Ingraham: Democrats are trying to control every aspect of your life

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham, and this is a special edition of "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington. And what a show we have for you. Harmeet Dhillon, Charlie Kirk, John Yoo, Mark Penn, Raymond Arroyo are all here. We have an amazing supreme star-studded panel in just moments.

And tonight, what we have planned is something really special. At the end of the show, we have a very, very serious warning. And we weren't going to actually show this image to you, but we decided we just had to do it. I mean there's a big debate among the staff but we needed to do it. Just for the sake of transparency so you have to hold on for the end of the show for that. But it's a slight warning as well.

Tonight we're going to be pulling back the curtain on the left's brazen plans to fundamentally up-end the America that we know and love. Now, listening to the Democrats discuss for instance climate change or guns or the border, it's easy, I think, for conservatives to dismiss them as political out liars.

But we have to take them very seriously because they're not just trying to dominate politics. They also want to radically alter America's cultural educational and religious landscapes. This requires what? Well, well financed and organized plans to silence all opposing voices. And then demonize them, and ultimately drive them from public life.

In other words, submit or be eliminated. But if enough good people don't stand up and say no you won't, then I think you better prepare to see some of our time-honored traditions, our patriotic and religious expression, our basic principles of fairness, eradicated.

We will have seen the United States tragically defeated from within. Like today, it's banning straws. Tomorrow it's banning guns. Suspending a conservative on Facebook today eventually spirals into banning conservatives from teaching in public schools.

Where and when does this shunning end? You can see how this could be quickly end up in a very dark place where half of the country, feels really disillusioned and even desperate. Is what we really need now more division in the United States?

I'm sad to report that the Democrats seem to think so. And on that theme, we begin tonight with what's been happening with New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees. The liberal mob is gunning for him for appearing in a focus on the family video, conservative 501C3, and delivering this controversial message.


DREW BREES, SAINTS QUARTERBACK: One of my favorite verses in the bible is second Corinthians 5:7, we live by faith not by sight. So I want to encourage you to live out your faith, bring your bible to school day, and share God's love with friends. You're not alone.


INGRAHAM: Share God's love really controversial. Well, the backlash was this predictable as it was swift. Brees' problems started Wednesday, doing something we've never heard of before called the big easy magazine, more like the big sleazy, it's a leftist rag in New Orleans, published this story.

Drew Brees records video for Anti-LGBT religious organization. Now, even though that is not a fair description of what focus on the family does, its mission, even though Brees himself said nothing controversial, the media pounced and demanded that Brees apologize.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the anatomy of a smear. We have talked about this over the last year we've been telling you about it. This is how the outrage machine works. It's well oiled. My question tonight, when did the left become such a censorious group of puritans?

And I want to bring our panel in to this discussion to talk about first of many topics. Harmeet Dillon, Civil Right Attorney and Trump 2020 Advisory Board Member, Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA and Author of the Mega Doctors at here in DC, Raymond Arroyo, Fox News Contributor. And Mark Penn, Democrat Pollster.

Raymond, you're the New Orleans Representative here, where did the story originate? I've never heard of this publication.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The big easy magazine. I am a New Orleans native, I've lived there for almost 50 years, I've never heard of this thing. They were started last year. They call themselves the online home of progressive New Orleans. They're not even a real publication unapologetically progressive.

When I started doing some research Laura, right now just to give you an idea of the type of extremism they peddle in, they're now featuring a story titled "Sex in the big easy", take my breath away, a guide to understanding erotic asphyxiation. I can't even read that to you.


ARROYO: It is so grotesque. This is the frame work in which Drew Brees is being depicted as somehow being against LGBT people. He didn't mention anything, it was innocuous as you saw bible suggestion, he didn't say anything. Take your bible to school.

INGRAHAM: So his truth and the truth of millions upon millions of bible believing Christians in the United States is a demonic truth. That's not a truth that can be shared. You can't even say spread God's love, really?

ARROYO: This is organized, as you mentioned early. This is an organized attack. That story from the big easy magazine was picked up by "The Washington Post."

INGRAHAM: The dig sleazy.

ARROYO: --yahoo. Everybody picked it up and ran with that very misleading headline, Drew Brees was as you can imagine, upset by this as you can imagine.

INGRAHAM: Charlie Kirk this is something we've seen time and again, it's been used on yours truly, so many there in the media landscape, and driven by journalists who somehow become Anti-Free expression. The journalists themselves are censorious I've never seen anything like it.

CHARLIE KIRK, FOUNDER AND PRESS, RUENING POINT USA: Well, they're activists. The journalists are activists no, longer actually looking into the truth, they're now activists. The journalism schools are now training students to put their agenda above the facts or above the actual story.

You see it's almost as if the journalists write the headline. May be just go find the sources that they need to confirm the headline afterwards. That's the death of investigative journalism. When it goes to Drew Brees I hope he doesn't back down.

I really don't. I'm afraid he will. When you look that left wing mob in the face that you have and I have, it's very, very difficult especially when he was sponsors and he has the entire NFL and isn't it amazing that, Collin Kaepernick kneels during the national anthem, he gets praised by our national media.

And Drew Brees says that people should read the Bible, pray and honor Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and that is deemed controversial? Your open was so special Laura, because you said this is a cultural battle and cultural always, politics always flows downstream from culture. Politics is always after the culture belt and unfortunately--

INGRAHAM: The left is now--

KIRK: --it's in a place right now that I never thought we'd have that in our country.

INGRAHAM: The left has been masterful at using the culture to change minds, propaganda especially the young people and demonize really good people like Drew Brees. Now Mark Penn, this is how Drew Brees responded to these blistering attacks for this small little video about bring your Bible to school day. Watch.


BREES: There has been a lot of negativity spread about me in the LGBTQ Community recently based upon an article that someone wrote with a very negative headline. I'd like to set the record straight. I live by two very simple Christian fundamentals.

That is love the lord with all your heart, mind and soul. The second one, love your neighbor as yourself, all people, no matter your race, your color, your religious preference, your sexual orientation, your political beliefs.

What I did was I filmed a video recently that was encouraging kids to bring their Bibles to school for national bring your Bible to school day. It was as simple as that.


INGRAHAM: Mark, what's going on here?

MARK PENN, DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER: I think that the whole country, left and right, has become too intolerant. In fact the voters really look and they see, look Donald Trump on Twitter, in the most recent poll, 71 percent said he should get off.

And they see the media exaggerating every story and blowing it up through social media. This is creating a country in which there is economic prosperity and people are unhappy with the direction of the country because of this disunity and this disruption.

INGRAHAM: Isn't that right track wrong track much better than it was in the last year of Obama though it's gone up?

PENN: Yes, it's slightly better but it's really the economic number that really improved like 20 points. Why wouldn't the right track-wrong track improve? The country is fighting over every little thing on Twitter, on social media. It's not the kind of country where people can be tolerant and enjoy life with each other the way it was and that's really--

INGRAHAM: I have to push back a little, I think Drew Brees is extremely tolerant. I think he is one of the nicest guys, he does more for New Orleans, I mean if Ben Watson is now playing with the patriots, it's another amazing individual. So it's Watson, Brees, a number of people on the saints. Then the NFL are doing amazing stuff in their communities helping children.

And to Harmeet, I was reading some of the comments about Drew's response. And people on the right who say why did you - you should have smacked back at them or just flipped them off, because they're so intolerant. Did he - people are saying you graveled. Did he gravel? Or was that kind of a smart response by him?

HARMEET DHILLON, 2020 TRUMP ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Well, I don't think he graveled at all Laura, I think it was very mature. A lot of people would have reacted more angrily but clearly he has faith in his heart and that showed in his Christian response.

Unfortunately, everybody who's anybody prominent in this country whether they are journalist like Andy Ngo or Trump Administration officials, or anybody can now have to brace themselves for this because this is the world that we live in.

It's a confluence of many different factors and Mark pointed out some of these issues it's happening unfortunately on the right and on the left. But journalism has gone from being in a papers and people having time to read and think and compare to click bait garbage and its race to the bottom.

So any digital fish rag like the big easy or what have you can destroy somebody's reputation and it really takes a lot of maturity to respond. I will also say people like Kanye West, prominent people, have been able to recover from this. But it is the people not that prominent, celebrities, athletes, or whatever they never get a second chance. This career destroying, life destroying it is corrosive and we shouldn't be doing it on the right either.

INGRAHAM: That's why I'm calling out what happened here, is really clearly for what it is, this is a smash and smear job. Not based in truth and not based in fact. It's happening all the time. Raymond, the point here is to drive people off the stage of conversation.

They don't want, I mean Ben Watson, he responded, he said this is so weak. He said stop lying. I have done plenty of work with focus on the family and will continue to. No problem speaking up for my friends when they are being slandered. Thank you for calling me Benjamin by the way and he gave him a--

ARROYO: Look, Drew Brees, I'm a New Orleanais, you know I'm a big Saint's fan, I'm there every Sunday. Drew Brees is one of the esteemed members of our community, he shows up at a restaurant, he buys everybody dinner. He is coaching his kids little--

INGRAHAM: So weaken the attack Raymond. What is that tell us about what Harmeet put in?

ARROYO: What this is about, and what we all should be bracing ourselves for, this is about intolerance to his religious expression. An innocuous religious expression they want to tamp that down and they're using media and they're using the pressure of media to bully a man of this stature, a good family man, into submission.

They want to silence him. And I hope the outcome of this is the Drew doesn't back off, the he stays in the game. New Orleans is all about faith, family, and football. We need all those things reaffirmed. I hope New Orleans fans, Saint's fans let their voices be heard. When I read the big easy magazine today--

INGRAHAM: You've given them more publicity than the post had.

ARROYO: Yes, but listen to me. Dear Drew Brees, I love you, but your apology sucks. The guy is an atheist. He is writing this, he wants him to disavow focus on the family.

INGRAHAM: Hey but it's never, this is my point, Mark Penn, it's never good enough. If a conservative apologizes, for something I frankly don't see what he had to apologize for. But he kind of said this is you got it wrong. It's not good enough. He still is slandered.

Where is "The Washington Post," "The New York Times," all of these wanted journalists to say you know something this is just ridiculous. They don't want to run afoul of particular groups that have an enormous amount of influence and power.

They have power to smear and destroy people. That's what is happening now. I don't think it's happening equally on the left and the right. Trump's tweets - we're talking about an entire media establishment. All of Hollywood, most Churches - probably most Churches would agree with the big sleazy a lot of more liberal churches today as well Raymond.

PENN: Well, look I think the media has going to have to be reformed. We covered the last presidential race. We saw two years of Trump Russia collusion that I never thought was there and isn't there. And now, they're searching for issues.

And they're searching for new issues. I think there are real problems with the media. I was looking today at the image of various newspapers and they're far lower than I ever imagined that they ever would be. The public, you should know, has caught on to this.

And the media is going to have to change and the new reporters who are out there, that don't have the long term experience and issues, constitution, political system, have got to have editors who really supervise them or this going to continue to be like this.


INGRAHAM: It's not just freedom to express your faith within the four walls of your Church. They want people to never talk about the Bible in public. I mean pretty much. If you're a conservative, you can't mention it keep it under reps.

All right, there's another thing that happened this week, guys, and I want to go to Charlie Kirk on this. Bullying not just in the sports world, but newly appointed Labor Department Official Leif Olson was forced to resign after Bloomberg accused him of writing an Anti-Semitic Facebook post.

It was a complete lie. So I join many others in standing up for Mr. Olson, never met him, but I said the White House should undue this resignation SAP otherwise they're sending a terrible message, by allowing staff being bullied out of work by the media mob.

Thankfully around the same time I sent the tweet I'm just saying it all happened on the same time. He was reinstated. But Charlie, this is serious. Even the Trump Administration kind of clearly accepted his resignation, or canned him, we don't know and they finally reversed it.

But who's going to go into government if this kind of smear can throw you into the national headlines and your career into the incinerator potentially.

KIRK: Totally correct. Thank you for standing up for him and doing the right thing. It was a slanderous and libelous article that was written such sloppy activist journalism. But this goes back to the whole cancel culture that is going on right now.

The left believes that they are able to de-platform any person that they disagree with or any person that gets a little bit too powerful by writing slanderous articles, by going after their place of work. If they just disagree just enough, even some people now in the center left are experiencing this.

This is so dangerous because in America we have this idea that should be a market place of ideas and have diversity of opinions not any more. This going back to a core trend that we see. The radicalism that has been brewing up on college campuses over the last 40 years is now all throughout our culture.

That the college campus radicalism is no longer just contained to the campuses. It's in our corporate board rooms, it's now in the halls of Congress and now in Senate Confirmation Hearings, where if anyone - you see the speakers disinvited such as myself when you go to college campus, this is all over our culture.

INGRAHAM: Harmeet, you said this before, but the left has for a long time wanted the entire country to be one big college campus. Right, where this disciplinary hearing, this person gets expelled and that one can't join a fraternity, this one kicked off this or that club, people segregated but its okay, speech codes this is "nirvana" for them. Last word, Harmeet.

DHILLON: Yes, Laura, you and I experienced this at Dartmouth, which is fairly extreme place for these issues but it's now become common place on every campus it's even become common place on private school campuses including some Christian campuses I've heard from young Americas foundation.

And it is very corrosive so what we have here is a confluence of students who are thought very little or nothing it's all world culture so they have no historical perspective. Their journalists are garbage and they are peddling a combination of lies and exaggeration.

People don't have a chance to fight back, so for every Leif Olson Laura, there have been 10 other Trump Administration officials who have lost their jobs, and nobody stood up for them or fought for them. They quietly went away because they wanted to be able to feed their families. This has to stop. We should stop it and stop the escalation.

INGRAHAM: Absolutely. And panel, fantastic conversation. Raymond, thank you, we're going to say goodbye but you're going to be back later in this show for Friday Follies. All right, coming up the cancel culture Charlie hit it hard. Well, it's also coming to other workplaces. We're going to reveal the jobs that Democrats think disqualify you from being in the public arena. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: The cancel culture is coming to America's businesses and even workers. What is the latest target? Those who work in the booming oil and gas industry and not even working class Joe Biden could stand up for them.


REPORTER: How can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow you are holding high dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman a fossil fuel executive.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He's not a fossil fuel executive. I have argued and pushed for us suing those executives who are engaged in pollution.


INGRAHAM: Tough stand. Well it's not just oil and gas, its all fossil fuels. Democrats are still hell-bent on killing the coal industry even though the head of the miners union supports much of their climate agenda.


CECIL ROBERTS, PRESIDENT, UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA: I don't think a good starting point for Democrats is to eliminate union jobs. It seems to me like Democrats need a lot more union members as opposed or fewer.


INGRAHAM: So is it really a stretch to ask what businesses they'll come for next? Joining me again is Harmeet Dhillon, Mark Penn, Charlie Kirk along with John Yoo Former Deputy Assistant attorney General.

John, you live in California, it's been going on for a while. What's your response to Democrats vilifying an entire industry, of course that, has created, thousands upon thousands of really well-paying jobs for people at all levels of the economic ladder? What kind of future, modern industry future, will this allow for?

JOHN YOO, FORMER DEPUTY ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, Laura, as a conservative trapped in Berkeley, thanks a lot for bringing this issue to light on your show. I've seen the worse of this cancel culture with speakers who can't speak, mobs who target unpopular conservative professors or students. It's great issue coming forward.

I think this is a terrible thing and this is part of the left's desire to pull down and destroy institutions. One way you do it, is you throw them off course. Instead of having businesses work hard to provide the best products at the cheapest cost for consumers, you radicalize them, make it about ideology.

Consider what this will do the fossil fuel industry. This is, as you just said, this is an industry that provides great paying jobs, it has lower cost throughout the economy and it's built up strong businesses. Ironically the left which says we shouldn't be in these worse in the Middle East, they should love the tracking business, because it makes America the biggest exporter of energy in the world and reduces our reliance on Middle East and makes us less likely to get involved there.

Think about what happens if we start tearing back the ideology of businesses, that just means costs are going to go up for consumers, and this is pushed by a party that claims that they care the most about the people who are the poorest or the weakest in our society. Who you think is going to suffer?

INGRAHAM: Now not layout getting to Caf, or an Al-Gore, or the Obamas, they don't care for you, they're in Martha's Vineyard, I mean God bless them. They've done well, I mean the little guy who carries the burden here.

I have got to say, despite promising as you heard Biden do earlier not to take dirty oil money, we just played that clip, Biden did gave a mini lesson to this eco-activist on how the real world works.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How can we trust that you're going on act on the climate crisis if you're still attending fund raisers that fossil fuel executives like Andy Goldman are at?

BIDEN: If you have a 401-K do you have any investment in an oil company? Does that disqualify you to be engaged?


INGRAHAM: Is it me or did he seem like - I mean, that's pretty good line. How many teachers' pension funds, 401-K's, every industry that touches the oil industry, petroleum is used in so many products, plastics. Where does this go, Mark?

PENN: Well, that's right. That's the problem with these kinds of rules that are vague. Is it an executive, is it an investor in the company, is it somebody with a pension fund with stock in the company? What about the meat industry? Let's move over to there. I think there could be no end to this if you don't try to say look, we have to make a judgment.

He raised money from who he raises it from. Where do you think? Do you think Joe Biden has independent in his recent climate change? That's the judgment the vote has to make based on who he raises money from. We can't have everybody targeting everybody.

Look, I'll tell you one interesting poll statistic that has fascinated me for a year or two. 40 percent of Americans are afraid to reveal their political views to their family and 40 percent of Americans are afraid to reveal their political views at work.

Now, this is supposed to be a free democracy, where people have if they're not preaching violence, immediate violence, an open first amendment culture. 40 percent are now stopping, giving out their own--

INGRAHAM: Higher in colleges. And we just talked about this last night, what was the percentage, guys, I can't remember the percentage in colleges. 75 percent, thank you, are afraid, Charlie Kirk, to discuss their political beliefs, predictions, their viewpoints and values in college where that's kind of the place you really mix it up and have a robust exchange of ideas.

Now why, are they doing it because they're liberal and they're worried all those conservative professors are going to grade them down? No, they're afraid because they might be conservative on some issues and they truly are afraid, as John and Harmeet, everyone, laid out of being demonized and not be able to get a job when they graduate? Heaven forbid, be a cattle rancher, that will be demonized soon or be in the poultry business heaven forbid. Charlie?

KIRK: That's exactly right. Biden is a little behind the times. There's a big movement to get pension funds and endowment funds to divest from fossil fuel companies. That is an intolerable position amongst the base of the Democratic Party.

But I'll tell you in fact to your point about the 70 percent of college students that are afraid to express their political opinions, this is a bad thing. In some ways there's optimism in it. We find this work that we're doing at Turning Point USA on the campuses across the country.

It's horrible that kind of culture of intolerance exist on our college campuses and students don't feel as if they're comfortable to express opinions. But it's positive, because what you said Laura, they actually might be more conservative than we realize.

They're not afraid to express their liberal views, give me a break, not as if you are in University of Vermont, like, well, I'm really afraid to talk about the Green New Deal, no. The student might be at University of Vermont and say I actually think that tracking might not be the worst thing in the history of civilization.

Today Senator Elizabeth Warren in a tweet that she would ban frocking everywhere in an executive order.

INGRAHAM: Day one she said that.

KIRK: This is virtue signaling and for your audience that doesn't know what virtue signaling is, it doesn't do good, and makes you feel good. It would not do good to ban frocking but boy would it make the environmental activists feel good and they want to have control of other people's lives that was the--

INGRAHAM: They say Trump is the dictator. They are the dictators. They might dictate every major decisions minor decision in your life going right down to the thermostat level, the kind of car you drive. Harmeet, is there a way, you and John could reference this perhaps.

Is there a way for the Trump Administration, the Justice Department, to look into a wide scale Civil Rights Investigation on some of these college campuses, where they get federal funds, where this type of speech intimidation is happening? Is there any conceivable action or investigation that might back these bullies off a little bit, on the free speech stuff?

DHILLON: So Laura, they absolutely could do that and in fact the President did sign an executive order urging departments to do this. To my knowledge, nothing has actually happened as a result of that. There are several hundred Attorneys in the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division whose job it is to look out for these issues.

We aren't seeing a focus on that. The consequences are very real. As you know I represented a number of young people who have had legal battles because of these issues, employees like James Demoore and people like that with issues at the workplace.

It can be very devastating. It can cause depression, anxiety, they can't themselves and whatever choice they may have made in college are going to follow them around forever. Like I said for every Leif Olson, there are other people who have lost their jobs in the Trump Administration because of fairly innocent views that were demonized by others.

So we have to stop o it, and at least in a public institution, you have a right to not be denied benefits, not to be denied the right to graduate, not to be denied those endorsement letters from professors.

INGRAHAM: These are fundamental. I want to get John to close that out, because Harmeet made the point that nothing has really happened after the president signed this executive order. Something must happen, John, something has to be done. And I think the president has got to kick some tail here on this issue, because it's not fair to the students, and it's a total rathole that we're throwing our taxpayers down if this is the atmosphere on all of these college campuses, most college campuses today. John, last word.

JOHN YOO, FORMER DEPUTY ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: I completely agree that this is -- this approach of suppressing views and ideas is totally corrupting our colleges and universities. It's very simple, Trump could do it tomorrow. All he has to do is say we are not going to give any federal funds to any college or university in the country that discriminates based on viewpoint or speech.

Colleges and universities have become completely dependent on the federal government. All the colleges and universities in the country accept federal funds through scholarships or research grants, except Hillsdale College in Michigan. If the president said I'm going to order the Department of Education to stop giving money to all of these discriminatory universities and colleges, they will stop discriminating on the very next day. So President Trump can do it.

INGRAHAM: Got to do it. And panel, fantastic conversation. No one else has had this conversation tonight, and I couldn't think of a better panel. Thank you all so much for joining us.

And up next, "InStyle" magazine is in hot water for racial appropriation. And New York City police twerk at a festival. And Joe Biden is attempting to laugh off what some are saying his mental decline? Is that Friday Follies? It's Raymond Arroyo next.


INGRAHAM: It's time, and that means it's time for Friday Follies. Jennifer Aniston is under fire for her complexion, New York cops get down and dirty, and Joe Biden tries to dismiss mental decline. This is a mean Friday Follies. And that means Raymond Arroyo is here with all the details. Raymond, first of all, a double appearance for you, love it, a two-for.

ARROYO: That's right, two segments for the price of one.

INGRAHAM: You had talked about Johnny Depp getting in trouble for misappropriating the Native American culture even though he has more Native American than Elizabeth Warren. Now Jennifer Aniston is in trouble. What gives?

ARROYO: "InStyle" magazine featured Aniston on its cover this month, very nice cover. Ever since the release, you see it there, the magazine has been inundated with charges of appropriation, because some said Aniston's skin tone is too dark. One user wrote, "Beautiful cover, but why is she 10 shades darker than she really is?" Another wrote "Could this cover be air brushed any darker?" And another user "In 2019 if you want a brown-skinned woman on the cover, put a brown-skinned woman on the cover."

We asked "InStyle" about the controversy surrounding the picture. They said, quote, "The Jennifer Aniston October cover shoot was inspired by iconic beauty looks from the '60s and '70s as this is our annual beauty issue. This one shot in particular was inspired by Veruschka." This is the German model popular in the 60s. You see what they're trying to do here.

INGRAHAM: Right, it looks just like her.

ARROYO: But Laura, this is a culture. We talked about this in the opening, a culture of offense where everybody is waiting to be triggered and pounce.

INGRAHAM: It's so pathetic.

ARROYO: But, again, reputations, personalities, and now magazines are getting caught in the crossfire. We all have to take a break and step back.

INGRAHAM: Remember the Bain De Soleil?


ARROYO: That was a very deep tan.

INGRAHAM: Do you remember the Bain De Soleil? And I remember people using that stuff called QT lotion. It was like self-tanner.

ARROYO: I'm worried now because my big concern, Joaquin Phoenix is going to be playing the Joker in an upcoming movie. I'm very concerned that he could be charged with cultural appropriation. He's at least eight shades lighter than his true self. The albino community may be writing letters right now, Laura.

INGRAHAM: By the way, does Jennifer Aniston, ever age? She looks so great. She looks fantastic.

ARROYO: She looks the same, whether she's of a darker hue or not.

INGRAHAM: She looks beautiful.

ARROYO: We're always concerned, Laura, about the relations between police and the communities they protect. But a case in New York I think may have gone a bit too far. Last Monday, during the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, a uniformed on-duty officer.

INGRAHAM: We should have a warning on this video.

ARROYO: He was approached by a woman who began twerking on the cop. And the problem is the cop joins in on the act. This is, actually, Laura, not the first time one of these incidents has occurred during this parade. Believe it or not this has happened multiple times. Here's a cop dancing with a man during a Pride Parade in 2015. And then footage from the West Indian Parade from 2011. The NYPD investigated this incident, but we're not sure if the cop was actually disciplined. But he should have been. I think this is outrageous.

INGRAHAM: Where are the feminists? The feminists are supposedly --

ARROYO: That first video, it goes on and on, it's like five minutes. And he's really into it.

First of all, it's indecent. I'm sorry.

INGRAHAM: It's beyond indecent.

ARROYO: The cop is indecent. The woman has nothing on virtually, and he's grinding up against her.

INGRAHAM: And there are children all over, all around.

ARROYO: If you want to inculcate, and if you want to show a sense of respect in the community, you can't be getting the VIP treatment here in the middle of the street. It's horrible. VIP room treatment.

INGRAHAM: I was going to say, what kind of treatment is that?

ARROYO: I'm not going there.

INGRAHAM: Someone, "The New York Post" posted that video.

ARROYO: They did.

INGRAHAM: I thought it was joke. I said this must be a "Saturday Night Live" skit. Maybe this is why they're getting all that cold water thrown them.

ARROYO: Discipline and decorum requires --

INGRAHAM: I'm told this is my read. We have to talk about Joe Biden.


INGRAHAM: On Wednesday he went on Stephen Colbert's show to make light of some of his issues on the trail.


STEPHEN COLBERT, HOST, "THE LATE SHOW": You have called yourself a gaffe machine. In the last few weeks you have confused New Hampshire for Vermont, said Bobby Kennedy and MLK were assassinated in the late 70s, assured us "I'm not going nuts."


COLBERT: Follow up question, are you going nuts?


BIDEN: Look, the reason I came on the Jimmy Kimmel show is because I'm not.



ARROYO: Laura, here's the problem. If the gaffes were ending, you could laugh it off. But today in New Hampshire, Biden was confused about who the last president was, the guy he served under.


ARROYO: And he thought Charlotte was where those white supremacists marched a few years back. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I got assault weapons banned for 10 years, had to be reauthorized. Because of hanging chads in Florida, the last president said no, I'm not going to reauthorize it.

I never ever thought that I'd see what I saw in charlotte. I doubt any of you ever thought you'd see what happened in Charlotte, Charlottesville in 2017.


ARROYO: I've got to say, I feel bad for Joe Biden when you hear this stuff. And now last night at that CNN forum, the eye started bleeding.

INGRAHAM: That's happened to me before.

ARROYO: Yes, but not in the middle of the forum. And now what's happening is the media is asking for his health records. They're saying it's been 11 years since he released his health records.

INGRAHAM: If you blow your nose too hard, my mother would say, don't blow your nose so hard, you're going to pop your -- maybe that's what happened.

ARROYO: May it was global warming, the pressure of the warming on his head.

INGRAHAM: I have a soft spot for Biden. I think people are picking on him too much.

ARROYO: He's a nice man. I'm going back to New Orleans now. Who dat?

INGRAHAM: Drew has got to hang tough, though, Raymond, he's got to hang tough, friend.

ARROYO: Who dat?

INGRAHAM: Coming up, you may think that Biden or Warren is Trump's top contender going into 2020, but you might be wrong. A special edition of Worst in Media reveals the true answer, next.


INGRAHAM: That always makes me dizzy. President Trump's real opponent in 2020 isn't Joe Biden, Warren, or even Mayor Pete. It's the media. And in tonight's Worst in Media segment, I'm going to reveal exactly what these liberal loons masquerading as news anchors are doing to try to take Trump down.

Joining me now, Jeffrey Lord, former CNN contributor, author of "Swamp Wars," and joining me is Adriana Cohen, nationally syndicated columnist.

All right, panel, let's begin with today's jobs numbers. The U.S. added 130,000 jobs in August, slightly lower than what was expected, but if you watch some of the other networks today, you would have thought a full-blown Germany style recession was going to hit on Monday. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some signs of cracking in the strength of the U.S. economy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The numbers are showing very big warning signs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Somebody would say these strong were job numbers. This is going to contribute to the general feeling that oh, jeez, maybe we're slowing down.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's not exactly good news.


INGRAHAM: "Nightly News" said the jobs numbers sharply missed expectations. Hey Lester Holt, I fixed the tweet for you. Even the "New York Times" didn't stretch it as far as they did.

Here are the facts. The national unemployment rate, still very low at 3.7 percent. Black unemployment hit a record low. And the Feds say they are not predicting a recession any time soon.

So Jeff, how discrediting will it be for the media if Trump wins again in 2020 despite all these Herculean efforts to downplay what is clearly the best economy in the G-7 and probably the globe right now?

JEFFREY LORD, FORMER CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, this is going to be a real problem for them. Laura, the pattern here, they do two things in the media. One, they will report something that's flatly untrue, and just carry that string out, like the Trump-Russia collusion. Or two, as in the example you gave today, it's journalism by omission. The story that you are talking about right this minute is, when I checked a few minutes ago, not on the front page of the "Washington Post." It was on the front page of the "Wall Street Journal," and "The New York times" had it well down under "other news."

This is what they do. And Laura, what is very important here, Mark Penn hit on this when he said that the public is on to this kind of thing and it's backfiring. Last night I gave a speech in Allentown, Pennsylvania, conservative group, the Lehigh Valley Tea Party group. And when I was introduced it was noted about my departure from CNN, they cheered me, spontaneously. This has nothing to do with me. These people are so revved up and energized by what they see as the president's treatment in the media that this is backfiring for a fact.

INGRAHAM: Adriana, I'm going to get into what happened in the town hall over at CNN that might be still just wrapping up right now, actually, on climate change. And CNN gave the Democrats multiple assists during the week to bolster their talking points on the warming planet. Watch.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: We'll cross a massive tipping point if the world warms more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: We've already warmed up the planet one degree Celsius.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: We're seeing firsthand the effects of climate change as a powerful Atlantic hurricane is sitting right now off the coast of Florida.

CUOMO: We are seeing more intense storms, more frequently, that are more complicated by the effects of climate change.


INGRAHAM: That's just completely unproven, and we had a phenomenal former NASA scientist on the podcast and another one on the show this week that just blew that out of the water. So sorry about that, Chris.

Adriana, I couldn't tell, though, which ones were the candidates and which ones were the journalists here? There's no distinction.

ADRIANA COHEN, NATIONAL SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Exactly. The so-called journalists were leading the conversation. They were putting out the talking points. They were pushing the political narrative. And it's not supposed to be that way.

We know that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, the entire Democrat field, they're pushing this disastrous Green New Deal which isn't really about climate. That's a farce. It's truly about a big government takeover of our lives, because think about it, energy is produced by everything we do. So if they sound the alarm and say the world is coming to end in 12 years, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying, and others, then we need to take drastic measures. So they want to destroy all these industries and tens of millions of jobs in the process.

And the science isn't proven. We know hurricanes and big storms took place prior since the beginning of mankind, prior to the industrial revolution. So for these climate alarmists, most of them are not even scientists. Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We're letting a 29-year-old, a former bartender just a few years ago take our country on the path of destroying the entire fossil fuel industry? It's a joke and it's dangerous. And anyway, it goes to show that she is actually the de facto leader of the party right now, and that's actually a benefit to Trump.

INGRAHAM: We said that back in January that anyone who dismisses her is playing a fool's errand. She's as much of a thought leader in the Democrat Party that they have right now. Panel, thank you very much.

And when we come back, the media, they don't want you to get triggered by much. But you'll see they will get triggered by something we're going to show you at the end of the show. And while Democrats are fretting about the climate change, our country's real threat, China, is on the move. Mike Pillsbury will be here in moments on a new warning from our secretary of defense. Stay there.



MARK ESPER, DEFENSE SECRETARY: The more dependent a country becomes on Chinese investment and trade, the susceptible they are to coercion and retribution when they act outside of Beijing's wishes. The political and economic leverage China is gaining by carrying out this strategy has begun eroding the sovereignty of many nations.


INGRAHAM: A warning today from Defense Secretary Mark Esper reinforcing what I've been saying for a long time, really over the last 20 years. And I added in a tweet "100 percent correct. And those that depend on China for technology will find themselves captive. Watch the A.I." artificial intelligence, "and data gathering."

Joining me, Mike Pillsbury, China expert, author of "The Hundred-Year Marathon." Michael, why is what the secretary of defense said today so important?

MICHAEL PILLSBURY, AUTHOR, "THE HUNDRED-YEAR MARATHON": Well, it's historic, it's very important, as you say. It's the choice of words. To explicitly warn other countries that China is going compromise your sovereignty, and to warn them not to become dependent on China, or more elegantly, the way Mark Esper phrased it, the more you become dependent the easier it is going to be for them to coerce you in the future.

This has never happened before. Secretaries of defense have been very cautious talking about the China threat. In fact, for decades, you mention 20 years that you've been struggling on this policy, for two decades they would never even say China is a threat. They would say concern or challenge or competitor. So this is really quite something that Mark Esper has gone this far.

INGRAHAM: He went on and said "I would caution my friends in Europe, this is not a problem in some distant land that does not affect you." Italy, most recently, took a huge investment, I think it was $16 billion, for Italy that's a lot of money, from the Chinese. But we're not just talking just building bridges and airports. We're talking about a technological domination.

PILLSBURY: That's right.

INGRAHAM: And especially artificial intelligence. I know some people who are working in this field. They are just frantic that the Trump administration is not doing enough on the artificial intelligence front vis-a-vis China. How concerned are you about this?

PILLSBURY: I'm very concerned. Artificial intelligence is the core to all future intelligence weapons systems. The Chinese appear to be ahead of us in some aspects of it. They have may have stolen some of it, but they have also made massive investments by the billions in various assets.

INGRAHAM: With money that we gave them from the huge trade deficit that we have.

PILLSBURY: Yes. And American citizens actually work on these projects inside China. Angela Merkel visited China today. She is talking about high-tech cooperation with China.

INGRAHAM: You just give it away, give your sovereignty away.

PILLSBURY: The Germans are quite advanced themselves in artificial intelligence.

INGRAHAM: Not for long, once they let the Chinese in the door, right. What happens when the Chinese come in the door, they gather the data, they have the backend in China, they have the control, do they not, Michael?

PILLSBURY: Yes, they do. But Angela Merkel doesn't see it that way because the role of business, in our country the role of Wall Street, is very powerful. And they have not changed their minds that Chinese is our friend, and there's no threat. So the 20 year battle that you're referring to that both you and I have been involved in, it's not over yet. China still has many supporters.

INGRAHAM: What about the Democrats who say Trump needs work with the Europeans on the China issue. Merkel today said, she said we have to hope for a peaceful resolution in Hong Kong. They want to sell their stuff to China, right, they want this tariff stuff done so they can sell more stuff to China. That's it.

PILLSBURY: One of the easy competitions to measure is Airbus versus Boeing. Airbus heavily subsidized by the Germans. So there is a whole series of areas where Europe, especially if President Trump succeeds.

INGRAHAM: France. Airbus is subsidized by France.

PILLSBURY: But the Germans are involved. So the key thing is, if President Trump wins the trade war, the Europeans can slip in afterwards and get the benefits.

INGRAHAM: Mike Pillsbury, always great to have you with us.

And coming up, a warning. This next segment will probably trigger all of the left people.


INGRAHAM: It's time for the Last Bite. Well, not so much the last bite, maybe, but a kind of last meal. It's a meal that will trigger all the right -- all the left people. OK, are you ready? Are you really prepared for this? OK, a warning, here it is. The ultimate trigger sculpture, a kind of culinary sculpture. It has everything the Democrats hate -- steak, plastic straws, and light bulbs. And if I could have put an SUV on this, I would have, OK.

Can you sip a steak? Tastes good, its' kind of the vapors of the steak. Don't ask me how we came up with this. But these are the light bulbs that Andrew Yang said are so dangerous to the planet because they burn out too often. I have a question. When you push that into the steak, is there any conduction whatsoever?

That's all the time we have tonight. This Sunday we'll be in the Smithsonian. Thanks for watching this special edition of "The Ingraham Angle," and we'll see you on Monday. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it from here.

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