Iraq, Impeachment and the Media

Even though the cut and run club, led by Barack Obama and Congressman John Murtha continues to pound the drum of defeat in Iraq, things may be improving in that God awful place. According to analysis by the Associated Press, the surge is working. Writer Robert Burns says "In two weeks of observing the U.S. military on the ground and interviewing commanders, strategists, and intelligence officers, it's apparent that the war has entered a new phase in its fifth year. It is a phase with fresh promise."

Now the article goes on to say that despite the improvement, the Iraqi government's still a disaster. It would be awful hard for those who have declared Iraq as a "No Win Zone" to acknowledge any improvement whatsoever. Does anyone really think these intense hate Bush newspaper and TV commentators would be glad to see the tide turn in Iraq?

Take for example, Bill Moyers of PBS, a relentless anti-war guy and Bush basher. Moyers recently ran a program about impeaching the president after which PBS ombudsman Michael Getler said, "There was almost a complete absence of balance [in the presentation]."

Surprised? We're not. We called Mr. Moyers for comment, but he declined. So his pal, "Factor" producer Jesse Watters, paid him another visit:


JESSE WATTERS: Jesse with O'Reilly. Long time, no see.

MOYERS: How are you?

I got a question -- have a question for you. I have to ask you about your latest documentary about impeachment. The PBS ombudsman said it was -- there is a "complete absence of balance."

BILL MOYERS, PBS HOST: Well, you know, this is not the place to do this. I expect -- I see you all the time now.

WATTERS: I know we're good friends. We go way back.


WATTERS: Well, what do you think? You had two guests. They both were in favor of impeachment, Mr. Moyers.

MOYERS: You know, this is no place to do journalism, standing in the middle of the street.

WATTERS: I think we're safe. I am looking out for you! Mr. Moyers, what do you think about that? I mean, come on, do you think this.

MOYERS: Come on my show.

WATTERS: Do you think this was a partisan presentation?

MOYERS: Come on. I asked you to come on my show. I've got to get a cab and go to work myself. I'm trying to be a journalist, too.


Now the reason we're bothering Moyers is that he symbolizes those Americans who want their country to lose in Iraq, based upon hatred of all things Bush. As mentioned, this situation is clouded by the failure of the Iraqi government. Those people are now on vacation, while there is no vacation for the brave American and British military people fighting for Iraqi freedom. That is unsettling, no question.

But most Americans salute and admire our military people for making such a great sacrifice, for trying to bring freedom to a people who have been brutalized for decades. How on earth could you root against that?

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

It rained this morning here in New York City, it rained hard. And the city almost shut down.

Subways didn't run, highways were gridlocked, airports shut down, because it rained.

Now, if there's ever a hurricane or a terrorist attack, you can imagine the chaos. With the bridge collapse in Minnesota and the increasing airline confusion -- record-breaking [travel] delays, the USA is looking at massive infrastructure problems. It's not only frightening but ridiculous.

And you people in Washington had better start helping us out. Let's get those airlines back in the air.

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