Is President Obama a Tax-Cutter?

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Media Bias?

The Media Research Center has a new report called "Obama the Tax Cutter -- A Network Fairy Tale," which examines two years worth of network evening news reports that contained the terms "tax cut" or "tax cuts."

Among the highlights -- ABC, CBS and NBC depicted the president as a tax cutter more than four times as often as they talked about him raising taxes.

None of the 171 network reports noted President Obama's potential hikes are nearly 20 times the size of his cuts. And three-quarters of the time the evening news reports failed to include economists to talk about taxes.

Dems the Facts

As we have told you, some embattled House Democrats -- such as Jim Marshall and Gene Taylor -- are running against their own party, saying they would not support Nancy Pelosi as speaker.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Democratic strategist James Carville if it's possible there would be a new House speaker if Democrats maintain control of the House. Carville said -- quote, "It is. I'm a big Nancy Pelosi fan, but I understand that Mr. Marshall has got to do what he has to do. It's possible and if you get down to a three or four majority then people will be trying to switch -- making deals -- we might not know for several days. It would be a fun thing"

The Hill reports Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre said that not only would he not back Pelosi for speaker again, but also said that he'd heard Pelosi would not seek another term in that position.

No comment from the Speaker's office.

The Politics of Sex

And finally, Georgia State representative, Republican Calvin Hill -- who crusaded against college sex education classes -- is the chief financial officer of a website that sells many items including kinky sex gadgets.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Hill's Democratic opponent -- Stephanie Webb -- noticed that besides many non-controversial items there were products such as so-called "stress relievers" shaped like certain body parts.

Hill says he had no idea such items were available -- quote, "with 600,000 products, there is always a possibility that something slips through. It's certainly nothing we sell knowingly."