Is Paris Hilton Hard Up for Cash?

I know everyone's shocked and appalled that NBC reportedly paid a million bucks for the first interview with Paris Hilton after she's out of the clink.

But you know what I'm shocked about? That Paris took it — or plans to! That Paris wanted any money at all!

She comes from a family worth billions. That's billions, with a "B." There aren't too many families like that. I mean, a million bucks is what, half a day's interest to the Hilton hobnobbers?

That's about what I'm told Paris got for her burger/car wash commercial you might have seen once or twice on this show.

Why? I just don't get it.

It's like when otherwise very rich celebrities hawk cheesy photos from their honeymoons to US Magazine or the first baby pictures to some other equally erudite publication.

What's the deal? I think I know:

They need the money.

They're not nearly as rich as we think — either that or they owe a bundle.

And let's face it, this is easy money. Who in his or her right mind could turn down a million bucks to sit down with Meredith Viera? It's not exactly like you're going to the dentist. And even if it is, for this visit, the dentist is paying you.

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