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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Case number 2007-CRA-802: the State of Ohio v. Bobby Lee Cutts, Jr. Mr. Cutts is charged with two counts of murder.


COLMES: That was the scene today in Ohio, as Bobby Cutts was officially arraigned for the murder of Jessie Davis and her unborn child. We continue now with our own Laura Ingle, who was in the courtroom today. And joining us now with an inside look at the man accused of this gruesome double murder, the ex-girlfriend of Bobby Cutts, Nikki Giavasis, and her attorney, Crystal Boultinghouse.

We thank you both very much for being with us.


COLMES: Were you surprised when you heard about this? What was your reaction when you first heard about what happened to Jessie Davis?

GIAVASIS: I wasn't surprised, just because, knowing that she dated him, I was obviously hopeful that she was found alive. But from what I dealt with, with him, I wasn't surprised that he would be the suspect.

COLMES: Could you shed some light on his behavior with you? What was your relationship like? And was he abusive? And, if so, in what way?

GIAVASIS: He terrorized me for almost 11 years.

COLMES: How so?

GIAVASIS: Verbally abusive, showing up unannounced, breaking my door in, pinning me down, putting me in a neck brace, abusing my daughter, just terrorized me.

COLMES: So he was physically abusive, as well?


COLMES: He abused your daughter, as well?


COLMES: Physically abused?


COLMES: How so? Could you tell us a little bit about that?

CRYSTAL BOULTINGHOUSE, NIKKI GIAVASIS' ATTORNEY: We'd rather not get into too many details, because of her privacy.


BOULTINGHOUSE: But there was allegations of verbal, physical and emotional abuse, and we brought those to the court in January of '07 and got the full custody of her and a restraining order protecting her.

COLMES: How did you, I mean, how long were you in the relationship?

GIAVASIS: Four months.

COLMES: And you decided to end the relationship. Was it because of this kind of behavior?

GIAVASIS: Yes, he was very jealous and possessive and controlling. And he was also a womanizer back then. I found out he was cheating on me with a girl that was in high school.

COLMES: This is a guy who's had what would be four different children with three different women. And can you shed some light also on how he's treated your client? And what can you — I don't want to take you to a place where you can't go or things that you can't say.

BOULTINGHOUSE: Well, I know the physical abuse has been from 1998 until 2003. And it's been escalating. And he, each time, he sort of got away with it. He only got probation, and he was able to become a cop two years later. It seemed to give his sense of entitlement, it would grow.

COLMES: Laura Ingle, you're on the scene there. Are you picking up similar kinds of stories about a certain pattern of behavior about this man, who some of the people you're seeing day to day have dealt with and know?

LAURA INGLE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: We're hearing a couple — we're getting really more of a mixed picture about him, because the family members and the people that knew him that stood up for him while Jessie Davis was missing have sort of changed their tune a little bit. Some people that stood up for him are now saying, "I'm not really sure what to think anymore with this new evidence and the discovery and the arrest."

One of our producers went over and knocked on the door of his current wife. They are estranged and separated right now. But she said through the door that she is not doing well. She sounded like she was a bit shaky and said that she doesn't know what to think anymore, either. So some telling words from her, as well.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Nikki, let me go back — I want to look through this in a little more detail. You dated him four months, but you say he terrorized you for 11 years thereafter.


HANNITY: Explain the process. And how is it possible that you weren't able to stop this, or get some assistance, legal assistance, you know, assistance from the courts or, you know, the police?

GIAVASIS: Well, that's my biggest regret was, because in 1998 when he broke my door in, he was going to be charged with breaking and entering, which is a felony. But I was basically begged to not press charges. So not pressing charges, he was able to plead it down to a misdemeanor of criminal trespassing.

HANNITY: Now, you mentioned that he hurt you physically, pretty severely at one point. What did he do?

GIAVASIS: Well, he put me in a neck brace, and I fled to California.

HANNITY: What did he do? How did he put you in a neck brace? What did he do physically?

GIAVASIS: Well, he acted like he was joking. That was his guise, always acting like he was joking when he would do things to hurt me. And came unannounced, picked me up against my will, and put me in a neck brace.

HANNITY: You mentioned to me as you were coming on the air here, for all his womanizing, he was not a nice person. He was like rude and mean and insulting. And, you know, the things — so what was some of the things he would say and do to you?

GIAVASIS: Well, he always put me down for all of my aspirations, you know, anything I wanted to do personally, telling me that I wasn't the most attractive person he'd ever dated, basically trying to break down my self- esteem.

HANNITY: Yes, it just seems like a pattern here. You've got to wonder, have the court system — is this one of these instances where, you know, we had opportunities to catch somebody early on, the signs of abuse, you know, escalating, we miss it again, is that what we're going to find at the end of this? What do you think, Crystal?

BOULTINGHOUSE: That's a very good question. I think there certainly were — he was very good manipulator. And so he did fool a lot of people, a lot of people that were involved in her custody case were siding with him. And so that just goes to show what a good persona these people can put on.

HANNITY: How many times, Nikki, specifically, did you go to the court system, did you go to the legal system to try and get their assistance to help you stop this abuse?

GIAVASIS: Three times.

HANNITY: Three times. And what happened? How was it resolved each time, quickly?

GIAVASIS: Well, he was able to plead down in 1998. And in 2005, I got a temporary restraining order. And in 2007, we got the emergency protection orders.

HANNITY: And he ignored them even still?


HANNITY: When you heard this news on Saturday that he was a suspect from early on, this did not surprise you at all. You felt he was capable of this type of brutal murder?

GIAVASIS: Yes, and that's why I felt I had to speak up, because of what he'd done to me. And I felt most people didn't know that dark side of him.

HANNITY: Yes, and it was really dark. I mean, capable of murder, to say that about somebody is a pretty incredible charge.

GIAVASIS: It's horrible, and horrible that that was his child.

HANNITY: Do you have any regrets — you know, now that you knew this about him — I mean, you seem like you're beating yourself up here a little bit. I'm looking at you, and I can tell. You're not responsible for what he did. Why would you be hard on yourself about that?

GIAVASIS: Well, if I would have pressed charges...

HANNITY: But you did three times. You went after this guy.

GIAVASIS: But it didn't stick.

HANNITY: But that's not your fault. You didn't do anything here.

COLMES: You really can't take personal responsibility for his horrible behavior.

HANNITY: You're not responsible for that. I know. I understand.

COLMES: We really appreciate your coming on with us tonight and helping shed some light on this, which is important for us to understand. Thank you so much for being with us. We really appreciate it.

Crystal, thank you.

Laura, we thank you.

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