Is O'Reilly a Cry Baby?

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thank you for watching us tonight.

The hits just keep on coming.  Am, I, your humble correspondent, a cry baby?  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Syndicated columnist Liz Smith, whom we respect, writes this today.  "Doubleday Broadway Publishing has had to go back to press four times to meet the demand for Bill O'Reilly's latest bestseller, Who's Looking Out for You?  This is O'Reilly's third consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestseller.  Good for Bill, who reigns supreme at FOX News Channel.  Now, if he'd only stop talking about all the people who are out to 'get' him.  Brickbats haven't hurt him a whit.  Crybabies -- conservative or liberal -- are not appealing.  Nobody's feeling too sorry for the rich and powerful Mr. O'Reilly."

Well, I can understand how Liz Smith could see it that way, but I think she's missing the big picture.  If I'm going to criticize politicians, movie stars, sports figures and other power brokers, why would I give the press a pass?

If I come off as a whiner, that's my fault.  My communicative skills may not be good enough.  But let's be honest here, the mass media is celebrating the debasing of America and somebody has to call them on it.

The top movies in America right now are The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Kill Bill.  That's not about me, by the way.  It's the most violent movie ever made, featuring brutal dismemberments and a scalping close-up.  And you should see the raves this movie is getting from the pinhead critics.

And who's lining up to see it?  Children, that's who.  Gangster rapper Ludacris has a top selling CD in America, featuring that classic song, "Hoes in My Room."  And guess who's buying that piece of junk?  Go into any record store and ask the clerk.

And the bookstores are filled of hate-filled pages designed to smear and injure.  All this is just fine with most in the elite media, which celebrates people like Eminem (search) and Quentin Tarantino (search), the director of Kill Bill.  These guys are geniuses.  And if you criticize them, you're a gas bag or whatever.

The time has come for all Americans to realize that your home has been invaded by influences far beyond your control.  And those who fight against those influences are going to be scorned and demeaned.  That's why few speak up.

"Talking Points" recognizes the dangers inherent in fighting the secular  media power, but enough is enough with the chainsaws, hoes and general disrespect for the decent traditions of this country.

Check out the movie theatres and record stores this weekend.  See for yourself.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Even though Qusay Hussein (search) is gone, he is not forgotten.  Some porn video sites are selling a sex deal called "Qusay and His Whores," showing him in orgies at his luxury Baghdad villa.  We assume this was before he was shot in the head, but, on the Internet, one can never be certain.

We are certain, however, that it is ridiculous.  Maybe Ludacris could sing a song about it.