Is Mitt Romney 'extreme'?

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So the latest jab from president awesome is that Mitt Romney is an extremist. I wonder however if he can't speak to Governor Romney's motivations.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I can't speak to Governor Romney's motivations. What I can say that he has signed up for positions, extreme positions that are very consistent with the positions that a number of House Republicans have taken. And whether he believes in those or not, I have no doubt that he would carry forward. Some of the things he has talked about.


GUTFELD: Don't you love that? Obama has no proof that Obama is an extremist. But he has no doubt that he is.

Anyway, imagine the massive blind spot Obama inhibits, spending his adult life hobnobbing with radicals. And he thinks that Mitt is the dangerous one.

Hey, Mr. President, if you can find one example in Mitt's life when you commune with a creep who tried to blow up Americans? Let me know and I'll buy you a pack of smokes or a beer. I'd do it with Romney but he doesn't smoke or drink. That damn extremist.

But Obama has it easy because the media has his back. The fact is, the media and the White House are incestuous as 12th century royal family. They parrot one line, has the Republican Party drifted too far right?

Funny how the media has never post that question to their own party, meaning a leftward tilt of the Democrats. With the embrace of Occupy Wall Street and class warfare, you've got to go to Venezuela to find anything to the left of the modern Democrat. Or worse, Berkeley.

So, is Romney an extremist? No, he's more of a moderatist. A calmist, and even chilliest. But to the Dems, I guess, a decent Midwestern dentist is an extremist.

To the rest of us, he's "sir."

Dana, you are an extremist in things we can't talk about here.


GUTFELD: In sports you are.

Could Romney be the least extremist, extremist ever?

PERINO: In the primary campaign that Republicans had in the spring, one thing that the Obama camp did is try to paint him being too moderate for the party. That he's the one who wasn't extreme enough, that he couldn't get elected in today's Republican Party. Now, all of a sudden, he's so extreme.

If you look, they're doing two very specific things, they use the tested word "extremist". It must be polling for them very well. The second thing is, notice that President Obama always links him to positions of House Republicans. Congress has a terrible approval rating. The House Republicans born the brunt of it in particular.

The other thing is, you notice how President Obama -- recently we've been talking a lot about beer?


PERINO: And they release a beer recipe from the White House. Romney is so extreme. He doesn't drink beer. There won't be a beer recipe.

GUTFELD: Yes, you can't have a president who's never drank beer, because that's just weird. Eric, is this going to work if they parroting this over and over again and people pick up on it?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You know what, Greg, it takes one to know one. President Obama has been nothing but an extremist, leftist extremist. He gutted the Constitution with Obamacare.

He gutted free market capitalism when he took over G.M. He'd picked and choose who was going to fail and who was going to survive. Gave them

$100 billion between G.M. and Chrysler. Chose them, absolutely wiping out shareholders and bondholders. That's extreme. That's extreme -- political, social and fiscal engineering.

So, for him to say Mitt Romney is extremist -- I guess, like I said, takes one to know one.

GUTFELD: Bob, I want to go to you but I want to play your favorite person, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she has this to say on something called "Meet the Press." I had never seen it.


REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, D-FLA.: Really, the most extreme candidate for president in modern times on immigration that we have seen. He also has an extreme policy -- set of policies on their reproductive rights and the things that are important to them, to make sure that their children have an opportunity to be successful.


GUTFELD: Is this going to work, Bob? Just saying it over and over again?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, it's going to work because there's a lot of truth to it. Let me put it this way, Romney did switch his position. When he was a governor of Massachusetts, he was a moderate liberal. Now, he's a right winger. He went right in order to get to the Republican nomination.

His position on immigration --

GUTFELD: Being right isn't being extremist.

BECKEL: On immigration policy, he's right winger.

GUTFELD: How so?

BECKEL: How so?


BECKEL: He wants to send everybody back.

GUTFELD: Now, he's just dealing with illegals.

BECKEL: I see. So --

GUTFELD: I don't think he is sending back illegal immigrants.

BECKEL: Can I answer the question you asked me?

GUTFELD: I'm trying to clarify. I'm doing what you do to me.

BECKEL: No, I'm making a point.

GUTFELD: Keep going.

BECKEL: I was only going to say that I think tying him to House Republicans is the right thing to do and a good strategy. And Paul Ryan is extreme Republican in the House as you will find.

As I will repeat again, even though I was yelled at upstairs, he was on the bill with the certain person in Missouri who will not be a senator.

PERINO: That was totally different. It's about the Hyde Amendment. It's not about legitimate rape.

I mean, when Paul Ryan was asked, he said, rape is not a rape. That's not what that bill is about.

And you call yourself a pro-life person, I would take a step back and look at this carefully before they start using this extreme language about Paul Ryan. It will backfire on them, especially coming from their worst polled surrogate on the campaign.

GUTFELD: K.G., I want to ask you this. Is this their way of scaring America, that like Republicans are these regressive freaks who are going to take away your rights?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Of course, the scare tactic. But here's the problem for them -- $150 million later of negative ads just in swing states alone, it's not paying off. And, in fact, people are growing very weary of it. It's reached almost the saturation point.

Usually, it takes a couple more months, you know, closer to the election, right at the point where people are going to say, enough. Why is it that they are tied in the polls essentially? Where is the movement for Obama? It's not working.

What else is he going to say? He tried to demonize and scare children, scare immigrants, and scare women.

BECKEL: Have you looked at the latest FEC report? More negative ads have spent against Romney than have been against Obama. I mean, against Obama than against Romney.

BOLLING: The extreme left gives you $5 trillion in new debt. It gives you 8.5 percent unemployment, it gives you "You didn't build that, we did it for you," then you know what? Let's try the extreme right. Why not? It doesn't hurt.

PERINO: Why does the House Republican brand, why that worse than the Senate Democrats? Harry Reid, head of the Democrats has not passed a budget in four years. The governing is so lacking -- it is mystery to me why the Republicans are hurt worse by Congress being bad steward --

BECKEL: Because they passed extreme bills in the House.

PERINO: Like what, the Keystone pipeline?

BECKEL: No, the extreme, I go through the list of extreme bills. They guys are extremist, I don't care how you cut it.

GUTFELD: Well, here's the deal. You know who's extremist? An administration that sympathizes with Occupy Wall Street, who possessed rapists and terrorists in their brood.

BECKEL: Last time I checked, the Constitution said they had a right to demonstrate. Didn't it?

GUTFELD: Well, you know, President Obama has actually adopted the vernacular.

BECKEL: He has?

GUTFELD: All right.

BOLLING: Constitution, Bob, I mean, where does it give Obama right to go ahead and trash General Motors? I mean, summarily, you're gone, you're done.

GUTFELD: Got to go. They're yelling at me. Kids!

BECKEL: The last thing I checked Supreme Court agreed with everything he has done.

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