Is America a Noble Nation or Not?

As you may know, my new book "Culture Warrior" investigates the war between traditional Americans, those who think the country is noble, and secular progressives, those who believe the USA is deeply flawed and needs big change.

Now comes a new poll by Rasmussen, defining the culture war even further. According to the numbers, 61 percent of Americans believe American society is generally fair and decent, while 30 percent of us say the USA is unfair and discriminatory. That's a high number.

Now those numbers are very close to the ones I use in "Cultural Warrior," but Rasmussen breaks it down politically, which I don't do. Seventy-seven percent of Republicans say the USA is noble, but only 44 percent of Democrats believe that.

Unfortunately, it is an even split among Dems: 44 percent of Democrats say America is good, 44 say it's bad. That is the far-left secular bunch that says it's bad, which is well-funded and supported by many in the media. So while they are the decided minority, they have big-time clout.

Now these people are hell-bent on changing the USA into a secular nation along the lines of France and Holland. They believe in income redistribution, run by a huge federal colossus in Washington and one-world approach to problem solving.

Obviously, the 200 pages of "Culture Warrior" defines just about everything these S.P.s are after but this evening, let's lock in on money.

Millions of illegal aliens have entered the USA to make money. Most of them are hard working and they come here because if you do work hard in America you can do well. The S.P. crew wants open borders so everyone can have economic opportunity — more on this in a moment.

But if you don't want to work hard and get educated, the S.P.s believe society must provide you with stuff anyway: a house, good food, the staples of life.

And if you oppose open borders and cradle to grave entitlements, you are monstrous, terrible, a really bad person — here, here I am.

Over the years, "Talking Points" has seen the secular progressive movement gain a lot of ground in America and this new poll proves it. Dismiss the S.P.s at your peril.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

It is rare that something as dishonest as what I'm about to show you appears in a major magazine.

In Newsweek's column this week, Vice President Cheney is pictured as a loser with this text quote: "Cheney: instead of lovefests with Bill O'Reilly subpoena battles with Dems."

Well, since Mr. Cheney has appeared on "The Factor" once, more than six years ago and refuses to come back because we've been tough on him, the "love-fest" line is flat out untrue.

Now, we called Newsweek editor John Meacham. He's been always been fair in the past, and he says he will issue a correction and he's sorry for the mistake.

We accept his apology. But it is good example of the mindset in the mainstream media.

On a lighter note, take a look at this sign for the Thirsty Moose Tavern in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. Owner Anthony Caldi says his gear is better than our gear. Ridiculous? It is unless you want to look like a Thirsty Moose.