obstruct the wall whether it's in a budge or something else. Without looking at citizenship, we are looking at allowing people to stay here, we're working with everybody. Republicans. We are working with Democrats. I just spoke with Paul Ryan. He's on board. Everybody is on board.


PERINO: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat does not have any sympathy for those upset about the wall funding.


SENATE MINORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: In fact, I listened to Fox News this morning, I'm starting to do that to see what's going on over there. And they keep saying the President promised a wall in the campaign. Yes, he also promised that Mexico would pay for it. Where is Mexico? They've said 12 times they are not paying for it. That is not the promise he made.


PERINO: All right. So, all day, we have been hearing about this, talking about it and if you listen closely, Kimberly.


PERINO: One of the things President Trump said is, with this discussion you have the Democrats that they could not obstruct something that might be somewhere else, not in the DACA bill but like in the budget and in fact, the House at least has passed border funding and is in the budget proposal as we speak. So maybe what President Trump is saying is that, you can get the DACA deal done and also get the wall funded at the same time, perhaps.

GUILFOYLE: It was a little bit of a heavy signal.


PERINO: I thought so.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Right. We go. I got it. So, I think that is what he is trying to do and look, he is trying to be a clever negotiator and a businessman and say, okay, I'm going to sit down with them because I need a little something, you know, from the left and from the Democrats and this is something that is important to them. This is going to add value and then they're going to owe me. He needs to be able to reach across party lines like we have talk about to get this support because he has very like thin support to get something over the hurdle, legislatively, as we have seen by the repeated attempts, as it relates to healthcare and other things.

So immigration, you mentioned earlier on Special Report, maybe the one thing that he is really able to, you know, jump across and get to the other side but on the flipside, a lot of these hard-core supporters despite some more broad base Republicans are not happy with. And they think that this is a sidestep away in abandoning the principles that he campaigned on and they tied the wall in. But he doesn't want them to lose faith because he's saying, listen to me, I am going to take care of the wall, I still intend to do it. Don't get distracted by the machinations of, you know, Schumer and Pelosi. We're going to do part of a deal with them. And I have a clever way to get it in elsewhere.

PERINO: I think that is a possibility. What do you think, Greg?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, I was looking at Twitter and I was watching people burning their hats and I've just, you have to relax. For the base, this is you first tiff, it's a young relationship and sometimes newlyweds get in a big fight but it is too soon and nothing is really bad has happened yet. And I know there is a mention that there was funding but not for the wall. You don't know that. That funding could go to the wall. It could.

PERINO: The border funding is in the House budget.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. Yes.

PERINO: It already has.

GUTFELD: And think about what DACA is, there was no way he was going to send them back. So, instead of writing it off, he turned it into something of value, that he used as a trade. So, basically traded away something that he really didn't have to trade. So, that was kind of a nice little trick that you do.

It's kind of like when a kid, for his birthday takes his dad to the store and he wants these $200 pair of shoes but he knows his dad wants to pay that so he points at the $1200 bike and his dad goes, no, you're not getting that. And he goes, how about this shoes and the dad goes, yes, it's a little, something a smart kid does.

There is a couple of other things. Number one, he still has to make a deal. If he catch chain migration and he gets e-verified, he gets money, build a wall or part of a wall or something of a wall, it's a pretty good deal. But the bigger thing is and what he did, the big picture, the idea of building the wall created a shift in the conversation. I am not saying, he created the conversation, immigration. We were talking about on "The Five" for five years, that's what he got a lot of it.

But he forced the media to confront an entire population who are unhappy about the border. That is what he did. We didn't do that. He did that. It also helped him win, the build the wall as a meaning which is enhanced border protection, was one of the three legs of that table, which was law, you know, of the table of law and order, it was immigration, police and national security. That is what got him in. So, in the big picture, it got him a win and created a shift in the conversation. If he can do this deal, he's a winner.

PERINO: I agree that it's a combination Jesse of these things of border security law enforcements but I do think when he said I am going to build a wall, he described it and how it was going to look. And all the chants and all the rallies was, build the wall and he is going to pay for it. Mexicans are going to pay for it. And that was the big rallying cry. So, I can see why some people would be upset even though they probably still are going to support him.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Yes. If the wall isn't get build, Watters' World is not going to be happy. I think a lot of the base is going to be very displeased. That was the centerpiece of his campaign.

PERINO: It wasn't just the metaphor.

WATTERS: And you know what, the wall is a metaphor too. Because if you cannot get that done and you ran on that. And you are a builder and that is your major policy initiatives, then what have you got to run on for re- election if there is no wall. So, that has to be done. The DACA deal, the base -- over about that. I understand that. It is not amnesty though. He is not delivering a pathway to citizenship. If there is amnesty for the Dreamers, people are going to have a hard time stomaching that. I support DACA, but if they cut in line and they're delivered amnesty, I am going to have a hard time dealing with that. I think a lot of people are too.

I think what Nancy and crying Chuck did was they came out and they spun the dinner and put the President on the defensive while he was in Florida today.

PERINO: You always want to be the first to define your meeting.

WATTERS: That is right. And rule number one, the swamp get out of the meeting and go to the microphones first. And that's what they said, we had a deal on DACA and the border wall funding is off the table. The President has to come out and say, there is no deal and we will going to fund the wall later. I understand what he is doing with the wall. Funding it but not linking it to DACA because no Democrat is going to vote to fund the wall. I just don't see it. It's an invitation --

PERINO: It might in the budget by the way.

WATTERS: -- to be primaried. Only there and that is going to be hard. Because if you are a Democrat and you vote to fund the border wall, your opponent primaries you and says, you know, Congressman so and so. Democrat voted to fund the racist border wall, that Trump wants. You are done in that primary. So, I don't think there is a chance, it has to come in a big, like ominous bill, and a cliff hanging debt ceiling situation.

PERINO: On Christmas Eve.

WATTERS: On Christmas Eve, is the only way it is happening.

PERINO: Juan, what do you think from the Democrat's perspective?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I think the Democrats first of all think they got a good deal here. I mean, they're working with the President, he wants to work with them, I don't know if you saw this, but Chuck Schumer is on the floor talking and it gets picked up on a hot mic and he says, basically he likes us. You know, she likes me. Anyway, he likes us and that you have to take a step left and a step right, otherwise you get boxed in, says Schumer.

I think that right now, the reality is, I don't give much credence to the idea of the wall has funded anybody's budget and I don't think that is really going to happen, at the moment. It may down the road. I could be wrong. But I think what I give credence too, is the idea that Steve King says, this is going to blow up his President Trump's base or Ann Coulter says, well, who does not want Trump impeached at this point because she is now knows that the left wants him out. He is not living up to the promise that Jesse articulated.

What interests me is, the actual legislation on the floor. Democrats proposing a vote on the Dream Act. So, that is what they're putting in- front of Trump. Republicans on the other hand has something called recognizing America's children. Now, what is the big difference? The big difference is that the Dream Act will give you a conditional residency, which is a pathway to citizenship.

What about Republican plan? You have to apply for that residency but is still a pathway to citizenship. So, you can imagine Steve Bannon at Breitbart just saying this is, you know, a free pass.

WATTERS: This is amnesty.

WILLIAMS: This is amnesty.

WATTERS: And the President said on tape today, no amnesty, we haven't talk about amnesty.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Well --

WATTERS: So, hearing that is troubling.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Well, I think it is troubling but I will say this, I was surprised to read the Mark Meadows who is head of the Freedom Caucus said, we do not have to vote on a wall for a wall sake, it was like he was not heavily invested. I know that Senator McConnell, the lieutenant majority leader not heavily invested. Paul Ryan not heavily invested. They do not even want to vote on the thing.


GUTFELD: All right. What would you have said on the campaign instead of building a wall? What would have been more, I mean, as a promise, you know what I mean?

WATTERS: Strong borders.

GUTFELD: Well, do you think, but everybody says, strong borders. The reason why he won is that he did not say strong borders or enhanced border security. He said build a wall. That could mean all of those things. That could mean all of those things. But he said it that way because it resonated.

PERINO: Do you think that is what he really meant?


PERINO: He talked about actual, physical construction of a wall. And they actually have, they have called it in contractors to come in and give plans for what is that actually physical structure --

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. I think he is.

PERINO: You are saying that he did not mean that quite.

GUTFELD: No, no. You guys are saying that he promises and people are going to be upset. I am saying that it was a visual promise. For example, in a fairytale, you say they lived happily ever after, you do not say, they lived to the age of 83 after a series of debilitating illnesses. You say something that is visual and catches you and then you worry about it later.

WATTERS: Here is how I know Trump is heavily invested in building the wall because I looked at the prototypes, these contracts.

PERINO: Right.

WATTERS: One of the requirements is, has to be aesthetically pleasing from the American side. You know that Trump wants it to be an aesthetically pleasing.

GUTFELD: Who is complaining?

PERINO: No one.

All right. Coming up, Hillary Clinton is going after Ivanka Trump. And that report is next.


GUILFOYLE: President Trump's daughter, Ivanka is a senior White House adviser and a role model for many women but when Hillary Clinton was asked about Ivanka on her blamed tour, excuse me, I mean, book tour, she first said the President and only the President was responsible for his actions and then went on to rant about neo-Nazis and President Trump ending DACA before saying this.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: Everyone associated with him. They are either on board with that or they are not.


CLINTON: And if they are not, they need to be speaking out or leaving. But if they remind silent and just give lip service to contrary points of view, then, they are part of his agenda and should be judged and held accountable for that.


GUILFOYLE: Okay. That sounded like really weird, which trial, executioner.

PERINO: Well, it is interesting for somebody who has so vigorously protected her daughter, Chelsea Clinton from attacks, from people regarding politics or personal situations with their family --


PERINO: -- that she would not at least give some sort of leeway for somebody like Ivanka Trump who loves her father, who has said, I might not always agree with him but I am on his team and I am honored to be at the White House. They left their life in New York to go and be there. She is trying to do it a lot of work for women.


PERINO: Trying to move things forward. So, I think this was a little bit disingenuous on behalf of Hillary Clinton and it is almost like, she is like in the moment because it is a popular thing to say that you are against Ivanka Trump and if you see that Ivanka actually gave an interview today with the Financial Times, you had to get a subscription and is really annoying but I was able to read the whole article and she is forthcoming about how she wants to be a public servant. This is not something she sought but she wants to participate and support her father. Surely Hillary Clinton could understand that.

GUILFOYLE: Well, and she should appreciate because, you know, it is really is hypocritical, because she holds a different standard for Chelsea.

GUTFELD: Is Chelsea -- this is the question that must be asked, is Chelsea Clinton responsible for Bill Clinton's dalliances in the Oval Office?


GUTFELD: Was she responsible for him having sex with an intern in the Oval Office? That is a really good follow-up question. But they did not ask that question. This is why I don't know if you cannot totally blame Hillary on this because we don't know if she would have said that if the question had been asked. So, the reporter is perhaps extremely biased and posed the question as if President Trump is a criminal.

Like you're saying, like, you know, how can you be okay with him? What would you know? Like, she was saying, she was coming from a really deep, deep place of bias. So, I would blame this journalist, whoever this person is more than Hillary.

GUILFOYLE: And the blame tour continues.


WATTERS: From the blame game to the shame game, she's trying to divide, I think polite society from President Trump and you've seen him try to do this the media and the Democrats when the President will say something controversial or do something like the Muslim ban or "Access Hollywood" locker room talk. What the media and the left will do is make sure all Republicans denounced the President or resign from any position involving the President and that usually works with week need Republicans. Democrats do not have a lot of shame so it doesn't work with them. And I'm sure Juan can agree with that.


WATTERS: Oh, well, it's similar if you catch my drift.


But Hillary has not shown a lot of class recently. And for a woman who kind of prides herself as this progressive states woman who is above it all and a uniter, former First Lady, think about what she has done. I mean, she did not give a concession speech on election night. She has not handled this loss with any grace. She has tried to undermine the President at every turn. Her entire book is about settling scores and now she is attacking the former, she is attacking the first daughter. I mean, she did distilled the silverware from the White House, you'd have to expect this from her. But at the same time, it's not what you'd expect from someone in her position.

GUILFOYLE: Well, and how about someone Juan who, you know, ran for president, the first woman and, instead she is going about now attacking another woman who is trying to serve her country and who is actually very passionate about a lot of the same issues that Hillary claims to be passionate about, about equal pay for women and for single moms and better education for young children in child care.

WILLIAMS: Child care?

GUILFOYLE: Absolutely. So, this is somebody she should be trying to lift up. I think it is a bad move for her.

WILLIAMS: I don't think it is a bad move at all and I must say, what is interesting about this to me is, that there are lots of people especially in New York society. Let me put it to you that way. People who know the Trumps. Who say Ivanka is going to counterbalance her father. If you'd know Ivanka, if you'd talk to Ivanka, she is for the things that Kimberly just laid out and that she was going to mollify some of his harsher more Republican hard right stances. And I think those people are disappointed not only in Ivanka, by the way, Kimberly, but I think they are very disappeared Jared.

GUTFELD: You just saw an evidence in the a-block.


GUTFELD: How was DACA not?

WILLIAMS: Okay. Let me finish. So, I think a lot of those folks feel like, hey, wait a second, if you look back at history and say people who are with the good guys or with the bad guys, stand up and be counted and what Ivanka has done, and I don't get your logic at all to the rest of you here. I don't get. Chelsea was a child when Bill Clinton was engaged in his sexual misconduct. And Chelsea Clinton was not in the White House as an official working for her father. Jared Kushner --

PERINO: No, we're talking about in 2008 --

WILLIAMS: Well, I am just saying, I think this is an unfair comparison between Chelsea and Ivanka, it doesn't make sense to me. You know, the idea that people like Ivanka and say to her buddies, oh, you know, we're going to talk to him, we're going to work with dad on this but nothing happens. I think a lot of people including Mrs. Clinton had a right to say, you are just making excuses, you are just a cover for what Donald Trump is doing. This is part of his agenda.

GUTFELD: And what has he done? He just basically said, he did something very compassionate with DACA. He is doing great on the hurricanes.

WILLIAMS: Oh, something that is very compassionate with DACA.

GUTFELD: Don't you think so?

WILLIAMS: I don't think you understand the level of fear and trepidation out there --

GUTFELD: That's a motion. That is not fact.

WILLIAMS: No. But it is a fact that he is willing to end the program and deport these kids.

GUILFOYLE: And when Ivanka was upset about the children being murdered in genocide in Syria and talk to her father about that to retaliate and hit back and the chemical weapons, they do not want to give credit for anything and part of that discussion also, was the hypocrisy that she wants Chelsea untouched and is not fair game, et cetera, et cetera, but I guess making attack against Ivanka who is actually been very accomplished and he's done --

PERINO: I think Chelsea, as an adult, has chosen to become political. And that is absolutely what I was talking about.

GUTFELD: Okay. Do you remember the speech, the worst speech ever?


GUTFELD: Oh, my God!

GUILFOYLE: She tried to be nice because it was like --

PERINO: The other thing I wanted to say is that -- one of the things Americans like to do for families that are famous is to try to get into the family dynamics and think about this psychology in play like you actually understand what it is like in that relationship.


PERINO: So, I just remember when President Bush was president, 43, always, we would get calls about, oh, that 41 must be disappointed or he must be trying to live up to his dad's expectations or his mom really wanted Jeb to run and all these things that from I knew were not true, but you could never stop it. So, I think what the Trumps have accepted that this kind of chatter is going to be out there about them and I think they handle it pretty well because they do not talk about it outside of their own family.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Ahead, we'll go live to the campus of UC Berkeley where there are new concerns tonight of possible politically charged violence because a conservative columnist is speaking on-campus. That story next. Stay with us.


WATTERS: Tensions are high again tonight at the University of California, Berkeley with officials taking unprecedented security measures to deal with protesters upset that Ben Shapiro is speaking there. That is right. At the birthplace of the free speech movement. Tonight, liberals are protesting Shapiro, a mainstream conservative not really known for being particularly controversial.

For the latest on the story, let's bring in Claudia Cowan who was in Berkeley for us tonight. Claudia?

CLAUDIA COWAN, FOX NEWS: Hi, Jesse. Well, the crowd has really started to build here amid a very heavy police presence than hearing from a number of speakers with the leftist group Refuse Fascism. They are here revving up the crowd.

About an hour ago, a couple of people were arrested because their signs were not in compliance with city policy. They were too big. And so far, that is just about the most egregious behavior we have seen here. School officials have spent a lot of time in more than $600,000 to make sure tonight's event is safe calling in officers from all 10 UC campuses to help secure the area where Ben Shapiro is set to speak in just about half an hour. Police say they will confront anyone wearing a mask if they refuse to take it off. That is warning to Antifa protesters who rioted and cause violence in conservative events here in the past. Several nearby business that were vandalized or taking no chances closing early and protecting their property with security gates. Thanks to the new city policy, police can also use pepper spray if the crowds get out of hand. School officials say all these measures are needed for security, but some critics say, Berkeley is hardly a beacon of free speech, if this is what it takes to host a one conservative speaker here on campus and will see if it is enough and will keep you posted.

WATTERS: Thank you a lot, Claudia. Stay safe out there. Ben Shapiro, the nicest little guy.

GUTFELD: The guy had more anti- Semitic threats directed at him than any media figure last year and they are spending $600,000, to make sure it is safe. It is not about Shapiro, it is about the people who are trying to attack him. The Antifa, this violent people, this were radicalism ends. When you cannot persuade people with your ideas. Your insight violence and you try to scare the hell out of them, but it is not about him. They need counseling for speech. There have been people who have said horrible things growing up and that don't need counseling -- we could exchange these people, please.

GUILFOYLE: Bring back the vintage Berkeley. It was not awesome, but is better than this. Now it is like, what is going on here? A bunch of bedwetters, a bunch of babies.


GUTFELD: You just insulted bedwetters.

GUILFOYLE: You are right back, I take that back.

PERINO: Exactly they had a real problem. I have watch this over the past couple of months when I have listen to the Ben Shapiro show every day, I read his stuff and more people will get to know who Ben Shapiro is, most of these people had never googled him or read any of his stuff and if they did they would actually say, we agree with him.

GUTFELD: Even if he was horrible, it shouldn't matter.

WATTERS: I like what the police are doing if someone is wearing a mask, you cannot do that, take them down or tell them to take the mask off.

WILLIAMS: I think that is fair.

GUILFOYLE: Shoot them in the face with a beanbag.

WATTERS: Pepper spray them on the face.

WILLIAMS: I don't see people getting arrested for mask, they are getting arrested according to Claudia for the size of their sign and is a legitimate protest.

GUTFELD: It is because a lot of them are hiding sticks.

WILLIAMS: It is the size of the sign that is the official reason. I agree with everyone. I don't think Ben Shapiro, who is a guy that stood up and quit at Breitbart because what he saw going on between Corey Lewandowski and a reporter, I think it was Michelle Fields. That is a pretty standup guy and has been strong and is not a Trump guy, but to me, this is not about Ben or what you guys post as Antifa. It is about the idea that there is so many people on the left who say you do not give a platform to people who delivered these harsh, conservative messages. I don't think, by the way Ben qualifies as one of those people. But this coming weekend or next weekend will have a free speech week and will get people like milo Yiannopoulos and get Steve Bannon and will be outside and to me this is a magnet for trouble and I think they are doing it intentionally to embarrass Berkeley and say you guys are a bunch of -- what did you call them, bedwetters?

WATTERS: They will have to hire a lot more therapists, Juan.

GUTFELD: Good for the therapist market.

PERINO: For all the parents paying tuition, many classes were canceled today because so many people were upset. So they don't even had to go to school.

WILLIAMS: You guys have nothing to say about the idea that the far right would intentionally go there to insight a problem.

GUTFELD: They learned from the left.

WILLIAMS: Where do you say no when people are saying outrageous, offensive things.

WATTERS: That is the whole thing about America, Juan. That is classic.


WILLIAMS: When you see Charlottesville and when you see at the white supremacist.

GUTFELD: That was a car that killed that women, it wasn't the words. You have to make a distinction.

WILLIAMS: Cross burning?

WATTERS: No one is burning a cross at Berkeley, Juan, and come on.

GUTFELD: What I find interesting is you have to look for these examples and not the ones we are talking about.

WILLIAMS: I was saying you ask me why, because as Kimberly rightly said I am a bit free-speech guy but I do think there comes a point--

GUTFELD: Do you think Bannon going to speak at Berkeley is like burning a cross?

WILLIAMS: No, I didn't say that.

GUTFELD: You just brought up that example.

WILLIAMS: No, what I said is where do you draw the line, Greg? That is all.

WATTERS: All right. Antifa Juan is going to be right back. We talk minimum wage hikes across America, not just killing jobs, another unidentified consequence that Greg will explain it next.


GUTFELD: So, when Seattle raised that the minimum wage, a study found that it caused in $1,500 drop in yearly income for lower wage workers. But the wage increase does not just nailed the wallet, it goes after your butt.

If you are currently in a Seattle bathroom, suffering from an acute bout of Montezuma's revenge after eating chili cheese fries at your local grease pit, you can thank that minimum wage increase for your disgusting discomfort.

Follow my logic: Another news study found that for every dollar increased in the minimum wage there is a 6 percent jump in health code violations. Hence the trots, Dana -- I could tell you were puzzled. When businesses get hit with a financial burden, they not only cut workers and hours, they cut corners -- maybe hygiene. Poor cleanliness -- as you could see by my chart that I drew -- can migrate to your plate which then goes to your stomach and then down to the bathroom where you end up counting the tiles until midnight. This is science.

You can thank shortsighted liberals for this and, of course, the solution will be more government as officials fine the restaurant until they close up. Further proving that the only true radicals left are small business owners who chase dreams despite obstacles foisted upon them by useless bureaucrats who have never ran a damn thing in their lives. Forget daredevils, their risks are minimal compared to the guy or gal trying to start something up and keep it going. Thanks to the punitive big government it gets flushed down the toilet.

I will be auctioning this wonderful piece of artwork later. Juan, what do you think of my theory, as tenuous as it might be that the minimum wage gives you diarrhea?


WILLIAMS: I think it is the most inventive.

PERINO: Is it real?

GUILFOYLE: What are we doing here, Dana?


Stay tuned.

WILLIAMS: This is your most inventive and brilliant point of opposition to raising the minimum wage. Given that I know you and know you're feeling about chipotle and the problems they had, did they raise the minimum wage?

GUTFELD: There could be a correlation, I don't know. I have had a few skirmishes with their men's restroom.

WATTERS: Liberals don't understand capitalism and human nature and the same thing happened with Obamacare when you mandate that this small businesses have to cover healthcare, they cut them to part time and have less money and still no healthcare and slapped they got tax in Florida and they buy them in others states and middle-class workers making them are out of work because no one is doing business in Florida anymore. Same thing with gun free zones. Guns are dangerous, the liberals create the gun free zones and that is where all the mass shootings happen. Liberals never learn from their mistakes and the union and Venezuela and Cuba but keep trying to replicate it here.

GUILFOYLE: No toilet paper, which is a big problem.

WILLIAMS: Official spokesman for the rich and gun owners that is your people.


GUTFELD: Kimberly, a liberals catching you in.

GUILFOYLE: Liberals will get you. In little bit of fake news, blame it on chipotle and minimum wage increases that you have legitimate gastrointestinal issues.

It is true. I him sympathetic.

GUTFELD: I do not. I have a sensitive stomach and him little lactose intolerant and a now becoming Kimberly intolerant.

GUILFOYLE: This is embarrassing at all. I just know so much about him.

WILLIAMS: You do not have to say this in front of the people.

GUTFELD: He just said it. That pitcher will make a lot of money.

PERINO: How many tiles in your bathroom?

GUTFELD: 64. We will do the second part of this segment going deeper into it.

WATTERS: A part two.


GUTFELD: Number 2. We are one in number 2.

WATTERS: One of the biggest leakers--

GUTFELD: I am sorry.


WILLIAMS: Welcome back. Chelsea Manning was convicted for one of the biggest intelligence leaks of all time and is only free at this moment, because President Obama commuted her 35 year prison sentence. Now, Harvard University has named this Manning a visiting fellow that prompted formal acting CIA Director Michael Morell to resign from his post at the prestigious University and the acting CIA Director Pompeo, he pulled out of a speaking engagement at Harvard calling Manning quote an American traitor in a letter to the ivy league institution. Kimberly, what do you think?

GUILFOYLE: Well, I mean, listen, I think these days, it is very controversial, depending on where you will go speak and have seen more than one person pull out and those have that have been disinvited to speak and goes into the whole thing about freedom of speech and getting an education that means opening in your mind and listening to all different viewpoints. To me, when I see people being close minded like people like Condoleezza Rice, people should be excited for people like her to come speak. I have turned down things were I think it is not a good idea for me to go speak, because of problems they are having on some of these campuses.

WILLIAMS: You know Jesse there was an article in the paper today about Harvard refusing a woman for a Ph.D. program who had been in jail for murder and came out and pushed her back but accept Chelsea Manning. What do you think?

WATTERS: Colombia will probably hire the murderer, don't worry about that.


WILLIAMS: I think she went to NYU.

WATTERS: Not surprising. I will take this moment to say, I will not accept any fellowship from Harvard University and I want to withdraw from consideration for that.

WILLIAMS: I don't think this is fair to Harvard.

WATTERS: I will no longer accept any formal speaking invitations from Harvard. As a sign of protest against this decision. I would not want to make the CIA Director or former CIA Director angry.

WILLIAMS: Mike Pompeo said he is not going.

WATTERS: I know. I would not want to be on the bad side of the CIA and they all do the same thing and hire them for PR reasons and it is a PR play.

WILLIAMS: So Dana, they also had got Robby (inaudible) who ran Hillary's campaign, Sean Spicer is up there, Mary Katherine, Guy Benson, Joe Scarborough, they are there.

PERINO: All legitimate people who have done things that you can learn something from. This decision about Chelsea Manning was horrific for Harvard and is like a Harvard wants to be edgy. I think it absolutely deserves the ridicule it is getting. Jeff Morell said senior leaders in our military have stated publicly that the leaks of Miss Manning put lives of U.S. soldiers at risk and has an obligation to his conscious and why I decided to resign and there is absolutely nothing you can learn from her to help further your career but could learn something from Mike Morell.

WILLIAMS: I think you are absolutely right, although, Greg, is this a free speech issue?

GUTFELD: No, it is not at all. You Sean Spicer and this is not Harvard, it is dancing with the stars, some kind of weird thing to get PR and the praises all virtue signaling but this is Harvard virtue signaling to try to see how - to show how enlighten they are. What has before accomplish besides putting Americans in harms' way?

Manning, but left love these people because they do harm to daddy, which is America. It is sad. It is disgusting and good for Morell, no patriot should remain there.

PERINO: If Harvard gets federal money, it should end tomorrow.

WILLIAMS: One more thing, up, next.


PERINO: it is time now for one more thing I want to go first. This is last night, it is a fabulous one. Crayola has a new crayon and it is Blue- tiful like Jesse. Seriously there are 90,000 submissions and what they do, they retired dandelion which was yellow and then they have blue and it is in the 24 Crayola box, which is great for back to school.

GUILFOYLE: Like my eye shadow.

PERINO: Like Kimberly's eye shadow. That is an example of Blue-tiful. And that is my one more thing.

GUTFELD: Kids at home, don't eat crayons. I learned the hard way.

PERINO: Like the minimum wage?

GUILFOYLE: You know what I am saying? He blames it on us.

GUTFELD: Part 2 by podcast, the Dave Rubin podcast, it is called the Rubin report, you find it on YouTube and is out now and is great and talk a lot about Fox news, in little bit of dirt on Tucker.

I am pasty.

You look very and the. Let's go with something else, Greg's fitness tips. Did you ever want to know how to blow your nose without a handkerchief? Hillary hasn't explanation.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: I do not want to shut my eyes on national television but you hold and you breathe through one and hold it and exhale to the other and keep going and is very relaxing.


GUTFELD: I would use a handkerchief when blowing my nose and I think it is very unusual to just use your fingers.

PERINO: That is really not good.

WILLIAMS: She was talking about meditation.

GUTFELD: I am not sure about that. That is fake news.

PERINO: Kimberly, go for it.

GUILFOYLE: All right. By popular demand, time for the return.

WATTERS: Never getting it right.


GUILFOYLE: It is so good. I love that groovy music. Men, all of you men with hair, I have bad news for you. Because a new study said that men that are bald received as more attractive than men like you with all the hair.

PERINO: Really?

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Male and female students were asked to rate photos of men according to attractiveness, competence and dominance and the bald men won out in all three categories and I've a confession to make tonight.


GUILFOYLE: I dated this guy with absolutely no hair on his head and used to call him Lex Luther.

PERINO: I remember him.

GUILFOYLE: You know what? In the bathroom, a very little amount of time, nothing to do.

PERINO: We will continue this conversation but first we have to go to Jesse.

WATTERS: All right I am shaving my head. Everyone likes watching things explode. Well check this out. Elon Musk, the billionaire, tough guy, he shots things in the space, this are bloopers.

GUTFELD: Are you sure that this is not the North Korean stuff?


PERINO: That looks like an expensive mistake.

GUILFOYLE: This is propaganda.

PERINO: Jesse, this is great. That is "blue-tiful."

GUTFELD: I think that is better than a "blue-tiful" crayon.

WATTERS: Yes. This is all the bloopers of trying to shoot rockets into space. Like Dana said, expensive mistakes.

WILLIAMS: You know what he is doing now? He is trying to bore a tunnel from Washington all the way up to Boston for a train.

GUTFELD: I thought it was from L.A. to San Francisco.

WILLIAMS: You live on the wrong coast, dude. All right here we go. If you are a young woman starting your career.


WILLIAMS: Or mom or dad of a young star, check out this new book by Anthony Williams who all you know is a terrific legal analyst and is a radio talk show host and in her new book, pretty powerful, appearance, substance and success, she talks about power in a woman's appearance and conduct in a workplace during this image driven times. She argues that women do not, necessarily, have to tone down there looks to be taken seriously and offers excellent advice on how to be taken seriously and get attention to become a winner.

GUTFELD: Do I need to tone up my looks?

PERINO: Next time on the Rubin report, just a little powder.

WILLIAMS: Check out Anthony's book, pretty powerful.

PERINO: All right set your DVRs and never miss an episode of "The Five." "Hannity" is up next.

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